Wolvie * Femmes







          Remy carried Hayley's and Rayne's bags to the car with a heavy sigh. "Where dey at?"  He looked at Justice who was now dressed for the day with Oakley shades over his bloodshot eyes.


          Justice shrugged as he pushed his luggage into his own car sitting next to the Alex's SUV that she had given Remy the keys too.  Justice slammed his trunk shut and leaned on the trunk.  "Who knows." he still seemed dismal from the encounter and the endless chortles of the students who asked him if he was playing cards again tonight.  He was afraid he would never live it down and hoped something else would hold the students attention so they would forget it.


        "'’Xactly what happened wit' yo' an' Rayne, Justice?"  He looked to Justice's tired composure as he leaned on his car.


        "We going to travel that road again?" Justice sighed.  Remy held his stare and Justice came over to him and removed his glasses.  He also realized Remy started calling him Justice again instead of Homme.  "She was alone and lonely the last night at my uncle's."  He met his eye, "I brought cards and kept her company for a while."


         "An' you ended up in her bed…"  Remy expected Justice to finish.


        "Not too sure about that," Justice thought for a moment.  "I know I fell asleep on the floor but needed a blanket," he lifted his shoulder in a pitiful shrug, "I guess I didn't make it away from the bed.  But…" he moved closer to Remy with a hard stare, "nothing happened and I wouldn't do that to Rayne or Storm.  And do you really think that Rayne would have let me stay there if she didn’t trust me?”  He watched Remy finally relent now that he had talked to him alone.


        "Half de school knows about it now!" Remy sighed now worried over Rayne's reputation.


        "I am sorry for that," Justice understood that much about a girl's reputation, "but THEY can bite my bu…"


        "Mr. LeBeau," a voice called and both men turned to see Riptide walking briskly towards them in a full suit at 9 am in the morning.  He was holding flowers and a heart shaped box of candy.


        Justice snickered under his breath; "I think the school will forget all of last nights escapades very soon."


         Remy kept a deadpan stare at the green young man in the black suit, "He look like dem hommes in dat Alien flik."


          Justice couldn't hold it in and burst out laughing, "You mean Men in black?"  Remy nodded, "take it easy on him," Justice moved away slowly to give them privacy as he thought Riptide really must like Rayne.


        "What yo' need, homme?"  Remy tilted his head at Jason.


        "I want to ask your permission to date your sister," he said slowly and carefully.


         Remy looked at him and gestured at the suit, "Why yo’ dressed up?"


        "One of the girl's said this is how they did it in the south.  You know, to show respect," Riptide looked at the suit himself and sighed.


          Both could hear Justice off to the side laughing and they rolled their eyes.


          "Don't let Jus'ice bother you, Jason," Remy sighed, "He’s been laughed at today more’n you’ll ever be."


           Jason turned and smiled a little expectantly.


           Remy walked to the glove box of Alex's SUV and pulled out paper and a pen, "If Rayne wan's ta go out wit' yo'.  Dis is de address and de number we’ll be stayin’ at," He handed him the paper, "yo' have ma permission.  Not jus' de two of you though.  Yo’ go as a group or not at all.” 


           Jason beamed looking at the paper and started to move away, "No problem, senor, por favor," He stopped and thought, "I mean 'please' excuse me."  Jason said as politely as he could.  "Thank you."


          "Da Nada," Remy sighed.  "She pro'bly still in her room."  He smiled hoping this would make his sister happy.  "Remember, if you ever hurt her…"  Remy pointed at him.  “Bang, your dead.”


          "Good advise.  I won’t."  Jason bowed low and ran.






          Rayne was working quickly to set her old room in order before she left, so she didn’t notice Jason standing in the doorway until he cleared his throat.  When she looked at him, she tried very hard not to laugh.  “Why are you all dressed up, chere?”


         Jason shrugged,  I was told it was the thing to do when asking out a southern girl.”


         “Shouldn’t believe everythinyo’ hear,  She said with a slight smile.  “Course now, it never hurts ta look your best…um…”  She turned her face away from him to keep him from seeing her blush.  He looked so uncomfortable standing there and she wondered why he was so adamant in asking her out, “Why do yo’ wan’ t’ask me out?” 


