Wolvie Femmes * Kept in the Dark




        By the time Wolverine had gotten to the Danger room he could see Gambit had Rogue handling the controls. Logan was a little curious about why he would start without him, until he looked down and saw Remy taking on a simulation of Sabretooth.


    He sighed and looked over at Rogue. She said quickly to ward off his anger, "I have peoples knowledge on how to run this," 


    "I figured," He grunted.


     Wolverine watched as Remy dodged Sabretooth and threw cards at him. Gambit’s anger and hate was obvious. Logan knew Remy had to get it out of his system before he lashed out at somebody else but he wished he would have waited for him. Logan needed to get his anger out as well.


     He watched as Sabretooth merely growled at the cards the Cajun threw at him as if they were but a minor annoyance. After enough hits though, Sabretooth howled at him and lunged forward forcing Gambit to fight him hand to hand.


    Sabretooth landed a hard hit against Remy’s head knocking him to the ground. The savage mutant lunged for him again but Remy quickly leapt out of the way. Gambit presented his Bo-staff threateningly as he reclaimed his footing. 


    Sabretooth circled him and Remy cautiously waited for him to make his move. But the hulking Sabretooth was faster then Remy anticipated and claws struck out quickly tearing into his leg. Remy Snapped an end of the Bo-staff down across growling mutant’s arm and narrowed his eyes remembering the real Sabertooth's attack to Hayley when he raked his claws along Hayley's abdomen. His heart pounded at the memory of the horrifying moment and he wished he could have protected her better, just as he wished he could have protected Rayne so many years ago.


    Remy grit his teeth as Sabretooth loomed ever closer. Gambit fainted a jab with the end of his staff and when tried to grab the end, Remy whirled the staff around hitting the side of Sabretooth’s head.  The staff then came around in another arc slamming into the other side of attacking mutant’s head. Sabretooth bellowed his rage and stepped into Gambit’s attack taking further blows. He was determined to get a hold of the annoying thief and snap him in two with his bare hands.

     Remy’s agility saved him from Sabretooth’s brute force assaults as he danced lithely around the hulking mutant, scoring hit after hit and dealt charged cards in between the staff strikes. Gambit charged a hand full of cards and tossed all of them at Victor.


       In Sabretooth's scramble to get away from them Remy punched him straight in the face, shoved more charged cards down the front of his clothes. He grabbed Creed’s head by his hair and forced a card inside his mouth, and then he kicked him hard in the face sending him lumbering backwards. Sabretooth tried to spit the card out but it exploded. With the simulation dead the program stopped.


     Gambit caught his breath, satisfied but glowering at the angry red tear on his leg. He slumped to the ground and exhaled hard. Why couldn't he have done that when it counted? He thought of Hayley and how she had no visual signs of the battle like his bleeding leg, but the emotional ones were real enough and just as painful. 


     The door opened and he lifted his head, surprised to see Logan standing there. He looked at him expecting Logan to yell at him for starting without him.


     "Come on kid," He waved to him taking the cigar from his mouth for a minute, "That's gonna need to be stitched up."


     Remy looked at his thigh and hadn't realized it had bled as much as it had. He shook his head getting his feet.


     Logan stared at him as he came closer, "Do I need to escort you to the infirmary?"


     Remy shook his head looking a little defeated, "No need homme." He thought of Rayne and Hayley and gave a small smile, "Plenty of reasons fo’ me ta go there."


    "Speakin’ of which, we need to talk Cajun," Logan grunted.


    Remy cocked an eyebrow at Wolverine but followed him outside into the sunshine. He grabbed his pack of cigarettes and began to hit the bottom of the pack firmly, and sat down.


     "What dis about, hanh?" Remy asked, settling back against the concrete stairs and taking the wrapper from the package.


     "Somethin’ I thought might help you," Logan sighed, "Somethin’ ‘bout Hayley."


     Remy sat forward and lit his cigarette curious why Logan would help him and what information he might have for him. "Sabretooth is a complicated topic with the Adams," He exhaled and grabbed a drink of the beer he taken from his stash. He offered Gambit one and to his surprise Gambit turned it down with a shake of the head.


      "Ah wan' ta know and understand what she is goin‘ through," He sighed. "Why woul’ ah care 'bout Sabretooth?"


     "I met the Adams in a bar years ago," Wolverine grinned at the memory, "They snuck into a bar to get a drink for Justice's 21st birthday." He saw Gambit seemed interested now. "Hayley was the reason I met them at all. She was trying to settle an argument between me and a drunk," Logan lit his cigar, “Hayley damn near killed herself trying to protect me.” He smirked at the thought of the once young flirtatious girl who hadn’t known Logan wasn’t even mutant and took a foolish stand.

    Remy cocked a grin because it sounded like Hayley. "We dated for a while, Justice and I became friends and my own sister became close to them." He puffed his cigar because this was harder than he thought.


     "Victor Creed, my old army bud was always there too." Logan looked at the horizon and the fading sun, "After Hayl and I broke it off he made moves on her but she was like Vic."


