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Exits 3 and 4

*Look at a map of what they're talking about.*

From the article: The Future of I-84. Courtesy The News-Times.

    Though plans call for some work on I-84 between the New York line and Exit 2, major changes to the interstate would begin at Exits 3 and 4.


    Route 7 begins to overlap with I-84 at Exit 3.  Currently, there is a left-hand Exit to Route 7 south from I-84 westbound and a left-hand entrance to I-84 Westbound from Route 7 north.  Normally, highway entrances and exits are to the right.  So these ramps are a problem because drivers, faced with unusual road configuration, often change lanes abruptly.  That creates what's called "weaving conditions," which can cause backups and accidents.

   The short distance between the interchanges also causes weaving at Exit 4, as vehicles that get on at Exit 3 move to the left at the same time vehicles getting off Exit 4 move toward the right-hand exit lane.  Additionally, poor access from Exit 4 to Lake Avenue, along with the many vehicles turning on and off that road, causes delays.

Proposed improvements

   Though westbound vehicles going from I-84 to Route 7 south would still face a left-hand exit, officials want to add a lane to the interstate to ease the transition.  The path of Route 7 north would be changed so Route 7 crosses over I-84 and merges with the westbound interstate lanes on the right instead of the left.

   The existing looping on-ramp at Exit 4 would be replaced with a direct ramp from Lake Avenue across from Mill Ridge Road.

   Planners also want to widen Segar Street as it approaches Lake Avenue and widen the intersection of Lake and Segar.


   The weaving conditions should be reduced with the realignment of Route 7 and rerouting ramps at Lake Avenue.  The widening of lanes on Lake and Segar should also reduce congestion.

   "At these exits, all the improvements are centered around safety," said Francis Zepatka, the state's project manager for I-84 expansion.  "The weaving associated with Exits 3 and 4 is dangerous."

In the way

   Five homes and two businesses would be displaced.  Wetlands associated with the Still River would also be affected.

*Look at a map of what they're talking about.*


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