Wolvie Femmes * Misguided


     Ally floated up meeting Magneto and began a mental probe but it was fruitless.  She watched her right hand begin to channel Alex’s power and smiled as she began to freeze them.


     Pietro hadn’t seen the attack coming and tried to run but his joints began to swell with ice. He looked to his father for help as he froze.


     Eric knew Sabretooth would guard him know as he continued to throw Warren off balance in the sky.


      Vic looked at Eric ready to leave and tired of the one sided fight.


      “Remain after Fire-cat.”  Eric ordered watching Ally, “The stakes have gone up.”  He chuckled.  “We should have back up soon.”


       Logan saw Creed running for the X-men again and tackled him before he got very far.  He popped his claws and Growled as he and Vic started the old fight.


       Ally heard mystique move and she began to fight with nightcrawler, each’s agility a match for the others.  Ally flew down with her foot in Mystique’s cheek and Mystique howled but something stopped the blue woman in her tracks.


      Kurt and Ally looked at each other questionably as she began to scream and hold her head.


     “I didn’t hurt the child,” Mystique cried to her unseen assailant and fell to the ground as she fell fast into a pained sleep.



       Scott had gone to Hayley and scooped her to him.  He dusted her face from the debris and her stray hair.


       He shook his head looking at her wondering what power it was she had over him but he still couldn’t deny the attraction.  He let his fingers dance over her lips and called her name lightly.


      He sighed when she didn’t open her eyes and kissed her head.  He picked her up and cradled her head to his chest.


     Tears welled worried for the child he still wished was his and he still wasn’t sure it wasn’t but more so the tears were for Jean and the thought of her seeing him like this.


     He turned to face Remy whose eyes were narrowed and red.


     “Ah see yo’ found somethin’ dat belongs ta me,” Remy snapped.  He lost his temper and hit Scott in the face sending Scott back with Hayley on top of him.





      Everyone’s attention was caught when they saw a familiar bright light.  Very quickly, Jump appeared with a wicked smile standing possessively close to Eric.


     She ran to the X-men laughing and chuckling.  “So, where is the high and mighty Justice.”


     Ally’s anger built and she let her ability flow trying to tackle Chloe’s mind but Chloe had her own way to fight back with mind over matter as she moved closer to Ally.


     “Looking for a way to shut me down?”  She smiled turning solid and letting her true form almost seem vulnerable.  “Try it and you might put Justice’s baby to death as well.” She reached at Ally with a slap to the face.




      “Give him the message if you would,” she smiled evilly, “this child won’t side for his Uncle Xavier.”


       Ally’s mouth dropped wordless, “you’re lying!!  Justice wouldn’t touch you!”





     A sinister chuckle began as Chloe was lifted with the other members of the brotherood into protective magnetic bubbles.


     “We have not lost this battle, X-men,” Eric said loudly.  “The war is ours,” he looked to Jump, “As you might now know.”



      Ally felt tears on her cheek as she realized chloe had turned to the Brotherhood and was bringing Justice’s child.


     Logan wrapped his healing arm around Ally’s waist.  “We’re all safe now.”


     “Yeah,” Ally mumbled moving away slowly.


     Logan took a deep breath knowing his attempt to raise her spirits had failed and he began to look her over for injury.


     “I’m fine,” she shrugged away slowly watching Remy and Scott arguing as Scott held Hayley.  “Would you settle that?”  Ally pointed.


     He grunted and moved to them and so did Beast.  Remy and Scott both eyed Logan as the ex and crossed arms as he made moves to take Hayley but Hank interceded shaking his head at Remy and Scott.


    Hank held his arms out for the sleeping beauty and took her watching the looks between men, “I had thought that we had passed this point gentlemen.”  His scolding look was lost on both men as Remy ran inside to retrieve Rayne.


    Ally stood next to Scott rolling her eyes, “They weren’t really fighting hard.”  She said quietly as they moved into the school.


   He nodded, “They seemed to be making a point with Jump.”  He thought of their friend with the brotherhood.


    “What will Jordan think?”  Ally pondered aloud.


    Scott gave her a curious look, “About what?”


     Ally folded her arms realizing he hadn’t heard Jump and was thankful because it was personal.  She thought it would be better if Justice heard this first and she was entirely sure it was true.  “Mystique lost conscious and I wonder if Jean or my uncle was involved in the attack some how.”


