Wolvie Femmes * Normalcy:






        Alex dodged the projectile when Beast screamed for her to do so.  She rolled on the ground recovering on one knee and blasted the launcher with an ice ball.  She didn't see the one behind her and it hit her dead in the back knocking Alex against the floor stomach down.


      Beast moved to her checking her quickly and she roused so he took a deep breath as he moved to disable the simulation.


      "Why didn't you warn me?"  Alex looked sad.


       "Alex you must not rely on the fact you were born a triplet," Beast stood in the now empty danger room.  He wished she had some of Hayley's killer instincts or Ally's keen eye but Alex was more of a scholar than a fighter and that was what he had to rectify.  "I cannot call into your mind and issue a warning."


        Alex let him help her but she knew she had failed, "I am used to being part of a team, Henry."  She frowned missing them more; she could feel them in her mind as if they were there with her.  They were like ghosts who followed her.


      "They will not always be there and you are an individual," Hank popped the door open.  "What did your instructors do in school with the three of you?"


      "They let us stay together," she smiled ruefully.


     "They didn't find it wise to separate the three of you to develop your own personality?"


      "They tried," Alex sighed pulling her hair out of its ponytail and letting it spill to her shoulders.  "They put us in three separate classes but we screamed ourselves into fits until they gave up and kept us together."


       Beast growled lightly at the school system, "You need to be an individual."


       Alex looked offended, "I am."


       "Alex, you need to see things from my perspective," He put hands on her shoulders.  "You are a young lady who was waiting for a 'twin' to call a telepathic warning as she had done for me."


      She nodded feeling a bruise starting on her back, "You’re right, as usual."  She bit her lip.  Was he so much more mature than she?  She felt the oldest and the smartest when she was with her sisters and now she felt that she was starting all over.  Henry kept her mind stimulated and busy but he outwitted her very often.


      "I don't want to be 'right'," He met her eye.  "I want you to learn so you don't get hurt."


      Xavier made his way to them, "Are you all right Alexandra?"


       Alex groaned, 'He saw that?'  She stood up straight, "I am fine."


      "I take it that this is the result of adjustment?" He looked to them both.


      "If you mean 'empty triplet syndrome', then yes."  She moved away with a sigh.  "I need to shower before class, excuse me."  Shakespeare, a man she almost understood.  She broke into a trot to get to her room quickly.


       "Is she all right, Hank?"  Charles was concerned.  He had heard Hayley and Ally were doing better than Alex.  He also worried about Justice and the newscasts he had seen.


      "Better than her sisters will be," Henry smiled.  "She is getting a jump on fighting without them and it will be months before her sisters may begin."


      "She seems so dismal recently," Charles couldn't help but to worry.


      "She will be fine, Charles."  Hank assured him.  "She has more will and strength than she sees but once she does and I think we will all be proud."


       Xavier nodded because he hadn't thought of how his other nieces would do in the danger room after giving birth.  "Thank you, Henry."  He looked to his watch wondering if he should catch the news.









         Justice walked from his office in search of a cup of water.  He had been locked in there all morning.


          His secretary Belinda sat up seeing him emerge, "Anything I can get you?"


          "Not unless you can stretch my legs FOR me," he winked watching Bob approach.


          "I bring good news," Bob smiled.


           "Media isn't allowed in court rooms any longer?"  Justice smiled.


           Bob smiled, "Social good news," he elaborated.  "We have the fund raiser's date and the benefit dinner moved closer."


          "How is that good news?"  Justice knew it would have everyone jumping to rearrange their plans.


          "It will give the media something positive after your Gandhi performance in court," Bob hit him with the file he carried.  "Will you be bringing the siren I have heard about?"


         Justice nodded thinking of how lovely Storm would look there.


          Bob started away, "Oh, and tell Hayley she needs to rehearse for the dancing tomorrow."


          "She can't," Justice called to him and Bob stopped quickly.


          "I don't want to hear 'can't' Justice," Bob kept a hard look.  "Why 'can't' she?"


        "She's pregnant," Justice smiled.


        Bob's mouth dropped, "Hayley?"  He would think somebody like Hayley would have put her uterus up on Ebay rather than have children.  "Well then she will have to come to the benefit dinner with her, 'husband'?"


           "Significant other," Justice corrected him.  "They have a place not too far."


           "It's a shame she can't lead the dancing," Bob rubbed his jaw dismally.  He felt like yelling because Hayley always helped the dance benefits and then showed up to the dinner in a gown that would only rival her sister's.  "Can she choreograph it?"  Bob was pulling at straws.  "What about Ally?"


           "She's pregnant too."  Justice felt his position.


            "And Alex?"  Bob sighed.


            "She could if you want her," Justice knew Alex was more than capable at dancing and/or singing but she preferred not to because she had always considered it her sister's place.


            "Yes!"  Bob jumped thinking of her performance at the last benefit.  "Better one than none."


           "She didn't say yes yet," Justice joked and looked at the time.  "I have to get my daughter from school."


           Bob nodded, "gone a few months and kids are crawling everywhere."


