Wolvie Femmes * Neighbors:





              Ally woke and began to gather vegetables with Aramis while the twins ran in the wide yard.  Logan was in the tree with a bird feeder attaching it before he added the bird seed.


           "Thank God!"  A loud voice called.  "NEIGHBORS!"  A voice boomed and they all jumped seeing a man carrying a glass of tea with his pinky up.


            Ally stood and so did Aramis, "I have been waiting to see this place in use."  He smiled under his sunglasses.  "I'm Paris!"  He beamed and looked at the women.


           "Allyson," Ally smiled.  He seemed harmless enough.  He quickly took her hand and kissed it.  Ally laughed, "This is Aramis."


           "Like the musketeers?"  His eyebrows shot up at Ally's slip.  "FABULOUS!"


            Aramis smiled, "It's a nickname, but most call me Kim."


           "Well, honey, I am not most!"  Paris laughed.  Suddenly he jumped as Logan hit the ground soundlessly next to him, "AHHH!"  He screamed in a falsetto tone and smacked Logan's forearm, "YOU BRUTE!"


           "He certainly is animated," Ally whispered.


           Aramis smiled, "That's one way of putting it."


          "And WHO are you… mister?"  Paris's eyes danced up and down Logan's muscular physique.


           Logan growled, "Logan."


           Ally smiled and gathered Amber into her arms, "Would you like to come in?"


          He touched her arm lightly, "Honey I would love to."  He looked to her pregnant belly and the child she picked up, "Oh, let me carry her for you, you SHOULDN'T be doing that in your condition."  He pointed a finger at he stomach.


         Ally laughed as he took the child from her and he obviously wasn't used to lifting anything as it showed on his face as he passed the baby to Logan.  Ally laughed under her breath.


       "I just bet he's just good for all kinds of things," he eyed Logan as if he were food while he and Ally walked into the house.


        Logan watched the man go into the house and looked at Aramis, "If he tries on her clothing, don't tell me."


       Aramis laughed picking up Michael.  They followed them into the house as Paris babbled on asking Ally about their things.  She seemed taken back since Justice and Logan had most of it done.


         Their home was a simple log cabin on the outside but inside it was magnificent.  It had a large sun porch that connected to an outdoor porch with a simple grill and under the porches sat the gardens just beyond the pavement by the doors.  The beautiful trees of Canada were something.  Ally wondered if Logan remembered that she had seen the cabin before, they had all four stayed there when hiding from her father.


         In that time, the log cabin had been torn apart and left to ruins.  She knew Justice had tried to restore it off and on for years as Logan had, until they had caught Logan again.  She bit her lip looking at the things Justice had added.  He knew Ally and Logan very well and it showed in his choices for housewarming gifts.  He had left a fruit basket and simple things such as videos and she wondered if he had done the same for Hayley.


        "This is SO rustic, I love it," Paris said with a flourish of arms.  Ally looked at him and smiled but Paris continued, "and it has so many possibilities."


         "Have you lived here long Paris?"  Ally wondered if he had ever seen them here before.


         "About two years now."  Paris walked to the videos and eyed them.  "LOVE the armoire!"  He looked at the workmanship and ran his hand along it gently.  "It's smooth as butter!"


         Ally laughed, "Logan made it."


         His eyes opened wider, "Really!"  He swung his hand in the air, "girl, you have got to get me one of them."


         Ally laughed out right, loving her new neighbor, "if I find another, I’ll let you know."


        He smiled and they both looked at the phone, as it rang, "Shouldn't you grab that?"


        Ally thought Logan or Aramis would but remembered they had the twins.  "Hello," She called into the receiver.


       "AL?"  Justice said loudly on his cell phone and Ally sighed wondering if he would call after last night's nightmare.


        "Justice, are you all right?" She held up a finger to Paris and mumbled excuse me and walked off a little as he continued to man handle the flowers as he arranged them.


       "Fine, but I had some wacked out guy call me, and after that a restless night.  I’m tired and worn," Justice sighed.


        Ally laughed at his choice of words, "Who called you?"


       "Some nut job," Justice sighed.  "Are you doing all right?  You never told me if you were settled in."


       "I'm fine, but the neighbor is here.  Can I call you back?"


       "No, I am headed to Hayley's," he laughed.  "I want to see the damage of their whipped cream battle."  He wouldn't elaborate with Rayne's secret, it was hers to tell.


        "Okay call me later," She heard him mumble bye over the static and clicked it off.


       Paris laughed seeming to have heard most of the conversation due to the fact Justice was yelling over static, "Whipped Cream battle?"  He seemed to wish he had thought of it, "You have some colorful friends."


       Ally laughed, 'if only he knew.'





          Rayne woke after a restless sleep and looked out the window to see Remy was gone already.  She looked at the clock astonished she could sleep that long and groaned.


        She saw it was quiet and that the mess was primarily cleaned up and sighed but there was no sign of Hayley.  Rayne tossed a hand at the stairs, 'let her stay in bed.'  She smiled hoping she had the house to herself.  She heard a knock and could see the frumpy woman who had cleaned the house before.  She rolled her eyes and opened the door.


