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Memorial in St. John's Church, Peshawar:

"Sacred to the memory of the undernamed NCOs and men of the 2nd Battalion Prince of Wales'
North Staffordshire Regiment who lost their lives on the North-West Frontier 1914, 1915, 1919.

8970 Private D. Toft - Killed in Action
9656 Private G.H.
Johnson - Killed in Action
8377 Private J.
Ware - Killed in Action
48892 Private W.
Ody - Killed in Action
37207 Private W.
Simpson - Killed in Action
37170 Private A.
Chapman - Killed in Action
8886 Private A.
Payne - Killed in Action
51705 Private A.
Matthews - Killed in Action
8439 Sergeant J.
Ryan - Died of Wounds
9496 Corporal G.
Lunt - Died of Wounds
50950 Private J.
Malpass - Died of Wounds
9059 Private H.
Chadwick - Died of Wounds
9698 Private S.
Nash - Died of Wounds
8647 Private C.
Snashall - Died of Wounds."