           Justice merely nodded and moved away but Bob caught up, "this kid of yours is coming to the dinner."


          "Her name's Jordan," Justice cocked a challenging eyebrow.


          "Bring her," Bob smiled.  "I am intrigued to meet this daughter."


           Justice smiled and waved over his shoulder as he passed people smiling at him.  As he made his way to the car, he had to admit it felt good to be back to normal life, kinks and all.



          Justice shuffled his files into his other hand to see his watch but felt like he was being watched as he got to the parking garage.  He turned so suddenly that he almost dropped his briefcase.  "Hello?"  Justice called standing tall and then scoffed.  'You're losing it Adams.'


         He heard his cell phone ringing as he got to his car and rolled his eyes seeing it was Bob already.  "Yeah, Bob?"


         "Got a moment?"  Bob said brightly.  "Big money client wants to speak only to you."


         "Actually I really don't, I have to get Jordan at school," He fumbled with his keys and popped his car door opened placing his case in the floor behind the seat.


         "Well, make a minute."  Bob sounded cross now.  "He will ONLY talk to you and his money is quite green.  I've taken the liberty of giving him your cell number already so you can talk to him in the car."


            Justice plugged his car phone into the stereo and the conversation was piped into the speakers.  He buckled the seat belt with a groan.  "Thanks for scheduling work for me."


          "You're the vigilante who made the news and that's why he wants you," Bob sighed.  "He is after some girl who owes him money."


          "Then he needs a collecting agency," Justice started the car out of the space.


          "He wants you because the amounts are a bit more than he feels comfortable with a simple agency," Bob was losing his cool, "Justice, take it.  It's open and close."


          Justice sighed inwardly, he knew Bob would hassle him until he took it, "All right, Bob."  He heard the cell's call waiting and looked at the unavailable call, "Bob I've got another call.  Bye."


          He clicked over and turned the speakers down wondering if it was private, "Adams."  Justice said as he merged into traffic.


         "Yes, Mr. Adams," a silver toned voice flowed in the speaker, "I would like to retain your services."


         "And you are?"  Justice was guarded of the tone and took them for a smooth talker.


         "Essex," The voice cooed into the phone.


         "Mr. Essex," Justice hoped he had assumed correctly that it was his last name, "What can I do for you?"


         "I would like you to take a case against a young lady whom I employed," Mr. Essex explained.  "She was hired to do some work for me and ran without providing the agreed upon service."


         "Really," Justice was ready to hit the off button on his phone, "So you want to take this woman to court to make a point?"


         "More or less," Essex purred.  "Rayne Lebeau was hired to do a job.  She took half of the payment, never produced what she was asked to and did not refund my money."


         Justice almost hit the car in front of him, "WHO?"


         "Rayne Lebeau," Essex had lost the silvery tone to his voice, "She stole my money.  I would like for you to represent me against her."


         Justice was beside himself, "Rayne Lebeau?"  Justice wasn't sure if he should show his association with Rayne yet.  "I don't think I can help you here."  Justice felt like hitting Bob.


         "Oh I think you can."  Essex demanded his silvery tone now gone to a hiss.  "It is a simple matter, unless you do not exceed your reputation."


         "I have my own reasons, one being, I don’t handle collections cases," Justice was losing his temper as he gained ground on Jordan's school.


          "Mr. Adams," the other man calmed down a little.  "I do suggest you rethink my request."


           Justice laughed, "All right, I’ll think it over."  Justice paused.  "Ok, I’ve thought it over and the answer is still no."  Justice's protective nature was going over board and he was beginning to take it out on the road since he couldn't do it on this Essex.  He let his eyes adjust to the tunnel and groaned as static took the call.  "Mr. Essex?"


          He hit the dashboard angrily and ground his teeth.  Now he knew he had to see Rayne today and hoped Jordan wouldn't mind a trip to her Aunt's or that Storm would mind a late dinner.






      Jordan sat among her classmates much to their dismay.  She didn't seem to make too many friends her first day and sighed.  The teacher seemed to like her a lot but the more attention the teacher showed her the more the other children gave her dirty looks.


      "Now who knows the answer," Miss Simpson called to the children.  Nobody raised their hand. "Jordan?"


      Jordan squirmed a little, "five."


     "Very good," the teacher was proud but it caused more groaning from her classmates.  "What school did you go to before, Jordan?"


      "I didn't, St…I mean Ororo taught me," Jordan caught her slip.


      "A private tutor?"  She patted Jordan's head.  "Let's get a snack.  Children please get a seat at the big table and bring your placemats."


        Jordan followed the children who knew the routine and sat next to the one girl who had been kind to her.  "Kayla."  Jordan caught up to her.  "Where do we sit?"


        Kayla patted the spot next to her and added a placemat, "Sit next to me."  She bounced in her seat.


       "Who was that pretty lady who dropped you off this morning?" one of the boys asked.


       "Ororo," Jordan smiled kicking her feet.  "She taught me."


        The bigger boy crossed his arms, "Think you’re so smart."  He pushed his straw in his milk angrily.