      “It looked like a telepath had gotten her all right but I had assumed it was you,” Scott mumbled.


       Ally sighed and shook her head.  She looked at him worried,  “Don’t let Hayley get to again,” She ran off before he could argue the point and so she could catch up with the others.


      Storm loved Jordan, she always had.  She had been helping raise the child since she was an infant and she even loved her defiant nature.  She held Jordan now and realized as Justice’s child she loved her even more.  She could see his traits in her even features that he carried.


     Ororo held Jordan in her arms tightly as if to protect the child, as she had not been able to earlier.




     Remy carried his valiant little sister proud of her giving nature and the love they shared between them.  Once again, she had put him above herself.  He sighed, wishing she wouldn’t do that again.


      He looked ahead to Hayley being carried by Beast and sighed.  Hayley had taken hits for him too but it still bothered him that this all began because she had tried to get away from him, especially when he just wanted to hold her now.


     His heart ached but he knew she was safe and as he looked at Rayne, he wondered if he would want his little sister to fall in love.  He wasn’t sure he would be able to sit idly by and watch her go through what he and the others went through with love’s curse.  He smiled and knew he wouldn’t be able to save her from the trials and tribulations of love.





        Jean took a deep breath as Justice seemed to final settle down but his lips were moving now with no words.  She watched him intrigued in what he was trying to say and she finally heard a whisper of a word.


        “Jordan,” Justice breathed and he stopped moving for the most part.


        Jean’s heart went to him and his concern for his daughter but what caught her attention was the fact she could see that sapphire blue color peeking from under his lids.


       “Justice you need to heal, please settle down,” she said softly hoping not wake Alex.  Before she knew it, her senses were assaulted by a strong earthy smell.  She saw a hand reach out and pick some leaves off a low growing plant.  Dr. Grey shook her head to clear it at first but the images persisted.  She then realized that she was caught up in another one of Justice’s projected memories. 


       She heard sounds of birds chirping and wind blowing softly through the trees, then the snap of a swig.  Next, she heard Rayne’s voice, “What took you so long Remy?” 


       Jean now knew that she was experiencing one of Rayne’s memories.  She felt the girl’s annoyance at the thought of Gambit missing their prearranged meeting that day.  Rayne wanted to berate her brother for standing her up and had choice words ready as she stood and whirled around to face him.  However, to Rayne’s surprise and horror, it wasn’t Remy at all.  It was the assassin named Edval.  Jean recognized him from previous contacts with Rayne’s mind, and knew he was an evil character.


       “Why d’you hang around dat no good t’ief?”  Edval said with a sneer as he took one step closer.


       Rayne tried to appear calm but inside she was terrified.  Edval was well known for his cruelty with his intended prey, and Rayne suspected that she was indeed his prey.  She recalled a day about a month back where she had the misfortune to heal Edval of a gunshot wound.  Tanti had insisted that she was ready to handle this case on her own but Rayne had doubts.  Doubts, that appeared to be well founded, for the experience left her shaken and second-guessing her decision to become a traiture.


       Edval took yet another step closer, “Ah remember what you did ta me girl.  Do you remember?”


       Stupid question,’ Rayne thought, recalling how she had to dig buckshot out of his scrawny butt.  She was so nervous that she spilled Mercurochrome all down his privates.  He had screamed in pain and told her he would pay her back someday.  Now here he was, standing in front of her, in a deserted, wooded part of town.  She felt trapped and Jean could feel panic rising within Rayne.  “Ah said Ah was sorry, Edval.”


       The assassin then closed the distance between them, “Sorry, ain’t good enough.”


       Rayne was engulfed by panic then and tried to run, but he quickly grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him again.  “You’re not goin’ anywhere.”  Jean felt the pain of him twisting Rayne’s arm and grit her own teeth as well against that pain.


       “Leave me be!”  She said with all the courage she could muster.


       He stared at her for a moment, then his eyes traveled down to her breasts.  He ran his tongue along his lip as his eyes then took more of her body in.  He grunted, “You’re a fine lookin’ filly.  Ah bet you’d bed well. What say Ah give you a test ride.”


       Jean felt Rayne’s revulsion over what he said and she heard Rayne’s silent pleas for Remy to come and save her.


