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"A memorial to men, women and children of the Christian community killed in
The Great Earthquake lasting 25 seconds, demolishing the civil lines and city and damaging the
cantonment at 3.5am on May 31st 1935.

This memorial was unveiled by The Honourable Lt Col Sir Arthur Parsons, KCIE, CBE, DSO, IA
Agent to the Governor General, Resident and Chief Commissioner in Baluchistan
on Monday December the 12th 1938.

(Panel 3)

No.3 (Ind) Wing Headquarters Royal Air Force
Sgt. A. Ayling
Cpls R.C. Cousins and F.E. Hall
LAC R. Higgins

No.5 (AC) Squadron RAF
Pilot Officer C.R. Paylor
F/Sgt C.E.S. Taylor
A/Sgt J.H. Burgess
A/Sgt A.C. Carr
Cpl G. Brunsdon
Cpl H.R. Cope
Cpl D.F. Henderson
Cpl J.C. Parry
Cpl W.W. Wilton
A/Cpl T.V. Wilson
LAC D.S. Fleisig
LAC N. Gelder
LAC G.J. Harman
LAC O.E. Jones
LAC R.J. Miller
LAC J. Pendelbury
AC1 A.W.F. Craig
AC1 J. Lunt
AC1 C.W.S. Neeve
AC1 J.C. Ratcliffe
AC1 J.P. Trainor
AC2 L. Carter
AC2 H. Percival
David Biggs Aged 5 years

(Central Panel)

No.3 (Ind) Wing Headquarters Royal Air Force
LAC A.O. Smith
AC1 A.H.C. Chitty & F.R. Adey
Diana Dorothea Mary Biles Aged 4 years

No.31 (AC) Squadron RAF
F/Sgt L.H. Powell
Sgt D.N. Fincham
Sgt H. Grant
Cpl G.E. Easton
Cpl H.R.C. Herring
Cpl H.C. Knowlton
Cpl T.W. Livermore
Cpl C.W. Seymour
LAC J.A. Arthurs
LAC L.C. Bateman
LAC M.A.T. Bond
LAC A.G. Cronks
LAC S.W. Evans
LAC B. Nickalls
LAC T.C. Penward
LAC G.D. Scrafton
LAC T.F. Smith
AC1 F.J. Bailey
AC1J.R. Claydon
AC1 R.A. Curtis
AC1 W. McGill
AC1 T.C. Somerford
AC1 R.A. Verey"