Wolvie Femmes

Out of Reach


When you thought you had it all.



Rejoin the Adams siblings, the X-Men and friends for more X-citement, as they discover they can't always get what they want.

One: Fallen
Funerals begin.

Two: Acclimated
Rayne and Amber get used to new surrondings.

Funeral crashers!

Four: Out for Blood
Blood is shed.

Five: Take Down
Khaki tries to help out.

Six: Unexpected Help
Another Mutant shows.

Seven: Exit Wounds
Fight continues.

Eight: M.I.A.
Aftermath and missing people.

Nine: Closure
The Search and the Dead are buried.

Ten: Scattered Fights
Just when things seemed to calm.

Eleven: Missed
People catch up with each other.

Twelve: Runaway
Rayne make a break for it.

Thirteen: Taking Chances
People take a chance on each other.

Fourteen: Lessons and Lies
Hayley and Remy's head spin.

Fifteen: Enamored
Chloe forms a plan for new mutants and Justice's eyes are opened.

Sixteen: Dangerous Liaisons:
Rayne finds her 'danger'.

Seventeen: Altercations:
Chloe confronts Justice, Rayne is still finding her way.

Eighteen: Charges:
Rogue's Playful nature gets her and others in trouble.

Nineteen: At Stake:
Outlining what they mean to each other and new group.

Twenty: Sickened:
Rayne is very ill and Chloe follows her revenge.

Twenty-one: Assassins:
Logan and Remy find Justice and Rayne's brought to med-lab.

Twenty-two: Rayne's Torment:
Rayne's past could end her future.

Twenty-three: Shared Memories:
Piecing the puzzle together and Rayne wakes.

Twenty-four: Set Up:
Xavier's ill? Was it intentional? Four of the mutants attempt to get out.

Twenty-Five: Kidnapped:
Joyrides and and Ambush.

Twenty-six: Broken:
Creed claims what's his.

Twenty-seven: Recovery:
Some healing starts.

Twenty-Eight: Impaired:
Hayley deals with what happened and Remy deals with Warren.

Twenty-Nine: Kept in the Dark:
Remy learns more experiments.

Thrity: Statements:
Standing up for themselves.



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