Wolvie Femmes * Traitor




      Kamikaze bounced the ball on the basketball court and sighed realizing Warren and Scott weren't much competition for he and Josh. Josh shrugged but could see Bonsai strolling up slowly and smiled as he watched his brother mopping up the competition on the court.

     He looked over at Bobby who had just asked to join in and cleared his throat loudly getting their attention.

     Most groaned at the sight of him and Scott wiped his brow of sweat, "if both of them are playing," Scott smiled, "they are on separate teams."

    Bonsai and Kamikaze stared hard at each and the twins turned to the others with angered looks, "wouldn't have it any other way," they said together and crossed their arms at one another.

     Bobby sighed in his already down mood, "could be an interesting game."

     Warren chuckled but the others seemed to realize what the twins knew and that was the two identical faces weren't getting along.

     The game was pushing all six men young and old alike hard as Bonsai and Kamikaze cancelled the others out.  They had put Scott Bobby and Bonsai on one team and Warren Josh and Kamikaze on the other and the teams were well matched.  Each had a well-respected amount of sweat accumulated from dodging the other's attacks.

     Bonsai took three steps as he held the ball and Kamikaze pointed at his feet accusingly, "TRAVELING!"  He snatched the ball from his brother.

     Bonsai grabbed it back, "I was not."

     Scott moved closer, "Yes, you were Tyrone."

     "You're on MY team man," Bonsai hissed at Scott.

    "He's being honest, bro."  Kamikaze laughed and grabbed the ball back.

     Josh signaled for Bobby and Warren to move closer because he knew it would add to trouble.

      Bonsai didn't even bother to start pushing his brother back but hit him dead in the face sending Ty to the ground.

     Scott and Warren grabbed at them as Ty made his way to his feet angrily and got back in his brother's face.

     A quick whiff of brimstone and a puff of smoke caught their attention and they saw the newcomer poof in between brothers.

     "Fighting solves nothing, mein freunds," he said keeping his place in between the twins.  "You are blood which is a stronger tie itself."

      Bonsai scoffed at the blue man, "you may be mutant but not a twin, are you?"  He pushed the passive man who Kamikaze caught Nightcrawler as he stumbled.  Bonsai stormed off back into the school.

      Bobby watched as Bonsai smacked the door open leaving a dent, "I hope they don't ask him to stay here."

     Kamikaze sighed, "He's my brother, ice cube."

     Kurt smiled, "You are not very alike."  He sighed clasping the young man on the shoulder.  "Would you like to talk about him?"

     Kamikaze shook his head, "No, but I would like to talk to him."

    They watched Ty wander after his brother and Kurt looked at Scott.  "You are the unspoken leader now?"

     "Thank you for keeping the peace, Nightcrawler," he sighed.  "I better go after them."

     Kurt held his hand up, "I will follow the young men and try to resolve the problem."

     Before the others could speak or offer thanks, he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

     Josh stopped and lit a cigarette, "they get like this."  Josh said as the other three looked over at him.  "Two sides of the same coin, they don't usually get along."

     Bobby scoffed and looked at the others, " Anybody still in the game?"

     Warren and Scott nodded but Josh had a place on the bench with a cig and sighed, "Let me finish this and sure."

     "Cancer sticks," Warren scolded the younger man.

     Josh sighed, "not to me."

     Bobby nudged Scott and Warren who could see Hayley at her window as if she was ready to fly but something stopped her.

    Josh turned, "must be nice to be a flying mutant."

    Warren looked at Scott, "I thought her abilities were gone and Alex's."

   Scott watched her interested, "Yes."

    "Is she nuts," Bobby said and even Josh got to his feet intrigued.

   "Maybe she got them back," Warren said watching the woman with is lip pressed together.

    Hayley seemed to smile as she a leapt from the window and as she began to fall instead of her flight.

    "Aw shit," Josh mumbled watching her plunge and Remy ran to the window making a made grab for her.  Scott, Bobby and Josh ran to get under her but Warren flapped his wings and passed them quickly getting under Hayley.

