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36 in Algeria – 1943

Another crop from the memory box, courtesy of Steve Roby in Australia (and of course his Dad, Malcolm!) The pictures were taken in Algeria.

Hoping that anyone who recognises any faces in the photographs will get in touch!

A Wellington and her crew

Christmas 1943, and not a snowflake to be seen!

Who needs a Wimpey when you’ve got these lads and their weaponry?

( to say nothing of the hats!)

This must be the entire squadron - not sure as to the "when and where"

Didn't I say something about "dodgy pictures bought from furtive little men in the Orient" on the India pages? Well, you must judge this one for yourselves!

This is one for all you aircraft recognition buffs. Never mind the nose art - what kind of aeroplane is it painted on? My guess is a B24 Liberator, judging by the tricycle undercart.

Steve tells me he thinks this one shows members of the Transport section. Military vehicle specialists will probably recognise the truck as a Canadian built Dodge. Here's another one, with his Dad, Malcolm, sitting on the bonnet ("hood" for American readers):

And another picture of the famous "Wimpey" (as the Wellington bomber was nicknamed, for the character J. Wellington Wimpey in the "Popeye" cartoon series).

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