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Memorial in Christchurch, Rawalpindi -

"To the glory of God and in emory of our comrades, who fell in South Africa 1899-1902.
This tablet is erected by the officers, NCOs and men of 'C' Squadron, 9th Lancers.
2nd Lieutenant J. Pollock
2nd Lieutenant The Honourable A. MacDonald
Sergeant W. Hart - Private C. Baker
Corporal C. Guy - Private G. Cook
Corporal C. Wilkins - Private F. Griffiths
L/Corporal R. Heanes - Private A. Goulding
Lance Corporal W. Johns - Private L. Horsenell
Private W. Allen - Private G. Lavender
Private J. Briggs - Private E. Lavers
Private A. Banks - Private E. McNicol
Private M. Bacon - Private G. Merriman
Private J. Brown - Private C. Moody
Private E. Winterbottom - Private F. Norman
Private J. Pierce - Private S. Pentlow
Private R. Rae - Private J. Ridge
Private A. Stone - Private A. Stewart
Private L. Turner - Private R. Winn
Private C. Ward - Private A. Watson."