     Bobby stopped in his tracks watching Warren help her easily and fly high above the school with Hayley.

     Josh pushed his hand over his eyes as a visor, "where's he going?"

    "Showing off," Scott sighed.  "For Hayley I guess."

   Josh chuckled a little, "Gambit's not too happy with it."  He watched Remy's face turn from relief to anger as Warren fly from his view and Gambit punched the windowsill. 

     "I suppose he thinks the hero get a kiss," Bobby joked.  "I don't get it, why did she jump?"

    "She looked like she thought she could fly again," Scott rubbed his jaw.  "Maybe she showed signs of her ability."

     Bobby stared at the window Gambit disappeared from.  His thoughts were flying a mile a minute and he remembered Alex's loss of ability.  He ran off and into the school mumbling an apology to the other two.


      Beast ran from the room and found some younger woman who looked alarmed at their mentor's upset look.

     "Dr. McCoy," Aubrey said watching his horror filled face.

      He looked at Afterburn and sighed.  "I require your help."

     Aubrey and Jubilee ran after Hank and the following Afterburn.

     Afterburn ran into the room and found it turning to complete ice.  She turned her heat on in defense.

     "Slowly, Please," Beast insisted, "Alex is in here and we must not warm her too fast."

     Jubilee whistled looking at the icy mess, "Miss Adams did this."  She felt something run into her and looked to see Bobby behind them.

      He gave her an inquisitive stare and looked at the icy room.  He marched forward and concentrated on what Alex had taught him as Afterburn stayed reluctant to move forward too quickly in the icy room.  She looked scared.

      Beast made his way with Afterburn but she didn't have total control and he found his feet freezing to the floor.

      He heard a voice behind him and looked to see a man of ice, "Stay still Dr. McCoy."

     "Mr. Drake?"  He said as Bobby grabbed his leg and absorbed the ice.  "You should get out of here.  I can't keep you from icing up or Afterburn."

     "Bobby, Alex in here too," Hank said feeling his body freeze again. 


       Bobby looked around and his heart skipped a beat.  "I can move around safely in here, Dr. McCoy."

      Afterburn nodded feeling the chill of the ice and began to back out overwhelmed.  "He's right, this is too much for me to keep up with, sir."

      She touched Beast to keep him warm as she backed out.

      Hank growled at them, "I need to help Alexandra."

      "I will," Bobby looked around at the build up of ice in the room, "where is she?"

       "By the bathroom," he said looking at the ceiling thoughtfully.

      Bobby looked at the bathroom and knew where she was by the extra ice there.  He concentrated absorbed the ice into his own body slowly revealing a frozen Alex scantily clad in a bathrobe.  He touched her face and found it warm and wonder what had happened.

       "Is she all right?"  Beast called trying to make his way back to the room but the ice forced him back out.

       "I found her," Bobby called and pulled Alex too him.  He absorbed the ice from her and felt a strong pulse, "I think she is all right."

        He lifted her as he stood and continued to absorb the ice from her hoping she would wake.  He watched as she began to pink up slowly and her robe and hair began to move a little more freely and sighed.

         Beast and the young women watched Bobby's careful hand with great interest as he defrosted Alex slowly making his way to the door.

         Beast reached for a much warmer Alex for a pulse but his hand simply became cold and began to freeze.

        "Dr. McCoy she is doing this and I am just absorbing enough to keep her from completely freezing up," Bobby said quietly.

         Beast nodded wanting to hold her but he knew the other ice mutant had it under control.  He tugged her robed around her and realized it had become a little better when he could touch her robe without freezing.

         "Thank you Robert," Beast sighed watching them.  "You did find a strong pulse I suppose."

           Bobby nodded, "Yes, sir."  He felt demeaned and wanted to touch Alex's hair and pull her to him to warm her properly.

