Wolvie Femmes * Sentence



        As Remy carried Hayley through the crowd to Tante’s he said a silent prayer of thanks, although he knew that some of the others were cursing their misfortune. He felt her body go limp as she succumbed to her pain and injuries but knew they weren’t life threatening so he wasn’t too worried. He smiled at how brave she was and knew she would have fought with him against the assassins to the end. He recalled another in his past that was just as tenacious, and then it dawned on him that he should get Hayley out of Louisiana before that person saw him with Hayley. He sighed at the thought of leaving here because he loved it so much. He followed the familiar path to Tante’s as he heard the others padding behind him. For the moment he didn’t need to worry too much about the assassins because he knew they respected Tante’s commands. She was healer and spiritual guide for both their guilds and if they wanted to keep her as such they would abide by her wishes.



      As usual, Tante’s door was open, a safe haven for any that needed her, and woe to any who entered with ill intent. He looked around. She hadn’t changed a thing and it was like walking into the past. He walked Hayley back to a room he knew she used to treat the injured and placed her gently on a small bed. Remy heard Tante’ hurry inside the room. He wanted to explain so much to her and tell her how badly he felt. It was because of him that Hayley was injured, and it was his fault that she was here at all not to mention Rayne and Justice even though he didn’t ask any one of them to come along. He had left New York in the middle of the night to avoid them following him. He sighed not knowing where to begin.


      Tante’ gave him a slight tap on his cheek then looked to Hayley, “Is she de worst dat was injured Rem?”


      Mebbe so, mebbe not,” He thought of the knife wounds Justice had and looked at his own cuts and bruises. 


      Tante’ began to grab gauze and medical pads. Then she got bottles off of her shelves. “Go find out who else is injured.” Tante’ began her task on Hayley’s shoulder.     


        Remy touched Tante’ gently, “She’s pregnant Tante’,” he said softly.


       Tante nodded, “Ah know she is chile. T’ink Ah’m blind?” Then she looked at his worried face and she realized that this female meant a lot to him. “Who is she Remy?”


       “Hayley Adams,” Remy recalled again how she fought valiantly beside Rayne when the odds were against them.   


      “Who is dis person to you boy?” Tante’ fastidiously cleaned out the wound and knew the relationship was serious when she heard his sharp intake of air as he watched her work. “Dis chile yo’r responsibility?”


       Remy shook his head, “If yo’r askin’ if de chile is mine, den no.”


      “What are yodoinfightin’ assassins wit’ a pregnant femme in tow?” Tante’ grunted with annoyance. “Where’s de pappa?”


      “Far away,” He sighed; “hopefully.”


      Tante’ regarded him a moment then went back to work, “what de hell did ya bring Rayne here for?” She said hotly, “Have you lost your mind? You should be horse whipped!”


      “Ah didn’t bring her here! Justice did.” Remy was irritated that he was getting yelled at for something he didn’t do.


     “De tall Blonde?” She shook her head. “Ah’ll have a word wit’ dat one sure enough.” She growled and Hayley flinched as medicinal herbs were applied to her shoulder. “Who does he t’ink he is bringin’ my chile into danger like dis? And why did you leave her alone anyway?” She stopped working again and if looks could kill, Remy would be dead on the floor.


     Gambit couldn’t help but grin at the thought of Tante’ ripping into Justice later but for now he was the one in trouble so he quickly forced the grin away. “He’s Hayley’s brother.”


      Dat doesn’t explain why he had ta bring Rayne here. Does he know what’s gon’ happen ta her now?  De assassins Rem, ya know they will want blood for dis.” she sighed wrapping Hayley’s cut. “And you boy, you said you’d take care of her.”


      “Ah am takin’ care of her, but you know how stubborn she can be. When Ah left, Hayley was there with her. How was Ah supposed ta know they’d figure out where Ah was an’ follow me?”  Tanti’ just glared over her shoulder at him.


       Remy looked down at his feet. There was no winning around the women that were in his life now. He looked at Hayley and wondered how he ever let her steal his heart, “She doin’ ok?” He held Hayley’s hand gently.


