Wolvie Femmes * Taking Chances:




     Rogue awoke and heard voices talking quietly but it was the bright lights that grabbed her attention. She felt fine but had many voices in her head.

     "What the flamin' hell happened?" She inquired to the wall but she finally turned her attention to the faces of Beast and Alex. "I need a cigarette," She grabbed a night table to steady herself and was amazed to see it begin to glow a Bright scarlet color. All she could do was stare at it in amazement.

       Beast rushed at her with his agility, grabbing her and landing them both next to Alex.

      Rogue threw her hands on her sides, "What gives blue boy?"

      "Uh oh I recognize Hayl's attitude anywhere." Alex sighed.

      The charged table broke apart as if a small firework had hit it. It didn't seem to hold much of a charge and Rogue tilted her head in wonder.

      She grabbed her head trying to calm the voices, "How many people did I absorb this time?"

      "More than you should have my young friend," Beast removed his glasses and watched her.

      "I am going to bed then," Rogue announced.

      Beast crossed his arms, "Where is bed then?"

      "UM….. I don't know?" Rogue laughed. "I have Hayley and Gambit's passion for each other," she blushed. "For a minute there I wanted to be with Gambit the next I wanted to be with Hayley." Rogue laughed, shocked at her own words, "Does this make me a lesbian?"

     "I think you need to be watched tonight," Beast tried hard not to laugh at her and her strange identity crisis.

     "How about with Kitty and Jubilee?" Alex offered.

     "Perhaps somebody older," Beast knew they would all be in trouble before the night was out.

      They both racked their brains to think of somebody who wasn't partnered or injured.

      "She can stay with me," Alex offered.

       Beast smiled as he watched Jean walk in, "My relief is here so I will walk you both to your room." He knew Alex would deal with the Hayley persona easily, "That is if the lovely Ms. Grey doesn't mind my abrupt departure."

      Jean smiled at him and waved them out the door, "Somebody should be happy tonight."

     Jean had volunteered to watch the infirmary it seemed the best way to keep herself busy too.

     "Goodnight Jean," the trio called to her.

     Jean sighed and found a bed. She laid down on it with the charts hoping to get some shut-eye. She was sure she would awaken before anybody would need her.

       Aubrey snuck out of the room as soon as Ty had fallen asleep. They had talked until the wee hours of the night about another mutant group and about the X-men.

      She sighed as she remembered the other reason why she had been there so late and almost giggled as she saw Josh's door.

      'He would kill me,' she laughed to herself as she could hear low voices in Ally-cat's room.
       She couldn't remember the last time she had felt such sense of hope and happiness and in her mind it was all due to Ty.  He had told them about Ally-cat and he had been right about following her against the odds. He was Aubrey's lucky charm.

     She sighed as she found her door because she knew that Josh would pick a fight over this. She turned the knob and took in the welcome site of her made bed and dropped her shoes by the door.

     "I was wondering when you would roll in," A voice rang out from a chair at the other end of the room.

      Aubrey turned in time to see Josh staring at her but she put her hands on her hips to stand her ground

     "I am not a child Josh," Aubrey prepared herself for an argument with her brother.

     He simply stood up and sighed, "I know but think about what you did."

     She pointed her finger at him angrily, "It's none of your business."

     "No, but he might think you did it to obligate him to come with us," Josh moved to the door and opened it, "I don't want you to have a broken heart. That's all."

     Aubrey opened her mouth to argue but she knew he was right. She watched him leave with a heavy heart then sank into her bed with a sigh.


     Ally felt Hayley pulling at her mind and Ally sat up in the bed next to Logan. Hayley had been trespassing in Logan's mind and realized they wanted to leave. Ally finally reassured her they would not be leaving in the morning. She felt Hayley relax and held on to her sister's mind long enough to feel Hayley go back to sleep.

     Logan stirred as he turned onto his back from his side. Ally laid back down next to him hoping he wouldn't wake. She placed her head on his chest and let his heartbeat lull her.

     Now how would she convince him to stick around a little while longer to appease Hayley.  She took a deep breath and let her fingers curl around his thick chest hair.

     He opened his eyes a little guarded. "Everything all right?"

    "Fine," She smiled at him and pulled herself closer to him.

     He almost laughed. Now he knew something was up and raised and eyebrow at her.

    She sighed at him and gave in. No man had ever been so comfortable to her. Their bodies seemed to fit together. When she touched his skin it was electric to her. She had never been in love with another man. She looked at her husband and she knew he didn't have what 'he' would call pretty boy looks like Justice or Remy but his manly demeanor and musky odor won Ally over plenty of times. She looked at his eyes as he searched her face. She had always loved the warmth of his eyes and she was glad the children had their shape.