          Afterburn smiled, "I can defrost that room now," she winked and moved into the room.  "Once Ice-pop has her in the med lab I can heat her up some when I am done."

          Bobby took off at the hint and Beast nodded at the room very worried and confused.  "Thank you."



         Ally saw Remy coming from the room as she made her way to him, "Remy, where's Hayley?"

       He shook his head, "She went out de window."  He sighed, "She started tossing lightening, den jumped out de window thinkin’ she could fly."

       Ally looked past him to the window in the room that was still open.  "Where is she?"

      "De Angel got her and took off," he said angrily.

      Ally took a deep breath, "At least she is safe now."

     "With him?"  Remy set his jaw and looked back at the window.

      "I heard screaming in my head from both of them and Alex's was silenced as quickly as Hayley," she bit her lip.

       Remy stared at her hard as she ran down the hall to find her other sister.  He took a deep breath and followed her.

       They found a group in front of the room Alex and Beast shared and Ally grabbed Beast's arm before he could run off.

       "Hank what happened?"
        He was upset, "I am not quite sure."  He calmed his nerves; "Bobby is taking Alex to the infirmary now.  I must go."

        Remy looked at the frozen room Afterburn was defrosting, "Alex did dis?"

        Beast nodded, "Yes, and she didn't seem to be able to control it at all."  He sighed.  "As a matter of fact, using her powers seemed to cause her a lot pain."

       Remy listened interested, "De same t'ing jus' happened wit' Hayley."

       Henry had about to run off but gestured for Remy to follow him as he set a brisk pace, "Exactly what happened?"

       "She started throwing lightening, and it hurt her," He sighed at the memory.

       Ally kept pace with them.  She was terribly worried for her sisters, "Hank why would it hurt them?"

       "I'm not quite sure, and I hope it doesn't kill them," he ran faster now as the other two kept up, "or harm someone else.  I have never seen Alex so out of control."

       "They were using telepathy or a twin link screaming a minute ago," Ally sighed.

       "Can you help them Allyson," Beast swallowed.  "I thought perhaps you would be able to calm them or help them through this with your telepathic connection."

        She was uncertain, "I wish I knew Hank."  She saw his disappointed face, "This is all new to me but I can try."

        Remy squeezed her hand encouragingly, "it's gon' be ok chere."  He sighed as they all began to run a little faster.

        Bobby stopped just outside of the infirmary happy he was helping help Alex as she stirred in his arms.  He looked upon her with awe.

       He looked around for any spectators, found none, and smiled as kissed her very gently letting his lips absorb her ice as he did.  He deepened the kiss as the feelings he had been kicking himself for all day, kicked in.

      He pulled away placing little kisses along her head as he looked at her face.  She moved, looking much warmer now and snuggled into her robe.  She pulled her legs into the terry cloth material of the robe to get warmer and he smiled at her trying to absorb the ice faster to help her.  She shivered against his chest and he couldn't resist kissing her again slowly he lost his breath in the kiss absorbing her cold temperatures and feeling the passion for her.  He felt her body growing much warmer and he sighed.

      "Hank?"  Alex asked as she pushed her head against his chest staying warm.

      Bobby took a deep gulp he hadn't expected her to ask for Beast.  Feeling rejected again he pushed his way into the infirmary where Jean was sitting behind the desk writing in a file.

      Jean jumped up and directed him to the bed where she had prepared for Alex's arrival.  "Ally called ahead and told me what happened."  Jean looked at Alex amazed, "She looks much better than I had expected by Beast's description."

      He stepped back as Jean open the robe looking for any marks of frostbite or frozen flesh.  He couldn't remove his eyes at first but he heard her voice in his head asking for Hank and he turned his head from her body.

       "She looks fantastic," Jean was amazed as she took her body temperature, "she is just a bit more below normal than we would like."  She looked at Bobby with his head turned and smiled.  "Did you do this Bobby?"

        He nodded, "Alex was tutoring me before she was captured."

       "What did you do?"

