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NEW ZEALAND WARS 1863 - 1864

New Zealand Newspaper - 23 November 1863

"Victory at Rangariri . . . . ."

Lieutenant Murphy - 12th Regt
Midshipman Watkins - HMS Curacoa


Gunner Charles Culverwell
Gunner Robert Keoan

New Zealand Herald - 24 November 1863 - "We are informed that the funeral of Lt. Murphy and Midshipman Watkins, killed in action on the 20th instant, will take place this day at 4 pm from Albert Barracks. The bodies were brought into town last evening about 9.30 pm."

New Zealand Herald - 25 November 1863 - "Account of Military funeral of Murphy and Watkins. Firing Parade of 40 men From the Auckland Garrison and Otahuhu Camp. In Command Lieutenant Forster, 12th Regiment Band of the 12th Regiment. Band of the 50th Regiment, Band of HMS Curacoa. The Band of the 12th playing the Dead March of Saul which was rendered exceedingly touching by long funereal wails of the trumpets and prolonged rolls of the muffled drums, between each repetition of that surpassing funeral hymn. The bodies placed side by side on a gun carriage covered with the Union Jack and drawn by six Artillery horses and drivers, Seaman of the HMS ships Curacoa and Miranda. Fifty men of the Land Transport Corps. Fifty men of troops in Garrison, Officers of the Militia, Officers of HM Troops, Officers of the Navy. Civilians members of the General Assembly. Members of the Executive Council. Attorney-General, Colonial Secretary, Defense Minister, Postmaster General Captain Lacy, HMS Miranda. Major General Galloway. His Excellency the Governor."

New Zealand Herald - 25 November 1863

Battle at Rangariri


Bombardier Martin
Gunner Kevan Melville

12th Regiment

Lieutenant Murphy
Private Needham
Private Osborne
Private Sayers
Private Sheda
Private G. Smith
Private Wood

14th Regiment

Lance Corporal Burrell
Private T. Bellew
Private McCrory
Private Nowland
Private H. Russell

40th Regiment

Private B. Barber
Private J. Daley
Private E. Goldsboro
Private E. Howne
Private J. Johns
Private P. Loughlin
Private J. McNally
Private W. Usher

65th Regiment

Private Bell
Private Blackburn
Private Cavanagh
Private Clarke
Private Hepburn
Private Johnson
Private King
Private Marley
Private McCausland
Private McLelland
Private Mooney
Private Neat
Private Roberts

New Zealand Herald - 26 November 1863

"Deaths of Captains Mercer and Phelps. Captain Mercer, Royal Artillery, and Captain Phelps, 2 Batt. 24th Regt, died this morning at Queen's Redoubt. The bodies arrived in an ambulance cart at Drury at 1.15. The remains of these gallant officers will be brought to Auckland under an escort of the 50th Regt and will arrive in town this evening. Captain Mercer was shot through the head and Captain Phelps through the abdomen, the bullet believed to have lodged in his kidney."

Monday 30 November 1863

Naval Brigade

Mr. Watkins
Wood - HMS Curacoa

12 February 1864

"Report, from Capt. von Tempsky, accompanying the Forest Rangers, to the Assistant Military Secretary.
Camp Te Rore, 12 February 1864."

40th Regiment

Private John McDoole
Private Henry Blake
Private George Cooper
Private Michael Cahill

50th Regiment

Private James Cussen (Auckland Rifle Volunteers)
Private William Bane (Auckland Rifle Volunteers)

New Zealand Herald - 25 February 1864

"Latest news from the General's H.Q. The Native Rebellion. Col. Nixon and other wounded officers and soldiers are progressing favourably."

Corporal Horatio Alexander - Colonial Defence Corps
Mr. Hall - Colonial Defence Corps

Report from Camp Te Awamutu -

Sergeant Hawkins - 50th Regt
Private Tuck - Artillery

New Zealand Herald - 4 March 1864

Corporal Alexander - Colonial Defense Force
Private Alex McHale - Colonial Defense Force
Driver Charles Tuck - Mounted Artillery
Sergeant William Hawkins - 50th Regt.

