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Memorial at Rawalpindi:

"In memory of Lance Corporal Thomas Dickenson, 3rd Battalion Rifle Brigade (PCO). Died 15 Jun 1895. Aged 21 yrs.
Also to those below who died during the Tochi Valley Expedition 1897-1898:
Lance Corporal Alfred Faulkner - Died Sherani - 17 Aug 1897. Aged 21
Lance Corporal Frank Wall - Died Sherani - 19 Aug 1897. Aged 21
Lance Corporal John Whiting - Died Sherani - 29 Aug 1897. Aged 25
Lance Corporal Albert Dorey - Died Sherani - 31 Aug 1897. Aged 22
Corporal Henry Holland - Died Sherani - 8 Sep 1897. Aged 25
Acting Corporal William Mitchell - Died Atta-Khel - 7 Sep 1897. Aged 21
Acting Corporal Samuel Mounsey - Died Bannu - 22 Oct 1897. Aged 27
Acting Corporal Benjamin Barlow - Died Kohat - 1 Nov 1897. Aged 33
Erected by the Corporals of the Battalion as a mark of esteem and respect."


"Sacred to the memory of:
Major The Honourable C.C. Winn. Died Ambala
2nd Lieutenant Kane. Died Miranshah
Acting Corporal E. Dorey. Died Sherani
Private W. Watkins. Died Sherani
Acting Corporal W. Mills. Died ......
Private W. Winser. Died Sherani
Private E. Douthwaite. Died Sherani
Private Gutteridge. Died Datta Khel
Private W. Brown. Died Datta Khel
Private F. Lewins. Died Datta Khel
Private A. Skews. Died Datta Khel
Private F. Lawrence. Died Miranshah
Private H. Garlton. Died Bannu
Private Lunn. Died Bannu
Private B. Thomas. Died Gumbat
Private W. Dawes. Died Umballa
Private W. Smith. Died Umballa
Private G. Thomas. Died Umballa
Private A. Gonnesby. Died Jullundur
Private J. Hatherhill. Died Solon
Private J. Dickens. Died Kuldana
Private W. Hurst. Died Murree
F Company, 3rd Battalion, Rifle Brigade."


Memorial in Christchurch, Rawalpindi:

