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Memorials at Peshawar:

"In memory of
No. 2583 Private A. Allison - died 25 Sep 1892
No. 2548 Private A.J. Watson - died 14 Nov 1892
No. 1813 Private T. Gallagher - died 17 Nov 1892
No. 2164 Private G. Robertson - died 6 Dec 1892
This stone is erected by their comrades of H Company, The Royal Scots Fusiliers."

"Erected by D Company 1st Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers in memory of
No. 5610 Private Albert Wardle - 3 Oct 1899 - 21
No. 2979 Private William Cutler - 10 Oct 1899 - 28
2nd Lieutenant David Macomb Kennedy - 19 Oct 1899 - 21
No. 4605 Private H. Rice - 23 Nov 1899 - 24
No. 5625 Private H. McDonald - 10 Dec 1899 - 20
No. 5005 Private H. Campbell - 1 Jan 1901 - 23."

Memorial at Rangoon Cantonment Cemetery, Burma:

"Officers, WO's, NCO's, Men, Women & Children of the Royal Scots Fusiliers
who died or were killed in action in Burma from 1875 to 1911.
Erected by the Officers, NCO's and men of the First Battalion.
1875 - 1878
Bandmaster G. Hewson
Sgt. G. Burton
Sgt. R. Evans
Ptes R. Watson - J. Kennedy
J. Jarvis - J. Nixon
J. Watson - G. Wells
H. Hanchett - J. McIntyre
J. Povey - P. Fleming
C. Bacon - F. Platt
A. Fisher - P. McGuire
T. Russell
J. McAvenny
P. Dunn
G. Dunn
W. Gillespie
J. Bennie
J. Mahoney
S. Clift
H. Gilmore
R. Thompson

1885 - 1887
Major D. Auchinleck
Sgt. W. Goodwin
Corporals J. Hudson
J. Matfield
Lce Cpls. G. Cobb
J. Thomas
G. Christie
Piper J. Anderson
Ptes. J. Boyle - R. McGuire
E. Bolling - W. Ham
W. Byers - R. Still
T. Cassidy - C. Ashley
R. Cockburn - J. Smith
W. Collins - J. Fraser
C. Fleming - H. Hales
J. Fowler - C. Palmer
L. Lawless - S. Timmins
T. Long - J. Richardson
P. McRea - D. Shields
J. Mitchell - C. Spillane
J. Nicholl
A. Oliver
J. Reid
W. Thomas
W. Anderson
J. McShane
G. Kerr

1908 - 1910
Sgt. W. Lyons
Lce Cpl. L. Woodington
Ptes H. Nelthorpe
R. Simpson
W. McMinn
W. Parker
T. Taylor
A. Asworth
J. McVey
J. Morton
T. McGlyn."

Memorial at Holy Trinity Church, Bangalore :

"Sacred to the Memory of John Band late Royal Scots Fusiliers who died at Bangalore on 14th April 1893 Aged 68.
This Monument is erected by Officers, NC Officers, Soldiers and Friends as a tribute of much esteem for his sterling worth and his long and faithful service of 48 years in India. 21 of which were spent in the Army and 27 as Curator of the Cemetery and Verger of this Church"