      Remy sat back wondering what he was getting at, "Why yo' break up wit' Hayley?" He said quickly.


     "Long story," Logan looked at his beer, "She woke up one night told me to get the hell out of her bed."


      Remy raised his eyebrow, "And?"


     "That's another story, Cajun," Logan was still a little angry with Hayley for keeping the whole story from him for so long, "Ask her about it when she's feelin’ better."


     Gambit nodded, still listening to Logan confirmed what he had assumed that Hayley's only other meaningful relationship was with Logan.


    "Ally an' I ended up together," He sighed at the memories, "Vic stopped coming around the Adams with me, or to see Justice."


    "Hayley never liked her father and did things to piss him off," He shrugged, "Told me once that he wouldn’t be happy until she made President of the US."


     Remy sighed taking a long drag on his cigarette and flicked the ashes to the ground.


    "Hayley had suspected her father was up to something," Logan went on, "See, their dad supposedly studied all kinds of mutants but had never seen any that healed like Vic and I."


     Remy narrowed his eyes at him wishing he would talk faster.


    "Hayley once stumbled on things she said 'weren't too Kosher' an' I checked 'em out," Logan looked upset at the memory, "What I found was my sister had been mutated."


    "De dog tags. She had dem too, hanh?" Remy began to understand.


    Logan nodded, "All experiments got 'em."


     "Why his kids got dem?"


     Logan scowled realizing this was something he must have been asking about, "Experimented on them too, even though they were all born telepaths like their old man," He puffed his cigar, "The bastard sold 'em to Magneto. But the kids were too strong for him to keep under control, an' the five of us took off."


    "Life was all right for while," Logan sighed, "They couldn't find us or didn't look too hard." He grabbed a drink of his beer. "Ally kept up with her gymnastics, Hayley made a name for herself dancing, Justice put the law firm together and Alex kept up with her science." He looked to Remy to see if it made sense and found him a captive audience. "Most of the time the siblings would look for people their old man had hurt or the families of the ones who didn't make it."




     "To help them get free of their old man who put chips in their heads by removing the chip or to give the families the truth about what happened."


    "Hayley did dis too?"


    "Hayl was the first one to 'fix it'," He sighed, "Alex was in denial for a while that dad was a monster."


     Remy smiled a little as he could see Alex being like that.


    "Turns out that Adams had hired hit-men to stop us, and we constantly had to watch our backs," He sighed, "turns out that one of them was Vic."


    "Dis 'Vic' is Sabretooth?" Remy was amazed.


    "Yep," Logan was glad Gambit caught on quick, "He attacked Al when she was pregnant with the twins." He puffed his cigar as he saw Remy finish his cigarette, "Adams continued the experiments despite our efforts to shut him down. He was too powerful for just us to handle."


     "Dis why Hayley is tossin’ lightenin’? Because she was mutated?"


     "Could be, Al's power jumped up a couple months ago," He sighed.


      Remy's thoughts went to Rayne, "What about Rayne?"


     "Kid aint got dog tags," Logan raised an eyebrow, "Somethin's wrong there."




    "You got tags when you were sold or put to use," Logan grunted, "Failed projects weren't given tags, they killed 'em.” He took a hard drag on his cigar as the words dawned on Remy, "Yeah, kid they were prob gonna kill her."


    Remy's eyes narrowed. Rayne hadn't told him anything about the labs.


   "It could be Sabretooth's kid," Logan grunted, "Vic's had a vendetta against Hayley for some time now."


    "Do yo’ remember everythin’ dat was done ta yo’ in da labs?" Remy's eyes grew concerned.


    "I dunno know, Gumbo," He sighed and stood up, "They erase your memory if they can." He tossed the empty bottle in the garbage, "My mind's like swiss cheese, I only know what the triplets and junior told me." He snapped the other beer open, "Or sometimes a memory just hits me." He saw the doubtful look on Remy's face, "Yeah they tried to erase Just' and the girl’s minds too but they couldn't do it, Probably has to do with their way of combining their powers."




    "I dunno," He grunted, "Seems like you caught them in the middle of whatever they did to her."


     Suddenly, Remy wanted back in the Danger Room again as he had a lot more anger to work out now, "So, dey weren’t gon’ to sell her to anyone?"  

     Wolverine shrugged, "Guess not."

     "Who did dey sell Hayley too?"


    "Magneto, all four of them were supposed to be his," Logan was becoming angry at all the memories. Remembering how Magneto had tried to own them and use them for who knew what perverted end.


     Gambit sighed and fell back against the pavement and looked at the sky. He didn’t know that Hayley had been through so much. ‘She kept a lot hidden from him. Did those labs affect Rayne the same way? And doesn’t talk about it either.’ He sighed and wanted to hold Hayley until she felt better but knew Rayne need him right now too.



      Logan took a long drink of his beer and pointed the bottle at Gambit's leg, "Better get a stitch or two in that."


