Wolvie Femmes * Trial & Error





    Hayley was glad to be alone for the first time in a long time.  She sighed and turned the shower on to think, and sighed as she disrobed and pinned her hair on top of her head. She eyed the scale wearily and felt ill and before she knew it she was throwing up in the toilet.


     She groaned and went to the sink to get some cold water to splash in her face. Funny Ally didn’t seem to have the morning sickness like she did but she also didn’t think Ally was as far as she was.


     She sighed and climbed into the shower.  She wondered where Remy was all this time as she let the water hit her and wet her hair. She felt better feeling the warm water stream against her and finally she let her tears fall. Tears for her pain Sabretooth left her with, tears for confused state she was in, but most of all tears for her brother.  She didn’t want to leave him because she felt like he needed her. She wasn’t sure why he felt like that but she needed to be there for him even if she was an anchor for him so he didn’t leave.


     She lathered up and ignored the tears determined to get them out before Remy came back because she had cried enough to him. He was more than a shoulder to cry on and Hayley would have to prove she still was a strong woman despite the loss of her power.


      She lathered her stomach and smiled at Remy’s request for a child. She was scared of giving birth at all and how she might change with a child. She began to cry harder as she scrubbed her pubic area. She hadn’t healed enough and she could still feel the soreness Sabretooth had left her with and it reminded her of the rape.


      She wanted to forget what he had done to her and this soreness wasn’t helping the fact. She wanted to make love to Remy and knew he needed her too but she wasn’t very comfortable with the idea yet. She felt if she could push past her uncomfortable feelings she would begin to erase the memory of the rapes.


      She rinsed the lather from her body feeling too warm from her shower. She had began to sweat a little when she had gotten out of the shower but she was always cold at least ever since she had become a fire mutant. She grabbed a light towel and looked into the bedroom to see it was still empty and she sighed to herself and grabbed the lotion applying it slowly.


     She wondered if she should go in search of Remy but also knew he wanted some time alone and just found a very light night gown pacing the floor lightly.


     She climbed into the warm bed and it’s crisp sheets.  She sat up watching television waiting for Remy but soon fell asleep.





    Remy kept his frown as he and Rayne left the infirmary.


    Rayne touched his back lightly worried why he looked so upset, “Rem?”


    “Hayley’s my femme,” he said quickly with his hot temper rising.


    Rayne nodded, “Oui, so?”


     “Dat mem’ry bothered me, Chere,” he admitted as he pushed his hair back.  “Ah saw her with him before me.”


      “You know he must feel de same way,” Rayne sighed, “Bet dat’s why he acts like he does towards yo’.”


      “But Ah saw dem….” he trailed, “Ah saw her…”


       “It was a long time ago,” Rayne sighed. “Are ya gonna stay in your room tonight den?”


         He shook his head, “Ah don’ know.”  He exhaled loudly, “Ah think Ah should talk ta her but Ah just don’t know.”


         He kissed her head quick, “Ah’m goin’ for a walk ta clear ma head.”  He stopped to light a cigarette. “Ah need some time alone, ok?  Jetaime petite,” he said as he turned to meet her eye. “Ah’ll meet yo’ in da kitchen later, alright?”


         “Fine.”  Rayne sighed and growled, watching her beleaguered brother’s back as Hayley left him in conflict once again.  She made her way to the kitchen to ready things for cooking the big meal.






         Alex was on her way back to the infirmary to be with Beast and she saw Remy walking strong and quick. She ran to catch up with him wondering what was wrong.


        “Remy?” Alex asked quickly and he turned with a slight smile but then it faded. “Ah thought you were Hayley.” He plucked the cigarette from his mouth after taking a hard drag.


        “Sorry,” Alex whispered.


       “It’s not you,  Hayley an Ah have ta talk is all,” he looked at the floor.


       “Do you want to talk to me about anything?”


       “Can Ah ask you a question or two?”




       “Was Hayley happy wit’ Logan? Why’d dey break up?”


       “Hayley broke up with him, but I don’t know why,” she sighed.  “I suppose you would have to ask Hayley if they were happy. I mean, I guess they were happy, but then they couldn’t have been truly happy if they broke up.”  She sighed again, not wanting to be Hayley’s keeper right now.


      He sighed it wasn’t much more than he knew already and he felt bad for asking her now. “How’re yo’ feelin’ now Alex?  You better?”


      “Better than what?”