"Rifle Brigade (3rd Battalion). Dedicated by their comrades to the memory of
Major Frank Stewart Whittington Raikes
2nd Lieutenant The Hon Henry Cavnedish
2nd Lieutenant John Fielding Hill Kane
Sergeant A. Tyler - Rifleman J. Cooper
Sergeant G.A. Harding - Rifleman Mitchell
Corporal H. Holland - Rifleman F. Rolph
Acting Corporal A. Faulkner - Rifleman J. Slade
Acting Corporal F.P. Wall - Rifleman J.H. Williams
Acting Corporal J. Whiting - Rifleman H. Fletcher
Acting Corporal W.J. Mitchell - Rifleman G. Bateson
Acting Corporal A. Dorey - Rifleman T. Burridge
Acting Corporal S. Mouncey - Rifleman F. Warren
Acting Corporal H.H. Pharoah - Rifleman F. Guttridge
Bugler G. Simmonds - Rifleman P. A. Moore
Rifleman G. Francis - Rifleman A.J. Allison
Rifleman H. Watkins - Rifleman H. Briggs
Rifleman P. Hawkes - Rifleman H. Walsh
Rifleman J. Connor - Rifleman W.L. Taylor
Rifleman E. Douthwaite - Rifleman W. Sullivan
Rifleman J. Gledhill - Rifleman W.A. Cox
Rifleman J.T. Ellis - Rifleman E.I.F. Cox
Rifleman H. Knight - Rifleman W.H. Maslin
Rifleman C. Jones - Rifleman H.C. Carlton
Rifleman E. Sartain - Rifleman T.H. Hodgkins
Rifleman H. Pritchard - Rifleman B. Thomas
Rifleman J. Lowe - Rifleman B. Barlow
Rifleman W. Winsor - Rifleman H.G. Mills
Rifleman W. Barton - Rifleman H. Barcock
Rifleman R. Downham - Rifleman W.J. Thompson
Rifleman A. Jones - Rifleman J.H. Blisset
Rifleman T. Williams - Rifleman W. Hill
Rifleman E. Cleaver - Rifleman W. Hunt
Rifleman A.J. Smith - Rifleman G. Hargreaves
Rifleman G. Walden - Rifleman W.R. Lovelock
Rifleman E. Petty - Rifleman J.T. Weeks
Rifleman R. Tonkin - Rifleman L. Mullett
Rifleman G. Slater - Rifleman A. Lunn
Rifleman B. Whitty - Rifleman W.V. Channell
Rifleman W.J. Brown - Rifleman J. Devine
Rifleman F.G. Lawrence - Rifleman G. Cox
Rifleman A.J. Fletcher - Rifleman W.J. Smith
Rifleman A. Jones - Rifleman M. Melvin
Rifleman H.T. Brown - Rifleman A.G. Keeley
Rifleman T. Defly - Rifleman C. Cannon
Rifleman A. Dewick - Rifleman G. Avis
Rifleman E.G. Lewins - Rifleman A.G. Tidy
Rifleman A.W. Bryant - Rifleman T. Tomalin
Rifleman H. Jones - Rifleman W. Wilkins
Rifleman J. Brindley - Rifleman A. Gosney
Rifleman G.E. Hancox - Rifleman W. Simmons
Rifleman C.J. Wright - Rifleman F.C. Smith
Rifleman A. Skews - Rifleman H.W. Day
Rifleman E.C. Richards - Rifleman W. Carpenter
Rifleman R. Hart - Rifleman W. Hill
Rifleman G. Field - Rifleman W. Dawe
Rifleman S.O. Dale - Rifleman J. Doubleday
Who died in the Tochi Valley, North West Frontier between July and December 1897."


Memorial in St. John's Church, Peshawar:

"Sacred to the memory of the undermentioned Riflemen 3rd Battalion Rifle Brigade
who died at Peshawar 1864, 1892, 1893, 1894.

Lieutenant H.P.E. Paget - Corporal A. Bridges
Corporal W. Chambers - A/Corporal T. Trotman
A/Corporal H. Clark - Rifleman G. Arnold
Rifleman G. Legard - Rifleman A. Porter
Rifleman J. Baker - Rifleman G. Cox
Rifleman J. Garrod - Rifleman J. Wisby
Rifleman A. Nash - Rifleman T. Brown
Rifleman E. Mason - Rifleman T. Brown
Rifleman W. Mortishead - Rifleman A. Lucas
Rifleman A. Green - Sergeant H. Stafford
Corporal F. Hornett - A/Corporal H. Tomlinson
A/Corporal A. Smith - A/Corporal E. Dommett
Rifleman O. McPherson - Rifleman J. Brown
Rifleman W. Rabbage - Rifleman F. Howard
Rifleman J. Brown - Rifleman J. Pother
Rifleman G. Smith - Rifleman A. Saunders
Rifleman H. Anderson - Rifleman A. Crew
Rifleman R. Holland - Rifleman T. Hancock
Rifleman T. Burke - Rifleman J. Hennesey."


Memorial at Peshawar:

"Sacred to the memory of the undermentioned NC officers of the 3rd Battalion Rifle Brigade
who died at Peshawar on the dates mentioned:
No. 8932 Acting Corporal H.A. Clarke - 20 Nov. 1892
No. 9155 Acting Corporal A.T. Bridges - 10 Dec. 1892
No. 1390 Acting Corporal G. Chambers - 20 Jun. 1893
No. 401 Acting Corporal H. Tomlinson - 17 Oct. 1893
No. 2395 Acting Corporal E. Dommett - 13 Jul. 1894
No. 2433 Acting Corporal E. Smith - 20 Jul. 1894
No. 242 Corporal F. Hornett - 15 Nov. 1894
No. 9184 Acting Corporal T. Trotman - 2 Dec. 1894
Erected by their brother Corporals as a mark of esteem."