       "I just absorbed as much of her ice as I could," he shrugged feeling the overload of the ice he had taken.  "I need to dump it too."

        Jean stared at him confused and then pulled Alex robe closed as she put a heated blanket on her.  "You need to get rid of it?"  She looked around for a safe place for it to go where he wouldn't endanger the whole infirmary.  "Do you remember where you got the blood for Justice?"

       He nodded feeling chilled now, "Yeah, in the walk in fridge."

       She saw he was going to lose control of it or it would take him as it did Alex, "run there Bobby."

       He ran off as quickly as his now cold legs would carry him and the running motions warmed him a little more but he felt the ice escaping his fingertips as he ran too.  He got to the walk in cooler and opened it as he let the ice go.  He fell to the floor feeling spent as he watched the ice and snow flow from him but he watched amazed he could have held so much of it.  He made his way to his feet and sighed.  He knew he still felt her energy and chilled from some her ice but he wanted to feel she was with him.

       He smiled to himself and jogged back to med lab.  He saw Beast, Ally and Remy run to the infirmary and he stopped in his tracks and turned his direction.  He began to shuffle his feet feeling unwanted again because he knew Alex wanted Hank there.  He sighed as he made his way to his room.



       Warren laughed as he flew Hayley to a place he had come to love high atop a hill where the sky seemed to go on forever.  He loved how the heavens seemed to go on and on.

       Hayley had passed out in the fall and Warren had used the opportunity to 'take her away' from it all.

       He smiled as he placed her in the longer grass on the hill and he watched her hair encircle her head like silk raven pillow.  He touched her face lightly and smiled brightly because he was alone with the woman he had wanted be with for a long time.  He wondered how bold he should be Hayley and smiled as he brushed his lips to hers.  He pulled back feeling the electricity from her lips and ran his hand along her neck.

      He knew this woman was more his style than the Cajun rat.  He heard her stir and pushed his lips against hers hoping to show her that his kiss and being with him would be better than Gambit.  He let his lips linger on hers as she responded a little to his kiss and she opened her eyes.

     He was all smiles as he watched her awaken. "Surprised?"  He used the back of his fingertips to touch her face very gently as if a breeze had touched her.

    She sat up slowly and looked around confused, "Where am I?"

    "A little closer to heaven, Hayley," Warren smiled testing the waters and sitting very close to her as his breath touched her shoulder.

    She looked over at him and scoffed but propped her knees up sighed as she rested her head on top of them.

    He was pleased she hadn't asked to go yet but she also seemed to have some internal conflict.  He reached to touch her hair and she was so deep in thought she didn't move or push him away as he did.

    "What are you thinking about?"  He moved closer to her wanting to kiss her again.

    "This reminds me of something bad I had just seen," she sighed.


      "Yeah," she seemed to mope a bit more and looked at the sky, which didn't remind her of Remy and the blonde.

      "What's that?"


       "We can change memories Hayley," he leaned in to her and touched her hand.  "It's Remy isn't it?"

         She didn't get the chance to answer but her tears did for her and she pushed her face to her chest so she didn't have to look at him.

        He felt his heart go out to her as she cried, "Hayley," He cradled the woman in his embrace and she seemed not to mind yet.  "What did he do?"  Warren asked but his eyes were on here lips as he pulled her away to answer.

       "I just caught part of an old memory or something from his past," she felt the tears come a little faster now.

       Warren tried not to smile and tried to be sympathetic, "Oh."  Was all he could say to her. He smiled a little, "I can't erase the past but I can try to help you forget."

      Her forehead wrinkled in thought as wondered what he meant but felt him on top of her kissing her and he pushed his tongue in her mouth hungrily.  Hayley pushed him off her and hit him hard.

      "I take it he cheated on you," Warren cocked an eyebrow at her, "give yourself a choice too, Hayley."

      Something in his eyes mesmerized her as he bent her back slowly this time and kissed her deeply.  He wrapped his wings around them as if a private curtain and began to let his hands wander over her clothing for a fastener or a clasp.

