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SOUTH AFRICA 1899 - 1902
Memorial at Woodstock Cemetery, Cape Town:

"This Memeorial was erected in Woodstock Military Cemetery by The Cape Town Branch
of the Guild of Loyal Women in memory of Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and men
of the Imperial troops who died of wounds or diseases 1899 -1902

Pte J. Chadwick 2nd Scot Rif 19.11.99
Pte H. Slater 1st Col Guards 21.11.99
Pte K. Knowles 1st Rif Brig 22.11.99
Dvr A. Barham R.A . 23.11.99
Pte W. Walsh 1st Dublin Fus 26.11.99
Pte G. Whitmore 1st Northlnd Fus 28.11.99
Pte T. Godliman 2nd Scot Rif 01.12.99
Lce-Cpl B. D. Neill R. Munst Fus 06.12.99
Pte S. Longworth Lancs Fus 19.12.99
Pte W. Tighe Yorks 20.12.99
Dvr W. Battye 63rd Batt R.F.A. 20.12.99
Sgt T. Hammond W. Yorks 26.12.99
Pte C. B. Board 9th Lancers 26.12.99
Sgt W. Field 6th Drag Guards 12.01.00
Pte Ricketts 2nd Worcester 12.01.00
Cpl J. Cowett 2nd Gloucester 22.01.00
Pte J. McDonald 1st Gordon High 25.01.00
Pte Barnard Hants 26.01.00
Cpl T. Ward Oxford Light Inf 27.01.00
Pte J. Caute 2nd Wilts 28.01.00
Sgt P. Broderick 1st R Irish Rgt 29.01.00
Pte T. Tracey 9th K.B.R. 02.02.00
Pte H. Clarke S. W. Borderers 04.02.00
Pte E. Warburton M.M.S. Corps 30.01.00
Pte T. Parkinson 1st East Lancs 13.02.00
Pte W. Stokes Rly Pioneer Regt 16.02.00
Bom C.M. Halls R.F.A. 21.02.00
Dvr Errington R.F.A. 18.02.00
Pte G. Savage B Coy C.M.S. Corps 28.02.00
Bom H. Hasler 88th Batt R.F.A. 28.02.00
Pte J. Burke R. Innis Fus 03.03.00
Pte W. Peach 2nd Shrops 03.03.00
Pte C. Haig 2nd Dragoons 04.03.00
Pte G. W. Cooper C.I.V. 11.03.00
Pte R.G. Cambell N.S.W.M.I. 14.03.00
Pte J. Pentland 3rd Vol R Scots Fus 15.03.00
Pte G. Tyron 2nd Norfolks 15.03.00
Pte L. Trow 1st A & S High 17.03.00
Pte J. Jackson 6th Lancs Fus 18.03.00
Pte J. Harrison 6th N.S.W.A.M.C. 18.03.00
Pte J.W. Malkin St. Johns Amb Brig 19.03.00
Dmr D. Robertson 2nd N. Fus 19.03.00
Pte J. Macnamara 6th Lancs Fus 23.03.00
Pte A. Campin 4th Middlesex 25.03.00
Pte C. Daly 1st Royal Irish 23.03.00
Cpl J.W. Miles R.A.M.C. 28.03.00
Pte T. McPollard 4th Royal Scotts 30.03.00
Pte E. Warner 1st Oxford L.I. 30.03.00
Pte G. Ellis 2nd Rif Brig 03.04.00
Pte J. Dawnad 2nd Vol B Roy High 03.04.00
Pte P. Sexton R. Irish Fus 04.04.00
Pte D.L. Ramsay 1st Can Rif 28.03.00
Gnr P. Ryan R.G.A. 04.04.00
Cpl C. Clark R.F.A. 04.04.00
FAR L. Manning R.H.A. 05.04.00
Pte F. Wells 2nd Kent 07.04.00
Pte G. Baldwin 2nd Col Guards 05.04.00
Pte J. Cotton 2nd East Lancs 08.04.00
Pte J. Pownall 1st Manchester 08.04.00
Sap Goodfellow R.E. 12.04.00
Pte R. Price 2nd Shrop L.I. 12.04.00
Pte W. Clark 1st Essex 14.04.00
Lce-Cpl C. Morgan 1st Hussars 14.04.00
Pte J. King 2nf R. Irish Fus 18.04.00
