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Memorial at Christchurch Priory, Hampshire:

"This brass is erected by the officers non-commissoned officers and men of Major W.S. Curzon's G Battery C Brigade Royal Horse Artillery in memory of their comrades who died whilst the Battery was quartered at Christchurch in the years 1878 to 1881.
Shoeing Smith W. Kemsley Died 9th June 1878
Driver W. Hobbs Died at Hay Brecon 13th July 1878
Corporal Rough Rider C. Cook Killed by a fall from his horse 20th July 1878
Driver William Fowler Died at Christchurch 10th November 1879
Gunner John Davis Died at Christchurch 6th January 1881."

Memorial St. Luke's Church, Jullundur:

"The officers and men of the 3rd troop 2nd brigade Horse Artillery erect this monument
to the memory of their late commanding officer Major Edward Christie and of Corporal R. Hill.
Bombadier T. Claxton. Gunner M. Higgins. J. McCachan. J. Foley. W. Carvell. G. Hales
their comrades who fell in action during the Punjaub Campaign."

Memorial at Gujrat:

"To the memory of the undermentioned men of the 2nd Troop 2nd Brigade, Horse Artillery
who fell in action at Goojrat on the 21st February 1849.
Corporals - John Fitzgerald
George Jones
Gunners - Richard Clayton
William Flynn
Edward Barrett Hoare
James Pringle
George Streete
This tablet has been placed here by their comrades."


Memorial at Peshawar:

"Erected by their comrades to the memory of the undermentioned men of 'B' Battery 'F' Brigade RHA who died at Peshawar:
Gunner Alfred Perkins. 13 Oct. 1864. Aged 25
Driver W. Hudson. 19 Jun 1864. Aged 22
Gunner R. Maddigan. 22 Jun 1864. Aged 25
Bombadier Henry Kitson. 27 Oct 1864. Aged 20."

Memorial in St. John's Church, Peshawar:

"Sacred to the memory of the following NC officers, men, women and children of 'B' Battery, 'A' Brigade,
Royal Horse Artillery who died in Peshawar in 1868 and 1869.
Sergeant William Sales - Sergeant W. Morris
Corporal Alfred Lake - Gunner T. Nichols
Gunner Charles Fry - Gunner David Stevens
Gunner John Hannon - Gunner William Harvey
Gunner William Wilkinson - Gunner Thomas Blunt
Driver T. Reynolds - Gunner John McLelland
Driver T. Boddy - Driver Patrick White."

"Erected by the officers, NC officers and men of 'E' Battery 'A' Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery
in memory of their comrades who died at Peshawar during the years 1868 to 1870.
Quarter Master Sergeant David Galloway - Gunner G. Horsman
Gunner J. Tyson - Gunner Henry Tyson
Driver R. Hubbard - Driver Henry Birch
Sergeant Henry Sturt - Gunner Joseph Broome
Gunner William Brightly - Gunner E. Casey
Driver George Bosier - Driver Frederick Carter."

Memorial at Rawalpindi:

"Sacred to the memory of the NCOs and men of 'K' Battery, Royal Horse Artillery who died during the years 1897-1902.
Erected by the officers, NCOs and men of the Battery as a mark of their respect and esteem.

At Sialkot
Gunner Herbert Barber - Died 7 Sep 1903. Aged 28
Driver Alfred Darby - Died 9 Sep 1903. Aged 26
At Rawalpindi
Gunner Rowland Bowell - Died 14 Jul 1897. Aged 22
Gunner Alfred Cooper - Died 5 Jul 1898. Aged 34
Driver Frank Vandemere - Died 30 Dec 1898. Aged 25
Driver Arthur Poplar - Died 5 Jun 1899. Aged 22
Gunner Henry Smythe - Died 13 Feb 1899. Aged 29
Driver Ernest Valler - Died 8 May 1900. Aged 29
Acting Bombadier Frederick Meyers - Died 13 Sep 1903. Aged 26

