Wolvie Femmes * Swept Away









         Storm couldn’t sit still long enough to think after she took her shower and found herself wandering down the hall into the infamous couple of Remy and Hayley holding hands with Jordan.  She moved quicker seeing Hayley on her feet and wondered if they knew anything about Justice.


      “Gambit,” Storm called and all three turned around.  “Have you heard anything?”


     He shook his head and lifted Jordan’s hand and gestured down the hall, “We going to check on him but we have to take Imp to Rogue.”


     Imp sighed loudly and Ororo looked at a uncharacteristically quiet Hayley, “I see Reg did a fine job of healing you,” she smiled at the solemn looking Adams.


     Hayley nodded and Remy pulled her closer and as Hayley put her head on his chest Ororo realized something was amiss. “Are you still ill?”


     Remy cleared his throat, “She’s human now, Storm.”  He met Storm’s eyes but Hayley looked at her feet.


     Imp rolled her eyes up to her Aunt much in a fashion her father would, “Normal?”


    Remy knelt down to meet the child’s questions feeling very protective of Hayley and her family, “She can’t read minds or use her fire.”  He explained to the angelic angel with the mischievous twinkle in her eyes.


    Jordan looked to her Aunt for confirmation but Hayley merely nodded, “how are you going to protect your little girl?  Or me?”  Imp crossed her arms.

    Storm laughed, “You think she’s having a girl?”


    Imp smiled, “I know it’s a girl.”


    Hayley looked at Imp a little amused now, “you’re something kid.”


   “Yes, I am really smart.”  Imp said.


    Hayley watched Remy’s face as he smiled back at her with the news.  Hayley’s sight went to the figure wandering down the hall to them.


    Remy looked up to see Logan interrupting the news and almost scowled but Logan’s attention was on his sister in law.


    Wolverine cocked a grin at Hayley and plucked his cigar from his mouth, “You look better kid.”


    Hayley smiled, looked down, took Imp’s hand and strolled away.


    “She all right?”  Logan said quietly but looked at Remy accusingly.


    It was Storm who jumped to his defense, “Hayley has lost her mutant ability.”


    “Not surprisin’,” Logan shrugged his shoulders, “Alex lost hers.”


    “Dis hurts her, Logan,” Remy sighed.


    “She’s dependent on it Cajun, but she can protect herself in other ways,” Logan looked Remy up and down, “Won’t stop her fighting ability.”


     “I think it is the telepathy link she misses with her siblings, Logan,” Storm sighed.


     “She’ll get used to it,” Logan snorted, “she ain’t going to Magneto and asking for it back.”


      Remy narrowed his eyes, “It’d be de same t’ing as takin’ your claws an healin’ ability.”


      “Yeah, so I’d fight smart or not fight,” Logan grunted and sucked on his cigar.  “Think you can tame her enough not to fight, Gumbo?”  Wolverine scoffed at Remy once again feeling the competition for his ex and to prove who understood her better.


     Storm cleared her throat, “I was wondering if anybody had heard how Justice is doing?”


     “We were coming to ask you if wanted to go check on Justice,” Remy looked o Storm.  “Bobby tol’ us dat he was in surgery.”


     “Is that where Al is?”  Logan sighed.


      Remy nodded seeing Hayley down the hall at Rogue’s door.  Hayley hugged the child as she watched Imp go into Rogue’s room.


     Logan shook his head, “he’s got it bad.”  Then he looked at Ororo, “meet you down there ‘Ro.”  He strode off shaking his head at the bewildered man.


     Remy hardly noticed but looked to the door with the baby monitor tucked in his coat.  He watched Logan stop next to Hayley as Rogue’s door shut and he wrapped his arm around Hayley’s shoulder.  Remy sighed and walked over to the door and snapped it open.


      He looked in at his sister still sleeping and smiled at her.  He sighed and started off to Hayley but Storm stopped him.


     “Remy, what does her losing her ability mean to you?”  She lowered her gaze at him.


     “S’cool, Ah’m here to take care of her,” he gave her a roguish grin.


     Storm crossed her arms, “Did you think that perhaps she is not used to being protected?”


     Remy went to answer her but his mouth stayed open and he shook his head.  He had to admit he was a little old fashion and liked the idea of her not going against the Brotherhood or other mutants. Especially pregnant she didn’t belong fighting or where she could get hurt and she had been there far more than she should have.  He liked the idea of taking a normal looking Rayne and a normal Hayley and settling down.  He would do what he could to provide for them and he would take care of his Rayne and Hayley.  He smiled at the thought and looked to Ororo.  “She gon’ have ta get used to it, non?”