       Oui,” she knew that this woman held some sort of sway over him and that would be a dangerous thing for him to show in this town. “You’d best hope dat Belle doesn’t find you here with an expectant lady friend.”


      “Belle won’t find out,” He looked at Hayley who was resting, “an’ if she does, den we’ll deal wit’ dat hand when it’s dealt.”


       Tante’ narrowed her eyes at him, “Remy Lebeau, you’d best tell me what’s goin’ on. Why are yo’ here dat everyone has made it dere business ta follow you? 


       Remy hated having to answer all these questions. He ran his hand through his hair wishing he could light a cigarette. “I’m here ta fix some trouble dat Rayne’s gotten herself into. Ah didn’t ask or want dem ta follow me here.” He crossed his arms and stared hard at some bottles in a cabinet.


       “Whatever kin’ a trouble it is,” Tante’ stood straighter, “It can’t be no worse then her comin’ here and gettin’ murdered.” She tossed the used steri-wipes into the trash. “If de trouble was down here yo’ should have let your poppa deal wit’ it.”


       “Not dat easy. Ah’ve dealt wit’ dis homme before.” Remy heard the others at the front of the house. He heard Rayne and Justice’s voices distinctively arguing with Pierre and his cohorts.



      “Touch her and I will kill you!” Justice threatened. “Sanctuary or not,” he growled.


      Tante’ looked at Remy, “Is dat her boyfriend?”


      Remy chuckled, “Nah, he’s jus’ protective of her like he is wit’ his sisters.” He pointed at Hayley.


       Tante’ nodded looking at Hayley dubiously, because she wouldn’t have put them together as siblings.




       They heard the front door slam and Rayne ran into the room a little flustered and she glanced at Hayley, “She alright?”


       “She’ll live,” Mattie said with sigh.


       ‘Too bad,” Rayne muttered under her breath and Tante’ gave her a curious look.


       Remy gave his sister an angry look, “Why are yo’ and Justice here, girl?”


       “Cause yo’ left an’ he was comin’ after Hayley an’ Ah told him if he didn’t bring me along Ah was goin’ on my own,” Rayne looked between them and absentmindedly snapped the image inducer on her wrist. “Dis image t’ing would have worked if it didn’t come off so easily. And if you wouldn’t have said my name like a damn fool.”


        “Doesn’t matter now,” he thought about how to get her out of this alive. “You shouldn’t have come in de first place ya hard headed thing!”


        Tante’ stared, momentarily puzzled at the young blonde girl standing where Rayne just was and talking like her surrogate daughter. Finally she figured it out and shook her head, “De gadgets dey come up wit’ now-a-days.”


       They could hear Justice still arguing with the assassins and Rayne looked at Tante’, “Justice is gon’ need fixin’ up, he’s lost a good bit of blood,” then she starred at her brother, “Rem needs fixin’ too.”  She sighed, thinking of the mess this was and then she heard Justice tell one of the assassins to, ‘blow him’.   She noted then that her brother and her aunt had the strained faces of those who had been having an argument. Rayne didn’t feel like getting involved because she knew that part of the altercation was due to her being there. “Ah reckon some of d’assassins will need healin’ as well,” She said quickly then left the room.









       As soon as she stepped in the room with Remy following hurriedly behind her the assassins started yelling.     


       “Uphold de punishment for what she did t’Edval,” Pierre stated forcefully. “We wan’ Justice!”


       Justice turned to Pierre pointing his finger in his face, “We are not getting Justice. If Rayne’s to be tried in court I will represent her.”


      Pierre’s jaw dropped slightly trying to fathom what had just been said. Lazard nudged his side and whispered, “His name’s Justice, ah t’ink.”


