Monogram 1/72  B-52D Stratofortress


Monogram 1/72 B-52D Stratofortress


I usually do not model in 1/72 scale but this one is the exception to the rule. Although a somewhat dated kit, it's sheer size makes it a welcome addition for anyone that has the space!

I scratch built the bomb bay, using  36 1/48 500 lb bombs (which scale out coincidentally to 1/72 1000 pounders!) from the Hasegawa set. I completely rebuilt the wheel wells, scratch built the tail gunners station and detailed the cockpit. Unfortunately a lot of the work I did on the flight deck is either difficult or impossible to see once the windshield was in place.

I detailed the kit engine and replaced the front of each engine with a resin casting of the compressor section of the engine from a 1/72 Academy EA-3B (for those who care, it is the same engine).

I added numerous DECM and communication antennae and several small details throughout the fuselage.

The kit is finished in Model Master II enamels using both kit and home made decals.