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Exits 5 and 6

*Look at a map of what they're talking about.*

From the article: The Future of I-84. Courtesy The News-Times.

    As the main points of entry to Downtown Danbury, exits 5 and 6 would be revamped to better handle the mix of local and highway traffic that often clogs the downtown area.


    At Exit 5, Route 39 (which turns into Main Street) is the key roadway into and out of downtown.  But with Main Street often congested, drivers cut through residential areas going to and from I-84.  The result: accidents at residential intersections such as Route 39 and Golden Hill Road.  Additionally, Exit 5 now puts drivers exiting I-84 on Downs Street, which has both commercial buildings and residencies, instead of Main Street.

    Exit 6, as it stands, is half an exit.  Drivers can't get off I-84 at exit 6 going east and can't go on if they want to go west.  Because Exit 6 is not a full interchange, more people use Exit 5 to get to the downtown area, which strains Exit 5 even further.

Proposed improvements

    Exit 5 would get a revamped eastbound exit ramp that would feed onto Main Street instead of Downs Street, about 2 blocks away.  The westbound on- and off-ramps at the exit would be moved a similar distance, from Main Street to Starr Avenue.  Starr would be widened to four lanes to handle the increased traffic. 

    At Exit 6, an eastbound off-ramp and a westbound on-ramp would be added to I-84.


    Officials hope rerouting the on- and off-ramps at Exit 5 will provide a safer gateway to the downtown area by funneling cars directly onto Main Street.  

    The new ramps are also expected to relieve congestion heading into downtown, especially on busy roads such as North Street.  

    By making Exit 6 a complete interchange, fewer motorists are expected to take shortcuts.  

    "The additional ability to enter I-84 at Exit 6 should help the neighborhoods that are being impacted with heavy traffic, especially on Golden Hill Road," said Dennis Elpern, Danbury's city planner.

In the way

   Two condominium complexes, at least three houses and several businesses would be displaced.

*Look at a map of what they're talking about.*

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