      “It’s not her nature, Remy,” Storm sighed.  She touched his shoulder and moved away as they began to walk closer to Hayley.  Storm left them with a little wave.


       Hayley turned to Remy but he could tell Storm was right, Hayley wasn’t accepting this well.  He touched her face, “Ah’m glad to have you back.”


       She looked up at him with sad eyes but smiled at him, “I missed you too.”  She caught his thumb as he stroked it over her face and folded herself into his arms with a sigh.  She felt safe with him, as she had Logan years ago but the emotions that flowed between them kept her from wanting to run.


     He cupped her head so she was looking at him, “Somet’ing else Ah missed.”  He smiled at her and let his lips find hers but pulled away slowly remembering how easily she had been spooked before.  “Dis okay, Chere?”  She nodded and he kissed her again feeling she was a little like the woman he had met again.  He deepened the kiss as his hot Cajun blood caught fire and he found himself pinning her to the wall as his tongue found hers.  They pressed their bodies together and they found each other’s hands in the others hair. He had missed her kiss he thought to himself breathlessly as he pulled back to see her looking at him with the same winded expression.


    Hayley was surprised she hadn’t been haunted by Creed’s memory yet and she felt Remy’s hand travel to her abdomen and she swallowed hard.  “Are you all right with this child?”  She let her hand find his removing it from her stomach.


    “Fine with it,” he smiled and he hoped it would be as easy as he thought it would be. To prove his point he kissed her head.


     Hayley’s eyes filled with tears and she looked away.


     He furrowed his brow, “Hayley, now what’s wrong?”


     “Nothing,” she smiled, “it’s fine.”


     He almost laughed but grabbed her to him and kissed her neck as they walked on to see how Justice was.









     Ally looked up to see Logan walking in the infirmary with a scolding look and she sat up straighter wondering if it was her this time.


     “I thought you were going to sleep,” Logan barked as he came closer but he took her into his arms.  “You need to rest,” he said softly in her ear and kissed her lips lightly.


     The sound of somebody clearing their throat came from Reg and Logan shook his head grabbing Ally by the wrist and taking her out of the med lab.


     “Justice needs surgery and Henry needs me here,” she sighed looking at the infirmary door.  “Alex isn’t herself.”


      Logan barely paid attention as he couldn’t take his eyes from her face as she spoke, particularly her lips, “So, I’ll wait with you.”


      “You don’t have to,” she smiled tiredly but he caught her up in a strong embrace and kissed her hard letting his hand travel down her spine.  A giggle caught in her throat as she felt his hand travel to her zipper and she reached to catch his hand.


      He pulled back happy with just kissing her and knowing she was safe and backed away to take in her flushed features and smiled.  He bent down to kiss her again with a groan of restraint. “Making this hard, Darlin’.”


     She laughed and pulled from his embrace, “ME?”


    He kissed her lips, softly seeing her lips looking redder from his kiss and touched her face, “I’m staying with you because somebody’s gonna make sure you get some sleep.”


     She laughed and crossed her arms, “how’s that?”


    “You can sleep on one of the beds until you’re needed,” he crossed his arms, “I’ll wake you if you’re needed.”


     Ally watched him and knew he would feel better if she slept and she was tired.  “Well, if I get sleepy, I will lay down ok?”


    He nodded and touched her hair lightly, “No, but it’ll do.”  He smiled ruefully at her and followed her back into the infirmary.  Who would have thought that he and Ally would have made a couple?  It baffled him still to think that he was a father.


   Logan caught sight of Hayley and Remy walking and talking with the occasional personal gesture when they thought nobody was looking.  Remy would wrap his fingers in her hair and Hayley seemed to feel at home with her head on his chest.  He watched Hayley slow their pace as she looked up to his taller frame and touched his face and Remy pulled her into a kiss.  He sighed thinking they looked like newlyweds who couldn’t keep their hands off each other but he knew that absence could do that to a guy.  Logan didn’t stop watching them wrapped up in the old feeling that he had once knew with Hayley and he had to admit to himself she looked happier and more care free than she had been with him.


    He watched Remy picked her up as he kissed her and held her up as if to cherish her but Hayley only laughed and slid back to meet his mouth.  They seemed to kiss for a long time and were oblivious to anybody else as Remy pushed Hayley against the wall and Hayley wrapped a leg around him breathless.