     Logan groaned and reached for the stogie he didn't have a chance to finish last night as he lit it he looked over to the baby monitor.

    "Not the kids, is it?"

    "No," she said quickly, " I will need to be around to help wrap up father's affairs."

    Logan kept himself from rolling his eyes, "Hayley or Alex?"

    "Both," Ally smiled, "I need to wrap things up. I don't want to pick up and run like a thief in the night."

    "Speaking of thieves," Logan took a drag on the cigar, "Where's Gumbo hiding?"

    "Hayley's room," Ally glared at him. "No, proof he is a thief." She tried to defend Remy but knew that wasn't true.

    "He's was in a guild for thieves, Al," Logan laughed as he got up for the bathroom.

   "Doesn't mean he was practicing," she sighed, "Or that he will practice on us. Besides a woman can make a man honest."

    Logan stopped in his tracks at the threshold to the bathroom and scoffed loudly. He raised an eyebrow at her, "Hayley? She can only fuel a fire."

    Ally sat up and stared at the sheets because she knew he was right, "Well, I wouldn't call him a thief now."

    Logan knew there was only one way out the argument with Ally and grunted, "We can wait." Then he sighed, "but soon, alright?"

     Remy rubbed his red eyes and looked at the black mass in front of him. Hayley's raven tresses had gotten into his face. He gently gave her hair back to her and sat up.

     He looked at the now lightened windows and felt the bed move as Hayley stirred. He watched as she blinked awake and her vivid eyes searched him up and down like a predator sizing up its prey.

     Remy watched her curiously as she looked around a little now. Thoughts of a shower floated through his mind as he toyed with the idea of finding Rayne and discussing last night's event.

     Hayley's eyes glowed as she tugged at her sister's mind and Remy wrinkled his brow in wonder. Quickly they had stopped as they had begun and she smiled at him. Whatever she had done had appeased her and her disposition improved.


     "It's nothing," Hayley said as she sat up with a mischevious smile in her eyes.

     She wrapped her arm around Remy's neck and pulled him into a kiss. Their hearts skipped a beat as their bodies caught fire.

     Remy's thoughts went to what this was leading to and what that could possibly mean, but all thoughts were soon pushed aside as he felt Hayley breach the sanctity of the top of his boxers.

    With a deep groan Hayley was no longer in charge as he deepened their kiss and pulled her to him hard.

     Storm woke up to pillows that were unfamiliar. She sat up quickly to see Justice sleeping in the chair next to bed with a pillow tucked uncomfortably under his head. He was fast asleep with his feet stretched out onto the window sill.

     She felt refreshed after a long night's sleep and smiled at the sight of Justice's comical form.

    She let her feet find the floor and decided to wake him enough to let him get in the bed.

    Justice's head popped up and he blinked as he brought Storm into view.

    "Good morning," Storm said quietly.

    "Already?" Justice groaned grabbing his sore neck. He began to rub it furiously to work the knot out.

     Justice's eyes glowed as he blushed and stared out the window.

     "One of your sisters?" Storm wondered.

     He nodded but still didn't meet her eye and she became slightly worried.

     "What is it?"

     Justice turned to face her and she could see his face was red. "It was Hayl," He admitted readily and saw Storm's worried look. "She's having sex," He finally blurted out and shrugged.

     "How do you know this?" Storm asked a little appalled.

     "She's not a very strong telepath and can't always shut herself off from us," He lied hoping that Storm wouldn't think less of his sister.

     She lowered her brow skeptically.

    "Okay," he sank on the bed next to her, "She does this."

    "That is not right," Storm said a bit disgusted.

    "Could be worse though," Justice smiled ruefully.

    "How is that?"

     "She could be in half the school's minds telling them the size of his….."

     "I understand," Storm cut him off and then she laughed. This was a comical family.

     "She does this," he groaned as he began to rub his neck again.

      Storm moved his hands and replaced them with hers as she rubbed his sore neck, "Perhaps you should get some rest in a bed."

      "I am okay," he smiled as she eased the pressure on his neck.

      "Let us not argue after you took care of me," She said firmly.

       "I just thought," Justice blushed.


        Justice got up from the bed and then slipped on his carelessly discarded shoe and fell back onto the bed. He caught himself right before their heads would collide.


        “Sorry,” Justice mumbled as he found himself nose to nose with Storm. They say there for seconds until Justice finally breezed her lips with his. He began to pull away but Storm grabbed his shirt and pulled him into another kiss. It was all the encouragement Justice needed.

        Storm looked into his eyes and drank in the warm kiss as he pushed her against the bed and ran his hand down her side. She had to catch her breath and then gave in to the realization that she had wanted this to happen since she had first seen this man. The words that floated through her passion filled mind were, 'Thank you, Hayley.'