       "Can Ah help yo'?"  Rayne asked politely.


      "I am here to help you, sweetie," Hazel smiled.  "I was sent by Mr. Adams."


      Rayne shrugged, "Why?"


       "He said something about an ice cream fight?"  She smiled.


       Rayne looked at the straightened room, "Whipped cream fight."  Rayne corrected.


      Hazel looked around, "It's not too bad."  She smiled making her way to the kitchen.


      “Ah cleaned it some last night.”  Rayne hoped that would appease the cleaning woman so that she would leave.  She wanted the house all to herself for a while.  Her hopes were dashed when Hayley appeared from the kitchen.


      “Are you back here so soon, Hazel?”  She was puzzled as to why the woman was here.


      “I received a call from Mr. Adams that there was some cleaning to be done this morning.”  She tried to keep a straight face.  “He said something about an ice cream battle.”


       “Whipped cream battle,” Rayne mumbled and then walked back to her room.  Once inside she put some Jelly Roll Morton on the CD player and turned it up so she couldn’t hear what was going on down the hall.  She walked into the closet and looked at each item one by one, trying to figure out what to wear for the upcoming date.




      Hayley watched Rayne wander off annoyed with the plump cleaning woman and she really couldn’t blame her. The woman’s busy demeanor did make her out to be a pest.


       “Rayne did try to clean the mess herself,” Hayley offered with folded arms.


       “I can certainly see that ma’am,” Hazel mumbled from walk in broom closet. She seemed annoyed that the place was a mess after they hadn’t been there 24 hours.


        Hayley opened her mouth not sure why she wanted to defend the Cajun to the older woman but she opened her mouth to tell her again how Rayne had tried to clean after her brother. She was interrupted by a sound at the front door and she yanked her bracelet off with a swift gesture.





        Remy had just opened the door to find Haley with her bracelet in one hand and her other hand high above her head ready to fireball him.


        “Hard day, Cher?” He joked feebly approaching her slowly. He knew he was tired but could only imagine she was just as tired.


        Hayley sighed and again wondered what it was that he held over her, “yes, a hard day with the hard ass,” she pouted, “Hazel is here again.”


        He wrapped his arm around her waist, “Oui, mebbe she lik’ de show?”


        “What show?” Hayley wrinkled her brow curiously.


        Remy pushed his hips to Hayley’s lightly, “De one we gon’ give her if she don’t leave,” he winked.


         Hayley began to bubble with laughter but found him kissing her and pulling at the lacey skirt she wore. His hand cupped the back of her pulling her into a deeper kiss and she didn’t notice that he had her skirt up to her hip touching her skin inside of her thigh lightly, until they heard somebody clearing their throat.


       Remy was determined to drive the cleaning lady out of there and was reluctant to let Hayley go. He held on to her lithe body despite her half hearted struggle to break free. “Ah be rite wit’ yo’,” Remy winked at Hazel. Then he met the woman’s gaze evenly. “’less you gon’ watch us,” his eyes twinkled mischievously. He felt Hayley giggling but pulled her skirt from his hands lightly.


   “N-N-No sir,” Hazel stammered, “that won’t be required.


    That only left Hayley giggling into to Remy’s chest so Remy kept a straight face, “S’alright we like our privacy,” he smiled.


      “I forgot some things so I’ll just be leaving,” she mumbled, “I’ll take no pay tonight but I’ll take my leave right now.” She smiled as she passed them getting to the door, “I’m sure you’ll both have another baby on the way in no time.”


      She breezed out the door before they could respond but leaving the duo in hysterics as they both fell to the couch in laughter.


       She right,” a voice called from the stairs above, “dat’s disgusting! Quite trying to have sex all de time!”  Rayne knew they were joking and couldn’t resist the dig at her brother’s overactive libido.


        “Petite,” He waved his hands in the air, “Ah want her,” he gestured to Hayley, “But dat was for dat woman.”


         Rayne smiled a knowing smile at getting him riled up, “Keep it in de room please,” she turned on her heal and wandered back to her room with a sigh.





        Hayley turned to him, “Just for Hazel?” She jumped off the couch and kissed his lips lightly, “you don’t lie that well Remy,” she smiled, “I don’t think Rayne believed you.”


        Remy pushed a lock of hair out of his eyes watching Hayley walk to the kitchen. He adjusted his trousers and shook his head. “All revved up an nowhere ta go,” he joked and walked to the family room. Sinking into the recliner he grabbed the remote and turned on the television with a sigh. He entertained the idea of getting a drink but fatigue began to take him as he watched the newscast that included Justice Adams. He silently wondered how his friend dealt with that as he heard familiar Cajun sounds coming from upstairs. Remy grinned. This place was starting to feel like home.







     Justice looked in the back seat of the car at Jordan drawing on her notepad and he marveled at her innocence in such a harsh world. Nothing mattered to her but people who loved her and all the learning experience she had to look forward to.


       Justice heard his cell buzz and Jordan’s head perked up, “Is that your phone?”


       “Yes,” he sighed, “Be quiet for a minute ok?”


         She nodded returning to her doodling as she hummed lightly.


