Blinded By Love

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Summary: What happens when your bestfriend moves away when your on tour without telling you? That's what happened to Nick Carter. She was there one day gone the next. He couldn't figure out what happend. Was it his fault? They meet again a few years later but can Nick forgive and forget? Is it really that easy? Maybe it's deaper than that and hurt more than he could ever imagin. Sometimes you don't always get what you want but maybe the complete oposite is even better. Or maybe their just too blind and don't even know its there...Brian also has a pretty important part in this story.

Auther's note: In this story Brian (He's not the main character but again plays an important part) is not married to anybody. He's singel. Well..kinda...

Another Note & Diaclaimer: Okay so my story may sound like all the other bestfriend stories but I'm trying to make this different. I know, I know ya probley hear that alot. But I'm trying to center it more around Nick's feelings other than Abbey's. Brian's too. You'll see when you read my story. Also this story is not real and I have never met BSB. I made Abbey up (Let's hope you know this) and none of what's in my story has ever happened in real life. Although it would be nice to once have been Nick Carter's bestfriend. :0}

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