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Bombay Burma Trading Corporation

Memorial in Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Rangoon, Burma:

"1914 - Their Name Liveth For Evermore - 1919
Leonard Vale Bagshawe - 1st Northnd. Fus.
Robert C. Cowburn Campbell - 2nd KOSB
Lionel Henry Carver - Irish Guards
Nigel Choveaux - 1st/5th South Staffords
Raymond Drew - 22nd Royal Fus.
Lawrence Talbot Lisle Foster - 16th DLI
Robert A. Forbes-Sempill - 5th Gordon H.R.S.
Edouard Herbert Allan Goss - 7th The Buffs
Kenneth McDiarmid - 2nd KOSB
Alexander James Russell - 7th R. Dublin Fus.
Guy Barclay Pollexfen - Liverpl. Scottish
Edward Jeremy Jephson - Norfolk Regiment

To the everlasting memory of members of the Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation
of Burmah who died fighting for their King and Country."

Hainggyi Island Memorial:

"These walls form the remains of the factory erected in 1753 by David Hunter who was deputed by the Hon'ble the East India Company to form a settlement on the Island of Negrais. David Hunter died in the settlement some months after his arrival and was afterwards succeeded in charge of the settlement by Henry Brooke, by Captain John Hours who also died in the settlement, and by Lieutenant Thomas Newton in 1757. Ensign Lister, who was deputed by Lieutenant Thomas Newton, obtained from King Alaungpaya a treaty ceding Negrais Island to the British in perpetuity. On the 6th October 1759 Captain W.H. Southby together with Messrs Briggs and Nulkley Hope and two others whose names were unkown, were suddenly attacked and treacherously murdered whilst assembled for dinner in the upper storey of the Fort House. The surviving members of the garrison, five in all, were carried away as prisoners to Rangoon. The settlement was thereafter abandoned. This tablet has been erected by the Government of Burma in memory of the British Officers and men whose names are set forth, and who were among the first pioneers of British enterprise in Burma."