       “Yo’ been through a lot, non?” He raised an eyebrow, “you should be restin’.”


      Alex blushed being reminded of her slight attraction to him and the uncomfortable moment with Bobby. “I’m fine, but I need to find Hank.”  She started off and then turned back to him, “I hope you feel better too.” Then she wandered off to find the same Alex who was in love with Hank and didn’t look at every man who had less hair on his body.








        Beast found Jean and Charles and began to speak with them after he moved Justice to the infirmary.


       “He did what?” Jean said as she looked upon a sleeping Justice. Then she too felt him tugging at her mind and look to Charles to confirm he found the same.


       “I don’t believe he means any malice by it,” Charles said and looked at his nephew, “he seems to be searching for something.”


       “Memories of Jordan?” Beast guessed.


       Jean perked up, “how did you know?”


      “Allyson thought that is was what he wanted,” he sighed.


      “Can we give it to him so we don’t have him wandering through other’s minds?” Jean asked.


      “I would rather not,” Charles sighed. “I want him to recover and his telepathic search for Jordan and her young memories might keep him motivated.”


      “So you believe his search for Jordan will help him get well,” Beast asked and Charles nodded, “A father’s love that may save his life.” He smiled and saw Alex walk in slowly.


      The three ushered her out and kept their own distance but they all stopped in their tracks.



      They could all see the images and could only observe as they could see the stately Adams mansion and a very young Justice standing in the living room with Oliver and with an exhausted looking triplets who sat on the couch listening to the bantering.


      “Justice you have a very promising career ahead of you here with me,” Oliver insisted gesturing pointedly.


      Justice kept his ground, “Dad, I appreciate your offer but Bob and I have a great opportunity too.”


     “Son, you are an asset in the labs and you are only surpassed by your sisters,” he reasoned quickly.


     Hayley stood, “I don’t want to be stuck in those labs either,” Hayley said quickly and faced the cold stare of their father, “they creep me out.”


     “Not surprising since your sisters are far beyond you,” Oliver scoffed.


     “It’s not out calling,” Justice said calmly.


     Oliver looked to Allyson and Alex, “And what is your calling pray tell?”


      “I am fine in the labs for now but if there was something more I would like to be able to choose it for myself,” Ally argued.


       Oliver glared at Alex, “and you?”


      “I would prefer to stay in the labs,” Alex said watching the stares of her siblings, “I am very interested in it and would like to stay on.”


      “Spoken like my favorite,” Oliver chuckled.


       Hayley narrowed her eyes, “more like a traitor.”


      “Look,” Justice jumped in the middle again, “Nobody is leaving tomorrow but we want to follow our own lives, father,” Justice took a deep breath, “and not your expectations of us.”


       Oliver cut the trio a hateful look and gathered his newspaper as he met Justice’s eye, “So be it,” he spat in his son’s face, “and don’t be expecting me to fund these new careers.” He left the room swiftly.





       They were pulled into another vision and they could see the labs much like the ones they had found Rayne in and fought Oliver Adams in.  They could hear the noises and soon they could all see Hayley and Logan caught against a table and tied down as Justice entered.


       Justice slowly sat down his coffee and went to them struggling with their binds. He groaned against the restraints and made very little leeway freeing them. He turned quickly and met his father’s eyes, “Father, I need to get Hayley loose,” he turned back to his sister, “she’s gotten herself trapped somehow.”


      A loud hearty laugh caught Justice’s attention and he turned to see the amusement on Oliver’s face, “My son, just who do you think put them there?”


     Justice felt weak, “I don’t understand.”


    Oliver came closer and grabbed Hayley’s face by the jaw and shook it with a grin, “defiant at times isn’t she?”


     Justice didn’t back down and tried to feel his father with his telepathy.


    “Justice, your little telepathy isn’t going to hurt me,” Oliver sighed, “stay with me son and I will assure you have abilities to put others in awe.”


     Justice scoffed, “Never!”


     “Just as well,” Oliver sighed and turned to the other table he had been standing at, “Allyson was just as adamant.”


      Justice pushed his father and made way to his sister he could now see on the table, “Ally,” Justice touched her curls gently and she opened her eyes weakly and shut them just as quickly, “ALLY!” He looked at his father with hatred. “What did you do?”


      Oliver watched Justice approach him. He knew his son worked out with weights and was a strong young man but he was undaunted by this and stayed firmly in his place. He sighed, “I had hoped you would be their voice of reason.” He held out a small tube and sprayed Justice in the face with it and watched as Justice fell to the table.


