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Memorial at Beonja Khasra:

"Erected by the 60th Rifles in memory of -
Captain F. Andrews
Sergeant W. McPherson
Corporal T. O'Meaghe
Private J. Daring
Private S.J. Gainty
Private D. Tommisson
Private H. Armitage
Private J. Scriven
Private P. Quirk
Private A. Edmonds
Private J. Casey
who were killed near this spot in action with the mutineers of the Bengal Army on the 30th and 31st May 1857.

And of -
Sergeant R. Hackett
Corporal J. Sherry
Corporal J. Moore
Private J. Lehane
who died of sunstroke during the fight.
They all belonged to the 1st Battalion, 60th Rifles, and were buried here.

And also of -
Ensign W.H. Napier, who was wounded on the 31st May and died at Meerut on the 4th June 1857."


Memorials at Peshawar:

"In memory of the following men of G Company 1st Battalion Kings Royal Rifles. Died at Peshawar during the years 1894-95
No. 7337 Private Alfred Metcalfe died 7th August 1894
 Aged 20
No. 4377
 Private Mortimer Westwell died 26th December 1894 Aged 26
 No. 6884 Private George H. Mitchell died 6th August 1895  Aged 26
No. 7108 Private Arthur Yardley died Hotimardan 4th July 1895 Aged 22
No. 4475 Private Jesse Meadowcroft died Laramkotal 28th August 1895 Aged 25
No. 7193
 Private  James Stevenson died Laramkotal 6th September 1895 Aged 21
Erected by the officers, NC Officers and men of G Company as a token of resepct."

"1st Battalion Kings Royal Rifles. During the year 1894
No. 7191 Private Henry Reed died 7th August 1894 Aged 21
 No. 2756  Private James Rice died 23rd June 1894 Aged 32
 No. 4564 Private James Killeen died 28th June 1894 Aged 26
No. 4815 Private Henry Vale died 28th August 1894 Aged 24
No. 4475 Private James Wilson died 1st September 1894
 Aged 24
No. 7193 Private David Shaw died 7th September 1894 Aged 23
Erected by the officers, NC Officers and men of G Company as a token of resepct."

"Sacred to the memory of Privates
James Barker
Harry Hardiman
David Linnell
James Conroy
of B Company 4th Battalion 60th Royal Rifles who died at Peshawar 1885-1886."

Memorial at Rawalpindi:

"Undermentioned NCOs and men of E Company 2nd Battalion 60th Royal Rifles,
who have died since the arrival of the battalion in India in 1867:
Private J. Stott - Jan 1868
Private W. Cole - May 1868
Private J. Gibson - Jan 1869
Lance Corporal H. Cox - Apr 1869
Sergeant W. Bolton - May 1869
Private J. Donovan - May 1871
Private M. McDonald - Dec 1871
Private W.S. Sayntor - Jun 1873
Private C. Farmer - Nov 1873
Private E. White - Jan 1874
Sergeant ..... offill - Sep 1874
Private J. Dicks - Oct 1874
Private G. Walsh - Nov 1875
Erected by the noncommissioned officers."