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Bengal Horse Artillery - Afghanistan 1841-42:
Memorial Column at Dum Dum -

"To the memory of Captain Thomas Nichol, Lieut. Charles Stewart, Serjeant M. Mulhall, and the Non-Commissioned Officers and men of the 1st Troop, 1st Brigade, Bengal Horse Artillery, who fell in the performance of their duty during the insurrection at and the retreat from Cabul, in the months of November and December 1841, and January 1842, on which occasions of unprecedented trial, officers and men upheld, in the most noble manner, the character of the Regiment to which they belonged. This gallant band formed the oldest troop in the Bengal Artillery; it had previously been distinguished on numerous occasions, having served in Egypt, the Mahratta and Nepaul Wars, and in Ava.


J. Mosely - E. Cole - J. Ashton - J. Cook C. Buckley - J. Connolly


L. Sweetman - W. Dixon - R. Edmonds - W. Wicks - J. O'Donnohoe - R. Alleyn


T. Cownley - L. Tool - A. Thompson - J. Macnamara - T. Jarman - J. Black - E. Allen - A. Bruce - T. Kennington - W. Blease
C. Colson

Rough Riders T. Smith - T. Biles

Farriers T. Colley - W. Carter

Trumpeters J. Howard - J. McEvoy - W. Sudders


M. Frasher - J. Jones - J. Daly - A. Easton - J. Ahern - A. Strammers - J. Ellis - C. Darkin - J. Goulding - T. Egan
H. May - J. Styles - M. Conlan - P. Maher - W. Donaghue - J. King - W. Turnock - F. Bunk - J. Monks - J. Tarley - W. Paul
A. Alger - W. Meally - W. Jones - J. Ashton - A. Glynn - E. Short - M. Delany - R. Howarth - Jno. Reilly - Jas. Reilly - M. Reynolds
D. Walsh - J. Walsh - P. McNamara - J. Cook - J. Higgins - P. Dunn - J. Dunn - H. Desmond - P. McPhillips - P. Murray - R. Moore
S. Lythgoe - W. Parsley - G. Warvell - E. Croker - T. Molony - M. McDonnell - T. Carthy - T. Tinn - M. Ryan - M. O'Brien
G. Philips - M. Coen - W. Browne - J. Jackson - M. Brien - R. Adams - J. Birch - J. Byard - J. Glindon - J. Flaherty
T. Mack - R. Byrchell - J. Southcombe.

Bengal Horse Artillery - Gujerat 1849:
Memorial at Gujrat -

"To the memory of the undermentioned men of the 2nd Troop 2nd Brigade, Horse Artillery who fell in action at Goojrat on the 21st February 1849

Corporal John Fitzgerald
Corporal George Jones
Gunners Richard Clayton
William Flynn
Edward Barrett Hoare
James Pringle
George Streete.

This tablet has been placed here by their comrades."