Wolvie Femmes * Statements






     Soon the infirmary was quiet and all Justice and Rayne could hear was the rhythmic thumping of the baby monitor. Justice sat up in bed using his knee for a brace as he continued to work on some case loads.


    Rayne sat back watching the news and caught the escapades of her brother and friends at the dinner, "Dey sure like ta put mutants on de news, hanh?"


    Justice looked up and sighed, "Well young lady," He smirked, "Only believe Half of what you see. Twenty-five percent of what you read and nothing of what you hear." He pointed to the news, "They’re just trying to get good ratings."


    Rayne looked at him a bit puzzled that he didn't make a joke. He was certainly another person when he was in a working frame of mind, "What kind a work do yo’ do?"


     Justice sighed realizing he wouldn't get much done right now, "I'm a lawyer, but don't hold that against me," He winked.


    Rayne wrinkled her nose and smiled, "Don’ have much use fo’ lawyers. Only you don't seem too much like one. Yo’r funny." Justice finished gathered the rest of his papers, "I hear that a lot."

     "Ah bet yo’ do," Rayne settled back on the bed and draped an arm over her eyes.

     Justice was about to give her a rebuff but decided to let the jab go, for now. They heard Hayley moving and mumbling now in her sleep.


     Rayne looked over at Justice who pressed a finger to his lips, hopped off the bed and moved to her curtain quietly. He peeked then held up a finger to indicate he would be right back.


    Justice looked at Hayley who was sound asleep but moving. Her head thrashed about on the pillow and her fingers were twitching. He felt choked up hoping that she wasn't reliving the battle they had earlier.


    He bent down and kissed her head, "Hayl." He touched her face and she jolted awake. Her eyes moved around wildly at first then finally she seemed to recognize Justice and where she was. She threw her arms out to him and he held her quickly.


    "Were you having a nightmare?" He sat on the bed, carefully avoiding the monitor's wires.


     She nodded, "Things can change so quickly." She rested her head on his robed chest.


     "Sometimes," He sighed, "But you can't let this keep you down, Hayl."


     Hayley looked at him hard, "My child could be crazy Justice! Considering our father and it’s father. What chance does it have of being normal?"


     "It's half you," Justice stroked her hair, "So it has at least half a chance. Even if you add the half of our father in you the baby would still be one quarter you, and I think you can love it enough so it wouldn't matter anyway."


      Hayley sighed thinking about it, "What about Remy?" She pulled back to look in his eyes.


      "I don't think he cares one way or the other," Justice smiled weakly, "I think he cares about you and that's what matters, right?"


     "I was shaky about him with this kid to begin with, and now I’m afraid he's going to run," She bit her lip nervous.


      "Give the guy some credit, sis," Justice countered, "Would I do that?"




      "There you go."


       "Justice, how can I face him? How can I face anybody now that they all know?" She tossed her head onto his chest and cried.


     "Slowly and cautiously until you have your footing again," He let his arm trail down her back and wrapped it around her waist. To his surprise she didn't even flinch this time. He listened to the heart-beat of the child in the speakers and touched her belly lightly, "I can’t wait to meet this kid."


      She pulled away and looked at him, "Really?"

     "Really really, chere," He tried to grin like Gambit but failed miserably and Hayley laughed a little. He grinned, "Should be an awesome kid." Then a playful look hit his face, "I mean look at Jordan. She turned out great and she’s half me!"


      Hayley nodded her agreement. Jordan had more of Justice’s traits then Chloe’s. Hayley smiled, ‘This child could turn out to be a little Fire-cat.’ She kissed Justice's cheek, "Guess I hadn't thought of it like that." She touched her belly maternally for the first time, "All this time I just assumed that I and 'it' were in the same prison for a 9 month sentence." She felt her heart jump at the thought of what the child would look like and then shuddered, "What if it has Silver hair like Eric or claws like Vic?"


    "I doubt it. Magneto probably didn’t have silver hair as a young man," He reassured, "And you can always clip the nails. Whatever comes up, you’ll deal with it."


     A shadow crossed her face at the thought of it but Justice scolded her. "You are not in this alone, kiddo. We are all here for you," Justice held her hands, "And I get the feeling nobody's going to treat you any differently now, except perhaps they might be happier for you. Well, except perhaps…." He gestured over towards Rayne’s bed and laughed, "Good thing is, Scott's weaning off the idea of being a dad so he might give you and Remy some space now."


     She smiled and thought of her and Remy's day in the shower, "If he wants me anymore." She pulled away from Justice, "I’m not sure he really wants to be a father or a mentor, but the kid and I are a package deal now."


     "You need to talk to him then, Hayl," Justice stood up, "But don't sell him short. Give him a chance at least."