       “Let me go Edval.  You’ve no right ta be here harassing me.”  She swallowed hard thinking about how he was a trained killer from birth and that nothing she could say would have much effect.  Yet, she hoped beyond hope that she could keep him at bay long enough for Remy to come.


       Undaunted by her words, the young man reached out and pulled her in against his body.  She could hear his heartbeat quicken and his breathing was more labored.  An intense jolt of fear ran through her when she felt his hand grab her breast.  The jolt prompted action by Rayne and she twisted from is arms and tried to run again.


       His was quick though and within a few steps, he had her in his grasp once more.


       Rayne fought back this time, scratching and digging her nails into any flesh she contacted.  Her nails became bloodied with her efforts as she tried to break free.


       Edval slammed his elbow into the side of her head then reached for her throat only to yell in pain when she bit his hand.  “Bitch!  You need ta be taught your place.”


        Rayne planted her feet solidly on the ground and tried with all her strength to free her arms from his.  Repeatedly her mind screamed for Remy to come and save her.  Tears welled in her eyes as she felt her strength giving out, but before that happened she felt a sharp sting on her arm.


       Edval then let her go and stood there silently.  She took a couple of steps back then fell to the ground.  A burning sensation and numbness ran through her veins as the drug took effect.  She tried to get up but found she could no longer move.  She couldn’t even blink.


       “Ah was hopin’ Ah didn’t have ta use dat.  Its expensive and hard ta come by.”  Edval stepped over to where she could see him.  “Ah reckon Ah’ll have ta make sure this is worth the price, non?”


       All Rayne could do is watch, while he unfastened his pants.  She felt helpless as he then pulled her skirt up and knelt between her legs.


       She wished again for Remy to come and save her from this.  She pleaded with God to help her as she felt him tear her blouse open.  She felt sick when his tongue slid over her breast and his teeth clamped down on her nipples.  Try as she might she could not move, scream or even close her eyes.


       “Your gonna be my bitch now, and you’ll do what Ah say from now on.  Yo’ hear me?” 


      She saw his face appear before her eyes.  His own eyes were slanted with cruel intent as he moved forward and forced his tongue in her mouth.  His tongue flicked in and out.  She heard him moan as his body tensed and pressed against hers. 


      A glimmer of hope arose when he went quiet and she felt him lift up.  She hoped that maybe he heard Remy coming and was going to run away.  All hope was ripped away when she felt a sudden pressure and pain.  Her mind screamed in agony as he forced himself inside her.


       Edvals cruel laughter filled her ears.  He knew that she could see, hear and feel everything he was doing, and delighted in her pain.  He shoved his face alongside her neck and bit into her shoulder.


       Rayne futilely screamed more against the agony.  She could smell his sweat mixed with blood and the scent of his sex sent waves of nausea through her.  She prayed for a swift death.  She didn’t want to be tortured anymore.  She didn’t want to be his plaything for the rest of her life.  She prayed again repeatedly for him to kill her and be done with it.


     His body convulsed as he grunted in her ear.  “Oh yeah, oh yeah, you’re my bitch.  Your mine now.”  He thrust inside her again to make his point.  “ Now you know what a real man is, hanh?  Not like dat worthless t’ief yo’ always hang around.  Bet he never gave you dis kinda manhood before. No, dat’s right, you are brother and sister.”  He laughed.  “Wonder how he’ll like his sister being my cunt.”


     Rayne felt him withdraw then and shame replaced the fear.  How could she face Remy again?  How could she hold her head up in front of Tanti or Papa?  She felt as dirty now as the ground beneath her.  Tears slid down her cheeks.


     Edval sat next to her for a moment gloating over his victory.  Finally, he stood and fastened his pants.  “Now, you will come to me whenever Ah call for you.  Don’t go thinkin’ of runnin’ away cause Ah’ll kill you when Ah catch you.”  He shoved his foot into her side.  “An don’t go tellin’ anyone either, cause Ah’ll not only kill you but them as well.”  He laughed at that.  “Where is your precious Remy anyway?”  He snickered, “He didn’t come ta save you.”  He stuck his face near hers so she could she him.  “He don’ care about you none.  He’s over at Aldus Doucets with Belle.”


     Rayne’s heart sank.  Remy had promised to meet her here today.  He promised.





       As Beast and the rest of the people approached the infirmary, they were quickly pulled into the vision, including Remy.


