Wolvie Femmes * Truth  




     Khaki concentrated as hard as she could.  She wanted to help the woman and her unborn but the amount of electricity she was absorbing was becoming overwhelming.  She let go of Hayley's hand with electricity crackling about her and looked for a safe place to release it.


       "Oh, My stars and Garters," Beast mumbled worried over the young mutant as he watched Khaki move from Hayley's bedside.



       Jean walked into the infirmary eyeing the situation.


       Hank looked at her gratefully and felt her touch his mind, 'I've got this Henry.'


      Jean contacted Nightcrawler and told him to teleport to the infirmary, stat.  Kurt appeared in a flash and puff of blue smoke.


        "Perhaps it would be best for Khaki to release the charge out of doors."  Beast suggested,  “Kurt could you transport her to the outside?”


         “It would not be very comfortable for the child.”  He said has he looked at the girl.


        Jean motioned Khaki to go to Kurt.  “She’s not comfortable now, and would be a lot more so after she gets rid of the excess energy.”


        Kurt knelt down to the girls level, “Do you want me to take you outside?”


        Khaki grit her teeth and nodded her head, “And please hurry. I don’t know how much longer I can keep it in.”


       An instant later Khaki opened her eyes to see the darkness of the outside and felt the wind's chill.  She let it go in a bright flash and a scream.




        When she was finished, Kurt brought her back in with a smile, "I bet that feels better." 


         Khaki nodded.  “Thank you Mr. Nightcrawler sir.”  She looked to Jean,  "Do I need to do it again?"  Khaki sighed feeling drained.


         Jean looked to Henry; "We can't ask Bobby and Khaki anymore, Hank."


         He nodded watching Bobby run yet again for the freezer, "It is too taxing on them."  He frowned as he thought of Magneto somewhere with his finger on a mere button causing so much pain.


        He looked to Alex who began to pink up again.  "We will need to remove the device from them now, and the sooner the better."  Jean gave him a surprised look and nodded.  "I would like to speak to Alex about it and hear more of her knowledge of them but if they do not wake soon we will have to proceed anyway."


         Jean touched Beast's shoulder, "It's safer this way."


         Nightcrawler made his way out quickly feeling in the way.


         Hayley groaned and threw another electrical surge that blew the power once more in the infirmary.


         "We will need lots of rubber insulation for 'Sparky'," Beast joked weakly but Khaki's eyes widened.


          "What does he mean?  For me?"  The child with the sparkles in her eyes asked softly.


           Jean smiled a little, "No, it’s to shield us from being electrocuted while helping Hayley."


            Bobby returned and looked to both tired Doctors, "Can I do anything?"


          "Please keep an eye on them as we prepare for surgery," Jean smiled.


           "Surgery?"  Bobby swallowed.  He had only thought it would be a passing phase and would go away with out bothering Alex & Hayley very much.


           He sat next to Alex as Khaki sat near Hayley and Beast and Jean moved slowly.




           Bobby watched Alex sadly and hoped she would do fine.  He watched Khaki who was concentrating on keeping up with Hayley's lightening again.  He sighed and watched the degree of concentration Khaki needed to use working with the adult.  Khaki looked up with her eyes crackling.


           He cocked a head at her, "Are you all right?"


           She nodded, "I need to walk about," She spoke slowly concentrating.  "I need a break."


          Bobby stopped and walked the child to an empty bed careful not to touch her.  "Come lie down here."  He understood how she felt it was overwhelming and the older women could be a danger to all the students.  He covered up slowly, "I would hug you for doing such a wonderful job but water is a great conductor of electricity."  He held up his frozen fingertips and the young girl giggled.  He could tell she was starting to feel at home here.


       Khaki climbed onto the bed and closed her eyes to 'recharge' her batteries.


       He sighed watching Alex and Hayley taking a break from their crazy behavior.  He sat next to Alex who seemed to be warming up again.


       He settled back listening to the clock tick with only his thoughts for company.  He watched Alex and had to admit he wasn't over her yet.  He wondered how ironic it was that she had tutored him because he was an ice mutant as well as she was and it led to his infatuation of her.  Now that she had refused him, he was one of her few hopes for survival.  He had been in awe of her degree of control after watching her in battle and things he had not attempted; now her ability was a danger to her.  He still felt deeply for her and did not care to see her hurt like this.  Before he knew it he was sitting forward letting his lips touch hers.




        Henry adjusted the drapes as Jean began to clean instruments.  "If we prep everything in advance, then perhaps we can be in and out with them."


        Jean nodded in agreement, "The less time Hayley is in here the better."  She saw that thick rubber sheets now accompanied the rubber gloves.  She sighed hard.


       "Will you be all right with Alex?"  Jean asked slowly.  He took a deep breath and looked at her with a nod.  "We might want to ask Bobby to be here in case she starts again."


       "I am not accustomed to having non-surgical persons in here, Jean," Beast began draping the rubber sheets.  "He might also be squeamish with blood and we will not need a person on the floor."