     "Has he been talking to you?" She cocked her head and watched him intently. "Not really," He squirmed, hoping she wouldn‘t want any further details, "I slept most of the day. I heard he flashed his family jewels for the infirmary guests today."


      Hayley laughed and Justice smiled thinking that her laughter was the prettiest thing he had heard in days. "Want to explain?" She smiled. Then she looked down realizing the mention of his antics made her smile and she clasped a hand over her mouth shocked at the obvious.


     "What's wrong," Justice made a made grab for the trash can, "You sick?"


     "I think, I just realized something," She said slowly.


     Justice sat back down so they could talk some more, "What, that you are in love?" He whispered.


      "I am?" She looked at him, "Is that why this hurts so much?"


      "Hayl, it’s no secret to the rest of us. It can be seen a mile away," He smiled and whispered it like it was a secret. "Listen to the people that know and love you. This should be a good thing to cherish and enjoy. Not something to be hidden away," He nudged her, "So, tell how you feel. Find out how he feels. And let nature take it’s course."


       Her face fell, "No! Not now, not after everything that happened," She looked at the floor, "I don't want him to feel pressured, and I need to explore my own feelings more." She suddenly looked sad, "I want him to feel free to change his mind if he wants."


      "I think he feels the same way," He sighed, and she looked at him puzzled. "I know it’s scary Hayl, but I think your love for one another could get you through this. And if you really aren‘t that in love it‘s better to find out now. Right?"


      She shook her head and pulled some hair out of her face. This love business was still so new to her, "I don't know." She touched her abdomen again, "Sabretooth would have killed the baby and me back there. And he might yet hunt me down." She shook her head. "It's not safe for me or Remy. I don’t want him hurt or killed because of me."


       "You're a mutant, Gambit’s a mutant," He sighed, "Mutants will always be hunted by some crazed maniac, but we have to live our lives, Hayl. We can’t deny our happiness because of what might happen. What would that accomplish?"


       She didn’t want to pursue the discussion any further so she just hugged him tightly. He hugged her back then stood up. "So, will you find out what you are having?" He smiled and she shrugged her shoulders. "Well, it ‘boy or girl’ is going to need something to live on," He grabbed an apple that was left on her tray and handed it to her, "You need to feed that kid."


     Hayley sighed and took a bite. He was right and she wanted to make Justice proud of her. Perhaps he was right on other things too. This could be a cool kid. Justice pulled the curtain back and stepped out, "I' m going to go get you some milk and some real food.


     Rayne heard most of the conversation and felt tears sting her eyes. Justice loved Hayley like Remy loved her. She wiped her eyes as Justice's smiling face ducked around the corner.


     He pulled Hayley's curtain back and strolled to Rayne's side noticing her despondent look, "Are you all right?"


      Rayne shrugged and kept her eye’s downcast.


     He pointed to the door, "I'm going over the wall so cover for me."


     He joked but Beast heard him and cleared his throat. "If you need something, Mr. Adams, I will be more than happy to provide it," Beast gestured Justice back to his bed.


     Justice hung his head comically and shuffled his feet back to bed. He jumped on the bed and grabbed his work papers, "Hayl's awake and I think she's hungry."


    The shock was easy to register on Beast's face, "Really? Then I shall have to get her something to keep her strength up."


    Justice sighed, "I feel fine Hank. I can get it."


    Beast sighed and thought it over. "Ok, but only to the kitchen and back," He ordered.


    Justice smiled and leapt happily from the bed.


    "Justice?" Beast gave him a serious look, "Healthy food, please." Beast looked down his nose at him knowingly.


    Justice nodded with a silly grin and ran out.


    Rayne watched him go, "Dat homme is a lawyer?"

    Hank chuckled and nodded, "We live in a world full of wonders, child."




    Justice knew that Beast meant for him to come back quickly, but he had been penned up all day and wanted to relish this brief bout of freedom.


     He could see Logan coming his way with a towel wrapped around his neck and dripping sweat.


     "Danger room?" Justice smiled.


     Wolverine nodded, "Beast let you go?"


     Justice sighed and shook his head no, "Hayl's awake and I talked her into eating some food." Logan changed directions heading for the med lab, and Justice smiled, 'She’ll be glad to see him.' He was taking the stairs instead of the elevator and spent the extra time thinking about Victor Creed.  He stopped walking when found he was clenching the railing on the stairs too tightly and saw his grip in the metal.


    ‘Oops,’ He sighed knowing that people around here would probably guess it was his hand print in the metal, but he smiled also, knowing that his strength was returning. He thought about Logan's turn of direction towards the lab and thought of somebody else who might want to see her too.