      Pierre narrowed his eyes at being the butt of the joke. T’ink yo’r a real funny boy, eh?” He took a step towards Justice and his lip curled back over his teeth, “Ah’ll rip dat smirk off yo’r face an’ shove it up yo’r…”


     “STOP DIS!” Tante’ glared at Pierre and he backed down with a snarl.  Mattie stifled a chuckle at Justice’s one upping the cocky assassin, but the thought of what might happen to Rayne kept her mood serious once more, “Rayne’s already been tried for Edvals’ death.” Tante’ choked up a bit at the thought but remained strong. “She was found guilty, and was already punished for it.”


       “She’ll leave here with us now, then, as it should be.” Pierre said and the other assassins, except one, nodded their agreement. “Part of that punishment was to never show her face here again. She has broken dat and so is ours by right.”


      “I know what that bastard did to her.” Hayley was standing slumped in the doorway behind them. The shouting had woken her. “He deserved much worse then he got, believe me.” Hayley swallowed hard trying to catch her breath, “Compared to Edval, Rayne is a Saint and she should walk free. And in any ‘civilized’ court that I know of she would be free.”


       Remy stood next to her for support, “Dis a guild matter chere; Not de same.”


       “That’s no excuse,” Justice said quickly. He looked at Tante’; “I’m a lawyer and a damned good one. I’ll help clear her.”


        “De punishment stands, an’ by guild law she’s ta be executed,” Pierre hissed as he stared at Justice, “an’ so should all of yo’ for havinanyt’ing ta do wit’ her.”


        Killin’ Rayne now is gon’ get yonot’in’ but a whole lot a trouble boy,” A voice called from the doorway and everybody turned to see Jean Luc LeBeau, the head of the New Orleans thieves guild, Gambit’s father and Rayne’s surrogate father. “If yo’ so desperately need a life for a life, den take mine and leave my daughter be. She’s suffered enough.”


       Remy looked from his poppa to his sister. He saw that she swayed slightly as she stared at their father. He was about to go to her for support but Justice quickly moved to her side protectively, “Whoa! This is way out of hand here.” Justice looked around from stubborn face to stubborn face, “We’re taking Rayne away from this insanity and be done with it.”


        “Poppa,” Rayne moved towards him tears welling in her eyes. She slid her arms around his strong torso like she had done many times in her youth. At that a flood of memories came to her. Her arms tightened around him, she buried her face into his side and cried.


        Jean Luc wrapped his arms protectively around his daughter and kissed her head.


        Pierre regarded with disdain the head of the mighty thieves’ guild, his guilds rival and bitter enemy and snorted at him standing there pitifully embracing his daughter, “Very touching scene but it don’t change anythin’. Give her to us.” He pointed to Remy, Hayley and Justice, “And dem; Remy, dat femme and de blonde homme.” He looked defiantly at Justice. “Dey should have de same punishment for associating wit’ her.” He stomped his foot then. Dat’s de law!”


       “If yo’ do dis Pierre den don’t ever come t’ me for healin’,” Tante crossed her arms and held her head up high.


        Justice cleared his throat, “By what you have just stated Pierre, you and the rest of your gang should be executed as well.”


       “He’s right,” A figure called from the doorway behind Jean Luc, “But Ah won’t lose so many of my clan because of somethindat was settled years ago.” The woman stepped into the room. She was a beautiful blonde with cold blue eyes, eyes that settled upon Remy standing next to Hayley. Her name was Belladonna Boudreaux. She was the leader of the New Orleans assassins’ guild and Gambit’s ex-wife. Though they had split up long ago she still was not happy to see him so close to the black haired woman, and she was not happy that her guild members were creating a scene like a bunch of common street thugs.


        “All or none,” Jean Luc dared Pierre knowing that the young man was a pitiful coward when faced with his own mortality, “Dat’s de law as well.”


       “Finally, some people with some sense,” Justice said. He still wanted to kick the arrogance out of Pierre but he would settle with getting Rayne out of here safely.


         Belle didn’t take her gaze off of Remy, “How yodoinRem?” She narrowed her eyes at him, “Yodidn’ forget me did yo’?”


        Remy took some steps forward hoping Belle wouldn’t start with Hayley if he distanced himself from her but Hayley walked up next to him and touched his mind asking who the woman was.


