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            Justice sighed finally coming home and finding Jordan and Storm with dinner ready.  He smiled and couldn't refuse to joke.


              "LUCY, I'm Hoooome," He watched them both turn to see him come in.


              Storm smiled and Jordan ran into her father's arms.  "We made dinner."  Jordan gestured to the table.


             He kissed her head, "I see that."


             He turned to Storm, "How did it go getting her registered?"


             "Fine," She smiled.  "She will start tomorrow."


             Justice put Jordan down, "You ready tomorrow?"  She nodded and he ruffled her hair.  "Remember what we talked about?"


              "No powers," She sighed and then remembered, "Daddy we saw you on the news."


             "What was that about Justice," Storm watched him turn a little red.


              "He was guilty," Justice shrugged.  "What would you do?"


         Storm sighed she didn't want to say she had thought she would have tried to have more sense than to create a ruckus in a court.  "Surely, there must have been another way."


         He followed her to the kitchen, "'Ro, I didn't think of another way at the time."


        She felt Jordan grabbing her leg and laughing as Justice disentangled Imp easily.  "My telepathy was going haywire at the moment too."


        She looked a little concerned, "You should train with your uncle."  Storm pressed her lips together in a tight line.


         "I will," he looked to the dinner, "This looks great."  He saw the fish and vegetables and realized he was hungrier than he thought.  The whole idea of family made him smile.


        "I was in charge of the salad!"  Jordan smiled proudly.


        “You were?” He beamed proudly and Justice sat Jordan into the chair as Storm sat to eat too.  He wandered to the kitchen and retrieved the wine bottle and three glasses.  He noticed Storm's sad look as she helped Jordan with her cloth napkin and frowned, "I will stop by my uncle's tomorrow."


        Storm nodded as he poured the wine into a glass for her, "It would be best.”


        Jordan's eyes lit up, "Can I have some Kool-aid too?"


        "It's not Kool-aid," he smiled.  "But you may have some milk."


        "I'd rather have a soda," She pushed her head on her fist with a little pout.


       Justice sighed, "Okay but no caffeine."  He moved into the kitchen and grabbed a ginger ale as the phone rang.  He snatched it off the wall sharply, "Adam’s residence."


       "That's right, be all proper now," the voice said on the other end.


        He knew it was one of the triplets but they always sounded alike on the phone.  He looked at the caller ID but it hadn't come through, "Meaning?"  He walked back to the table and gave Imp her soda.  He mouthed the words ‘excuse me’ and walked back to the kitchen.


     "Looks like you stirred something up," She sighed and he could hear Cajuns in the background.  He smiled inwardly.


     He could hear Rayne in the background, "Jus'ice tell dem not ta have sex all over de house!"  He choked on his wine, leave it to Rayne to cheer him up very quickly.


    "We aren't," Hayley moaned to Rayne, "We aren't, Just."


   "Dey was in de kitchen!"  Rayne laughed in the background and Remy joined in. “Hush girl.”


     "Hayley has she been drinking?"  Justice was worried because it was uncharacteristic for Rayne.


      Hayley laughed, "No, Remy has."  He could hear the three causing commotion.  "Why?"


     "What is going on there?"  Justice wondered if they were getting along and it sounded promising.


      "We saw you on the news," Hayley exhaled loudly.  "What happened?"


     "Nothing," he took a swig of wine, "Nothing worth talking about."  He thought to the house and remembered he had to call Ally too.  "How is the house?  Is Rayne comfortable?"


      "It's great," Hayley said brightly, "Just like when it was all of us here."  She moved away from the commotion and he heard the lack of noise, "You okay Justice?  You sound like you miss us."


       He punched the counter lightly, "I do, and I am fine."  He looked to Storm who was dishing the food out.  "Hayley let me talk to Rayne really quick and then I will call back after dinner."


     "Ok," Hayley screamed Rayne's name and he heard laughing and footsteps.


      "Oui?"  Rayne laughed, "Sorry, Rem's bein’ silly."


       "Are you all right?"  Justice moved to the dining room doorway so they could see he was almost done his call, "Do you need anything?"


       "Yo' doin’ fine, chere.  Ah love my room an de music is tres bein, Merci Beaucoup, mon ami," She giggled then gasped, "REMY!  Don’t juggle dat in de house.  You’ll get it everywhere."