Pte Morrisen Donegal Artillery 18.04.00
Cpl Coleman 1st Oxford L.I. 18.04.00
Sgt Patterson Seaforth High 22.04.00
Tpr W.G. Goodridge E Griq 23.04.00
Pte R. Coleman 1st Worcester 24.04.00
Tpr J. Simmell Strath's Horse 25.04.00
Pte A. Walden 2nd Royal Fus 25.04.00
Pte H. Smith 2nd Royal Fus 25.04.00
Pte D. Morrison Loval Scouts 25.04.00
Pte D. Thornton Scots Fus 26.04.00
Sgt T. Crawley 27th Coy A.S.C. 25.04.00
Cpl W. Hazel 2nd Hants 26.04.00
Pte J. Everitt 5th Lancers 27.04.00
Lce-Cpl J. Carey 1st Essex 28.04.00
Pte J. Crowe 1st Essex 27.04.00
Pte A. Wilkie 4th Scottish Rif 28.04.00
Pte M. Higgins R.W. Fus 28.04.00
Pte G. Gill R. Fus 28.04.00
Lce-Cpl W. Davis R.W. Fus 28.04.00
Pte J. Sarson 1st Liecester 28.04.00
Pte R.E. Jones Manchester V.M.S.C. 30.04.00
Pte McDonald 1st Cam High 30.04.00
Pte W. Mulholland Aberdeen Vol Eng 30.04.00
Sgt G. Dixon Cheshire 05.05.00
Ssgt B. Bond 27th Coy A.S.C. 05.05.00
Pte G. Jones R.W. Fus 05.05.00
Pte W. Endersley 7th Newfound 04.05.00
Pte G. Neale 1st Liecester 05.05.00
Pte M. Gilson R.W. Fus 05.05.00
Pte G. Bannon 2nd R.I. Fus 05.05.00
Pte G. Wright 1st K.O.Y.L.I. 06.05.00
Dvr Burns No8 Bearer Coy 10.05.00
Pte E. Dawson C.I.V. 12.05.00
Dvr J. Robinson R.F.A. 13.05.00
Pte W. Keir 1st K.O.S.B. 13.05.00
Lce-Cpl T. Vick 1st Worcester 13.05.00
Pte A. Burgess 1st R.W. Fus 16.05.00
Pte E.F. Fox I.Y. Cheshire 16.05.00
Sgt W.H. Hollies 5th Lancers 24.05.00
Pte E. Harvey 3rd Lancers 25.05.00
Civ J.H. Mons A.C.D. 25.05.00
Sgt Revell 2nd R.I. Fus 29.05.00
Tpr H. Manus 1st I.Y. 29.05.00
Pte A. Dale 2nd R. Scots Fus 24.05.00
Pte D. Wallace 1st W. Riding 25.05.00
Pte J. Hardiman 1st Worcester 27.05.00
Pte N. Councell 6th Middlesex 28.05.00
Pte S. Slewan 6th Middlesex 28.05.00
Pte J.R. Clarkson 3rd E. Lancs 24.05.00
Drm Cochrane 4th N .Staffs 31.05.00
Tpr Banks Strath's Horse 02.06.00
Pte W. Llewellyn 2nd R. War 05.06.00
Pte N. Locker 4th N. Staffs 07.06.00
Pte W. Broomfield 4th N. Staffs 14.06.00
Pte G. Saville 4th Bedford 19.06.00
Pte E.J.Carney R.A.M.C. 29.06.00
Pte J. Mathews 3rd Lancs 19.06.00
Lce-Cpl J. Best 1st K.O.S.B. 14.06.00
Sgt-Maj D. Greer Loch's Horse 13.06.00
Lce-Cpl A. Rawbotham R.E. 26.06.00
Pte J. Norman 1st Suffolk 26.06.00
Pte L. Whitmore 4th N. Staffs 27.06.00
Sgt G.Thorne 6th Middlesex 28.06.00
Lt-Col. Forrester R. Horse Guards 18.06.00
Capt Seagrim R.A. 15.06.00
Pte J.E. Taylor 9th Hussars 27.03.00
Lce-Cpl Pigeon 1st Gloucesters 28.03.00
Waithman CGA 1st Gloucesters 05.04.00
Doctor Dairs I.Y. Staff 22.04.00
Pte C.H. Ankers 15th Coy I.Y. 31.05.00"

Memorials at Colesburg Cemetery, South Africa :

"For King & Empire - In memory of the Officers, NCO's and men who fell in this district in the Anglo-Boer War: 1899-1900.

