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Grave at St. Lawrence church cemetery, Malta:

"To the memory of Sergt. George Foster, 2nd Batt. 4th King's Own Regt.
who departed this life on the 20th October 1864 aged 27 years and 8 months."


Grave at St. Mary's Churchyard, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland :

"Sacred to the memory of Samuel Copley, late Colour Sergeant in the 5th Regiment.
Who departed this life on the 7th July 1819, aged 38 years."

Memorial at Rawalpindi:

"In memory of the undermentioned men of 1/5th Regiment who died at Rawalpindi:
Private M. Hynes - 28 Jan 1880
Private J. Birks - 12 Jan 1880
Private J. Herring - 25 Dec 1879
Private C. Shields - 28 Feb 1880
This stone was erected by the NC officers and men of the detachment as a mark of esteem."


Memorial at Peshawar:

"Erected by the officers, NCOs and men of the 1st Battalion 8th The Kings Regiment in memory
of their comrades who died in the Peshawar Valley 1876:
Sub Lieutenant Andrew Hugh George Hervey - Private R. Kelly
Sergeant Major James Cotton Snowden - Private M. Koen
Colour Sergeant E. Burrows - Private W. Lovell
Sergeant E. Burrows - Private M. Meade
Drummer T. Collery - Private H. Parsons
Drummer John Senior - Private Aaron Scholfield
Private William Barrow - Private J. Smith
Private T. Coady - Private R. Talbot
Private W. Craig - Private J. Thornley
Private James Elmore - Private D. Walsh
Private William Evans - Private C. Wilson
Private J. Hall - Private T. Wilson
Private Daniel Hammond - Private J. Woodward
Private William Jones


Memorial at Rawalpindi:

"The undermentioned men of F Company 2/9th Regiment, who have died since the arrival of the Battalion at Rawalpindi:
Private Samuel Howard - 19 Apr 1875. Aged 20 6/12 yrs
Private John Martin - 11 Jul 1875. Aged 22 7/12 yrs
Private Michael Keefe - 11 Feb 1876. Aged 36 7/12 yrs
Private Frederick Meale - 18 Aug 1876. Aged 21 2/12 yrs
Private James Taylor - 18 Aug 1876. Aged 21 1/12 yrs
Private Francis McCann - 4 Sep 1876. Aged 39 11/12 yrs
Private Frederick Jones - 1 Jan 1877. Aged 27 yrs
Private William Davis - 5 Apr 1877. Aged 28 3/12 yrs
Colour Sergeant Joseph Wicks - 25 Jul 1877. Aged 35 11/12 yrs."


Grave at St. Mary's Churchyard, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland:

"In memory of Private James Merite, D Coy, 13th Light Infantry. Died May 11th 1872,
aged 23 years. Erected as a mark of esteem by the Officers, N.C.Officers and Privates
of the company to which he belonged."


Memorial at Rawalpindi:

"Sacred to the memory of Drum Major J. Sullivan, Colour Sergeant W. Webb and Sergeant J. Strafford.
HM's 36th Regiment who died at Rawalpindi 24 Dec 1868, 17 Sep 1870 and 14 Feb 1872 respectively. Aged 31, 28 and 28 years.
This stone is erected by their brother sergeants as a tribute of their love and esteem."



Memorial at St. George's Cathedral, Agra, India:

"Sacred to the Memory of Ensign Theodore David Bray of HMS 39th Regt, who fell whilst gallantly carrying the colours of the regiment at the Battle of Maharajpoor on 29th Dec 1843, also to the memory of the undermentioned Non Commissioned Officers and Men of the Regiment who were killed in action or subsequently died of wounds recieved that day.

H. Wren
M. McClain
M. Harper
C. O'Brien
M. Burke
J. Hartigan

G. Patterson
J. Cole
P. Higgins

P. Dougherty
T. Conray
D. Jackson

J. Barter
J. Colby
T. Moore
H. Clench
M. McColgan
J. McCudden
T. Kenrick
E. Moorhell
M. Murphy
T. McCabe
D. Moriorty
H. Wellings
W. Robbins
R. Benfield
J. Price
K. Troy
R.D. Beswick
B. Baines
T. Stanton
J. Connor
J. Epalett
D. Doherty
D. Hannigan
W. Henderson
W. Jones
E. Hardiman
P. Conway
H. Senior."


