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      Remy and Ally dodged Alex’s ice attacks easily which allowed Remy to dish out cards at Magneto who merely placed a magnetic shield around him and laughed.

     Ally made her way slowly to her sister tossing ice rings aside with her telekinesis.  She felt near tears seeing her weakened sister being forced to fight against them.  She knew she would have to take her down slowly and gently.

    Ally saw the silent agony of her sister’s eye’s as she approached her.  Ally too, was in distress as she watched the conflict going on inside Alex.  She could tell that Alex was trying to fight against Magneto’s brain implant but was unsuccessful, and continued to fight them like an obedient dog.

     Remy remained standing guard next to Hayley.  He wished he could help Alex and Ally but his main concern was for his lover who was lying unconscious at his feet.  His card attacks had no effect on Magneto so Remy decided to try a different tactic.  He launched himself directly at magneto trying to knock him off balance.

     Magneto simply sighed, stopped Gambit in midair and held him there studying him.  He saw his son Pietro before him but he knew it was Remy LeBeau.  Finally, he spied the inducer wristband and yanked it off Remy exposing his true identity. "I only have one son and you are not him."  Eric slammed Remy down onto the floor and held him there with his magnetic powers.

    Remy looked up from Magneto's feet to see the man looming over him with a restraining helmet in his hands.

    "Will you join us willingly?"  Eric said slowly bringing the helmet closer.  “Or by force?”

    Remy was surprised when Ally broke free from her fight with her sister long enough to telekinetically grab the helmet away from Magneto and toss it across the room to slam against the wall.  Gambit jumped up, being freed from Magneto’s grasp, and spat at the master of magnetism, “Never will Ah join you, crapaud!”

    Eric laughed, "A little too much like 'my' Fire-cat?"  Eric enjoyed Remy's eyes glowing brighter at his comment.  Magneto looked over at Hayley who still lay bleeding and unconscious on the floor.  Remy's eyes traveled to her as well.  Eric took hold of the smashed helmet, flung it across the room and hit Remy hard in the face, and laughed at the blood streaming from his lip.

    Remy grabbed his lip and cursed as he righted himself.

    Eric moved back from Remy's reach and concentrated behind him at Ally who fended off her sister's weak attacks.  Magneto grabbed a desk chair with his power and tossed it into Ally’s back, knocking her to the floor.

    Remy became angrier at the sight of his friend being taken down with a sucker punch to the back and lunged for Eric again, but before Gambit could touch him, Eric used his magnetic force to hurl him back.  Remy looked up to see Alex coming at him with her arms extended, but out of the corner of his eye he saw something move against Magneto from the shadows.  Gambit couldn’t believe his eyes when he realized that it was Rayne.  She had leapt upon the Master of Magnetism and was biting and clawing at him.

     Remy jumped to his feet, leapt away from Alex's grasp and leap over Hayley.  "No, don’t!"  He jumped forward to help his sister, he knew that the maniac could kill her instantly if he wished, but Magneto only grabbed Rayne with his power and hurled her hard against Remy knocking them both back against a wall.

      "So, the lab rat is not only still alive but it has followed its master here," Eric laughed and looked at the rooms security camera with a sneer.  “Good, and perhaps now your creator can explain to me why you were more useful then she said you were.”  He moved his gaze from the camera to Hayley and picked her up before Remy could move against him.

     Remy's head ache returned twofold and he looked up pained by Eric's words. ‘What does he mean, ‘creator’?’  Gambit regarded his sister as her eyes blinked open and she managed a weak smile at him, until she noticed her surroundings, then she growled and snarled at Magneto.

     Gambit’s heart jumped when he saw that Eric had Hayley in his arms now and was backing out of the room.  Remy jumped and ran for the door but Eric closed the metal door tightly.  Remy beat his fist against the door angrily then turned to take in the room.  He ran to Rayne who was now looking Ally over.  Rayne's eyes told him that she was terrified and he was angry that she had followed him.

    "Damn it Rayne, what are yo’ doin’ here?  Ah tol’ yo’ ta stay there, didn’ ah?"  Remy yelled at her, and in response she regarded him with a mixture of hurt and defiance.