At Lower Topa
Driver Charles Hickman - Died 2 Jun 1899. Aged 21
Driver Robert Neale - Died 3 Jun 1902. Aged 28
Gunner Robert Clifford - Died 26 Aug 1902. Aged 24

At Jamrud
Driver Alfred Ludkin - Died 30 Oct 1897. Aged 22
Staff Sergeant Thomas Sibley - Died 1 Nov 1897. Aged 28

At Peshawar
Driver Albert Quinton - Died 8 Sep 1897. Aged 25
Driver Frank Stay - Died 3 Nov 1897. Aged 25
Bombadier William Nichols - Died 7 Nov 1897. Aged 26
Gunner Denis Hayes - Died 4 Nov 1897. Aged 23
Trooper Arthur Savage - Died 30 Dec 1897. Aged 26
Driver Richard McLeod - Died 5 Jan 1898. Aged 21
Driver Arthur Downs - Died 6 Mar 1898. Aged 20
Gunner William Reid - Died 9 Sep 1903. Aged 28
Driver William Moore - Died 12 Sep 1903. Aged 34
Driver William Hagyard - Died 18 Oct 1903. Aged 24."


"In memory of soldiers, women and children 'T' Battery, Royal Horse Artillery (late MB RHA),
who died Rawalpindi from Nov 1887 to 19 Oct 1891:

Lieutenant G.R. Cookes - Corporal W.I. Allen
Bombadier M. Cooper - Bombadier J. Morgan
Bombadier A.E. Fowler - Trumpeter A. Moore
Gunner G. Bennett - Gunner R. Birchell
Gunner F. Chilvers - Gunner M. Connor
Gunner T. Price - Gunner W. Hooker
Driver C. Hurrell - Driver C. Jackson
Driver A. Lane - Driver G. Moon
Driver E. Pike - Driver J. Wright
Driver C.C. Wheeler - Driver G. Smyth
Gunner J. Brown - Gunner J.A. White
Driver Williams - Gunner T.P. Flanagan
Gunner P. Flynn - Gunner W. March
Gunner A. Marston - Gunner W. Manley
Gunner F. Parfitt - Gunner F. Wright
Driver H. Carver - Driver J. Cumming
Driver J. Howard

This monument is erected by the officers, NCOs and men of 'T' Battery, Royal Horse Artillery on 19 Oct 1891."

"'B' Battery, Royal Horse Artillery. In memoriam. Dec 1891 to Nov 1896.
Major G.W. Campbell
Lieutenant E.H. Davis
Corporal G. Gould
Bombadier Collar Maker Greene
Acting Bombadier J.C. Ransom
Acting Bombadier W. Randall
Gunner J. Mannion
Gunner H. Knowles
Gunner D. Curtis
Gunner C. Vickery
Gunner W. Wild
Driver W. Foster
Driver E.E. Hayes."

Memorials in Christchurch, Rawalpindi:

"In memory of the NCOs and men of 'J' Battery, Royal Horse Artillery,
who died during the Battery's term of service in India 1902-1907.

At Meerut
Gunner W. Hatch - A/Bombadier R. Stevens
Gunner A. Higgett - Driver W.T. Bartlett
Gunner W.S. Tarr - Gunner J. Gunter
Gunner J. Middlemas

At Rawalpindi
Driver G.W. Hawkes - SS T Jeffreys
Gunner J. Savin - Battery Sergeant Major S. Major
Gunner P. Hodkinson - Bombadier J.A. Hersh
Corporal H. Cullum - A/Bombadier V. Smith
Driver J. Manetti - Driver A. Mitchell
Gunner C. Sandiforth - A/Bombadier B. Strivens
Battery Sergeant Major M.J. Burke

This memorial is erected by the officers, NCOs and men of the battery."

"To the glory of God and in memory of
Lieutenant Cookes - Bombadier Cowper
Trumpeter Moore - Gunner Birchall
Gunner Manley - Driver Moon
Gunner Chilvers - Driver Lane
of 'N' Battery, 'B' Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery, who died Rawalpindi during the year 1888.
This tablet is erected as a mark of respect by the officers, NCOs and men of the Battery."