    Logan shook his head and was about to make a noise to remind them they were in public view, as he smelled the familiar smells of their bodies wanting sex. Before he could say a thing Remy’s hand traveled along Hayley’s side and he kissed her hard whispering something but a shadow passed over Hayley’s face. She stopped her prequel smells to sex and stared at him scared and ready to run but Remy didn’t seem to notice as he kissed neck and concentrated on her ear.


    Logan growled lowly not liking the look of this scene and lunged at Remy knocking him from Hayley.


    Remy shook his head and stared at Logan hard, “Problem mes ami?”  He hissed at the man, upset for the disturbance.  What he saw was Logan taking Hayley into his arms protectively and he flew to his feet.  “Wolverine, Ah don’t t’ink dis de time.”  He pushed at Logan to move away from Hayley.


    “Maybe you ought to think, Gumbo,” Logan grunted, “I don’t think she wants ya right now.”


     Remy narrowed his eyes angrily but he saw Hayley pushing tears from her eyes and realized she had been spooked when they were kissing.  “Hayley?”


     “I’m fine, Logan,” Hayley said touching Logan’s arm lightly, “it’s not his fault.”  Then she turned to Remy and met his eyes, “It’s not you, Remy.”


     Remy reached out to take her from Logan’s nature and Logan snarled at him but Hayley gently stepped away from Logan.


     “Lo, I’m ok,” Hayley sighed finally feeling the uncomfortable feeling pass. She pulled her hair out of her face and let Remy take her hand.  Before Remy could pull her from Logan she hugged Wolverine again and grasped his head to hold it still as she met his eyes, “I love him, Lo.  He won’t hurt me.”


     The words struck Wolverine like a knife for some reason as he watched her walking away snuggling up to Remy’s chest.  Remy looked back at Logan with mixed emotions and Logan was sure one of them was that Remy wanted to stick a charged charge up Logan’s ass.  Remy held Hayley a little differently now as they walked into the infirmary, gone was the look of two newlyweds but now they looked more like they were going to a funeral.


     Remy brushed his hand against her cheek as he held her, “Chere, why didn’t you tell me you were uncomfortable?”


    Hayley shrugged, “Happens fast and my reactions are a bit frozen.”


    Remy stepped in the infirmary to see Ally and Alex smiling at their sister.  He sighed knowing she would be taken from him before they could discuss it, again.  He cupped her face in his hands.  “I’ll take care of you, Hayley.”  He brushed his lips across her head.  “Don’t be afraid to tell me anything or ask for anything.”


     Hayley nodded still shaking, “I tried to stop Logan and my fire didn’t work.”


    “It don’t matter, Chere,” He assured her, “Ah’m here.”


    “I was wondering when you would get here,” Ally’s voice broke them apart as she came forward with a smile until she noticed Hayley’s expression.  “What’s the matter?”


      Hayley sighed, “I’m not mutant anymore.”


      Ally frowned, “we can talk to Hank about it later.”


      Hayley shrugged and sat down in a chair trying to look nonchalant with a sigh, “it’s not like I need it right now.”


      Ally looked over at Alex who silently seemed to agree, “You are dependent on it.”  Alex pointed out.


     “Best to get it straightened out,” Ally agreed.


      Hayley nodded and curled her knees into the chair with her.


      Remy looked around and then to Ally and Alex, “Any word on Justice?”


     “Not yet,” they said together and Logan made his way in slowly.  He began to laugh as he looked at Hayley.  He looked at the other people a bit upset.


      “Nobody saw this?”  He glared at Remy as he walked over to pick up Hayley who had fallen asleep in the chair.


       Remy bent down and picked her up in his arms before Logan could and Ally directed Remy to a bed as she lifted a blanket.  Remy put her down but frowned as Ally covered her up.


       “Ah could take her upstairs,” Remy offered and it was obvious he didn’t want to leave her there.


       “Y’know, Cajun,” Logan snarled, “I am beginning to wonder about you.”  They all seemed to understand he meant his relation with Hayley.


       “Don’t homme,” he crossed his arms to face him, “We doing fine.”


        Ally cut Logan a look that said ‘back off.’ She looked to Remy and smiled, “I bet that Rayne’s going to wake up soon and would love to see you.”


        Alex picked up on her cue, “Hayley’s not going anywhere, Remy. Ally can contact you when Justice is out and I am sure Rayne would love to see you when she wakes up.”  Alex spoke as she always did to Remy but she couldn’t look him in the eye or even in his direction.


       Remy looked at Logan who also seemed please with the idea and Remy touched Hayley’s hair and kissed her lips lightly.  “Ah’ll be back, mon amis.”


       Ally smiled looking quite tired herself but Remy smiled at her and ran from the infirmary hoping to be the first face his sister would see.