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14th Foot - Bhurtpore 1825 -26 :

Memorial at Meerut -

"Sacred to the memory of those gallant soldiers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates of His Majesty's 14th Regiment of Foot, who fell or who subsequently died of wounds received during the siege and the storming of the fortified town and fortress of Bhartpur, under the command of His Excellency the Right Hon'ble Stapleton Lord Combermere, G.C.B., Commander-in-Chief of British India, in the latter end of December 1825 and on the memorable 18th January 1826.


W. Livingstone - J. Belcher - B. Lewis - T. Sagg - R. Chields - T. Fryer - J. Grey serving as Quater Master Sergeant
J. Haugh - T. Smith - D. Craw - F. Gibbs - W. Weston, 11th Native Infantry - L. Woods - W. Reynolds
W. Thomas - W. Handcock - J. Dyson - J. Abbots - T. Watsons - P. Dalton - E. Jermyer - R. Wood.


J. Rowner - J. Carthy - W. Endicote - J. Hammerton - J. Evans - T. Springham - P. Symes - J. Hores.


B. Ryan - T. Turner - J. Waitt - W. Irons - B. Jiffs - A. Bennett - J. Mauldn
H. Wells - J. Pulpit - G. Kerr - J. Dickens - J. King.

This tablet here inscribed with the sanction of Major-General Sir Thomas Revnell, K.C.B.,
(in whose Division and under whose immediate charge, His Majesty's 14th Regiment had the honour
to do their duty.) is placed as a mark of esteem and of faithful remembrance by their surviving comrades."