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Memorial in Christchurch, Rawalpindi:

"In memory of the following officers, NCOs and men of the 3rd (Prince of Wales's) Dragoon Guards,
who died at Rawalpindi 1890-1892.

Major W.U. Cole - Major F.S. Dimond
Sergeant Stapeley - Private Reeve
Sergeant Farrier Hopcroft - Private Forbes
Lance Corporal Sargeant - Private J. Wilson
Lance Corporal T. Page - Private Matthews
Lance Corporal Elphick - Private Richardson
Lance Corporal Tranter - Private Winterhalder
Lance Corporal G. Green - Private Pell
Lance Corporal McPherson - Private Wells
Trumpeter Buckley - Private Booth
2nd Lieutenant S.E. Edward - Private E. Williams
Private J. Alexander - Private W. Woods
Private Ridgers - Private McMann
Private J.T. Walsh - Private Munn
Private McGuire - Private A. Brown
Private J.W. Thomson - Private W. King
Private Blackburn - Private G. Reed
Private G. Jones - Private Cutts
Private J. Smith - Private Everest
Erected by officers, NCO and men of the regiment."