        Remy gasped and leaned against the wall for balance feeling overwhelmed.  He hugged Rayne tightly.  “Mon Dieu, Rayne!” he said with tears in his eyes.  “Merde.  Ah’m so sorry, chere.  Ah came too late.  It’s all ma fault.”  He whispered the words thinking he was the only who saw it until he saw the pitiful looks from Ally, Beast, and Scott.  Wolverine looked at Rayne and just grunted in acknowledgement.


        Remy looked at Rayne.  Her face looked so peaceful in her sleep.  He thought about his sister not being able to move as she was raped. That made His stomach churn.  He kissed her head trying to hide his tears.  Then he thought about the others having seen the memory.  He knew she would be mortified if she found out that everyone had seen her memory.  He turned to the others before they could go further, “yo’ saw dat?”


       Wolverine cocked an eyebrow and grunted pushing past them into the infirmary but the others stayed.


       “I’m sorry Remy,” Ally sighed.


        He nodded glad she seemed to understand, “Please don’t let her know you all saw dat.”  He lowered his eyes, “she might run again.”


       Scott didn’t always agree with Remy but he understood what he meant, “Sure.”  He mumbled passing through the infirmary doors.


      Beast quietly nodded and followed Cyclops.  Ally walked over and touched Rayne’s sleeping face.


      “She’s a brave girl,” she kissed her head.  “I don’t know if I could have gone through all that.”


       Remy looked at Ally and she knew he was still very emotional from what he had seen, “Ah’m all she has in dis world.  But Ah let… Ah can’t let her go agian.”


       Ally kissed his cheek gently and moved past him with her hand on the door.  “She loves you very much Remy.”  She wrinkled her brow trying to think of something comforting to say.  “She knows you love her too.”  She put her hand on his arm.  “You love each other a lot, and that is hard to find even as siblings.”  She smiled as she pushed the door open.  “Don’t tarnish that love with self loathing.”


      Remy knew what she said was true but he felt a little breathless after hearing it verbalized.  He shook his head remembering how much Ally reminded him of Hayley but he doubted Hayley would have supported Rayne right away.


     Inwardly he wondered when those two would get along but he felt they never really would and sighed pushing the door open.


     Jean was bustling about helping Beast and they were bringing each other up to speed over what was happening.


      Hayley was hooked up to the familiar baby monitors and Alex was waking slowly as Rayne was placed on a bed.


     Remy looked over to see Scott sitting in a chair at the end of Hayley’s bed and Logan had made his way to Justice’s sigh.


     Storm carried Jordan in slowly and called to Beast as she searched for a bed.


    Ally and Jean fell to their knees before Beast could go to the child.  Each woman grabbed her head and let a yell.


     Logan grabbed Ally by the arms to see her eyes were solid blue as Scott pulled Jean to him.


     Storm noticed the commotion and Ally’s glowing eyes, “Jordan is doing the same thing.”


     Alex ran to Storm shivering as she went, “It’s Justice.”  She said loudly feeling feeble unable to help them.


      Remy looked over to Justice who was still and raised an eyebrow.  He went to Alex who was shaking as she stood.  Beast nodded for her to go back to bed with pleading eyes and Remy held her gently by the shoulders easing her to her bed.


     He sighed, “Yo’ aint gon’ do dem no good if yo’ don’t get better.”  He lifted her onto the bed and to his surprise, she didn’t struggle like Rayne or Hayley might.  She just sighed in defeat and looked to her niece and sister.


     Ally’s eyes stopped glowing and she looked into Logan’s caring eyes as she wiped tears she hadn’t known she had shown.


     Jean looked over at Ally having been released from his grip as well.  “Ally is that true?”  Jean wondered worriedly.


     Ally’s eyes settled on Justice, “I don’t know but I have a feeling Jordan might.”


     “Jordan?”  Ororo stared at them curiously.


     “Justice was looking for Jordan and found a bit more than he should have,” Ally sighed as Logan pulled her to her feet.


      Justice moaned and everyone’s attention went to the injured man as his eyes flickered open against the harsh light.  Beast ran over and began to check him over as he continued to stare at his friends.  His lips moved but no words came from his mouth and he tried to sit up but quickly regretted it and was back against his pillow before anybody could tell him no.


     Ally’s bright eyes shown at him, “How are you feeling?”  She made no secret how happy she was he opened his eyes.