      He found her not arguing but not responding but in a daze.  She seemed to be upset and not paying much attention to the fact he was kissing her and he became a little angry and pushed himself harder on her.

      Hayley kept crying but he didn't seem to notice and when he grabbed her breast he bent to her ear to whisper her name, 'Hayley' was all she heard but was Sabretooth's voice.

     She pulled her knee to his groin hard he collapsed on top of her as she made contact.  She pushed him off as he cursed and grabbed his manhood.

     He looked at her and her face wet with tears and felt bad for her, "I'm sorry."  He choked as he continued to feebly hold himself.

     Hayley sighed and stood wiping the tears and looking to gain her bearings on where she was.

     Warren coughed loudly from the ground as he got to his feet too, "Hayley, if the Cajun is treating you badly…"

     "He's not really," Hayley sighed. "Stop confusing me."  She glared at him.

      Warren laughed, "I didn't confuse you," he touched her hand lightly, "I think you are plenty confused about him already."

      She turned to him angrily, "Who are you to say so?"  She pushed him hard taking a defensive stance.

     Warren knew her 'kiss ass' look but only reached to her face, "Maybe he loves you but I would like the chance to love you too, Hayley."

    Hayley felt like she had treated this man badly, "I love him."  She said quickly and looked at the ground realizing the image she had seen didn't make a difference anymore.  "I just need to talk to him."

    "Hayley," Warren said sadly.  "Are you sure?"

    She nodded, "Thank you for helping me, Warren."

    He sighed, "Hayley, I didn't do anything to help that Cajun but just you," he stepped in closer to her and bent down to her height as he bent her back setting her off balance.  He smiled knowing he had the upper hand again and held her tightly as he kissed her.  His hands tangled in her hair and he let his other hand run along her body despite her struggle, "he cheated on you and you deserve the same choice he has."

    Hayley wasn't swept away but put her hand along his face, "he didn't cheat on me."  She didn't give him warning before she found herself producing lightning that left them both screaming in pain.

    Warren got to his feet seeing Hayley lying on the ground.  He touched her gently and realized she had knocked herself out.  He bit his lip, she had made it quite clear she didn't love him but he was reluctant to give up.  He sighed and heard footsteps ready to face Remy or whoever had finally come looking for them.  He had hoped they would find the two of them sparking a new love in each other's arm.  He looked to the source of the footsteps and found Magneto staring at him.

     "She is bewitching is she not, Mr. Worthington?"  Eric smiled.

     "What?"  Warren asked hardly believing what he saw.

     "I suppose we could list you among her list of loves," he chuckled loudly.  "She has many on a string according to her old friend Mr. Creed."

      He gestured to where the animalistic Sabretooth came running up the hill.  Warren's sanctuary had been compromised and he scooped Hayley up quickly and leapt off the edge of the hill hoping Sabretooth wasn't as able to follow as Magneto.


     Jean watched Alex sleeping soundly as the simple blanket was all that she needed to raise her body temperature now.  She watched Alex's eyes open as Henry, Ally and Remy came into the infirmary.

     Hank went right to her and held her hand as he began to assess how she looked medically.  "She looks 95% better than when she left the room."

     Jean smiled, "Bobby did this, not me."

     Ally smiled, "really?"

    "Yes, he said Alex had been working with him and how to use his power."  Jean smiled and enjoyed Hank's happier face.

    He gathered his stethoscope, began to go over her quickly with it examining her until he finally sighed appeased, "she will be better here to stayed monitored."

    "I guess she will," Jean sighed, "I found some more ice on her and assumed you might want to keep her close."

     Beast looked up worried he had missed something, "Where?"  He said unfolding her robe and looking at her body for the ice.  Remy cleared his throat and turned his head politely.

    Jean laughed and grabbed Alex's hand where she sported the engagement ring, "this ice."

