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Memorial at Peshawar:

"Sacred to the memory of the NC officers and men of the 2nd Battalion Highland Light Infantry
who died at Peshawar 1888, 1889, 1890 and 1891. Erected by the officers, NCOs and men of the Regiment.

Sergeant Joseph Williamson
Corporal George McDougall
Private Charles Stewart
Private Charles Underwood
Private Alexander McArthur
Private Robert McLelland
Private John Wylie
Private John Smith
Private William Moore
Private James Ritchie
Private Robert Farmer
Private David Tosh
Private Lawrence Byrne
Private William Guthrie
Private Thomas Lyons
Private James Craig

Private Thomas Brasdy
Private John Connor
Private Victor Gray
Private George Holmes
Private William Baker
Private Martin Mahon
Private Alexander Walker
Private William John Overend

Private James Brown
Private William McEachan
Private John McEwan
Private Andrew Gardiner

Private J. Miller
Boy Alfred Abrams."