        “Ah didn’ forget yo’ Belle,” He looked back at Hayley, quickly told her in his mind that she was his ex-wife and winced when she gave him an angry look. She knew he would have explaining to do later but right now that made this woman her enemy.


         Belle sized Hayley up before continuing, “Not like de others Ah’ve seen.”


         “She’s a lousy mutant,” Pierre blurted, “an’ so is dat smart mouth.” He pointed to Justice.


         “Why do you hate mutants?” Justice glared at Pierre.


         Tante’ chimed in then, “Dey human an’ dats all dat should matter.”


         Justice turned to her and smiled slightly, “I like this lady. You should listen to her, because she’s got a lot of good, common sense.”


          Pierre snarled, “Enough!” He looked disbelieving at Belle, “Dis ain’t no family reunion,” His voiced ended in a shrill tone.


          Hayley nodded and looked around, “That’s right. It isn’t.” She locked eyes with Belle. “If you want to up-hold the punishment, then send her away, but don’t kill her.” Hayley kept her eyes on Belle, “If it had happened to you what would you have done? Does the punishment really fit the crime here?” She and Rayne didn’t always agree but this was different.


          Belle opened her mouth to respond but Lazard interrupted, “Edval was my brother Belle an’ Ah know what happened, now.” He glanced shyly at Rayne recalling the images that were forced into his mind. “He misused de tools of de trade. He used de ‘paralizer’ on a no-hit. Dat is forbidden by our codes. But he is not here to account for what he did.”  He met Belle’s stare, “Ah say let her leave here an’ let the banishment be re-instated.”


        “You dirty traitor!” Pierre snapped his head and glared at Lazard, “You’re a coward and a disgrace to all our families.”


        Lazard met the cocky assassin’s glare with equal measure. “It is in my family’s interest dat I make my claim.” He stepped up into Pierre’s face. “And as for your family, Pierre Polanski,” He spat, “Your not fit ta clean our boots much less tell me how I should conduct family business.”


         As the two killers faced off Remy moved over towards his father and sister and looked at Belladonna. “Ah’m with mah sister no matter how de punishment stands, Belle.” He stood straight and tall and held his chin up high as he proclaimed, “Ah’m de one dat killed Edval.”


         Everyone stared at Gambit in disbelief. Rayne growled, “Don’ listen ta him, he’s just tryinta save me.”


         Remy waved her down, “After Ah found out what he’d done, we fought and he died, simple as dat.”


         “But she turned Edval into de livin’ dead. That in itself means she should die.” Pierre argued and looked to the others for confirmation.


         “Under your law, all of us will die, even though my sister and I are not affiliated with any guild,” Justice set his jaw, “But trust me when I say that we will not go down without a fight.”


          Hayley took Remy’s hand as if to claim him, “There will be others that will come for you if any harm comes to us too, my sisters and my uncle with a lot of other powerful mutants.” She cocked her head and dangled her bracelet to let her eyes glow at them and looked directly to Belle.


         Rayne was beyond horrified. Her face burned but her body felt cold and it trembled. The room and the people in it seemed to be far away, like she was looking through a window or watching a program. She desperately wanted to run but she couldn’t get even a finger to move. She looked up at her father’s face and felt ashamed that he was here because of her. Her throat constricted as she recalled the last time she had seen him, the day that she had been banished. He had turned his back on her. It was the law that no one should look upon the banished who where then considered to be dead. But before his head turned she saw the look of utter agony on the face of a parent who had just lost their child.


         “Let me speak,” Belle took a deep breath. “De blonde homme is right, my people here would fall to the same punishment, but Lazard is right too, and his word as kin of the dead has ta be taken into account.” Belle looked at him, “And he says we should let the banishment stand and for her to leave Louisiana again.” She gave a warning look to Rayne. “It would be a good idea for you to leave, and it doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, you must never come here again, understand?”


        Rayne nodded absently as she stared at the floor.


         “Good,” Tante’ said quickly. “Den everyone not in here for treatment had best clear out of the house ‘cause it’s getting too hot in here with all a your tempers flarin’ an all.”