   Ally's eyes grew wide as Hank gathered Alex back into her robe, "Why Dr. McCoy!"  She tossed her arms around his neck happily and kissed his cheek.  "This is wonderful!"

    Remy chuckled and he certainly wouldn't have expected it, "Dis cause for celebration non?"  He looked at his blue friend, "Yo' blushing, Beast?"

    Jean ran up and kissed her friend's cheek too, "I agree this should be celebrated."

    Remy looked at the ring wishing he had the guts to do so with Hayley first but Alex and Hank had been together longer.  He wanted to marry Hayley but when the time was right, he would do it right.  He would ask his sister's blessing and take her to New Orleans to get his father's.  He hoped Rayne would go with him too, he wanted her to be a big part of his life.  He smiled at the thought of her helping to choose a ring or a place for the wedding.  She would be good at organizing a wedding.  He laughed, thinking she was pushy enough to get the job done right.

    Remy looked at Beast, "Yo' gon' have a wedding?"

    "Please," Hank said embarrassed, "Alex should be included on such a conversation."  He held his hand up.  "Things happened much faster than I thought they would have and Alex and I still need to adjust ourselves."  He touched Alex's face wishing the ring hadn't been spotted yet so she could smile with their friends too.

     "Hank, if you don't mind my asking why is it faster than you wanted?"  Ally cocked her head. "You could still wait."

    Remy chuckled and touched Ally's belly lightly, "Maybe dey can't wait, petite."  He winked at Hank.

      There was no doubting there was a furious blush on Henry's face now, "No, that is not why, but yes we do want children."

      Jean smiled at the thought of her friends settling down and becoming happy.  "Well, considering the accident should we run an HCG level on her blood to make sure, Henry?"  She thought about the complications a pregnancy would make with the accident.

     "It could not hurt to make sure but it is very unlikely Jean," he found Ally and Remy smirking at him and Ally leaned against Remy as she laughed, "We have used precautions but even with them, a SLIM chance still survives."  He began to chuckle watching the others laugh.

     Ally stood up straighter and hugged him, "Come what may, I am happy for you."

     Remy smiled, "Ah am too, mon ami," he shook his hand quickly.  "Ah got some real home style Cajun cookin’ for you all in de kitchen ta celebrate."

     He gestured to the door and Ally laughed.

     Hank looked surprised, "Let us leave aside the fact you would like us to eat spicy food for breakfast, but I did not know you could cook, Remy."

     Remy sighed, "Rayne an' Ah were cookin’ last night," he smiled.

     Jean didn't look tempted, "I will stay here and watch things."

    "Coward," Henry joked as he followed the other two but he could have sworn he heard Remy telling Ally he had some champagne as well.  Henry rolled his eyes and followed wondering what concoction awaited them.

     Remy stopped, "wait!"  He looked in the other direction; "Ah need ta get Rayne so she knows somebody's eatin’ her cookin’."

    Ally wrapped her arms in Beast and rested her head on his shoulder talking to him about how happy she wad for him.

     Remy smiled and ran for his sisters room but stopped short thinking of Hayley with the Angel and sighed.  He would track them down in a little while.

     He thought of Rayne and how she wouldn't forgive him if the others sampled her cooking with out her.  He laughed at the image of her throwing a wooden rolling pin at him when the red beans and rice exploded all over the ceiling.  He recalled her laughter and her smiles and he smiled.

     His sister's smile reminded him of all he missed back home.  In his mind, she embodied all he loved in New Orleans.  He knew he would feel better when he saw Rayne and the two of them would track Hayley down and kick the stuffing out of Warren.  Gambit frowned then thinking how Rayne would probably be happy if Warren took Hayley away from him.  ‘She jus’ don’ understand Hayley.’



      Jean smiled, 'so many couples and so much happiness,' she thought as she looked to Alex.

     She tapped the computer thinking Beast would make a wonderful father but she hoped after Alex's accident that Alex wasn't pregnant.  It would certainly complicate things for Alex's health.  She sighed and checked on Justice wishing he had been awake to hear of he news.  She adjusted his I.V. and squeezed his hand so he knew she was there.  She gathered a tray and went to the other room to ready tests for Alex.