        "No," Jordan looked at the table wondering if she should act dumb.


        Kayla bit her cookie, "What's your daddy's name?"


        "Justice, he has strawberry hair!"  Jordan smiled; she liked her daddy's hair.


        Miss Simpson turned, "Is your daddy's name the same as yours?"


        "Adams," Jordan bit the apple pieces the teacher passed out.


        "The lawyer?"  Simpson's eyes grew wider.


         "I dunno," Jordan concentrated on getting her straw in the milk.


          "I heard of him," the big boy laughed, "He's not your dad, he's famous."


          "HE IS TO!"  Jordan jumped to her feet.


           Another boy joined in, "If he's your dad, then my dad's Hercules."  They all laughed and began to point.


           Jordan pressed her lips together angrily and curled her fists.  Kayla didn't offer any help when Jordan looked at her.


          "It's not nice to lie."  Kayla scolded her friend.


         "I'm not," Jordan huffed feeling she had no friends left.


          "He might be her father," Miss Simpson jumped in, “let's not doubt what someone says and let's NOT call names.


          "Well I heard he's a mutant," the big boy chuckled.


          "No," Imp lied.  "Take it back!"


           "No!"  He crossed his arms and the Jordan began to chase him around the snack table.  He was too fast for the smaller girl and she lost her temper.



         "TAKE IT BACK!"  She felt Miss Simpson stop her and as miss Simpson turned Jordan's chin up to meet her eyes she saw the sapphires in place of her eyes and the big boy went flying against the chalkboard.  Miss Simpson hugged Jordan to her to hide her eyes from the other children.


          "Everyone to their desks," the teacher said quickly taking Jordan aside and going to the boy.  "Are you all right, Patrick?"  The bigger boy nodded.  "Go to your seat and you may not speak."


          The teacher pulled Jordan away from the other children's ears, "Jordan what was that?"


         "Nothing," Jordan lied.


         "Did you do it?"






          "He shouldn't have said that."


           The teacher sighed, "Jordan honey, are you mutant?"  The teacher bit her lip.


           Jordan started to cry, "I'm not 'sposed to say."


           Miss Simpson sighed and held her own hand behind the bookshelf as it began to vibrate wildly and the bookshelf shook.


           Jordan jumped, "Did you do that?"  She whispered.


           "Yes, and be careful who YOU tell or show about yourself," Miss Simpson sighed.  "Another adult wouldn't be as nice."


           "Daddy told me that," Jordan was near tears and she was so confused.  "I'm sorry."


           "No more though," Miss Simpson pointed her hand finger, "It's not fair is it?"


            "No," Jordan sighed.


             "Jordan is your father one too?"


             "Am I supposed to tell you?"


             She laughed, "What does he do?"


              Imp smiled and rocked on her feet, "He's really strong like Superman and fast too."


              The teacher sighed, "Does he have a wife?"


              "No, just Storm,"




               "Ororo," Imp bit her lip, "I am not supposed to call her Storm."


                Her teacher was reeling, "Tell nobody else ok?  and NO more powers."


                Jordan nodded and moved back to the other children.








           Justice moved quickly through the school wondering where his daughter was stashed.  He wanted her early so he could get to Rayne and it was hard not to use his speed to move.  He found a class and couldn't miss her blonde curls.  He smiled seeing her talking to other children and laughing with a little girl with dark hair.  He rapped on the door and the teacher walked over and opened it quickly.


          "Yes?"  She looked at the large man guardedly.


           Jordan jumped up, "DADDY!"


           The teacher looked at him again and laughed, "You are Justice Adams."


          Justice picked Imp up, "You were expecting Michael Jackson?"


          "We had a discussion going on here about you."


           "What, is this a pre-law kindergarten?"  He rolled his eyes.  He looked to Jordan wanting to get to Hayley's as fast as he could. “Let’s go see Aunt Hayley,” he proposed to his daughter with a smile.


             She nodded, "No, not to see Rayne."  She wrinkled her nose.


            "Give her a chance kiddo," Justice pressed his forehead against Jordan's, "I like her."


             Jordan looked at the teacher and whispered, "Rayne turns into a rat."


            Justice laughed weakly, "She's got quite an imagination, huh?"


            "Not as much as her other abilities," Miss Simpson smiled.  "She flattened a boy with telekinesis."


           "But Miss Simpson hid it," Jordan beamed.


           Justice was speechless, "Thank you."


            Jordan waved her hand to dismiss it, "She's one too."


            Justice sighed, "I am sorry she did this."


           "She can't do it again," Simpson frowned.  "The school will have her out in a heartbeat."


            "She won't," Justice looked at Jordan, "Right?"


             She nodded, "right."


            "We’ll see her tomorrow then," the teacher said quickly as the children began to approach.


               The boy Patrick stood by the teacher, "You REALLY are that lawyer my dad talks about?"


               Justice cleared his throat, "I doubt it."  He smiled at the boy and ruffled his hair.  He kissed Jordan and carried her out on his shoulders away from the prejudice atomosphere.