6TH Innisng. Dgns. - Lt. N. Dent (15.3.1900),
Sergt. W.G. Sales (4.1.1900),
Men Cpl. R. Paterson,
Cpl. W. H.Coleman (12.2.1900),
Cpl. H. Karl,
Pte. J. Lawrence (01.01.1900),
Pte. J. Barner (01.01.1900),
Pte. R. Gardner (k.i.a. Kloof Camp 04.01.1900)
Pte. Herbert Jones (4.1.1900),
Pte. J. Ward (4.1.1900)
Pte. F. Clark (9.2.1900),
Pte. E. F. Ventham (22.2.1900),
Tpr. S. J Kirkpatrick (22.2.1900) d.o.wounds Slingersfontein,
Tpr. F.G. Clark (7.12.1900).

And 5 Officers 34 N.C.O's & Men 1st Suffolk Rgt.
3 Officers 19 N.C.O's & Men 2nd Wor. Rgt.

7th D.G. - Capt. Jackson
Ess. Regiment - Pte. G Barker
32nd Imr Yeory - Lt. W.M. Johnson
Pte. S.Swann (k.i.a. 17.12.1900)
Life Gds. - Pte. Sading
Vicn.M.R - Lt. J.C. Roberts k.i.a. 12.2.1900,
Pte. C. E. Williams.
Tsmn.M.R. - Pte. W.I. Lamine,
Pte. Gillam (9.2.1902),
Pte. Button (9.2.1900),
Pte. F. Clarke,
Pte Morrisby (28.2.1900).

1st Aus. Horse - Sgt. Maj. G. Griffen (16.1.1900).
Rimgtns Gds - Trp. S.H. Plewman (24.4.1901).
N.S.W.I. - CPL. Kilpatrick (22.1.1900),
Pte. Donald Fraser (3.3.1900),
Pte. S. McLlennan 2.

N. Zeland. M.R. - Sgt. S. Gourley (15.1.1900)3,
Sgt. Samuel Walker,
Pte. J. Connell (10.2.00) 4,
Pte. H.J. Booth 5,
Pte. G.R. Bradford 18.12.996,
Tpr. Gilpannock 9.2.1900,
Unknown (9.2.1900).

W. Aus. MI - Cpl Michael Conwhy

S. Aus .M.I. - (1st S. Aus .Contingent) - Major Eddy (12.2.00),
Lt. John William Powell (12.2.1900),
Sgt. Grant 10.2.00,
Cpl. Alex Ross,
Pte. T. Stock,
Pte. A.H. Wilson,
Pte. W. E. Smith 22.2.1900.

3rd Grener. Gds. - Pte. Wardle (27.11.1900),
Unknown Gren (1.1.1900).

6th D.G. Carabers. - Pte. W. Ross (12.12.1899).

2nd R. Berks. - Lt. A.V. West 7 (1.1.1900),
Pte. McNamara,
Pte. Townsend,
Pte. Pothill,
Pte. H. Reynolds.

Uitenhage. V.R. - Cpl. F. Wilson,
Pte. Patch.

10th Hussars - Major C.B. Harvey (4.1.00),
Pte. W. Greenhill,
Pte. Hornsey,
Pte. W. Scott.

Duke of Wellington's 1st W. Riding - Capt. Alexander F. Wallis (24.2.1900),
Pte Pennington.

1st E. Yorks - Sgt. F. Roberts,
SGT. D. Jamieson (16.1.1900),
Pte. A. Smith (16.1.1900),
Pte. E.W. Ward (16.1.1900),
Pte. B. Duffy.

4th L.R. - Pte. G. Atkinson,

Bbdr. O.B. Cowley. R.H.A.,
Dvr. W. Tanswell. R.A.

