Wolvie Femmes * Parting






                   Scott came out of the school with Jean and looked around happy he hadn't missed their departure.


                   Jean noticed it first, "Where is Hayley?"


                    "Warren wanted to speak with her," Justice offered with a shrug.  He was sure he wouldn't pull anything then, not with so many of them nearby.  He was glad to notice Hayley's surpressor in Remy's hand because he knew she could call for them.


                   Jean nodded wondering if it would be a problem but she remembered hearing where Warren had promised to keep his distance of her.





                 Hayley was a little nervous about being along with him in the secluded spot but she remembered her ability was back.


                "I am sorry I missed the party last night," Warren held out a gift wrapped in pastel paper.  "It's for the baby."


               Hayley took it curiously and opened it find a beautiful blanket and she could tell it was quite expensive, "Thank you, but why?"


              "I wasn't sure if you had one," he shrugged and almost added he was sure that Remy wouldn't be able to afford a thing for the child.  He stepped closer testing the water.  He touched her shoulders lightly but she made no move to return his gesture.  He cleared his throat, "I wanted to say goodbye."


              Hayley moaned, "and what do you mean by that?"


             "He is a pauper, Hayley," Warren sighed.  "If you ever need money or anything, tell me."


             Hayley scoffed, "I was a dancer, my home is paid for and if money was ever a problem, Justice would help."  She pointed a finger in his face, "Please leave Remy's finances out of this."


              "I would not be true to myself if I didn't say that I would miss you around here," He moved closer to her, "Or if I didn't give you one last choice."  He moved to her so close that he was practically on top of her and he dipped his head down to her height and kissed her cheek. He let his kiss move to his lips and found her lips scolding hot and jumped back.


               "You may take that as a 'no'," She sighed and pushed the package into his hands.  "My child and I don't need gifts that are tainted."


               "That was for your baby and nothing more," he sighed.  "I had always known of you and my father knew your father and uncle, it was a gesture."  He looked humbled.


               Hayley's eyes gleamed wildly, "Warren I am sorry but I love him, completely.  He is the very breath I take and I can not wait to be with him when our day ends so our bodies unite." Hayley watched him digest her words with a hard swallow.  "He may not have money but his heart is of gold and his morals pure and I love him.  If I am so graced, I will not be parted from him ever, because he is part of me too."  She sighed catching her breath.  "Sorry Mr. Worthington."


              "I see," he mumbled as he put the gift in her hands gently.  "Friendship will be hard, but I would like to try one day."  He flapped his wings so that he hovered lightly, "but not today."  He looked to the ground as Hayley's words sank in and then flew off.



             "Was it something I said?"  Hayley said hoping he heard her sarcastic remark and quickly walked back to the vehicles.


              Remy listened to the hollow conversation everyone was making but his eyes stayed on the place Hayley had disappeared to with Warren.  Rayne had moved over to him but he still wondered what was happening.  He watched Justice speaking diplomatically to the Professor, Beast and Scott and he reminded him of them when he donned his 'lawyer' persona.


             Jean watched Justice in amazement as he spoke very eloquently and she was simply impressed.  He was usually so goofy and animated but she found him a different man.  He was still the kind hearted loyal man but now he was serious rather than silly.


            Scott looked in the direction Hayley was coming back from and he smiled but he had underlying motives.  He almost frowned seeing her making a beeline for Remy.


            Remy cocked his head up from his seat on Justices' trunk and he watched her smile as she approached and wondered what she had done.  She hugged him and stayed there in his arms.


          Justice looked at his watch nervously, he had to take Imp and Storm to the house to unpack and settle them in.  Then he had to go to work he had promised Bob he would go to court for him at 1:00.  He touched his sisters’ minds lightly and reluctantly and all mirrored the sad demeanor.


         Ally looked at his sisters, living the furthest away she wasn't sure how soon she would see them.  They would be closer together and Ally would be in Canada.  She felt dismal.  Her twin babies ran up to her as if they realized she was upset and they looked up to her with her with identical eyes.


        Hayley moved from Remy's arms slowly seeing Alex and Ally begin to hug.  Justice moved and picked up both twins as Imp moved forward.  Justice smiled at the children he hardly knew but what caught his attention was his sisters saying goodbye and holding their tears.


       Scott and Jean moved back to the school leaving their departing gifts on the car to allow them privacy.


        Ally wasn't sure she couldn't bear this but Hayley held her head up high, "It's not final guys."  She wished she believed her own words and she wanted to be strong for the fallen faces of her sisters.


