A Mutated Way of Life

All original Characters belong to me and I would rather people stop borrowing them. Allyson, Hayley, Alex, Justice, Bonsai, Kamikaze, Willow, Josh, Aubrey, Rip tide, Afterburn, Jump, Imp, Aramis, Tyler, and Justin are some of my original characters and I do claim them. I DO NOT wish people to borrow them in anyway. Thanx.

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All characters are M3E 2001

 Logan's old flame finds him and carries more surprises than anybody could expect and not all are bad. The X-men embrace the chance to stop Magneto and the mad man who tries to fill the world with mutant super soldiers. The chance to make a difference and a few new friends.

This was written for those of us who are 18 and older please there are mature themes to sex and violence. Please be responsible for what your children see and please be responsible for what you see. Thank you.

Nominated for Best Fan Fict and Creativity

Prologue: In search of
A young woman fights with herself and sisters about leaving to give some good news.

One: Alleys
Jean and Scott find a woman who had taken a bad beating and they bring her back to the X-mansion.

Two: Siblings
Alex, Hayley and Justice Adams come looking for their sister. They make some friends and turn some heads with their headstrong ways.

Three: Breakfast
Professor Xavier and the X-men learn more about their new guests and about the memory loss Logan had suffered.

Four: Reunited
Ally and Logan talk about things.

Five: Logan's Friends
Ally reunites with her siblings. The X-men learn a great deal about the experiments through the new guests.

Six: Surprises
Logan and Ally learn a great deal about their unborn child as Jean helps Hank.

Seven: Now I Lay thee Down to Sleep
The new guests calm down for the night but nobody sleeps much

Eight: Coming to Terms
Xavier wants to invite the guest to stay against Scott's wishes.

Nine: So, This is the Danger Room.
Trying to get some exercise three out of four siblings end up in very real simulations.

Ten: Sharing
Everyone learns of an ability.

Eleven: One on One
Everyone relaxes in his or her own way

Twelve: Telepathic Battle
Alex and Justice are in arms against Hayley's actions

Thirteen Tour
Everyone gets aquainted

Fourteen: Pool Party:
Just Chilling, a rare moment for everyone.

Fifteen: Contractions
Ally is jumped and the silence is broken.

Sixteen: Serenades
Beast makes some discoveries about himself and Justice entertains.

Seventeen: Benefits
After going to a benefit for children they find Mystique is rescued.

Eightteen: Proposals
Many people have different agendas.

Nineteen: Another Home
Logan Hayley and Rogue go to the Adam's home for supplies.

Twenty: Followed
Rouge and Hayley have company on the way home

Twenty-one: Osmosis
Rogue and Hayley are confronted

Twenty-two: Rogue's New Look
Rogue knows What it is like to be one of the triplets

Twenty-three: Best Men
Logan gets ready for a big day

Twenty-four: Vows
A rare happy moment

Twenty-five: Reception
Everyone realizes their lives are finding new directions

Twenty-six: Hook, line and sinker
Justice and Hayley are called away.

Twenty-seven: Check Please
Ally goes into labor and Hayley and Justice are in trouble

Twenty-eight: Mislead
A rescue attempt

Thank you for being patient, This ends this book. "A Few Good X-men" is here!

HERE THEY COME, Look out Oliver.

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