Memorial at Drummondville Church, Niagara, Canada :

"To perpetuate the name and fame of Laura Secord, who, on the 23rd of June, 1813, walked alone nearly twenty miles by a circuitous, difficult and perilous route through woods and swamps, over miry roads, to warn a British outpost at De Cew's Falls of an intended attack, and thereby enabled Lieutenant FitzGibbon, on the 24th June, 1813, with less than fifty men of Her Majesty's 49th Regiment, about 15 militiamen and a similar force of Six Nations and other Indians under Captains William Johnson Kerr and Dominique Ducharme to surprise and attack the enemy at Beechwood or Beaver Dams, and after a short engagement to capture Col. Boerstler, of the U.S. army, and his entire force of 542 men with two field pieces. This monument, erected by the Ontario Historical Society from contributions of schools, societies, Her Majesty's 49th Regiment, other militia organizations and private individuals, was unveiled 22nd of June, 1901."

Memorial in St. Chad's Church, Shropshire, England :

"Sacred to the memory of the brave!
Captain C.E.D. Warren - Captain T. Smart - Lieutenant R.N. Clarke - Adjutant W. Dunning
of the 53d or Shropshire Regiment,
who were killed on the 10th February 1846, in the glorious battle of SUBRAON.

Also to the memory of the undermentioned non-commissioned officers and privates of the above Regt.
who fell in the above triumphant action, as well as assisted in that of ALLIWAL, and the relief of Loodianah, on the Sutlej.

Colour Sergeant T. Henderson
Corporals R. Bynes - C. Astley - J. Kane - W. Claney - G. Wilson - H. Smith - W. Paton.
Privates F. Grogan - J. Kilganon - J. Hendicott - G. Shingler - J. Kithcart - J. Turner - G. Moore - W. Rhoades
C. Cooke - W. Gainer - W. Davis - P. Flynn - H. Jones - J. Cross - J. Shaw - J. King - W. Hanson - J. Ireland - T. Rowan
B. Drew - R. Davis - T. Holmes - J. Lanfear - H. Magnier - W. Adams - J. Osborne - R. Beyton - W. carl - W. Steel
P. Wheelan - G. Fox - D. Hardy - P. Hernon - P. Nugent - T. Lewis - R. Stephens - J. M'Clintock - S. Spacy - W. Green
F. Russell - R. Gullet - J. Thompson - C. Stade - J. Robertshaw - R. Jandrell - C. Adams - W. Rowlands - C. Adams
W. Rowlands - E. Turncliffe - J. Spake

This memorial was erected by the Officers of Her Majesty's 53d or Shropshire Regiment, who served in these actions in testimony of deep regret for their lost friends, their brother officers, and the gallant Soldiers of the Corps."


Grave at Symonds Street Cemetery, Auckland, New Zealand:

"In loving memory of John Gaddis, beloved husband of Mary Ann Gaddis, late H. M. 65th Regt.,
who entered into rest 23rd June 1915, aged 86 years.
Also Mary Ann Gaddis, wife of the above, who departed this life March 6th 1925,
aged 83 years. Also Fanny, only daughter of the above, died 2nd February 1885, aged 6 years."


Graves at St. Mark's Cemetery, Niagara, Canada :

"Thos. Fletcher of the 76th Regt., died in 1847."
"A Waterloo veteran, who for many years rode round the town decorated with his medals on the anniversary of the battle, 18th June."

"Sacred to the memory of William Jolliffe and John Midgley, aged 20 and 21 respectively, who died July 17th, 1825.
They belonged to the band of the 76th Regt., and were universally beloved and regretted by their comrades."