       Storm laughed hearing her from the table as they yelled, "Ah got ta go chere, Remy chasin’ us wit' cool whip!  Durned fool, Ah’m not cleanindis mess up, Yo’ hear?"


       Justice laughed, "All right bye."


       "Justice," Rayne said seriously, "Thank yo’ for everyt’inchere.  You’re de best friend ever." 


        Justice heard a squeal from Rayne, a laugh from Remy and then the phone disconnected.


        Justice shrugged wondering what shape the newly cleaned house was in now, "sounds like they are getting along ok."  He couldn’t help but smile at the sound of the pandemonium and part of him wished he were in on it.


      "Can we have a whipped cream fight too?"  Jordan's eyes twinkled much like Hayley's.


      "NO!"  Justice and Storm said together.


       Jordan mumbled, "No fair, chere."


      "Why are you using your telepathy to eavesdrop on my phone call?"  Justice looked at her hard, "It's not polite."


       Jordan moved around in her seat a little, "Sorry."  She looked at them seriously.  "Why do the adults get to have all the fun?"  She poked at the lima beans and fish.


       "Not all get to," Justice said as they began their meal.









       Alex paced in the small hall as she went over Shakespeare with the students.  They seemed to really listen and she loved that.  It was more than teaching, they gave her questions that challenged her as well and she loved the inquisitive looks in their eyes.


      "Shakespeare felt something was wrong with nature in a way," She moved slowly among the desks with a smile, "Something almost rotten."


       She looked at Jason's stare at her he didn't seem to get bored with Shakespeare.  She passed Jubilee and put her pencil down with a scolding look, and the pretty Asian girl rolled her eyes as her note would have to wait until after lunch. Jubilee looked at Aubrey who had expected the note and rolled her eyes trying to mouth what she wanted to tell her.


        "What did he call that Miss Lee?"  Alex turned suddenly much to Jubilee's dismay.


       Jubilee wasn't sure what she had been talking about and guessed.  "He said it sucked?"


        “Perhaps you should pay attention?"  Alex suggested and opened Jubilee's book for her pointing to the text she wanted her to see.


        "I believe he referred to it as a Canker," Alex looked at the others and tried to meet every look but Bobby's was the curious stare.  "Mr. Drake?"


       He tossed his pencil down, "He wrote romance.  How could he be against nature and so completely down?"


      "Are you referring to Romeo and Juliet?"  Alex tilted her head, "That was really considered a tragedy."


       "How?" Bobby smiled, "they were in love.  How can that be tragic?"


       Alex laughed a little, "I guess you just named our next piece to read."  Groans were audible from almost everyone.


        Bobby only got one look that wasn't hateful, from Rogue.  "How was it a tragedy?"  Bobby still wasn't convinced.  "Love's love."  He blushed, thinking of his stolen kisses with Alex and with Rogue.


        "Had they both paid attention they might not had such a horrible ending," she was a bit cryptic.  "I think it would be better if you paid attention and we will start reading it tomorrow."


        He nodded, "Can't we just see the video?"


       She smiled, "I would rather you weren't tainted by the director's point of view and that you draw your own conclusions."  She looked at disappointed faces, "Wouldn't you rather see the scenes, people and feelings in your own imagination than have some producer push his views on you?"


        "NO!"  Everyone said at once.


       Alex scoffed, "You may see the video," they cheered and slapped hands, "After the book is read."  Groans began again.  "Hey, I am sorry but Shakespeare didn't know that Mel Gibson would don tights for him and don't you wonder what he thought Hamlet looked liked?"


       "If it wasn't like Gibson," Jubilee jiggled her pencil, "I don't think I would like him much."


       Other girls giggled, "Unless it was Justice," Kitty watched Jubilee squirm and blush under the scrutiny of his sister.


       "Not true," Aubrey tried to 'help' her.  "She likes Remy a whole lot too."


        Jubilee sat straight up and threw her pencil at them and the other students began chortling and laughing.


        "Enough!"  Alex crossed her arms, "this is not a class on who Miss Lee thinks is hot."


         Fortunately for Jubes, the bell rang and everyone began to file out but Bobby went to Alex with Rogue next to him.


        "I started reading Romeo and Juliet," he smiled as Alex cleared the board.


        "Really?" Alex smiled.


         "We both did," Rogue nodded.  "But it's hard to understand some of what he is talking about."


          "What does it mean to 'push somebody to the wall."  Bobby watched her smile.