    "An ah tol’ yo’ ah make no promis’," She swallowed hard looking around and slightly regretted her decision to come. "Where’d Alex go?"

    Remy looked around realizing he hadn't missed Alex's attacks at them but he now wondered where she had gone and now he worried if she was all right.  He shrugged his shoulders at Rayne noticing she had Ally's head in her lap but what caused him to shake his head more was that the rats where milling about him but did not go anywhere near Rayne or Ally.

    Remy waded through them and grabbed Rayne into a strong embrace, "Ma T’Chere, yo’ shouldn' be here."  Then he noticed the rats stayed away from him now as well.  "Dese rats," He shook his head in wonder, "Dey actin’ strange, non?  How come dey don’ come near you?"

    Rayne shrugged and regarded the furry critters, “Ah jus’ asked dem ta leave me be is all," Rayne said, "Dey seem ta mind real well."  She hugged her brother back tightly; glad to be with him but at the same time she felt that something strange was happening to her.  She felt disconnected and her skin tingled and burned.  Her flesh seemed to be both hot and cold at the same time and she trembled inside.

    Remy let go of her, and felt for a pulse on Allyson and then touched the woman’s face lightly.

    "Dey will kill yo’ if  yo’ don’ join dem, Rem," Rayne's eyes reflected the terror of that prospect and Remy squeezed her hand. “Dey will also torture you if yo’ do join.”

    "Dey won' hurt me, chere," Gambit sighed sure that Eric's would want him and Ally, but he worried now for his sister, "I’m sure dey would try an break our spirit, lik’ wit’ Alex."

    "Dey won’ try dat again wit’ me, Rem,” Rayne felt a strong shudder run through her at some memories she had of being at the labs before.  She didn’t want to remember but the thoughts came unbidden.  "Ah wasn’ one a de proper experiments, per say, see - cause dey caught me sneakin’ ‘round.  Dat Adams homme,” Rayne gestured to Ally, “Her papa, he tol’ dat lab woman she coul’ do anyt’in’ she wanted ta me,” Rayne choked on the words, “But dat he wanted me dead in de end cause Ah knew too much.”  Rayne said because she knew it was true and the rats thoughts in her mind confirmed it, which scared her even more. When did she start understanding animal’s thoughts?  She felt light headed and a little nauseated.  “Non, dey will mos’ lik’ly feed me ta Sabretooth.  But me, Ah t’ink ah’d be too gristly fo’ even him,” She snickered at that and Remy looked at her very worried that she would joke so about her possible death.


   “Don worry, mignon.  Ah will make sure dey don’ hurt yo’ anymore,” He tried to comfort her but knew that she knew that if they all were caught and kept here that he wouldn’t be able to protect her, Hayley or even himself.


   “Hmmm,” Rayne knew the direction of her brother’s thoughts and it troubled her, but what could she say to him?  “Remy, ah’ve been here before, so has de cats, so has Justice, so has dat Wolverine in a diff’rent place.”  She put her hand on his arm and looked into his eyes, “Dese people have done dere worst ta us already.  What else can dey do?”


   Remy mulled over her words a minute.  She was right; they have all been tortured before.  What he feared most for them had already happened.  His head swam and his heart sank.


   “Hey,” Rayne grabbed his jaw and drew his eyes to hers once again, “Everyone escaped once before an dey can again, non?”  She smiled at him and pushed the corners of his mouth up trying to make a smile on his face as well.  At that, he chuckled and hugged her.

   Ally moaned and Remy and Rayne traded a little sigh.  Rayne was worried for the woman and what she would go through if they didn’t all get away, despite her words of hope.  Many things assaulted her mind then and she backed away from her brother and the fallen cat tossing her head about as if something were in her hair that she was trying to shake out.

    Remy propped Ally’s head on his own lap as Rayne moved away spooked, "Chere, wha’s goin’ on?"  He didn’t understand what was happening and looked about the room for any sign of trouble.

     Ally looked up at the familiar voice and followed his gaze over to Rayne.  Ally removed her head from Gambit’s lap allowing him to stand slowly, "Remy, what’s wrong with Rayne?"  Ally Slowly sat up and touched her sore head gingerly wondering how hard she had hit it.