2nd Wilts. - Major Francis Richard Macmullen (14.2.1900),
Sgt. E. Walkley (4.1.1900),
Sgt. H. Herrington 14.2.1900,
L/C. F. Coombes (4.1.1900),
Dr. F. Andrews (14.2.1900),
Pte. F. G. Payne,
Pte. H. Singleton (12.2.00),
Pte. E.G.Butler (12.2.00),
Pte. H. A. Bird,
Pte. O.J. Jarvis (d. o. wounds, Rensburg 15.2.1900),
Pte. H. Leaver,
Pte. F. Swinden (4.2.1900),
Pte. A. Edwards (k.i.a. nr Kloof Camp 12 02 1900),
Pte. F. Chapman (14.2.1900),
Pte. F.W. Talbot (14.2.1900),
Pte. C. Johnson,
Pte. C.J H Walsh (14.2.1900),
Pte. A. Pressley (12.2.1900),
Pte. G. Roberts,
Tpr. R.I. Leaver 14.2.1900,
2 Unknown (14.2.1900).

5th Lancs. Frs. - Pte. D.R. Shearon (4.1.1900) 18 yrs,
Pte. Cadman."


"In Memory of the following Officers, NCO's & Men who fell in this district in the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902"
Grave nr. --- Rank --- Name --- Regiment --- Died