           She was happy he was interested in his studies, "People would empty bedpans out of their bedroom windows and standing too close to a wall could make somebody a target."


           Bobby smirked, "So he was saying 'Shit on you'?"


           Rogue laughed, "really?"


          "In his own way, yes," Alex spied Beast at the back of the classroom, "Anything else?"


           Bobby shook his head, "Thank you."  He had been 'studying' with Rogue and even though their breaks were fun, they both found they learned a lot.  He looked at the ground as Beast came in.




         "I knew you would be good at this," He began to gather the paper in between the chairs and threw them away.


       "I hope the students think so," she smiled.  "They keep me on my toes."  She noticed his look, "What is it?"


       "Allyson's and Logan's children," He sighed leaning on the desk.  "I took more blood and began some more tests before they left."


        Alex nodded, "Yes, Ally was grateful," she watched him evenly, "A mutant pediatrician isn't easy to find."


      "I am hardly that," He smiled.  "I do see that the growth spurts will continue and wonder if it is a dormant gene in your family or Logan's"


     "I thought we had decided it was Logan's healing factor compensating for being premature."  She was confused over the two children's 'growth spurts.'


     "It could simply be part of their mutation," Beast rubbed his jaw.  "When will they be down again?"


      "Ally said they would be here for Halloween," Alex stacked the books.  "We were invited too."


      He raised an eyebrow, "You hadn't mentioned."


     "Things have been hectic," She frowned.  "Justice will bring Jordan and they want to have a Halloween party after the children trick or treat."


      "You miss them?"  Beast wondered if they should have moved with one of her siblings after all.


      "Yes, but we all grow up," She grabbed her books and watched him follow her out.  "At least that's what my head says, and someday I will explain it to my heart."


       He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and they walked to the med lab.







      Rayne sat up in her bed, she was sure she heard a noise downstairs.  She got from bed slowly and walked down the dark hall.  She could smell Remy and the heavy sex smell from the room he and Hayley occupied.  She could hear the shallow breathing sounds but couldn't smell Hayley as strong as Remy and shrugged but then she heard it again.


      Her nose wrinkled at the thought of an intruder, she thought about waking Remy, and Hayley but Hayley's scent was so faint that she wasn't sure.  She steadied herself and made way down the stairs.  She found the family room was still a mess despite their halfhearted attempt to clean the cool whip, but found no sign of forced entry but the kitchen light was on.  She relaxed a little and caught Hayley's robe out of the corner of her eye.


      Rayne stood taller and walked in as she blinked against the harsh kitchen light.  "Yo' hungry?"


      Hayley looked guilty but faced her, "I was."  She tossed a Styrofoam container into the trash but Rayne eyed it.


     "Dat was ground beef, non?"  Rayne realized she must have wanted to ground beef and shrugged but then remembered, "De stove isn't workin’.  How’d yo' cook it?"


       Hayley turned red and Rayne's face showed her disgust, "Yo' ate dat raw?  Your gonna get worms!"


       Instead of answering, Hayley took the next best approach and left the room as quickly as possible.


       Rayne shook her head getting a glass of water and wondering again, what Remy had gotten himself into. 'Raw meat?' she sighed.  'Dat's Sabretooth's chile alright.'



      Hayley crept back into her bedroom and saw Remy's shape against the moonlight that poured into the room.  He wasn't as rugged as Logan but he was enticing enough.  She saw the sheets draped across his midsection just leaving his chest and feet visible.  She smiled wanting to curl up next to him but snuck into the bathroom to brush her teeth.





     Remy thought he heard Hayley come back into the room but he was exhausted and could hardly be bothered to lift his head to check but the slight noise persisted.  He turned to the now empty spot in the bed next to him, heard her in the bathroom, and lifted his head tiredly.  "Hayley," he muttered.  Not many women exhausted him the way she did sexually.  He smiled at the thought of why he was so tired, moving to the new house, chasing Rayne around with dairy creamer & whipped cream and a few hours of christening the bed.  He hadn't found a woman who could keep up with him much less wear him out.


     He pushed up to a sitting position as Hayley approached the bed, "I didn't mean to wake you."  He found her in his arms again kissing him sweetly but once again it turned into passion. He began to push away, "We both need sleep."  He wouldn't mind more but he didn't want to push them to the point were they would be sleeping in until noon.


     "You sure?" her kiss trailed down his chest to his waistline.