      Alex could feel somebody calling her name softly and a gentle touch along her face was like a light tickle.  She sighed assuming it was Henry and opened her eyes slowly but her lids still felt a little frozen and she rubbed at them furiously to see her blue-faced love.

     What she saw was Pietro staring at her as she woke she sat up and looked around confused.  She wondered if she was still at Eric's and everything had been a dream.

     "What?"  Pietro said quickly. He knew she was mumbling something lightly.  "Alex are you ok?"  He touched her face and hair.

     "Pietro?" she choked still very cold.  "How did you get there?"  She sat up a little but he eased her back.

    "I move very quickly remember?"  He joked weakly.  "We don't have much time."  He looked at her happy to see her but very upset.  "Alex my father can still control you and your sister with the touch of a button."

      "What?"  She opened her eyes wider and she looked around wondering why nobody had seen him.  "Where's Beast and Jean?"

      Pietro shook his head, "I heard everything," he touched her ring.  "Are you really going to marry him?"  He choked back the emotion in his voice.

      "Yes, I am," she said simply, "We love each other and not just each other's bodies."  She sighed, "Pietro," She touched his hand, "You don't even know me."

      He leaned towards her, "Come with me before my father kills you." He looked around a bit nervous for anybody's entrance.  "I can keep him from hurting you again."

     "Pietro," she sighed knowing this man was trying to help her.  "I can't."

     "Alex," he whispered, "I want to be with you and I think you want me."  He leaned forward and brushed his lips to hers sweetly and he pulled away kindly, "If you don't come with me you need to try to have that chip out of your head."  He grabbed her hand and held it to his chest.  "If you don't come with me fine but please don't let him kill you as he is going your sister."

      "What?" she sat up feeling her blood go hot.

      "He did this to Hayley too," he sighed not wanting to talk about it.  "He followed her outside the school grounds on some hill top and sent me to retrieve you."

     "Oh my God," she tossed her legs over the side of the bed and felt woozy.

     Pietro sighed and pushed her legs back, "If you want to help her you should stay here or you would be an easy capture right now."

     She let him push her back into the bed knowing he could have taken her out of there very easily and hadn't.  "Why didn't you take me?  Why do you spare me as you did in the labs?"

    He reached to her and hugged her and they both relaxed realizing the other was not an enemy.

    Alex let him hold her and hugged him back.  He reminded her a lot of Justice and she couldn't turn him in now, as she knew he wouldn't bring her to his father.  "Pietro if you go back with without me what will your father do to you?"

     "I'll handle it," he said almost angrily but his hand went to his washboard abs instinctively.

      Alex reached for his silver and white uniform top to see what he was reaching for and he pulled away, "I have seen you naked, Pietro."  She fought against his hands to prove or disprove her theory.

      He pushed her hands back but she gave him those sad blue eyes and he relented as she pulled his shirt up seeing the gashes she quickly recognized as Sabretooth's calling card.  Pietro pulled his uniform back down.  "He deals with us as well," he mumbled.

     "He let Sabretooth after you?"  She was upset at the idea.

     "Five minutes and he got a lucky shot on me," Pietro sighed.

     "And Wanda?"

     "She is doing all right after many stitches to her head."  He sighed at the thought.  "I wasn't as bad as it looked but I doubt you will have to worry that she will be out for revenge for a while."  He almost laughed, "I am sorry about what my father did to Justice."  He did deserve something after what he did to Wanda," Pietro swallowed hard, "but not this."

     Alex looked at Justice and nodded, "Are you the only sane one in the Brotherhood?"  She looked at him sadly.  "Join the Professor, Pietro."  She grabbed his hand.

     He looked to the floor, "I am where I belong Alex," he moved to her side again.  He wrapped his arms around her, hugged her, and drew her into a kiss but Alex pulled away after his lips parted hers and she kissed his cheek.