1 Pte. J.W. Duhamel R. Canadian Regt. 27.6.1900
2 Pte. H. Ockleford 1st Oxf. L.I. 3.7.1900
134 Pte. E. Tinder 1st Oxf. L.I. 25.3.1901
28 Cpl. J. Grant 1st Oxf. L.I. 17.12.1902
126 Q.M.Sgt D.M. Lyne 2nd Tas. Bushmen 4.5.1902
17 TPR. W. Pitt Tas. M.I. 11.6.1902
5A Tpr. J. Graham 2nd Dragoons 5.11.1900
35 Col Sgt G. Gosling 1st R. Sussex 20.2.1901
6 Pte. H. Symons 1st R. Sussex 13.8.1900
42 Pte. J. Arnold 1st R. Sussex 26.2.1901
50 Pte. J. Clapshaw 1st R. Sussex 27.2.1901
54 Pte. G. Hide 1st R. Sussex 15.4.1901
57 Pte. W. Daniels 1st R. Sussex 2.5.1901
59 Pte. F. Hood 1st R. Sussex 4.5.1901
63 Pte. H. Stomer 1st R. Sussex 9.5.1901
7 Pte. F. Morgan 3rd R. Lancs. 11.8.1900
19 Cpl. A. Broder 3rd R. Lancs. 16.7.1902
34 Drmr. T. Bradbury 3rd R. Lancs. 27.1.1901
15 Pte. A. Elliott 3rd S. Lancs. 2.6.1902
45 Pte. W. Rayson 3rd S. Lancs. 2.3.1901
20 Pte. J. Ryan 3rd N. Lancs. 26.8.1902
92 Pte. W. Sherrocks 1st E. Lancs. 7.1.1902
94 Pte. W. Pooley Vol. Coy. E. Lancs 9.1.1902
102 Pte. R. Dixon E. Lancs 26.1.1902
112 Pte W. McKowen 5th Lancs. Fus. 12.2.1902
108 Pte. R. Butterworth 5th Lancs. Fus. 7.2.1902
114 Pte. J. Wilson 5th Lancs. Fus. 19.2.1902
131 Pte. F. Jackson 5th Lancs. Fus. 26.6.1902
62 Pte. E. Walsh 3rd Lancs. Fus. 8.5.1901
9 Tpr. J. Downs Brabant's Horse 30.7.1900
11 Tpr. J. Bennett Kitchener's Horse 2.6.1900
64 Tpr. F. Cadle Nesbitt's Horse 14.5.1901
67 Tpr. J. Kneale Nesbitt's Horse 12.5.1901
75 Pte. G. Gordon Scot. Cycle Corps. 22.8.1901
111 Lieut. S. de Guerine 33rd I.Y. 12.2.1902
99 Cpl. S. Allingham 1st I.Y. 15.1.1902
98 Tpr. A. Crapper 30th I.Y. 15.1.1902
100 Tpr. R. Lines 91st I.Y. 15.1.1902
107 Tpr. J. Green 33rd I.Y. 6.2.1902
118 Tpr. A. Purdy 41st I.Y. 19.3.1902
20 Tpr. H. Baines 77th I.Y. 30.3.1902
4 Tpr. W. Holmes 10th I.Y. 5.9.1900
76 Pte. J. McGrath Johburg. M.R. 22.8.1901
78 Const. S. Colebough I.M.R. Police 14.9.1901
80 Tpr. S.J. Skitteral French's Scts. 1.11.1901
81 Pte. A.R. Turner 38th Coy. A.S.C. 28.11.1901
89 Sh.Smith J. Booth 38th Coy. A.S.C. 4.1.1902
113 Q.M.Sgt. W. Richards 38th Coy. A.S.C. 16.2.1902
132 Condtr. E. Moore 38th Coy. A.S.C. 16.7.1902
82 Pte. G. Penston 3rd E. Surrey 6.12.1901
125 Pte. F. Treasdearn 3rd E. Surrey 3.5.1902
109 Pte. J. Salmon 2nd R.W. Surrey 7.2.1902
53 Pte. T. Witless 2nd Wilts. 12.4.1901
103 Pte. R. Addams 2nd Wilts. 27.1.1902
90 Tpr. C. Sturgeon N.S.W.M.R. 7.1.1902
106 Tpr. J. Duley 3rd N.S.W.M.R. 5.2.1902
110 Tpr. G. Burford Damant's Horse 8.2.1902
119 Pte. A. Welch 2nd Worcester 24.3.1902
121 Pte. L. Nash 1st Innis. Fus. 2.4.1902
122 Lce.Cpl. J. Walker 6th Manchester 5.4.1902
127 Pte. T.L. Williams 6th Manchester 10.6.1902
128 Pte. W. Hopkins 6th Manchester 28.5.1902
129 Pte. P. Burke 6th Manchester 11.6.1902
133 Pte. H. Welch 6th Manchester 15.8.1902
8 Pte. W. Pyle 2nd R. Berks. 18.7.1900
83 Pte. W. Mullin 5th R. Irish Rif. 9.12.1901
84 Gde E. Esterhuizen Lord Bentnick's Col. 18.12.1901
