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Memorial at Quetta -
"The Durham Light Infantry. Sacred to the memory of the undermentioned non commissioned officers, men, women and children of the 2nd Battalion Durham Light Infantry who died during the stay of the battalion at Quetta 1890 - 1892.
Sergeant R. Hagen - Sergeant J. McCartney
Bugler J. Graham - Bugler D. Walker
Private W. Norton - Private W. Peters
Private E. Norton - Private J. Hughes
Private W. Newall - Private J. Luckey
Private R. Jones - Private Birch
Private J. Lovell - Private R. Baxter
Private P. Jackman - Private W. Ellis
Private T. Rochell - Private J. Benyon
Private T. Green - Private W. Launchberry
Private J. Bates - Private J. Fox
Private W.J. O'Neill - Private F. Berry
Private T. Thomas - Private G. Barfoot
Private J. Haynes - Private B. Light
Private S. Hanna - Private S. Morley
Child Herbert Wilkie - Child Catherine Peyton
Child Christina Brindley - Child Dennis Dearman
Child Augusta McBain - Child Henry Taylor
Child Harold McBain - Child Frederick Stanger
Mrs. Sarah Charman