Private Charles Askew - 65th Regt - bullet wound entered eye, passing out behind ear, mortal.

Southern Cross - 6 April 1864

"List of Killed and Wounded (from the correspondent) Pukerimu, Sunday Evening, April 3, 9 o'clock. I posted a letter this morning at Te Awamutu before starting for this place, fearing that I should not reach in time to send you one from here. I find I shall not have time to give you full particulars of the affair by this mail. It is impossible to give the complete list of casualties on our side, owing to the wounded men having been carried to Kihikihi and Te Awamutu, as they were injured. So far as I have been able to ascertain them, the names of the killed and wounded are as follows:-

Private Armstrong - Militia
Private Cassiday - 18th Regt - shot through temple
Drummer Gilligan - 65th Regt - shot through upper part of chest
Private Leckie - Militia - shot through head
Captain Ring - 18th Regt - shot through the groin
Private Traynor - 18th Regt - shot through small of back

Captain Hereford - Militia - shot through eye, mortal

Southern Cross - 7 April 1864
"Kaitake, 11 March 1864"

Private Michael Kennedy - penetrating wound of chest, killed

New Zealand Herald - 8 April 1864

Captain Ring
Drummer Gillingham - 65th Regt
Corporal Barnett
Private Whitfield

Southern Cross - 9 April 1864

Nominal Return of Killed . . . . . . . of the troops at Orakau, from March 31st to April 2nd 1864 -

Private Michael Bellaine - 2/18th Regt Shot through head, dead
Private John Carroll - 2/18th Regt - upper part of chest, dead
Private Hugh Cassidy - 2/18th Regt - shot through head, dead
Sergeant William Lawson - 2/18th Regt - shot through liver, dead
Captain James T. Ring - 2/18th Reg - penetrating gunshot wound abdomen, mortally, since died
Private Thomas Traynor - 2/18th Regt - shot through the back, dead
Sergeant Hugh Duncan - 40th Regt - through the head, dead
Private William Love - 40th Regt - through the chest, dead
Lance-Corporal John Barnett - 65th Regt - through the chest, dead
Drummer Robert Gilligan - 65th Regt - through chest, dead
Private Thomas Maskell - 70th Regt - side of chest, dead
Private Charles Coghlan - Forest Rangers - penetrating wound of abdomen, mortally, since died
Sergeant William Taylor - Forest Rangers - upper part of chest, dead
Corporal Armstrong - Waikato Militia - chest, dead
Private John Leeky - Waikato Militia - head, dead

New Zealand Herald - 12 April 1864

57th Regtiment

Captain Lloyd - gunshot wound chest, abdomen, pelvis, shoulder, thigh, fractured femur; tomahawk wound calf; decapitated.
Private Jeremiah Dooley - gunshot wound to shoulder, decapitated.
Private George Sadler - gunshot wound to shoulder; 2 tomahawk wounds to arm; decapitated.

Militia - Victorians

Corporal H. Banks - gunshot wound to abdomen, decapitated
Private James Neagles - gunshot wound to abdomen and head; decapitated
Private H. Hartley - gunshot wound to Pelvis; decapitated

Private John Gallagher

Southern Cross - 28 April 1864

Private S. Evers - 43rd Regt - back, slightly
Private H. Churcher - 43rd Regt - arm, severe
Private E. Shaw - 43rd Regt - arm, severe
Sapper McIntyre - Royal Engineers - arm, slight

New Zealander - 2 May 1864
Tauranga, Pukehinahine Pa"

Commander Hamilton - HMS Esk
Captain Muir - 43rd Regt
Captain Glover - 43rd Regt
Sergeant-Major Vance - 43rd Regt

New Zealand Herald - 10 May 1864

Private Brissington - 12th Regt - gunshot wound to chest, killed

New Zealander - 30 June 1864

"Monthly Summary of Killed and Wounded"

43rd Regiment
Captain F.A. Smith
H. Bernards

68th Regiment
Captain H.W.J. Trent
Captain T. Casement
Lieutenant H.J.R.V. Stuart
Ensign W.H.F. Palmer