41 Cpt. H.B. Abadie 11th Hussars 25.2.1901
14 Pte. J. McDonald R.P.R. 14.5.1902
49 Sgt. T. Oldfield 3rd Drag. Gds. 27.3.1901
97 Tpr. H. Hopkins 6th Drag. Gds. 14.1.1902
130 Tpr. C. Miller 2nd Drag. Gds. 14.6.1902
10 Pte. S. McInti Scots. Gds. 3.7.1900
3 Pte. F. Jones 2nd Scots. Gds 29.8.1900
32 Pte. T. Hopper 3rd Gren. Gds. 16.I.1901
40 Pte. A. Tyler 3rd Gren. Gds. 22.2.1901
52 Pte. G. Corder 3rd Gren. Gds. 6.4.1901
60 Pte. E. Jones 3rd Gren. Gds. 6.5.1901
69 Pte. J. Gentle 3rd Gren. Gds. 6.6.1901
25 Pte. J. Timby 3rd Gren. Gds. 26.11.1902
71 Lce.Cpl. H. Jessop 3rd Gren. Gds. 8.6.1901
48 Pte. C. Wilson 1st Cldstr. Gds. 26.3.1901
12 Pte. J. Cree 1st K.O.S.B. 1.6.1900
13 Dvr. G. Tynan R.E. 31.5.1902
35 Sapr. J. Benson 7th Fld. Co. R.E. 6.2.1901
38 Sapr. E.A. Cheadle 7th Fld. Co. R.E. 19.2.1901
46 Sapr. F T. Evans 1st Lon. Vol. R.E. 9.3.1901
96 Sapr. J. Smith 20th Co. R.E. 13.1.1902
5 Dvr. W. Broome 4th Batt. R.F.A. 27.9.1900
55 Dvr. H. Broome 43rd Batt. R.F.A. 18.4.1901
66 Dvr. W. HOLBORN 38th Batt. R.F.A. 21.5.1901
79 Sgt .Maj. W.G. Jefferies 38th Batt. R.F.A. 19.9.1901
115 Gnr. J. Dykes 39th Batt. R.F.A. 19.2.1902
116 Dvr. A.E. Carter 63rd Batt. R.F.A. 21.2.1902
31 Gnr. N. Fuller R.A. 15.1.1901
47 Cpl. Whitlock R.A.M.C. 14.3.1901
16 Pte. H. Milne R.A.M.C. 7.6.1902
65 Pte. A.W. Sweet R.A.M.C. 19.5.1901
77 Civ .Surg. P.D. Dunn R.A.M.C. 11.9.1901
88 Pte. F. Wilson R.A.M.C. 2.1.1902
117 Pte. W. Heselden R.A.M.C. 6.3.1902
21 Pte. W. Dick Edin. Hospl. 16.9.1902
18 Pte. H. Ingle 2nd Lincoln 15.6.1902
68 Pte. J. Calligan Vol.Co. 2nd Lincoln 27.5.1901
22 Pte. W. Barker N. Staffs 25.10.1902
44 Cpl. A. Mann 1st S. Staffs. 28.2.1901
23 Pte. H. Gardener 2nd Seaforth Hdrs. 12.11.1902
61 Pte. W. Fraser 2nd Seaforth Hdrs. 6.5.1901
95 Pte. D. Cowie 2nd Royal Hdrs. 11.1.1902
105 Pte. W. Hastie 2nd Royal Hdrs. 31.1.1902
124 Lce.Cpl. J. Robson 2nd Royal Hdrs 18.4.1902
24 Sgt. E. Eveleigh Vol. Co. R.W. Kent 22.11.1902
26 Pte. H. Turpin Vol. Co. R.W. Kent 10.12.1902
27 Pte. F. Wilcox Vol. Co. R.W. Kent 15.12.1902
33 Pte. H. Barnes Vol. Co. R.W. Kent 18.1.1901
101 Pte. G.S. McBride Vol. Co. R.W. Kent 22.1.1902
29 Pte. H. Marchand Vol. Co. R.W. Kent 18.12.1902
85 Lce.Cpl. W. Lee. 2nd R.W. Kent 13.12.1901
91 Lce.Cpl. H. Manser 2nd R.W. Kent 7.1.1902
87 Pte. J. Littlefield 2nd R.W. Kent 2.1.1902
104 Pte. H. Brown 2nd R.W. Kent 30.1.1902
30 Tpr. C. Farnham 17th Lancers 17.1.1901
36 Pte. Morgan 1st R. Welsh Fus. 9.2.1901
37 Pte. A. Allan 3rd Yorks 13.2.1901
43 Pte. A.F. Birkett Vol. Co .Border Regt. 26.2.1901
51 Pte. A. Miles 3rd Norfolk 2.4.1901
86 Pte. F. Watts 3rd Norfolk 1.1.1902
93 Lce.Cpl. G. Sutherland 2nd Norfolk 8.1.1902
56 Pte. J.Allen S.A.C. 4.4.1901
58 Pte. M. Jeyes 1st R. Scts. 4.5.1901
70 Tpr. T. Clementson I.L.H. 17.6.1901
72. Tpr. H.E. Whittaker I.L.H. 14.7.1901
123 Tpr. J. FLANNIGAN I.L.H. 8.4.1902
73 Sgt. E.P. NEGUS Uitenhage Vol. Rif. 17.8.1901
74 Sgt. G.H. Treadway Cape Police 20.9.1901."