         Adams.” Justice called into the speaker of his car as the cell was piped into the audio.


         “What right do you have Adam’s giving a performance like that?” A low chuckle could just be made out, “You’re giving lawyers a bad name.”


         Justice stared at the speaker, “Murdock?” He knew it was him now, “Hell’s kitchen’s lawyer is going to give me a speech on court etiquette?”


         “Somebody needs to.”


         Justice shook his head at Matt Murdock the respected lawyer and warrior of the poor and down trodden. He smiled, “I wish I could be a class act like you Matt and that’s why I left.”


        “Justice, I’m blind but even I saw he was guilty,” Matt snickered, “My advice friend is to get a partner who isn’t totally financially motivated.”


         “Daddy, spell love,” Jordan asked kicking her feet against the seat.


         Matt laughed, “Is that your secretary taking notes?”


         “That is one of my reasons for keeping my larger clients,” Justice looked at the traffic coming off the expressway, “we need to had coffee sometime soon Matt.”


          “Done,” Matt agreed readily, “After your meeting with Stark Industry?”


           Justice kept his mouth hanging open wondering how he knew about that, “does anything get past you?”


            “Not much,” Matt said simply but Justice could almost hear him smiling on the phone, “Call me tomorrow and we’ll set it up to meet.”


            “Ok,” Justice said watching the traffic wondering how he had ever underestimated this lawyer and glad he had not gone against him in court yet.


            “And Justice?”




            “Stay out of trouble.”


             “You first,” Justice challenged, as the other man chuckled on the end and hung up the phone.


             “Put your books away,” Justice told Jordan as he pulled into the driveway.








      Justice walked in the door to the mansion and Jordan squealed as she ran for Hayley sitting on the couch.  “You’d think she hadn’t seen you in a year.”


      “Just, you ok?”  She looked at him concerned as she hugged the girl.


      Remy was sitting in a chair in front of the television and stood to greet the guests.  “De cleanin’ lady was already here.”  He grinned from ear to ear.


      “I heard about your escapades last night.”  He grinned in return then looked around, “Where’s Rayne?”


      “She’s in her room.”  He patted Justice on the back and walked with him to his sisters’ room.  “Thanks homme for what you did for Rayne.”


      Justice looked a bit embarrassed, “It was the least I could do.”


      They reached Rayne’s room and heard her singing along with Bruce Daigrepont’s ‘Laissez Faire’.  Remy held his hand up to rap on her door but the door swung open suddenly.


      “Ah thought Ah smelled you!”  She tossed her arms around his waist.


      Justice laughed, “Do I smell that bad?”


      She hugged him tighter, “Ah LOVE ma room, chere.  Merci Bein!”


      “I wanted you to feel at home.”  He was happy that she seemed more relaxed here, but that also made him hesitate about what he had come to discuss with her.  He cleared his throat and looked at Remy.  “I got a phone call today from a man named Essex.”


      Rayne stifled a yelp and Remy looked angry.  Rayne ran to her closet and pulled out one of her new suitcases.  “Ah have ta go back to L.A. and take care a somethin’.”


      “He said you owed him money.”  Justice wasn’t about to let her run off to Los Angeles alone.  “I’ll help you with this.  Just give him the money back.  I’ll send it to him through our firm.”  He slapped his hands together.  “It will be over with in a second.”


      Remy had run over to her window and was peering outside.  “You don’t know dis Essex Justice.  He doesn’t want de money.”


      “What do you mean?  He said he wanted me to handle a case of where he paid someone to do some work that they didn’t do.  And that he paid money up front.”  He looked at Rayne.  “How much did you get up front?”


      “Five thousand,” Rayne was staring at the floor.


      “Holy Toledo!”  For just getting information for him?”  Justice blew a low whistle.  “I’m in the wrong line of work.”


       Remy was more angry now.  “You don’t get it homme.”  He continued to look outside.  “He knows you know Rayne and now he knows where she is.”  He told Rayne to turn her light off.  “He doesn’t care about the money.  He was usin’ you ta find her.”


      Justice felt foolish.  “I’m sorry.  I didn’t know.”  He was looking as worried now as he felt.  “But why would he want to find her, to get the information?”


      “Ah can give him what Ah know.  Maybe den he’ll leave me alone.”  Rayne said as she fussed with her shirt.


      Remy shook his head.  “No, he don’ work like dat.”  He slapped his hand on the window sill.  “He’s an evil bastard dat likes ta manipulate people ta get what he wants.  Ah’m guessin’ there’s much more ta dis den information, Rayne.”


      “What do we do Remy?”  Rayne looked as though she was ready to run for it.


      He put his arms around her.  “Ah’ll handle it petite.  You jus’ stay away from him, you hear?”


       She shook her head violently, “No way am Ah gonna let yo’ get in danger for somethin’ Ah did, Remy.”


      He pointed is finger in her face.  “Ah said Ah’ll take care of it, and for you ta stay out of it.”  He gave her a stern look.  “Ah mean it!  Leave it be.”  He looked at Justice.  “He an Ah will see ta dis.”


     Justice sighed thinking what more trouble he could get himself into.