      Remy sat on the bed in his own room and sighed as he flipped cards into a waste can. Until Hayley was better he would have to amuse himself. He smiled at the thought of his and Rayne cooking. He would have to go shopping soon to get all the necessary ingredients. He wondered if Charles liked spicy cooking, or even Hayley for that matter. There was so much he didn’t know about her.


     'Hayley,' the name floated through his mind like a sweet song. He couldn't ignore the skip of his heart when he thought of her. He decided it was best to stay in his room for a while, but he didn't have the heart to get his stuff from Hayley's room.

     He knew that for his and Hayley’s relationship to work out, she would have to tell him about her past relations and the experiments. Also he would have to tell her about Belle and the guilds. He smiled thinking about how much fun it would be to take her to see New Orleans, but knew it was not possible.

     What would Belle say if she saw Hayley? More importantly, what would she do? Hayley was very different from Belle. Many people saw Hayley as nothing more than a pretty model type. Remy has seen a different side of Hayley. Her eyes seemed to dance like a wildfire unlike Belles sweet yet calculating gaze.


     Remy had known Belle since he was a kid where as he had just met Hayley. The thought of their last intimate encounter came to mind and he sighed, wishing he could be with Hayley now. He couldn't help but wonder if the tiger he knew had been silenced or if his relations with her would be the same. He reached to his face and found tears and looked at them on his fingers in amazement.


     'Tears?' he stared at the liquid emotion on his hand, 'She has bewitched me.' He became a little afraid of how in love he was that he had been crying for her and didn't even realize it. Gambit could probably count on his fingers how many times he actually had a reason to cry over a female. He remembered when Rayne was taken from him and the sleepless, teary nights that followed. Recalled too were memories of tears when he had to leave New Orleans and Belle. He had loved many women in the past but never shed a tear for them.


      Though now the tears came for Hayley. He didn't really care who the baby's father was although he knew that they would have constant trouble from Sabretooth. He wondered what role he would play to the child, remembering the time he had Ally's twins in his arms and Hayley jealously snatched them away. Would Hayley want him to be a father to her child, or just want him around for herself? Where would he fit in?  He swallowed hard at the thought and felt a little sick.


       He walked to the bathroom and splashed some water on his face, then heard a knock at the door. 'Pull it together, Remy,' He told his reflection. 'She just a femme after all,' He said that to bolster his ego but his face still reflected the uncertainty he felt inside. He couldn't answer the door like this.


     "Who’s dere?" He called to the pounding.


     "Justice," The voice called.


     Remy grabbed a robe, worried something had happened to Rayne or Hayley because Justice was supposed to be in the infirmary all night.


     He toweled off the his face and shot the door open to see a smiling Justice who stopped smiling when he saw Remy's face.


     "You look like shit, son," Justice whistled low, "You feel sick or something? Did you drink any wine or beer?"


      Remy shook his head, "Gambit’s fine, homme," He looked at Justice expectantly as the red headed man seemed to look around the hall a little nervous. Justice's nervousness wasn't lost on this thief.


    "Jail break, eh?" Gambit was almost laughing and opened the door wider to let him in.


    "Not exactly. I was temporarily released," Justice said watching Remy light a cigarette, "I am supposed to get some food for Hayl. She’s awake and hungry and I thought I‘d let you know."


     Remy looked hopeful, "Dat's a good sign, non?" He turned and looked at him, "T’ink it’s ok if ah see her? Did she ask for me?"


     "I think she wants to see you," Justice stated then quickly held his hand up over his eyes when Remy tossed his robe off and reached for his pants. Now Justice understood why Rayne said her brother wasn’t shy.


      Justice turned his head quickly, "What, are you out to make sure my whole family knows what it looks like?" He groaned, "Next time, give me some warning so I can pull something over my head."


    Remy chuckled pulling on the pants. "Sorry homme," He said walking past him with pants on now searching for his shirt.


    "Wait!" Justice said, "You didn't give me a chance to tell you, ‘NOT TONIGHT ROMEO.’"


     Remy's face fell and he sighed going back to his cigarette. He was a little jealous that Justice was allowed to spend the night with the two women and he had to keep his distance. "How's ma Rayne girl?" He asked as he sat on the bed to put his shoes on.

     "A little sad when I left," He shrugged, "I tried to cheer her up but it didn’t work very well. I just came by here to tell you Hayley was awake. I’d better get back soon or Beast will send out a search party."

     Remy laughed, "Hayley actually tell yo’ she wanted ta see me?"


    "Yeah, sorta," Justice smirked, "You'll see her tomorrow for sure though." He noticed Remy looked disappointed and felt like he was passing notes in class, "She's worried about the baby."


