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Umbeyla 1863:
Memorial at Mardan:

"Sacred to the memory of the undermentioned Officers and Men who fell in action in the Umbeyla Pass
between the 20th October and the 23rd December 1863.

Lieut Gillies Roy Art.
Major Harding 2nd Sikhs
Lieut Davidson 1st P. Infy
Lieut Chapman 101st RBFrs
Lieut Sanderson 101st RBFrs
Asst Surgn Pile 101st RBFrs
Lieut Alexander 23rd Muzbee Pioneers

51st K.O.Lt Infantry
Private Connelly

71st Highd Lt Infantry
Sergt Adams
Corpl Walkingshaw
Grant . McFadgen . Murphy. Charlton . Deoline . Collins . Carnegie . Richmond . Bryan . Cooney . Clark .
Robertson . McInnis . Finlay . Walker . Keir .

93rd Suthd Highlanders
Sergt Houston

101st Royal Bengal Fusiliers
Corporal Dicks
Flynn . Gooding . Massey . Stewart . Lyle . Richardson . Connelly . Holdsworth . Smith . Butler . Nolan . Jones . Crothy .
Lee . Battye . Turner . O'Neill . Twist . Gleeson . Lonsdale . Newby.

Requiescant in Pace."


71st Foot - Umbeyla 1863:
Memorial at Mardan -

"Sacred to the memory of the undermentioned non-commissioned officer and privates of the 71st Highland Light Infantry,
who were killed or died from wounds received in action, while engaged with the enemy in the Umbeyla pass.

Sergeant J.B. Adam, 6th Novr 1863
Samuel Charlton, 6th Novr 1863
James Carnegie, 6th Novr 1863
John Grant, 6th Novr 1863
Thomas Graham, 26th Octr 1863
William Finlay, 18th Novr 1863
Alexander Kerr, 18th Novr 1863
James Richmond, 18th Novr 1863
William Robertson, 18th Novr 1863
John McInnes, 19th Novr 1863
Alexander Clark, 20th Novr 1863
Matthew Collins, 20th Novr 1863
Barclay Devlin, 20th Novr 1863
James Murphy, 20th Novr 1863
James Walker, 20th Novr 1863
Francis Walkingshaw, 20th Novr 1863
William Brian, 21st Novr 1863 died of wounds
Alexander Cooney, 14th Novr 1863 died of wounds
Allen McFadyan, 2nd Decr 1863 died of wounds

erected by the officers non-commissioned officers and privates of the 71st."