      Remy moved slowly to Rayne but she held her hands up and warned him off.  Remy stopped, wondering if he should go to her regardless her body language.  Her eyes started glowing fierce amber and that light seemed to spread around her entire body.  “Ah don’ feel so good,” She murmured, “Da rats Rem, dere in ma head. Somethin’s happenin’,” The rats in the room moved to her and began to circle her making squeaking sounds.

     Rayne doubled over then and grabbed her stomach and the rat’s voices sounded louder and more urgent.  She tilted her scared and pain filled face to look at her brother, "Remy, help me!"  She called to him but the rats kept him from getting closer to her and she then fell to the floor and writhed about in silent agony.  To Rayne, it was as if the world were in slow motion except that it was all hazy.  She couldn’t think strait no matter how hard she tried to focus, and her body felt like it was both burning and frozen.

     Ally and Remy watched in amazement and horror as Rayne’s human form shifted from being human to that of a very large rat.  Remy quickly grabbed Ally's hand helping her to her feet and he pointed to Rayne, "Would dis be a ‘step-up’ lik’ what happened ta Justice?"  He was terrified at what just happened to his sister and he wanted answers.  More than that, he wanted to kill those responsible for doing this to her.  “Is she gon’ stay dis way?”

     "I don’t know Remy.  I have seen Mystique do something similar and be able to change back again," Ally watched as Rayne the rat reared on her hindquarters and sniffed at them with her eyes glowing fiercely.  The other rats rallied around her as if she were their queen.


     Rayne’s head began to clear but everything seemed different.  Her usually keen senses were even more so.  Her hearing was so acute now that the squeaks of the rats around her were almost intolerable; and why was she lying on the floor?  She tried to stand up but her body felt different.  There was no pain; only her arms and legs didn’t want to work right.  She looked at her hands and puckered her brow at the site of the long thin rodent paws.

     "Rayne?"  Remy called tentatively to his sister, "Girl, can yo’ hear me?  Can yo’ talk?"  The large rodent that was his sister merely squeaked at him and twitched her whiskers.  Remy stared at the furry, long tailed creature before him, “Merde, ma sisters a rat!”


     Rayne could hear her brother just fine though his normal speaking voice now sounded like a shout.  She wondered why he was saying such things to her.  “Why yo’ callin’ me a rat, Remy?”  She asked him but her own voice came out as nothing but a series of squeaks.  Panic gripped her heart then as she realized that something horrible had happened.  She again looked at her hands then followed them up what should be her arms.  Rayne touched her right arm with her left hand.  She could feel the soft fur of the hairy appendage and knew that it must be her own arm.


     Remy watched helpless as he saw his sister explore her body for clues as to what had happened to her self.  He wondered if she would always be this way.  “Rayne girl?” he asked, “can yo’ change back ta human?”


 ‘Change back?’ she wondered as she forced herself to look further; her head swam and she felt faint as she saw then the rest of herself.  What she saw was indeed the body of a rat.  The fur was as black as her hair was normally.  The clothes she had on were about her hindquarters and feet.  Rayne looked at Remy’s bewildered face and couldn’t think of a word to say to him.  She didn’t know what to think of it her self.  It all seemed so unreal and yet it was real.  Rayne didn’t know whether to scream, cry or go crawl in a deep dark hole somewhere.

    Ally put a hand on his arm pointing to the camera in the room, "We have company."

    Remy became angry, tossed a couple of cards at it and then smiled ruefully as the camera exploded.  His head pounded harder as he thought of the transformation his sister just went through, “Time we got outta dis place, ladies.”  ‘Ladies?’ he thought, as he looked at Rayne the Rat.  His stomach felt sick at the thought that she might stay that way forever.  Someone’s gon’ pay fo’ dis,’ Gambit vowed that he would find out who did this to Rayne and he would make them pay dearly.

    Deanna watched the girl, her lab rat, on the video monitor as she transformed into a rodent and her mouth dropped open.

    'How did I miscalculate that girl's abilities?' she asked herself.  ‘I could never get her to transform completely before.’

    She flipped her pen back and forth deep in thought about what was different about the situation that would trigger the girl to completely mutate, when the red eyed mutant flipped a red glowing object at the camera.  She watched the screen turn to snow and grumbled wondering if the rescue party would knock out any other monitors.  In addition, she was curious as to why Eric had left these three in the room.  Presumably, so that he could come back for them later.