       Jean chuckled remembering her first time in surgery.  If it hadn't been for a strategically placed fan, she was sure she would have ended up on the floor.  Being in surgery was hard enough and under the circumstances they would be facing would make it hard anybody.


       "We shall find other alternative to deal with what the Adams create for us," He began to pull out heating pads and electric blankets as well as rubber lined surgical tools.  "I will clean these, Jean."  He eyed the inventory.


       "Do we have diagnostics on these devices," Jean asked hopefully.


       "I have some of what Alex has shown me this far," He frowned at the thought of her being the patient.  "I am sure you will like to be brought up to date on this?"


       "If you don't mind," She kept scrubbing and began to dry them meticulously as she watched him leave to retrieve it.



       Beast moved while his thoughts traveled at light-speed.  So much had happened in such a short time that he was still having trouble getting used to it all.  He had thought every possible scenario had been place before him until the doors snapped open to show Robert Drake kissing a sleeping Alex.


Bobby jumped away from Alex as if she had bitten him.  "Dr. McCoy!"  He began to stammer in audibly.


       Henry's temper grew feeling very betrayed, "Robert is there something you would like to explain?"


     "No, I am fine, Well… yes but you don't understand," Bobby began feeling like an idiot.  "I want to be with her but she doesn't want me."  He looked at Alex.


      "Perhaps we should find another ice mutant to help Miss Adams from her on in?"  He suggested with a frown.  He was not masking how disappointed he was with Bobby


      "I owe her this," Bobby almost pleaded.  "I wouldn't know a lot of what I do if she hadn't taken the time, I can't let her just…" he wanted to say go but thought that would create a fight, "freeze."


      Beast exhaled not wanting his judgment to be clouded yet, "Can I trust that you will not make another advance on my Fiancé?"  He folded his arms against his chest.


      Bobby swallowed hard, "Fiancé?"  He looked to his feet.  "I am sorry I didn't know."


     "We may discuss this later but the importance is getting Alexandra and Hayley through this," He looked over his glasses at the young man, "We must put our feeling respectably aside for their welfare."


      "Yes," Bobby said hollowly.  He really wanted to help Alex.  He felt demeaned and much more depressed than he had before but he couldn't leave her to just anybody.


      Justice walked in with a hesitant look and scanned the med lab.


       Beast watched Justice quizzically, "Is there something you are looking for?"


      "Um the lynch mob."  Justice shrugged.  "I assumed one would be waiting for me when I got back."


       "Indeed, you should not have left, Justice."  Beast sighed and directed him to an empty bed.  "You will need to remove your shirt for the monitor."


       Justice pulled the sweatshirt off and sighed getting on the bed.


      Beast hooked the monitors to his chest and nodded, "Very well."  He pulled the sheet up to Justice's chest, "Now if you will remove your sweatpants."


      Justice complied and removed them under the sheet, "I wasn't really hurt below the waist, Hank."


       Henry smiled, "I am aware, Mr. Adams."  He folded the pants and shirt and looked to him coyly, "This is my reassurance that you will stay here this time."


       The laughter that came from Bobby stopped as quickly as it began, "You might need to take his underpants too."


       Beast looked at Justice almost accusingly, "Are you wearing any?"


       Justice blushed a little and shook his head, "you are playing dirty, McCoy."


      Ally walked in with Logan, she looked worn and tired.


      Jean smiled seeing the wayward Adams coming into the infirmary.  "Full house?"


      "I am just here for observation," Ally offered.


      Logan looked at Jean with a wink, "Keep her if you need to, Jeannie."


      Ally turned abruptly with a hurt expression.


      "Careful, Al," Justice pushed his hands behind his head, "Give them any trouble and they’ll have you strip down so you can’t leave."


      "Just yours, Mr. Adams," Hank chuckled.  "Most people usually stay put when so ordered."


      Wolverine shook his head as Ally was hooked up to the monitors and Jean began to look her over.  He kissed her head, "I'll be back Al."  He needed air.  He hated the med lab, any med lab. The air wasn't natural and the smells of it bothered him.  Ally knew this and his quota of being in the med lab was just about meet for the year.  He looked at Jean, "Call me if she needs anything."  Ally rolled her eyes but Wolverine knew Ally wouldn't call him.


     "Not a problem," Jean smiled as she watched him go.  She sighed, "He's a good guy Ally."


     Ally smiled feeling tired; being pregnant was hard enough without fighting the brotherhood and protecting her family. Maybe Logan had a point.  She needed a rest.  She heard the rhythmic sound of the monitors and fell asleep.






       Logan had his stogie lit before he even left the building and sighed feeling the night air hit him.  He stepped into the garden and let the trees smells engulf him, until he took a hard puff on his cigar.


       Another smell caught his attention, a person.  He could smell the spice and earthy scent and knew it was Remy in an instant.


      He looked in the direction of the Cajun who looked as if he was searching for something or someone,  "The Rat's inside, Gumbo."