     "Ah promised yo'r uncle Ah'd help train wit' som' of de student's in de danger room," his eyes rolled in the back of his head.  He felt Hayley back off and sighed because now he did want her.  "You’re a temptress."  In one swift move, he pinned her to the bed and the sheet pulled off of him as he began to tug at her robe. He took the upper hand kissing her as she laughed lightly.  "Dis you'r fault," he mumbled between kisses, "a Cajun's fire…."  His voice was drowned out as he buried his face along her neck.


      Hayley shucked her robe off and smiled, "I hope it's always like this."






      Rayne laughed at the mess they had made with the whipped cream but groaned with the thought of scraping it off the ceiling and out of the carpets.  She shrugged and started up the stairs and heard Remy making noises from the first room, Remy's and Hayley's room.  She realized when she heard light moaning and grunting Hayley must have woke him for sex and Rayne rolled her eyes.  Didn't they get enough?  She smiled and remembered Remy's previous exploits/conquests.  He loved a good challenge.


     She crept down the hall into her own bed and cuddled with her cricket trying to ignore the panting and grunting in French and English.  She wondered if she would ever find a guy like Remy she would ever want that much. Then her mind wandered to Jason and the date they would be on Friday.











       Ally woke feeling Hayley's mind miles away and rolled her eyes at the reckless broadcast, 'give it a rest.' She sighed.  She looked over to Logan who was sleeping on his back and she smiled moving closer to him.


      'Essex,' the voice said.  Ally sat straight up wondering what that meant.  She turned away from Logan so he wouldn't see her glowing eyes and began to check on her siblings telepathically.  Hayley was an open source as she and Remy remained in a private vortex of pleasure.  She bit her lip, 'not Hayley.'


      She found Alex dutifully at rest as her mind roamed to her lessons that turned into odd dreams of men in capes and damsels in distress, 'not Alex.'


      She found Justice at sleep but also in turmoil as if another presence was chasing him, his own private ghost.  She could feel his pulse pick up and anxiety build as he became worried for Rayne and Remy's welfare but his pulse raced to the point it scared her.  She shook him awake with her mind afraid of the dark nightmares he was having.  'Are you all right?'  She asked his sleep mind but he seemed almost too tired to comprehend.


     'Ally?'  He seemed too groggy to keep the connection, tired from the nightmare.


     Ally broke contact wondering how a nightmare would drain Justice and wondered when they should go to New York to see her sisters and Justice.








     Justice jumped awake, 'why am I up?'  He grumbled to himself.  He watched Storm sleep and sighed.  He walked down the hall to Jordan's room and looked past all the pink and frilly things to see his daughter sleeping soundly.  He shut the door and went to the family room after getting himself a ginger ale.  He clicked the TV on lightly and sighed as the news came to life.


      "Mutants?  Are they living among us," The faceless voice cried as the camera spanned across people in a mall, schools, and offices.  "Yes, they are and anti-mutant groups are growing.  Is it hate or fear?  Nobody knows, but mutants hide from us and most people's reaction is…"


      The television went to a man in a baseball cap, "Why are they hiding from us? 'Cause they're dangerous and they're going to steal our daughters."  The man yelled into the microphone.


      Justice rolled his eyes and put his ankle on his knee to rest it sipping a soda.  "That's right, we've come for your daughter's Chuck."  He joked in his Beetleguise voice shaking his head.


     "The oppostion?  The mutant activist?"  The woman said standing next to a gray haired man, "Senator Kelly, What IS your take on mutants?"


      Justice narrowed his eyes; He didn't trust Kelly one iota, and all of the sudden he was for mutants.


       "I think they deserve rights and not to be prosecuted for being born, … differently," Kelly fumbled with his glasses.


        Justice scoffed at the nervous gesture of the Senator and flipped the channel to cartoons, "Ah…" he reclined his chair and smiled, "A program of intelligence and non-prejudice natures."


      He often wondered if children were smarter than adults by not fighting over something as dumb as skin color or mutant abilities.  He thought back to his youth and how many friends had been in awe of his eyes when they glowed, until their parents found out.  Then he would be in a new school with the triplets and told not to do it again.  Would things ever be simple again?  Then he felt as if Rayne was calling him and sat up sharply….  'She must be lonely,' he sighed and made a mental note to do something special for her and to kick Remy and Hayley in the pants.  Then he thought about it, they couldn't keep her company all the time and he sighed hearing her lonely thoughts miles away.