    He nodded making an obvious effort to stay awake, as he seemed to struggle against his eyelids.  He fixed his glare on Storm and smiled broadly in contrast to his slightly closed lids.  “Storm?” was all he could croak in a low breath.


     Ororo squeezed his hand, “I’m here.”  


     His eyes open wider trying to ease her to him to hold her.  “Why didn’t you tell me?”


     “Justice you are hurt and cannot hold me to your chest,” She bent to his ear so she was close to him.  “Tell you what?”


      She didn’t get the answer but found his eyes shutting rapidly.


      She looked to Hank worried but he merely smiled, “Ororo, whatever that was about I believe has given our friend new strength.”


      “Henry, I have no idea what he means.”  She rubbed Justice’s hand as he slept again.


     “He looks wonderful,” Beast said taking his stethoscope from his ears and Justice’s chest, “he will have a long road to recover but he constitution is marvelous.”


       Ally looked worried as did Jean and they both traded an uncomfortable look.


       Remy smiled, “Probably jus’ knows his daughter is dat close.”  He gestured to Jordan.


       Scott led Jean to a chair, “Are you all right?”  He touched her face and she nodded absentmindedly.


      Remy sat in the chair next to Jean with a sigh as he looked at Hayley’s and Rayne’s bed while Beast was looking them over.  “How dey look?”


      “I think Rayne needs to sleep off the affects of the drug but Hayley is another matter,” he sighed. “The child’s heart rate seems a little erratic and so does hers.”


     “She seemed to wake up from de lightening before,” Remy got up, moved to her, and held her hand.


     The door opened as Warren walked into the infirmary slowly still feeling the effects of Magneto’s attack.  He looked over to Hayley and Gambit’s concerned face, “How are the patients?”


      Remy jumped at Warren pushing him against the wall by his shirt, “Dis wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t fly her away.”  He felt somebody pulling him off Warren.  He turned to see Scott and Logan on each side of him, each with an arm.


    “This isn’t helping her,” Scott reasoned.


     Remy’s hot temper was flamed and he shrugged them off landing a punch on Warren’s jaw before they could catch him again.  Scott jumped in between both men as did Ally and Hank.


     “Enough, Gambit!”  Hank howled.  “Take it outside or settle down.”


     Ally’s sympathetic face was clear as she touched Warren’s shoulder, “You were injured?”


     “Not badly,” Warren said keeping his eyes square on Remy as Beast looked over the cut on warren’s arm.


      Remy scoffed and returned next to Hayley and Logan walked up to Warren with a stogie tucked in his teeth, “Where’d yo’ think you were taking her?”


     “I wanted to talk with her and being a flying mutant, I thought she might like a view that I have enjoyed,” Warren said simply.


      Remy looked over at him, “yo’ knew she couldn’t fly and dat’s why you took her off.”


      Ally put a finger on Remy’s lips; “If you don’t keep silent while he is in here I will hold your mouth shut with telekinesis.”


      Remy started to argue but thought better and snickered, ‘sounds like somethin’ Rayne would do.’


      Warren was directed to a bed as Beast cut his shirt and began to dress his wound.


       Logan grunted and walked out slowly and Jean went to check on the others.


       Storm brought a chair next to Justice waiting for him to waken again but Ally put a hand Storm’s to get her attention.


        “One of you will have to be rested for Jordan,” she smiled, “She’s not very found of Aramis.”


         Ororo nodded, “Will you contact me if one of them wakes?”


         Jean and Ally nodded in unison and Storm left quickly.


         Beast touched Remy’s shoulder lightly, “you should also evacuate.”  Beast sighed.  “I need to find out what is troubling the youngest Adam.”


        Ally grabbed his arm locking hers in his, “let’s get some coffee, Remy.”  She smiled at him watching Alex nod off as well and peace seemed to restore itself in the infirmary.


         Remy looked over his shoulder at Hayley and Rayne leaving reluctantly.


         Beast began reading her print outs on the heart rates with a sigh.


         Scott watched Jean, Hank and Warren, “Why was Chloe here and on the Brotherhood’s side?”


         “I took it to mean she had joined Magneto,” Warren shrugged getting to his feet.


         “I was afraid of that,” Beast sighed.  “Jump is a formidable opponent to us.”