     Deanna knew that Magneto would want these mutants spirits broken as well and she knew it would not be an easy task.  That damned lab rat never responded to the experiments the way I wanted her to.  The girl would always just laugh it off and tell me, ‘Yo’r not Edval, yo’ can’ hurt me none.  But other times she would scream and behave as if we were killing her.’  Deanna shrugged, ‘Perhaps she will get killed in this skirmish and be out of my hair once and for all.’  Deanna jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Pietro standing there.

    "They blew out the camera huh?"  He asked simply.

    Deanna stared at him wondering why he and Wanda hadn't started to mess with her mind yet.  She figured it may only be a matter of time, "Is there a secondary security system?"

     Pietro reached across the panel and flipped some switches and the screen came to life with the image of the three mutants.

      Deanna couldn't understand what had him so quiet because he was usually very opinionated with her.  "Thank you," She said trying to see his eyes.

      He nodded with a sigh, "Where did the other cats get off to?"

     "I take it your father relocated them so the other mutants couldn't find them," Deanna almost chuckled at the earlier images she had seen of them.  "One looked like me," Then she point to Remy on the video screen, "He looked like you until you father ripped some kind of device from his wrist."

     Pietro looked a little amazed, "Me?"  Then he switched camera images so that he could view the goings on of the other members of the ’rescue party’.  "Justice is here?"  He asked her accusingly.

     Deanna shrugged, "Toad attacked him and negated the devise he had on, but he failed to catch him."

     "He is stumbling around so Toad must have had a little success," Pietro touched his jaw, a gesture much like his father tended to do.  Then his expression turned to an annoyed pout.

     "Still brooding over that blonde, brother?"  Wanda's voice came from behind them.

      Pietro turned and rolled his eyes, "No," He scoffed.  "I only did what he told me to," He looked at Justice on the screen; "Don't think father isn’t capable of ordering one of you to do the same thing to one of the males."

      Wanda's eye flew up, "I wouldn't mind it per se' but certainly not for procreation."

      Pietro laughed, "Amber and Mystique are the fighters and I doubt he would busy their bodies with such an activity."  His taunting nature came back to him quickly and he leaned down to Deanna, "Maybe he will give you that red eyed hunk to break," Pietro rubbed her shoulders, "Then you can carry a red eyed child that will always be branded a mutant."

     Deanna shrugged his hands off her with distain, "I doubt that," She called his bluff, "To tell you the truth, I didn’t think you had it in you."

     He laughed, "It didn't matter to me one way or the other."

     Wanda's thoughts wandered to the handsome Justice wondering if her father would pair them in hopes of another telepath with his abilities.  She sighed thinking of his arms around her but carrying a child in her body and being treated like a motherly figure wasn't her usual style.  She heard her brother lying about being taken with Alex.  'Is it our fault if we are partial to blondes?'  She laughed to herself.

     "Come on lover boy," Wanda grabbed his shoulder, "Let's give the others a surprise reception."

     Pietro turned noticing the gleam in her eye and as soon as they were away from Deanna's ear shot he turned to her, "I know what you're thinking, sis."

     "What?" she laughed.

     "We don't need a little ‘traitor’ Justice or Gambit running around here," he grunted at her.

     "Brother, I do not want kids," She laughed, "You would be a new parent before me," she punched him in the arm referring to his time with Alex and smiled.

     He walked along her silently glad he didn't go through with it.  He didn't want to have any woman like that and he was sure he had fully disabled the cameras in that room so his secret was safe.  He just wished he could sort the feelings he had for the blonde and why he wanted to hold her and protect her from everything else.

     Wanda looked at him expectantly for an answer to her taunt but he only said; "We are twins so the statistics say that we would probably have five or six children ourselves.  He laughed mimicking his sister's would be belly size with his arms and began to waddle comically, “I can just picture you with a belly the size of a house!”

     "I would talk father out of such a thing first," Wanda said pointedly, "However, it won't stop me from having some fun with the males." She winked.

     Pietro sighed as they approached the stray band of mutants before they got up to the door where Remy, Ally and Rayne were now trapped.