      Remy whirled around with his guard up and he scowled as he faced Wolverine, "don't call ma sister a rat."  His mind raced, "Hayley in dere too, homme.  Why you didn' mention her?"  He narrowed his glare at him.


      "You don't need to be chasing after her, Cajun," He eyed Remy and his cigarette.  "Heard you bloodied the Angel's nose."


       Remy shrugged and frowned at him for the obvious change in subject.  "Why?"


      "Over Hayley?"  Wolverine glared.


      "Wha's dat got ta do wit' anyt'ing?"


      "How long you gonna keep this up, swampy?"


      Remy flicked the edges off his cigarette and loomed closer.  He was determined that Logan wouldn't get the best of him.  He sighed and strolled around Wolverine slowly with a drag of his cigarette, "No doubt Hayley beautiful, Homme.  Dat's gon' attract any man ta her" He cocked an eyebrow at Logan,  "Ally is Hayley's twin, how long yo’ goin’ ta fight for her?"  He taunted watching Wolverine sneer slightly.  "De Angel tol' me he already gave up on Hayley."  He stopped circling Logan and blew his cigarette smoke, "How long for he take it up wit' Ally, den you be de one swattin’ Angels away."


      Logan made a grab for Remy, "I still owe you one, cajun."


      Remy chuckled, easily dodged Logan, and then held a card threateningly.  Logan kept advancing and popped his claws out angrily.  Remy let the card hit Logan sending him sailing back into a shrub.


      Remy crossed his arms waiting for him to get up, "Yo' so angry Wolverine, dat yo’ can't even think straight."


       Wolverine snarled and ran for Gambit.


       Remy refused to be afraid of him and jumped back with a loud laugh and then it dawned on him, "Your still in love wit' her, aren’t you?"


       Logan stopped short, hearing the words that sounded both completely insane and true.


       Remy watched him closely, calculating his own next move.  He knew his guess had been right.  "S'allright, Logan."  He understood about falling out of love, and from what he had learned, Hayley had left Logan.


       Wolverine cocked an eyebrow at him and settled back, "She's my sister in law and she doesn't need you."


       Remy sighed as the calmer Wolverine came closer and faked Remy into a false sense of security.  He suddenly grabbed the Cajun by the collar and tossed him.  Remy turned the action to his advantage and gracefully landed on his feet.


       He watched Logan make another lunge that was thwarted by a surprise tackle by Kamikaze.


      "I knew this would happen," Ty grumbled holding Logan down as Aubrey and Josh ran in as well.  Ty looked up at Remy, "Yo!  You just had to piss him off, didn’t you?"


      Aubrey ran up not sure how to help Ty but then sat on Logan's back.  Josh sneered sitting down in front of Logan with a finger held out.


      "Now, Wolverine," Josh smiled with the finger in front of Logan's face, "My poison won't hurt you much, but it will put you in the med lab for a few weeks."


      Something clicked together in Gambit’s mind and so he grabbed Josh's shoulder firmly and forced him to look at him, "Yo' poisoned Justice didn't yo'?"


     "What?"  Josh was amazed at the accusation then suddenly he remembered when Jump had asked him for the poison.


      Logan felt Kamikaze relent his hold and watched the young man wander over to where the Cajun now held his friend by the collar.


     "Hey Gambit, Justice was hurt by Magneto, man" Ty shrugged.  "Why would Josh do anything against him?"


     "True dat Magneto did a job on de homme," Remy didn't care for anyone who would help attack one of their own.  "But, Ah’m talkin’ before dat, anyways.  Jump got into his room ta stab him and dis crapaud helped her."  Remy tossed the young man to the ground.  "He gave her da poison ta do it with."


     Logan could tell it was true by watching Josh’s face.


     "Yo," Ty laughed weakly.  "Your not dumb enough to cross the X-men, are you dude?"


     Aubrey noted her brother’s silence and took it as an admission of guilt, "I guess he is.”  Aubrey lowered her eyes remembering what he had told her that night about Jump.


     "Wait a minute.”  Josh got to his feet and quickly changed his tactic, "I didn't know what she was going to do."  Josh reasoned, "She asked me about my degree of control on my toxins and then dared me to do so."  It was a weak lie to say the best but he knew they weren't telepaths.


     Logan exchanged an angry look with Remy, "I think Justice will be interested in hearing this," Logan growled grabbing the young man by the back of his shirt.


      Remy shook his head sadly, "Ah can't believe yo’ did dat ta Justice.  The homme never did a t’ing ta deserve dat."  He looked at Aubrey and Ty's forlorn faces and knew they felt the same.


     "I'm sorry," Ty sighed.  "I didn't think he would do something like that.  Its messed up man."  He watched as Logan dragged his friend away,  “Your messed up man.”


     Aubrey sighed throwing her hands out to her side, "I can’t believe it!"  She was very upset with Josh and was sure he was flat out guilty.  "I don't want to believe it but he did it."  She looked to them both sadly and then ran into the school in tears.  “Didn’t he?”