          Scott silently agreed and when he watched Jean looking silently to the wall he touched her hand, “What?  Did she tell you something?”


          She shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t want to speculate over anything.”  She had been more than aware of what Justice had gotten from Ally’s mind and she wasn’t convinced chloe’s pregnancy could be Justice’s either.  He loved Storm and was far too loyal.  She did feel for him, when he seemed to mistake the information he had gotten and assumed it was Storm who was pregnant. There would be a great deal to explain once he and Jordan woke up.


          Jean sat in the chair and before she knew it, she was asleep.


          Beast sat at the computer as Scott moved Jean to Warren’s bed and he stood up straight.


          Scott nodded to Beast and moved from the room quickly in search of the Professor.


          Warren found a chair near Beast and sat down, “Jump was making a point, Henry.”  Warren rubbed his jaw.


          “How so?”


          “She still wants Justice,” Warren sighed.  “I think she will come back for him too.”


           Beast nodded, “I will step up security,” He was worried about Jump’s mutation and how stealthy she could be.  “We can’t endanger our friend to her.”


           Beast watched Warren move to Hayley’s bed slowly and take her hand and Hank groaned.


          “She’s bewitching,” Warren breathed.


          “Is she?”  Beast challenged.  “No more so than her sisters and I doubt you both know each other well enough to make that assumption, Warren.”


         Warren scoffed, “really?”


         “My dear boy you are merely infatuated,” Hank winked with a grin.


         Warren smiled, “I think it’s more than that, Henry.”  He brushed hair from her face and took in her features slowly.  He noticed she had some bruising on her face but it didn’t diminish her beauty.  He rubbed her hand gently glad to be alone with her and brushed his fingers to her face.  He was glad Hank didn’t chase him away, yet.  He bet forward and kissed her head and then her lips.


        “Warren,” Hank said in a stern voice, “I think you should remember she is spoken for.”


        Warren began to gesture to him as he watched Hayley opening her eyes.  Hank made his way to her quickly.


      “Remy?”  Hayley said touching her lips and then she focused on Warren confused.


        Beast ignored Warren’s advances and hoped Hayley would too.  “How are you feeling?”


        She sat up feeling queasy and tired, “fantastic.”  She looked at Hank hopefully, “Can I go to my own room?”


       “Not yet,” Beast smiled easing her back against the pillow.  “Besides a certain Cajun will be looking for you and his sister here.”


        Hayley smiled then thought of that blonde, “oh.” She said emotionless.


       Warren bent closer, “Do you want him here?  Because if you don’t we can keep him away.”


       “UGH!”  Hayley groaned pushing Warren from her face, “get a breath mint feathers.”


       Hank chuckled but Hayley wasn’t done.


      “I think the person who needs to keep their distance is you not Remy,” she sighed and narrow her eyes, “I thought I made that clear before.”


       Warren rubbed her hand, “Hayley, if you would like me to go I will.”


       Hayley nodded as hank fumbled with the papers recording data.


       “Very well,” Warren said and leaned down and touched her hair.  He cupped his hand behind her head and pulled her into a deep kiss.  When he parted from her, he knew she had returned part of the kiss and felt victorious but Hank pulled him from her and pushed him to the door.  “Sleep well and see if you can dream of that Cajun now.”  Warren winked at her.


       Beast groaned, “She is correct Mr Worthington.  You do need a mint.”


       Warren left abruptly with remains of a smile from the kiss and Hank went to Hayley.


       “Why do men try to confuse a girl?”


       “Hormones,” Hank sighed, “For instance, Pietro was here and Alex will never mention it but she has slight feelings for him.”


        “What?” Hayley’s eyes grew wider.


        “It would appear he wants her and has been confusing her, I could smell him when I came in the med lab,” he sighed.  “I think if she had reservations about me then Jean would have mentioned so.  He can’t win her over with sex or intimacy.”


         “Really?  What makes you think that?”


         “You are loyal people and not bought off easily and that is why you sent Warren away,” Beast smiled and stood.  “Get some rest.”



       Hayley raised an eyebrow and the gentleman who was much more than he seemed to be and stifled a yawn. She felt like she was always sleepy anymore and hoped it was only because of her pregnancy because she wasn’t sure she could take it all the time.


       She felt Hank place another blanket over her and smiled as he moved away and she sighed feeling warm and sleepy still.