         Jason made an exasperated sound, “God only knows why.” 


        Rayne laughed then and took the flowers from his hand, “Dese for me, chere?”


        He held out the box of candy, “Dis, I mean, this is too.”  It all seemed so surreal to him then, like he was in someone else’s dream.  “So,” he found himself asking.  “Are you going to say yes or what?”


         Rayne closed her eyes and drank in the scent of the carnations.  They were her favorite flower.  She remembered how Remy used to bring her one at least once a week and call it a cri-quet flower.  She couldn’t recall any other time that she had been given flowers.  “Are yo’ sure you wan’ ta take me out?”


        Madre de dios!”  Jason flung his arms out wide, “Why are you making this so difficult?”


        Rayne looked stunned, “Am Ah?”


        He spun in a circle looking at the ceiling, “Yes, you are.  And your brother and Justice and…”  Then he began a tirade of babblings about how he got dressed in a suit,  bought flowers,  not to mention how hard it was to find a heart shaped box of chocolates when it was nowhere near Valentine’s day.  And how he was threatened by Justice and her brother, and he must be crazy!  He ended by panting and looking totally distraught.


        Rayne wasn’t sure what to say, “Oh, well…sorry about all dat.”  She thought about when he first approached her on the lawn.  “You shoulda just asked me out and gotten it over with back when everyone was playin’ football.”


         Jason collapsed in a chair and stared at the wall.  “Why am I putting myself through this?”  He wasn’t aware that he had said it aloud until Rayne laughed and said she had no idea why.  He looked at her, “Why are you being so mean to me?”


         Her eyebrows raised, “Ah’m bein’ mean?”  Then they lowered into a frown.  Ah’m just not used ta bein’ asked out is all.”


         “Oh but you are used to sleeping with guys, is that it?”  Jason hadn’t intended to bring that up but it was all over campus.


         “Only with ma brother,  chere.”  Then she blushed thinking of what everyone must have been saying about Justice sleeping in her bed last night.  “Listen, Justice is like a brother to me an nothin’ else, alright?”  She saw he still looked peeved.  “Remy was all Ah had when Ah was little.  He’s all Ah have now too, only.  Only Justice is like a brother to me now, mostly, and well…it’s hard ta explain.”  She sat on the newly made bed and stared at the floor.  “Maybe you should just find someone else ta go out with you.  Someone dat won’t drive yo’ crazy, hanh?”


         “I don’t want to go out with anyone else.”  He couldn’t believe he actually said that.


         She looked at him and smiled,  Dat’s sweet.”  The scent of the flowers wafted by her nose and she closed her eyes again.  After a few silent minutes, she reopened them.  “If it means dat much ta you, chere, Ah will go to de movie with you.”  When she saw him perk up she added,  Ah can’t make any promises about after dat, ok?”


         “Fair enough, faire damsel.”  He stood up and bowed to her with a flourish.  “We will pick you up on Friday at your place.  I’ll call you before that ok?”  She nodded.  “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get out of this monkey suit.”  He was happy it was all over with and his heart skipped a beat when he heard her laugh at his romantic gesture.  Before he left, he looked at her again as she was standing with a carnation pressed against her nose.  ‘She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.  Probably going to drive me insane, but she’s so beautiful.’  His lips turned up in a wispy smile as he sauntered down the hall.


        After he left, Rayne surveyed the room for anything else that might need to be done.  She didn’t see anything so she gathered her gifts and left to join Remy at the car.  As she rounded a corner, she almost ran nose to belly with Reg who had been walking quickly.  A hop and a squeak later she looked up at him.  “Where’s da fire, homme?” 


         He looked down at her, “I’m glad I caught yers before you left.”


         Rayne laughed at how long it took for him to say that one sentence. “Ok.  Ah am too actually.  Ah wanted ta thank yo’ for helpin’ me like yo’ did.”


         “No worries.”  He drawled in a thick Australian accent.  “I was just glad that my powers could help.  They’ve never been that strong in the past.  I guess what those soddy gits did to me back at the labs made them more powerful.”  He stood a moment in thought.  “I reckon that was worth the agro.”