"In memory of Richard Hiscott, born in Wiltshire, England, 1790, died at Niagara, Canada, 1874. Deservedly esteemed both as a citizen and a soldier. In early life he served with honour in H. M. 76th Regt., of foot, and was in many battles of the Peninsular War and in Canada. He settled in Niagara,, where a, large family of his descendants and numerous friends lament his death."


Memorial in St. John's Church, Peshawar:

"Sacred to the memory of
Captain W. Gair - 77th Regiment. Died Attock 30 Jun 1867. Aged 38 yrs.
Lieutenant and Adjutant C. Cook. Died in Camp 18 Jun 1867. Aged 24 yrs.
Ensign A. Heming. Died Peshawar 15 Apr 1867. Aged 21 yrs.
Ensign F.P. Ferguson. Died Murree 28 Feb 1867. Aged 21 yrs.
Ensign C.T. Arnold. Died Peshawar 9 Jun 1867. Aged 22 yrs.
This tablet is erected by their brother officers as a token of esteem and regard."


Grave at St. Mary's Churchyard, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland :

"Private Francis Allen, 85th Kings Light Infantry, died 14th December 1836 aged 41 years.
He served 26 years in the Regiment, 16 as head mess waiter."


Memorial in St. John's Church, Peshawar:

"This tablet is erected by the officers of Her Majesty's 94th Regiment to the memory of four of their comrades who died of disease contracted in the Punjab during the years 1858 and 1859 deserving this expression of warm regard.
Ensign J.E.H. Wheeler - Died 17 Sep 1858
Surgeon Thomas Cowan - Died 7 Nov 1858
Captain Norcliffe Bendyshe Walton - Died 29 Jun 1859
Lieutenant C.T. Paley - Died 11 Jul 1859."


Grave at Northam cemetery, Devon:

"In Memory Of John Cowell O.M.S. Late 97th Foot (Indian Mutiny Veteran) Born March 2nd 1836, Died Decr 16th 1923."

(Received Indian Mutiny Medal clasp 'Lucknow')


Memorial at Rawalpindi:

"The undermentioned men of No.9 Company HM's 98th Regiment, who died while serving in the Punjab:
Samuel Oakes - 24 Aug 1858
John Roberts - 17 Jul 1860
William Smith - 15 Jun 1860
Thomas Campbell - 16 Oct 1861
William Stocker - 30 Oct 1861
William Mason - 17 May 1862
John Wheeler - 29 Sep 1862
George Spencer - 22 Oct 1862
Also Charles Staniforth, who died 2 Nov 1862 leaving a dear wife and child to mourn his loss.
This monument is erected by their comrades."


Memorial at Maitland Cemetery, Cape Town, South Africa:

"This monument was erected by the Officers, NC Officers and men of H.M. 99th Regt.
to the memory of their comrades who died in the Cape Colony, and St. Helena during the years 1867.8.9
also to those who lost their lives at the wreck of the ship 'Waterloo' in Table Bay on the 28th of August 1842.

Died in the Cape Colony

Corporal C. Hutchinson
Corporal J. Cookson
Drummer A.E. Robinson
Private J. Broughton
Private A. Moriarty
Private J. Duggan & W. Skuit
Private J. Brown & H. Jay
Private R. Islip & J. O'Brien
Private W. Sweetland
Private W. Begley & J. Macdonnell

Died at St. Helena

Corporal C. Burton
Drummer V.L. Shine
Private G. Slater
Private C. Snow

Drowned in the wreck of the Waterloo

Sergeant T. Smith
Corporal J. Mulaveny
Corporal S. Madder
Private J.A. Hein
Private J.A. Sliby
Private A. Barnacle
Private J. Beaumont
Private J. Byrne
Private S. Greenless
Private J. Nestor
Private W. Reynolds

Soldiers wives and children who lost their lives in the total wreck of the
Waterloo on Woodstock Beach 28th August 1842

Mrs. Smith and three children
Mrs. Armstrong and five children
Mrs. Greenless and three children
Mrs. Nestor and one child
one child of Cpl. Mulvaney."