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1st European Bangal Fusiliers

Memorial at Sadar Bazar, Delhi:

"Here repose the following officer, non commissioned officers and men of the
1st Bengal Fusiliers killed in the attack on the enemys fortified position
at Kissen-gunge on the morning of the successful assault and storm of Delhi.
Captain G.G. McBarnett 55th N.I. (attached).
Sergt Alfred Webb
Michael Hutchinson
Samuel Piert
Austin Dunleavy
Corpl Charles Pogson
Thomas Rodgers
William Fisher
Private John Tenpenny
James Stapleton
George W. Cook
John Deunchy
John Lavery
Charles French
Walter Hastings
William Stephenson
John Wood
John McGovern
Elijah Taylor
Dennis Mooney

Familiar with the aspect of Death whom they had confonted in so many battles
from which they always emerged victorious they met His last inevitable call
here with intrepidity Falling on the 14th of September 1857 in the faithful
discharge of their duty. This Monument was erected by their Officers and
fellow soldiers of the 1st Regiment European Bengal Fusiliers in their
remembrance which is part of its glory. The rest remains with the Lord."