          Rayne blinked in stunned silence.  It truly amazed her at how long it took for him to say things.  As if every word had it’s own dire meaning.  She was used to hearing people in the south talk slowly, but this was unlike anything she had ever heard.


          “Anyway,  He continued,  “I just wanted to tell you good journey and I hope the dingo’s don’t cause you any trouble out there.”


          Rayne blinked again several times before she finally got out,  Thank You, Ah think.”  She held out her hand and he shook it.  Yo’ know, you really do have a wonderful gift and Ah’d be lyin’ if Ah said Ah wasn’t a bit jealous.”  Before he could respond and she would have to wait another eternity to speak again she continued,  When Ah lived in Louisiana, Ah was traininta be a healer.”  She frowned feeling sad.  “But it didn’t work out.”  She looked at his hands again, the hands of a true healer.  “You’re very lucky, mon ami.”


         Nevermind.”  He shifted the stogie that was stuffed at the corner of his mouth.  “I’m sure that you’ll make a good enough healer in your own right.”


         Rayne scoffed, “Yeah, dat’s right.  Ah’m a real winner when it comes ta tryinta make t’ings better.”  She pointed to the cigar then, “You shouldn’ smoke does t’ings.  You need ta be healthy so you can help people.”


         “I’ll give that request all the consideration it deserves, shelia.”  He said with a smirk.  “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with a very important six pack, er, you know that tv show with…”


         Rayne laughed, “Uh huh.”  She waved then trotted off down the hall.  She heard him humming a tune as he waltzed away in the opposite direction.






         Remy didn't turn his head but knew Justice was next to him again, "Now, I am part Japanese and I wonder if he realized bowing isn't American, southern or otherwise?"


            Remy laughed watching the young man in the green suit run off into the school.  "Ah hope Ah did de right thing, Justice."


             "I think so," Justice took a breath.  "I was like this about Hayley when she started dating.  And especially when she dated Wolverine."


              Remy looked at Justice with a raised eyebrow having Jason compared to Logan especially after Hayley had told him they had gotten pregnant when she was dating him.  "Ah hope dis goes off better.  Otherwise Xaviers’ will be minus a student."


              "Logan's still not one of your favorite people, huh?"  Justice smiled seeing Wolverine and Ally heading that way with the twins and Aramis.


              "In yo'r words, 'define favorite,'" Remy smiled, "Ah lik' yo' all right, an' yo' gone have be satisfied wit' dat."


              Jusitce sighed.  "Think of what you just said," Justice put his glasses back on seeing Storm and Jordan following them out as everyone started to hug. "You want Rayne to accept Hayley but you're not willing to do the same for Ally and Logan."



             Remy was taken back as Justice made a good point and became serious, "When yo' gon’ wake up?"  Remy teased lightly.


            "I have to be a lawyer again," Justice sighed, "Time to wake up, and straighten up."  He frowned a little, "Away from 'Never land'," he looked at the school seeing his uncle coming out slowly with Hayley not far behind.  "That's why you will have to send Rayne on the weekends so I have somebody to bring out my inhibitions."  He winked.


           "What kind a inhibitions," Remy scowled.


           Justice raised an eyebrow and laughed, "pensé nous étions excédent cela," Justice sighed feeling every bit the lawyer now because he would be on trial with Remy for keeping Rayne ‘company’ last night, for sometime.


             Remy turned to him a little impressed, "We are over dat."  He chuckled, "Yo' speak French?"


              Justice rolled his eyes, "yes," It seemed he only wanted a bed at that moment and he suppressed a yawn.  "Funny thing is, we are mostly Japanese and know only a little of it."


               Remy nodded forgetting Hayley's mother was oriental and wondered if he needed to do anything special living with her.


               Justice looked at him with raised brows, "Take your shoes off before going in the house," He looked at the group approaching, "There is a shoe rack by each door."  He reached in his pockets grabbing his keys, "Or it is an insult."


              "Yo' in ma head, Jus'ice?" Remy gave him a guarded look.


