I found this on a cute Xmen site. Thank you, angel for letting us use this.


This is for all those die-hard Wolvie fans out there (including this one!)

Anjel X's note: This list is done in the format of those Jeff Foxworthy "you might be a redneck..." kinda lists. I give full credit for the type of list to him, OK? So no legal types can yell at me!

You might be a Wolverine fan...
1. You think Adamantium claws make good back scratchers.
2. You smoke a stogie and the smoke comes out the wounds in your chest.
3. You can smell your best friend from a mile away.
4. You have to replace shredded clothes daily.
5. You call everyone "bub" or "darlin".
6. Your hair style has points.
7. You fight first and ask questions later.
8. You think of Prof. X as "Chuck" or "Charlie".
9. You go out on your own for long periods of time.
10.You have a serious problem with authority figures.

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