    "Pietro," she felt like she owed him something.  He put himself on the line for her yet again.

     He didn't bother to hide his feelings, "I care for you more than I have for any woman."  He didn't let her go yet.  "Allow me this," he said in a voice his father used when he had still been a gentleman. "To say goodbye," he looked into her blue eyes and thought he would cry, "You love him don't you?"

     Alex nodded feeling truly sorry for Pietro because she did love Beast, "I'm sorry."

    He bent down to hold her closer to him, "Alex you touched me in a way I will never understand."  He knew he was warming her and he was glad, she would be better in no time.  "I know you love him but maybe your fiancé should have done this to warm you."  He bent her back against the bed and kissed her softly as he parted her lips with his.  He let his fingers move along her neck and face as she relaxed but he knew there was no spark or love there.  He broke the kiss slowly not wanting it to end and he was sure Alex sighed as he finished.  "Thank you," they both said together.

     He sighed, "I heard them say you might be pregnant," he looked at her abdomen with a wry grin, "we both know it isn't mine but my father won't believe it, Alex."

     She swallowed hard because she hadn't considered that.

    "If you are, hide the pregnancy as long as you can and don't leave these walls or he will send us after you and hunt you down as he does your sisters," Pietro truly looked worried for her.

     "You really are in love with me?"  She whispered, "I wish I could say or do something to make this easier for you."

     "You did, Alexandra," he smiled and squeezed her hand again as he kissed her head.  "This keeps us a small part of each other," he brushed his lips to hers and she shook her head to show him she didn't approve.

     "I love him and I can't let you do that again," she felt sorry for him.

     "I know and I have to go before I am caught," he looked around nervously, "Wolverine will shred me if he finds me here and I can't be a prisoner."

     "We aren't like that Pietro," Alex sighed.

    "She's right," Jean said from her hiding place.  "I could have stopped you when you first got here but Alex is right you are not evil Pietro."

     He narrowed his eyes angrily; "You couldn't catch me if you wanted to Grey."  He shouted at the redhead, "I was about to take her to my father and I will bring you as well if you don't back off," he pointed to her.

     Jean looked at Alex who nodded it was all right.  "You aren't afraid we will take you captive but that your father will see you had a safe passage and make you suffer for it or use it against you."

      He nodded, "Please, if we come against each other in battle," he choked moving away slowly at first, "remember I wouldn't be able to fight you, Alexandra."

      She watched him run from the infirmary, as he became nothing but a light blur.

     Jean went to her, "he was what had you acting so strangely after you were captured?"

    "He's not what he seems Jean," Alex looked at the sheets embarrassed, "not to me."

     "Remember he had gone after your siblings and friends before Alex," Jean sat next to her “you should be prepared for him to change his mind.”

       Jean concentrated and found Warren flying back to the school with Hayley in his arms and Magneto on his tail.  "He wasn't lying about Hayley though."  She jumped up and began to contact some of the others telepathically.

      "Jean, why didn't you intercede earlier?"

       Jean sighed, "I didn't see a threat but I have to tell you that I worried that you did fancy him," she looked at her own hands, "I know different because I probed your mind and felt your sorrow for him."

        "I think I would have done the same by letting him down easily and offering sanctuary," she sighed.  "You need some sleep Alex until your body temps stay at what they were when he was here."

       Alex nodded ashamed, "I didn't mean to respond to him but," Alex trailed almost in tears.

       "He is a charmer like his father but he honestly seems to care for you," Jean sighed, "You have nothing to ashamed of Alex.  You love Henry and told him so, and you wear that ring as a symbol of that love."

         Alex smiled brightly at the thought of Hank, "he is wonderful."

         Jean laughed, "THAT'S a woman in love."  She held Alex's hand, "Get some rest or I will call Hank to sedate you."

        Alex chuckled settling back in bed, "Thank you Jean."  Then she said a silent thank you for Pietro for freeing her finally.