               "You didn't say that out loud?"  Justice looked at him with disbelief.


               "Yo' outta control again?"  He was worried for his friend and knew he should stay on and get it under control.  “Stay outta ma head homme, s’not a nice place ta be.”


               "Well Al got it under control in a matter of hours once," Justice stood taller as his daughter ran into his arms.


                "Yeah, yo' doing real well wit' it now," Remy scoffed.


                "Daddy will fix it at home uncle Remy," Jordan jumped from Justice's arm to Remy.


                 "I ain’t your uncle, Jordan," Remy laughed as she bounced off of him.


                 "Not yet, cher," Jordan laughed.


                  Justice let a loud laugh at Imp, "Êtes-vous sûr vous êtes-vous la mienne?" He realized he slipped into French but before he could translate Imp nodded.


                  "I know I am yours," Imp smiled. "Vous voulez demander à oncle Charles?"


                   Remy put her down, "Ask yo'r uncle chere?" He laughed. "When yo' learn French."


                   Charles joined them, "Storm taught her last year," he smiled. "She is still learning the fundamentals.


                   Justice shook his head, "Sounds better than mine."


                 "Lik' dat's hard." Remy stifled a laugh but found Hayley tossing herself in his arm with a hard kiss much to everyone's amused look.


                  "Nuff of that," Logan grumbled. "Didn't you get enough last night of him?"


                   Hayley narrowed her eyes, "Actually, NO." She could feel Remy chuckle as Wolverine walked over to Allyson's car.


                   "I believe Logan was asking you politely to contain yourself until you leave," Charles looked at the prying eyes from the school. "We have to set an example."


                 Hayley moved away slowly and reluctantly and gave him another little brush on the lips with hers.


                "Hayley you, whore!"  Ally teased as Beast and Alex joined them.


                 Justice looked at his three sisters and wondered when he would see them again. Quickly he was glad he had sunglasses on being the first to tear up.  He didn't fool Storm who touched his arm with a little smile.


                 They could hear the last person running at them, Rayne who had a little smile on her face.


                 Remy knew something was up, "Dat homme ask yo' out?"  He turned his head to the side in wonder.


                  Rayne nodded and Remy gave her an expectant look, "Well?"


                 "He's comin’to de Adam's house Friday wit' everyone else.”  She tried not to look too happy in front of her brother’s worried face.


                 Justice smiled and went to hug her but Remy pushed him away from her, "Don't yo' t'ink yo' had enough time wit' her already?"  Rayne rolled her eyes and jumped in Justice's arms.


                "I'm happy for you," Justice kissed her head and then he tucked a paper into her hand, "It's the apartment number and my cell phone."  He kept her eyes.  "For anything, anytime, ok?"


                 Rayne was the next to feel like she was going to cry seeing Remy throwing the luggage in the SUV.  She knew it this was goodbye to people who had become friends especially Justice.


              Justice looked at her sad face, "hey don't worry it's not the ‘Adam's’ house any longer, it's ‘your’ house while you are there."  Rayne looked at him curiously, "Things for the baby and yourselves have been put in the house, and it's clean."


              "Things?"  Rayne cocked her head


               Justice's cell phone rang and he pushed the mute button with a sigh, "Clothing, food and a few luxuries."


              Storm smiled, "Justice has be working to make sure there is something to keep everybody comfortable."


               Rayne smiled, "Dat’s nice, But yodidn’ have too ya crazy homme," she laughed lightly and shook her head.


              "Not crazy anymore, chere.  I have to go back to the real world."  He felt a little sad at the responsibility he faced again, his carefree days at his uncles’ was officially over.  "So, now you will have to come up on the weekends to remind me how to have some fun."


              Rayne kissed his cheek watching him flinch when Jordan knocked his shoulder tumbling into his arms.  He lowered her to the ground slowly grabbing his shoulder with his other hand rotating it.


              "Jordan, warn me next time, will ya honey?"  He grumbled and found Rayne's protective gaze on him, "it's nothing."


                "Indeed," Beast looked at him sadly.  "I would like to look it over and perhaps take some X-rays."