         Justice smiled grimly, “I really, really like this woman!” He started to move out of the house but Rayne grabbed his arm as he passed her.


         Yo’ need stitches, cher,” she pointed towards the healing room door.


         “She does that?” Justice said shocked as he headed off for the room.




         Dis ain’t over. Not by a long shot.” Pierre showed his agitation by continually pacing about and smoothing his thick black locks.


          Belle approached him and stood face to face. “Since when do you give orders for my clan?”


          Pierre snorted and took a step back, “You aren’t seriously gointa let dem go are you?”


           She kept her eyes on the dangerous upstart, “I don’t have ta explain my decisions to yo’, Polanski. Yo’d do well to keep yo’r place. I know yo’r family wouldn’t take kindly to you upsetting their position within the guild, again.”


           The black haired killer backed away a few more steps and looked to the ground in submission. He knew full well what his family was capable of doing to anyone that took away what small measure of power they had within the guild. He had been severely punished years ago after is best friend was killed because of a dare. The DeBastarache family is in high standing in the clan and they were most upset that Pierre’s arrogance had lead to the death of their beloved son Edval.


        Pierre would never forget that humiliation, and he would never, ever let go of his hatred for Rayne LeBeau, “As you command, Lady Boudreaux.” He bowed low and motioned for the others to follow him out the door. As he left he took one last look at Rayne standing at her father’s side.




        Belle shifted her position then to regard her ex-husband, “Now, Remy,” she cooed. “Who is dis petite femme you’ve brought to our city?” She looked scornfully at Hayley.


        Hayley cocked her head not sure if she meant the city or her and Gambit’s city, “I’m Hayley.”


        Remy felt it getting even hotter in the room and knew it was Hayley. He knew Belle tweaked Hayley’s jealously.


        “Who is she t’yo’?” Belle ignored Hayley, “Is she yo’r woman?”


        Remy didn’t like where this was going, “What if she might be?”


        Jean Luc cleared his throat, “Leave dem in peace, Belle.” he looked Belle in the eyes, “There’s been enough fighting today, n’es pas?”


        Ah’ll leave her in pieces if she provokes me,” Belle laughed nervously. She didn’t want to anger the Thieves Guild master but she didn’t want to back down from a fight either, especially a fight with a new beau of her former husband.


        Remy sighed seeing that Hayley was preparing to take her on and steadied herself standing as strongly as she could.


         Hayley let fire dance at her finger tips, “Try it.”


        Belle cocked her head and moved towards her but Remy stood in the way, “Don’t do dis Belle, she’s pregnant an injured.”


        Belle was shocked and looked to Hayley’s abdomen, “Yo’r bebe Rem?”


        “Hayley an’ de bebe’ are my responsibility, Belle,” he hoped she wouldn’t touch Hayley if she thought that was his child.


         “Your responsibility, hanh?” Belle’s eyes shone defiantly. “I reckon that gives her some quarter,” She narrowed her eye’s at her old friend and lover, “It would be a good idea if you took all your responsibilities back up north where you belong.” With that said she turned and took some steps towards the door.


         “I agree Belle,” Jean Luc said softly as he looked down at his daughter. “Dey should go and soon.


          “I hope they make it home safe.”  She gave Remy a knowing look before she left Tante’s with a smile that would make a brave man flinch. Belle had a plan to get into action.


          Hayley shook her head, “What does that mean?”


         “It means dat yo’ best not be alone here,” Remy sighed and looked at her. “Yo’ need some rest, Hayley. Then we have ta leave.”


           “I’m not scared of her!” Hayley scoffed. She thought what happened earlier to be a fluke and was sure she could take her. Remy’s look told her that he was scared of what would happen to her against Belle.


            “She’s de head of de Assassin’s guild, Hayley,” he said simply hoping she understood Belle’s station.


           Jean Luc sat down on a couch with Rayne, and Remy knew that he would want to talk to him as well. Hayley looked at Remy, “Who are all these people?”


