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Memorials at Peshawar:

"In loving memory of the NCOs and men of A Company 2nd Black Watch who died at Peshawar 1904-1907
No. 6939 Private
 John McGee died 18th July 1905
No. 8453 Private David Izatt died 23rd July 1905
 No. 7752 Private Hugh Munro died 25th July 1905
No. 7653 Private Robert Oliphant died 27th July 1905
No. 5322 Private A. Alexander died 18th August 1905
No. 7782 Corporal John McDonald died 8th April 1907
Erected by the officers, NCOs and men of their company."

"2nd Battalion Black Watch. The following officers and men who died at Ambeyla and Peshawar
Lance Corporal William Henderson - Peshawar - 9th May 1905
Private William Marshall -
 Peshawar - 18th December 1904
Private Joseph Chalmers -
 Peshawar - 20th December 1904
Private James Wilson - Peshawar -
 13th September 1905
George Anderson - Ambala - 28th May 1904"

"Sacred to the memory of the undermentioned men of A Company 2nd 42nd Royal Highland Regiment the Black Watch:
 Private John Glen - Died Rawalpindi 3rd June 1865 - 26
 Private John Robert - Died Peshawar 22nd December 1865 - 32
Private John Sherry - Died Peshawar 14th June 1866 - 27
Private William J. Rilley - Died Murree 1st October 1866 - 31
This stone is erected by the officers, NCOs and men of the above company as a token of regard."

Memorial at Dunkeld Cathedral, Scotland :

"In memory ofthe Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, andPrivate Soldiers
of the
42d Royal Highlanders -The Black Watch - 
who fell in war from the creation of the Regiment
to the close of the Indian Mutiny, 1859.
The ten Independent Companies of the Preacadan  Duch,
or Black Watch, were formed into a Regiment
on the 25th October 1739, and the
first muster took place in May 1740,
in a field between Taybridge and Aberfeldy.

Here, 'mong the hills that nursed each hardy Gael,
Our votive marble tells the soldier's tale;
Art's magic power each perished friend recalls,
And heroes haunt these old Cathedral walls.

Erected by the Officers of the Corp.