                 Justice held his hand up, "No offense, but I am Casper," He pointed to the car, "Outta here." He was trying his best at being convincing.  "It's nothing."


                 Remy caught the conversation as Hayley moved to him too.  "Busted, eh?"  Remy watched the women begin to move at him as Beast donned his glasses.


                 "If you would remove you shirt, please," Beast watched him expectantly.


                  Justice took a deep breath and shook his head shaking the shirt off, "I'm still leaving Hank."


                   Cat calls rang out from the school and they all looked up to see Kitty, Jubilee and Aubrey covering their mouths and giggling at him from the front porch.


                  Beast had seen Justice without his shirt last night in Rayne's room but he hadn't noticed the odd scar.  "Fascinating….."  It was in the shape of a star and it was redder than it should be.  "Does it hurt?"  Charles joined him looking at it and he didn't like the looks of it.


                 Justice looked at the extra spectators, "I am going to charge admission soon."  He looked to them with measured patience and pulled his shirt back on quickly.  "It itches therefore it is healing."             


                 "I do not believe so," Beast looked thoughtful and he worried about what he may have missed.  "If you could just spend a moment in the infirmary, I would like to get an idea of what this is."


                  Justice rolled his eyes, "It's nothing, Hank," He laughed thinking it ludicrous, "I have worked in a lab for the greater part of my life and I know it's fine."


                 "Still, you are not a doctor, Justice."  Beast folded his arms at the stubborn man.


                 "Beast, Uncle Charles," Justice looked to them and to the others, "I have to be at work in a few hours," He smiled, "I am leaving."  He watched their disapproving look and sighed, "If it stays or gives me trouble I will come right back."


                 Charles and Henry traded a look, "I suppose it is the best we can hope for."  Charles knew how much Justice wanted to go home.


                "Actually, No," Justice said turning from Storm's embrace.  "I enjoyed it here."


               Everyone traded an odd stare and finally Storm looked at him, "Justice whom were you addressing?"


                "Uncle Charles," Justice looked at Charles who took a deep breath, "I'm in trouble aren't I?"


                 "Justice," Charles steadied himself, "I did not say that aloud."


                 Ally looked at him concerned, "Did you have a step up?"


                  Alex began to fuss and Justice started pushing away and Rayne gave him a crest fallen stare.  "Dey jus' wan' to help," Rayne bit her lip.


                  "Then," Justice raised his voice, "Please, leave it alone."  He held his hands up.  "Thank you all for your concern, but I am in control of it, alright?"


                   "Justice if you slip at work today," Ally was worried and she watched Hayley cross her arms as well.


                    Justice stepped back from the others and walked a circle, "I'm fine."


                  Remy knew if they kept at him he would take off and he knew Justice would be leaving either way, "He's fine, besides he was tellin' me how he was going to come back soon and train in de danger room.  He can have it looked at then."  Remy helped him out Hayley moved against him and he wrapped his arms around her.


                   Ally sighed, "Be careful of phone conversation then because you can't see their lips moving."  She had been in trouble more than once that way.


                  Justice looked at Xavier, "I swear I am fine," he knelt down to him, "I will be in and out of here with Storm so she can teach anyway."  He smiled.


                 Justice looked up in time to see Warren land near his car and he stood wondering what he wanted as they left.


                  Remy's scowl was evident, "Wha' yo' wan'?"


                 "Gambit, Warren is still an X-man," Charles cut Remy to the quick but it didn't stop his scowl as Warren walked up to Hayley and Remy.


                  "I was hoping to say goodbye to Hayley," He looked to the ground feeling on the spot.


                  "No!"  Remy was on his feet and off the hood of the car.  "Wha' yo' wan', Angel?"


                    Ally and Alex traded a look with Hayley and Hayley nodded, "It's ok."  She kissed Remy and touched his hand with a squeeze.  "I will be right back."


                    Remy watched her go but a smile formed as he looked to the hand she had squeezed and found the bracelet, "Dat's my femme."  He knew she wanted her fire in case Warren was out of hand.  He looked to Ally and Alex knowing they had talked to her telepathically and he assumed it was because it was one of the last times they would be able to.