     Remy looked upset, "What about de bebe?"


    Justice was surprised at his concern, "Just about the father and how you’ll react."


    "She don’ need ta worry ‘bout dat now," Gambit took a drag from his cigarette. He knew Justice wanted to know where he stood in regards to his sister, "Yo’ look lik’ yo’r feelin’ better, Justice."


      Justice shook his head, "I feel a lot better."


      Remy chuckled, "Ah wouldn’ leave her over de baby. If she wants Gambit, den she has Gambit." He sighed feeling a little vulnerable.


    Justice nodded with an impressed look, "Not bad for a N’awlins thief." He watched Remy's face, "So, you are in love with her aren't you?"


    Remy chuckled and changed the subject, "Rayne an ah will have ta give yo’ some of de food we gon' cook. See what kind a man yo’ are, hanh? See if yo’ can take de spice."


     Justice nodded a little afraid to ask about the food. He wasn’t sure he wanted to find out how spicy a food he could eat. With that, there could be serious repercussions. He grabbed the door and Remy jumped up to walk out with him.


    "Why’d yo’ ask me dat?" Remy said with a hard drag on his cigarette.


    Justice donned his most innocent expression, "Ask you what?" He closed the door behind them.


     Remy met his gaze, "yo' know what ah mean."


     "Do you?" Justice teased him further.


     Remy gave him coy smile, "Mebbe." Then laughed, "She tol' yo’ somet'in’"


     Justice laughed, "Mebbe."


     Remy sighed and walked down the hall with him, "Yo' don' fool me none. Gambit knows she tol' yo’ somet'in’."


     Justice laughed, "Well, actually she didn't tell me anything, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see two people in love."



     "Sleeping in your own bed tonight Cajun?" A voice called from behind them. They both turned to see Warren sauntering up the hallway.


     Justice grabbed Remy before he could pounce on Warren, "Yo' got somet'in’ ta say ta Gambit, homme?"

    Warren chuckled as he began to pass them, "Perhaps I will talk to Justice since I can understand him."

    "Justice old man, shouldn’t you be in the medical facilities?" Warren smiled.


     Remy looked at Justice, "Gambit, me t’inks it’s time ta mop de floor wit’ feathers!"


     Justice patted him on the back, and mouthed, 'Trust me.' And gave Remy a gentle push back towards his room.


     Justice wasn't dumb he knew Warren had a thing for Hayley and he knew that Warren wanted in with Justice in hopes of getting closer to Hayley.


   "What do you want Worthington?" Justice said with a deep sigh.


    "I was going the kitchen for some tea," Warren asked, "Where are you headed?"


    "The kitchen as well," Justice smiled.


    "Then why were you here talking to the street rat?" Warren looked confused.


    Justice stepped in the elevator, "He's my friend." He cleared his throat. "And Hayley's lover," He added with a grin.


      "How did they ever end up together?" Warren rolled his eyes.


      "Love?" Justice said plainly enjoying Warren's pain expressions.


      "I don't think that jerk knows what love is," Warren scoffed.


      "No more or less than you do I suppose," Justice grinned. The elevator stopped and they both stepped off.


      "Justice," Warren sighed, "How can you allow her to be with that low life?"


      "I should let her sleep with somebody like you, huh?" Justice laughed and began putting Hayley's tray together with the dinner leftovers.


     "How about somebody she can understand what he’s saying, for a start?" Warren joked.


      "Like you?" Justice glared at Angel, "I sure don't understand you."


     Warren poured his tea and grabbed a lemon to cut it, "Justice, you could end up related to that man. You have no idea what kind of background he has. How could he provide for her and a child? What kind of father would he be? Would he teach the child how to pick locks or pick pokets for a living?"


     "If the fates are kind to Hayley," Justice smiled.


     Warren glared at him, "I am sure he will go over well at your benefits and high society functions for your firm."


     Justice finished the tray, pushed some apple juice on it and walked to Warren threateningly. He pushed him against the wall, "Look, I know you might be hung up on my sister but she's with Remy right now so deal with it!"


     Warren stood there with his mouth open. He wanted to protest but knew Justice could knock him through the wall. Justice pointed his finger in Angel‘s face, "You bother those two right now and I'll rip your wings off! Understand?"


    Then he backed off Warren and grabbed his sister's tray.



     Remy had followed them to the kitchen waiting for a chance to get Warren alone but when he heard the conversation he stopped his advance.


     He smiled thinking how much fun it would be to see Justice shove ‘feathers’ through the wall. He heard Justice's powerful footsteps coming towards the door and hid himself quickly.


      He smiled again watching Justice walk past with a tray of food and almost chuckled as he heard Justice whistling as if nothing had happened.