     “What did you do to me?” Justice groaned.


     “I wanted you awake to see what your defiance has created for Logan and your sisters,” Oliver growled, pushed Justice on to the table and secured his arms and legs quickly.


     Justice looked around for the room, “Where is Alex?”


    “My faithful child,” Oliver sneered, “I have her finishing the paper work of this experiment.”  He chuckled, “Currently, she is unaware it will be done to humans and to herself.”


     Justice grunted trying to get his body to move, “you can’t do this.”


     “Oh yes I can, and I shall,” Oliver smiled and rubbed his chin, “I wonder if Logan will live through the process I have in store for him.”


      Oliver moved the table with Allyson to the one next Hayley and locked them into the mechanism that pushed both women up right position as their heads hung down sadly. He smiled seeing Logan’s eyes opened to watch as well. He placed a mask over their faces and smiled evilly as he readied the needle. “This is what you get mister Logan for snooping around my labs.”


      Justice looked to Logan who was as helpless as he was. He could see the needle administered and both women moved slightly at the needle’s touch.  Oliver pulled a long tube over Hayley and Ally’s body locking them inside like an oxygen tent.


      A noise stopped them all and they looked to see Alex at the doorway with the files in her hand and her mouth agape. She ran to her sisters and screamed seeing a bloodied figure near by, Amber.


     Justice and Logan struggled to break free. “RUN!” Justice yelled but the warning came too later and Oliver hit Alex in the face.


    “Sorry this happens to you too but how could I leave you out?” Oliver laughed at Alex grasping her bloodied lip. Then backed her into a table already upright as the restraints snapped around her body. “Don’t struggle my sweet it will only make it worse,” he sighed. “I will leave you awake to show you what is written on paper really does work.”


     “Dad,” Alex cried, “I don’t understand.”


     “I am sorry Alex but I can’t allow all of you to leave me.  As punishment for trying to leave you will be punished along with your friends and siblings.”  Oliver sighed.


       The words weren’t lost on Logan and Justice, “Friends?” Justice grunted.

      “I am sorry son,” Oliver laughed as he met Logan’s snarling face and placed a mask over his mouth and watched him slide into unconsciousness.  Other scientist, clad in surgical gowns, began filing into the room.


      One joined his side, “Which one is getting the skeletal procedure?”  He asked and Justice’s face panicked.


     Oliver pointed to Logan, “that one,” he hissed.  “I tried it on the other one but it failed,” he sighed as he marched over to where the others in surgical gowns were removing Amber’s limp body, “needless to say she didn’t survive.”


     Alex and Justice went nuts watching her corpse carted away and discarded like a mannequin.


   “I want that one,” he pointed to Alex, “awake for her procedure.”


    They nodded as he marched up to Alex and administered a shot and placed her in the same confinement as her sisters, ignoring the cries of “NO”


    The others and Justice watched as they were all encased by a gas and their screams could be heard and were almost unbearable to those who stood by and watched. The triplet’s bodies flew forward and their eyes glowed wildly as they began to scream from the pain. Soon Ally and Hayley lay there like limp dolls and Alex groaned watching as a voyeur from her place as she could see Justice being treated the same as they had been but for some reason Oliver didn’t do the honors and Alex realized he couldn’t do it to Justice, his only son.


     She did see her father chuckle as he helped them place Logan inside of a fluid filled tube and held a tray of instruments. He made his way to Alex and grabbed her by the chin as one of the other scientists put Justice out for the count.


    Olive shook Alex’s chin meanly, “watch your brother become stronger too.”


     Alex groaned, “Too?”


    “I have helped you to evolve,” Oliver smiled, “soon you will see you were a mere telepath before, but now,” he gestured to labs, “you will surpass everything you ever wanted.”


     “You are mad,” Alex said hardly believing it her words.


      She saw him turn and produce another tray of instruments and knew they were to be used on her sisters and herself and cringed.


     “I am not mad or angry but I will ensure you will be part of these labs with the procedures,” Oliver laughed, “Nobody would befriend such freaks of nature.  Perhaps as telepaths you could hide your mutations but I doubt it will be so easy now.”


      Alex began to scream wildly watching Justice being put through what she had been through. His body jumped involuntarily and his eyes turned into sapphires as he screamed under the equipment.


     Alex screamed louder as the tear ran down her cheeks.