          Remy pointed at his Jean Luc, “Hayley, dat’s my Poppa.”


          Hayley’s eyebrows shot up, “Your father?” She looked at the handsome older man again with a new eye and she started to him with her hand extended.


         Jean Luc shook his head, “Forgive me for being blunt, Ms…?”


         “Adams, Sir.” Hayley stopped, “Hayley Adams.”


          He nodded politely, “Time is of the essence Ms. Adams. All of you must leave soon and I need ta talk to my children.”


          “Okay,” Hayley agreed, the weariness of the day gaining on her, “Later then.”



           When Hayley left the room Gambit knew what was coming. He felt his father’s eyes boring a hole through his back. He took a deep breath, turned and held up his hands in defense. “I didn’t bring her here Poppa, de hard headed t’ing followed me.”


           Rayne snapped, “Dat’s because yo’ stuck your nose in my business!” She winced then seeing the hurt on his face. She didn’t mean to say what she did. Everything was just so chaotic and she was so tired. She knew he was here risking his life for her. “I’m sorry Rem. I know you’re jus’ tryinta help.”


          Jean Luc regarded his daughter. His eyes smoldered with anger. “Your brother can take care of himself, juene fille. You must promise me dat you will never again follow him or anyone else here.”


         Rayne looked at the floor and didn’t answer. Her family meant more to her then her own life and to promise to never go where she could help them, even if it meant going to her own death, was something she could not do.


         Gambit’s father turned his attention to him once more, “What was this business that brought you here son?”


          “My business!” Rayne jumped up and began pacing. “I can take of myself too Poppa.” She looked from brother to father. “I lived on my own most of my life now.”


          “Sit down girl.” Rayne’s father patted the couch next to him. “Would you deny me the chance to be able to help you?”


          Rayne once again felt ashamed, “No poppa, but …”


          “She’s just hard headed. Always has been. Always will be.” Remy snipped.


          “Better hard headed den thick skulled like you!” She moved to rise but a hand held her down.


          Jean Luc sighed, then looked his daughter in the eye. “What business did you have here?”


          “It wasn’t here at all. I don’ know why Remy came here.” She stuck her tongue at her brother. “If he woulda asked me I coulda told him it was Los Angeles. But nooo, he has ta go off an’ come down here, da turkey headed rascal.”


          “I thought I could find some information here.” Gambit started pasing then. This was getting tiresome. “I’ve had dealin’s wit’ him before. A bad homme, goes by de name Essex.”


           “I could have gotten information for you, son. You should have stayed in New York with your sister.”


           Rayne’s jaw dropped open, “Wait a minute.” She looked at her father and frowned. “You knew I was in New York with Remy?”  When he nodded silently she felt as if her heart had sunk down into her feet. She looked at her brother then, “Why didn’t you tell me poppa knew.” Then she gasped, “And what did you tell him Remy?”


           “I told him after I found you. Just said dat you were with me an’ safe.” Gambit shrugged hoping she would not make a big deal out of it.


           “But,” Rayne looked at her father, “Why didn’t you contact me den?”


           “For de same reason I couldn’ contact you before.” Jean Luc felt heartbroken. His insides twisted with the strain of telling her more. Telling her everything he had known but he knew he shouldn’t.


            Rayne slammed her hand down on the arm of the couch, “It’s not fair! I hate Edval, and I’m glad he’s dead. They all should be dead. I hate them all for keeping my fam’ly from me.”


            From inside the treatment room Justice felt Rayne’s anger. He reached out to comfort her. “Do you need to talk, ma cherie?” No sooner had he thought the words he regretted doing so.


            Rayne’s face contorted and she snarled, “Get de hell outta my head!” In the other room Justice put a hand to his aching temple as the force of her response needled his skull like a hot ice pick.


            Jean Luc looked worriedly at his daughter but Gambit knew what was happening. “Justice must have contacted her telepathically.” He grinned, “Wrong move mon brave. Never get too close to an angry femme. Dey tear you a new one real fast.”