"Pte. Plewman S. H. (24.4.01) Rimington's Guides"

"Pte. Machon J. (22.8.1846) Sherwood Forester's (Derbyshire Regt.)"


"James Charles Roberts B.C.E.- First Victorian Mounted Rifles."

"Captain Alex R.F. Wallis - Duke of Wellington's (West Riding) Regiment."

"Roland Philip Pitt Tasmanian Mounted Infantry."

"Sergt. Major G.A.Griffen9 - 1st Australian Horse."

"Capt Arthur Wale Brown - 1st Suffolk Regt."

"Major Charles Bateson HARVEY - 10th Royal Hussars."

"Lieut. John Wm Powell. - 1st South Australian Contingent."

"No. 118 Tpr. W.E. Smith 1st S. Aust. Contgt."

"Major Francis Richard Macmullen ."

"Sam Colclough I.M. Police K."

"Pte P. Burke "D" Coy 6TH Manchester Regt."

"Trp Willfred Moss Johnson 32nd Coy. Imperial Yeomanry."

"Harry Bertram Abadie X1 - P.A.D. Hussars."

"2nd Lieut. A.V. West7 Royal Berkshire Regiment."

"William Lambie War Correspondent Melbourne "Age".

"Trooper J. Flanegan - Imperial Light Horse."

"Pte. W. Ross 6th Dragoon Gds."

"Pte. W. Duhamel R.C.R. - Canada."

"2nd Lieut. F. Noel Dent - 6th Inniskilling Dragoons.

"No. 6910 Pte. H. Barnes - Imperial Yeomanry, Hamilton Milne, R.A.M.C."

"Cr. Sgt. G.A. Gosling. 1st Bn Royal Sussex Regiment."

"Pte. Joseph H. Macdonald - (504) No. 4 Coy. Railway Pioneer Regiment, U.S.A."

"Sergt. E.A. Eveleigh - Volunteer Company "Queens Own 2nd Royal West Kent Regiment. Also No. 6884 Pte. H. Turpin, No 6885 Pte. F.S. Wilcox. No. 6868 Cpl. Harold Marchant."

Memorial at Suffolk Hill, Colesburg, South Africa:

"Sacred to the memory of
Lieut. Col. Arthur John Watson
Commanding 1st Batt. The Suffolk Reg.
Capt. A. W. Brown.
Capt. Adjt. F.A.P. Wilkins.
Lieut. S G. Carey, Lieut C. A. White,
384 Sergt. J. Baker, 1504 Sergt. E. Morgan,
3594 Lance Serg. H Arrowsmith, 5230 Corporal H. Nixon,
4794 Private W. Anderley, 4812 Private C. Prigg,
2209 Private T. Arnull, 2826 Private S. Pryke,
3369 Private J. Attwell, 2542 Private W. Radley,
2196 Private S. Barnes, 2691 Private T. Ransom,
3230 Private A. Bridge, 3090 Private J. Robinson,
2868 Private W. Baltzer, 4738 Private T. Seamons,
5118 Private A. Cooper, 2299 Private S. Sillatoe,
4232 Private W. Cuthbert, 2948 Private J. Skeet,
3494 Private F. Forge, 4745 Private W. Stock ,
3887 Private W. Fulcher, 2573 Private W. Stollery,
2064 Private G. Greenwood, 2102 Private F. Thompson,
4684 Private C. Hackett, - Private J. Vaughan,
3088 Private C. Kidd, - Private H. Wallace,
4121 Private J. Murton, 2276 Private T. Webb,
3067 Private F. Muskett, 4651 Private R. Newson.

Killed in Action near this spot 6 January 1900
Faithful Unto Death."
Memorial at Worcester Hill, Yardley Farm, South Africa:

"In Memory of the following Officers, N.C.O's and Men of the 2nd Batt. (36th) Worcestershire Regiment
who were killed in action or died of wounds, received in action near this spot while doing
their duty defending this position on 12th February 1900.

Lieut. Col. Coningham,
Major Stubbs,
Captain B.H. Thomas,

No 4068 Sgt. Carter W.E.
No 2558 Sgt. Watkins E.
No 4232 Cpl. Pritchard J.
No 3656 L\Cpl. Allen J.
No 4203 Pte. Carrington J.
No 3086 Pte. Danks F.
No 4672 Pte. Deverill F.
No 2851 Pte. Lammas A.
No 4292 Pte. Mason W.
No 3782 Pte. McNaughton J.
No 4093 Pte. Parker A.
No 3213 Pte. Parton J
No 4918 Pte. Pimm W.
No 4565 Pte. Turley A.
No 3935 Pte. Weissner W.
No 2803 Pte Morris J.
No 4887 Pte Bennitt W.
No 4383 Pte Wheelerone O.
No 4565 Pte Turley A."