       Logan put a hand on Ally's shoulder, "I am putting the kids in the seats to go."  She nodded as Justice joined them with a sad deep breath watching Amber and Michael fastened into the car.


       He watched Storm Remy and Rayne move with him and his sister began to hug him.  He lost his balance and all four went to the ground laughing.  Justice stood favoring his shoulder.  He rolled his eyes at the his uncles and Beast's stare, "I'm fine."


        Logan picked Ally up Justice and Remy took Hayley's hand helping her to her feet easily.


      Justice looked at Ally who he knew would be almost unreachable to him and held her long, "Thanksgiving we are getting together."  He kissed her head with a heavy heart and held his own tears back.  Ally nodded afraid to speak.  Justice traced her face with his hands and Logan had to move to break them up.


        "We're not going to be that far," Logan motioned for Aramis to get into the car as he held the door open. He watched Alex and Hayley hug, Ally knowing things would change for the triplets now.  Ally stopped to Xavier and Hank kissing and hugging them both.


         "Thank you uncle for your kindness and hospitality," She turned to Rayne and Remy and narrowed her eyes at Rayne, "Give each other a chance," she whispered with a wink at the smaller Cajun.  She hugged Remy who she had fought with many times in battle and kissed his cheek, "I would say take care of Hayley but I know you will."


         She bent to Jordan, "be good or I will be here with my telekinesis."  She smiled and Jordan folded her arms.


         Ally got in the car and Logan brought it to life as they all watched the first sister on the road.



        Justice walked up to Rayne and sighed, "Next weekend I want a rematch game and don't 'let' me win this time."


         Rayne chuckled, "Ah make no promises, chere."  She hugged him tightly and didn't seem to want to let go.  "Will yo’ come and see us too sometime?


        "Of course," he sighed.  "My apartment's not far from here and Storm's teaching her so I will be seeing you all a lot," He hugged her back, "and I will miss you too, card shark."  He kissed her head and he felt a tear or two against his chest.  "Here now none of that, ok?"


         She rolled to her toes and kissed his cheek but felt Remy's hands around her, "Yo' two gon' start mo' rumors if yo' don't break it up."  He winked.  Hayley joined them and Justice grabbed her.


         "Don't bother Rayne," He narrowed his eyes, "I mean it," She looked like she would argue, "Look I think she’s willing to give you a chance.  You should do the same."


          Hayley watched him curiously, as he winked, "I love you Hayley but stay out of trouble."


          Hayley sighed as Jordan hugged her and Justice pulled his daughter to him.


          He sighed not wanting to leave them and half wanting to follow Ally, he had a bad feeling but ignored it.  He had to go start normal life once again.  "Come on, kiddo."  Justice looked at Imp, "you have a new room waiting for you."  Imp laughed and jumped down and ran to the car.


          Storm hugged Rayne and Remy and got in the car with Jordan as she hooked the girl in.


         Justice Stood to his uncle and bowed to him to show his respect.  "Thank you for your hospitality."


           "I am sure you will be back during the week."  Xavier smiled returning the bow in his wheelchair.


           Justice hugged Alex with a laugh, "Storm will be here tomorrow with Jordan."


           Alex smiled and so did Hayley and they traded thoughts, it wasn't goodbye forever but a completely new way of forever.


           Remy watched Justice pull away and Rayne looked sadder, "Time ta go before yo' two cry again," he joked.  "We ain’t goindat far."  He smiled and they followed him to the car.


        Alex ran up and hugged Hayley and Rayne, "Call if you need me."  Alex chuckled but looked to Rayne, "If Hayley bothers you then you can come here too." She winked and Rayne laughed despite herself.


         Hayley felt Remy hug her and she also went to Xavier and bowed thanking him for his hospitality.


         As the last car pulled off Alex wiped tears away as it became smaller and her last sibling was taken from her.


         Beast sighed hugging her, "Alex we both know they will not be far, my dear."


        "It's not that, Henry," She kissed him lightly, "It's that it will never be the same, no more borrowing the others clothing or climbing in the other's beds.  It's going to be different with a reflection walking around who reads my thoughts."  She shed some tears and the dam threatened to break fully until Henry's eyes twinkled.


        "Justice borrowed your clothing?"  He smiled and she hit him lightly hearing her uncle behind them.


       "Thank you for letting me stay on and letting me teach," She bowed as her siblings did.  "I am honored."


         "As I am," Charles smiled at the sad woman and they walked back to the school to get back to business, a new life has begun.