     Gambit looked down at he pants that had been absorbed the blood from his cut. It didn't hurt too much but it was still bleeding. "T'anks Logan," Remy sighed lighting another cigarette.


    Logan nodded as Remy stood slowly. Logan leaned against the door knowing Gambit's sister would cheer him up.


    Logan sighed and moved away slowly watching Remy take his time getting to the infirmary. He moved on to see his children and a smile crept to his face he needed to find something to make him happy too.





      Bobby sat with Jubilee and Kitty while they babysat Imp. The news spread fast that Justice was ill and the girls wanted to help out. Imp took advantage of the situation by making them watch the cartoons her father frowned on. They quickly changed the channel when Imp fell asleep on Bobby's lap.


     "Gee Bobby, I didn't think you were so good with children," Jubilee teased.


     He laughed, "Neither did I," He sighed and touch Jordan's soft curls, "Guess she's used to us now."


     "Oh my God," Kitty said quietly as she spotted the news.


     They listened as the story unfolded about four mutants that had attacked some helpless patrons of a restaurant. When one was described as having claws in his hands they all looked at each other knowingly.


     "Didn't Storm ask us to watch Imp so she didn't have to go with her Aunts to breakfast?" Kitty said as the other two nodded.


    "One had to be Wolverine," Bobby speculated.


     "Then one Aunt had to be Allyson," Jubilee chimed in, "And I saw Alex in the infirmary all morning but once she actually got mad." Jubilee said wide eyed. They all looked at her with confused expressions because Alex was normally very calm.


    Bobby finally laughed, "I guess that means Hayley was involved."


   "Since Hayley's dating Gambit I guess he would be the forth mutant there," Kitty added.


     "They're really dating?" Bobby said coyly, "Like in love dating? I thought it was just sex."


     Jubilee hit him with the remote control and Kitty sighed. "I swear, you remind me of Justice more everyday," Kitty looked at Bobby pointedly.


     "Is that a compliment or complaint?" He shot back.


     Jubilee's eyes danced with excitement, "Want to find out what happened?"


     Kitty looked at her not convinced, "How?"


     "We can get Imp a band aid for her Boo Boo," She smiled.


     "But it's not bothering her," Bobby sat back.


     Jubilee shook Imp and the child's eyes fluttered open and she rubbed them.


     Imp looked at the three teenagers expectantly, "Is Elmo on?"


     "Soon," Jubilee said, "We wanted to get your boo-boo a band aid first."


     Imp looked at each person and jumped up, "Okay." They held her hand to take her to where the action happened. Wherever the adults hung out, and recently that has been the med lab.



      Justice woke on the hospital bed after he nearly fell off, again. He sighed and pushed himself up to see Storm looking at him.


     "Justice I do not know if I should hit you or kiss you," She crossed her arms.


      "As long as you're here, I don't care if you do both," He smiled sitting up in bed. He started out of bed but realized somebody had stripped him down to his boxers, "I've been robbed," He joked weakly looking around for an answer.


      Rayne looked over at him, "Alex took dem, chere." Rayne laughed sweetly, "She said yo’ wouldn' go anywhere wit’ out clothes."


      Storm laughed too, "Alex is a clever woman, is she not Rayne?"


      "Oui," Rayne agreed and laughed again.


      Justice looked over at Rayne, "You have a pretty laugh Rayne. It's good to hear you laugh. You should do it more often," He was glad she was slowly coming out of her shell, "But maybe Alex doesn't know me as well as she thinks!" Justice hopped off the bed only clad in his boxers and was amused when Rayne threw her hands over her eyes.


     "Justice!" Storm said a little amused, but a serious look on her face stopped him short.       


     "We need to talk, Ororo," He wrapped an arm around her waist and started out of the infirmary.


      Beast laughed and turned his head as Jean grabbed a robe and thrust it in his hands. Jean sighed, "I wasn't sure Alex’s plan would work, so I was prepared."


     Ally came out from behind the curtain where Hayley was, "Justice! Have some pride bro."


     Rayne laughed heartily as Justice pulled on the robe, "Me, Ah t'ink he too proud, non?"


     Ally and Storm smiled but Justice raised an eyebrow and blinked, surprised at how easily Rayne could cut him to the quick. "Touche!" He smiled at her, and then he looked to Ally, "How's Hayley doing?"


    "She's asleep, finally," Ally sighed noticing Storm's confused look, "But she still won’t eat."


    "What’s the matter with Hayley?" Storm asked in a low tone.


    Justice took her hand. "That's what we need to talk about," He whispered in her ear and guided her out.


    Ally sat down on one of the chairs and pulled her legs to her. The day had been so crazy it still felt like morning. So much had happened so quickly.


    Jean made her way to the other room as Beast began to pour into some charts.


    Rayne watched Ally's blank expression and wondered what she was thinking. She wanted to comfort the troubled woman but she hardly knew her. Rayne sighed and looked around, wanting to jump from the bed and do something besides sit there. She felt better physically and was going stir crazy. She smiled at the thought of Remy and her making Gumbo for everyone. She wanted to thank them in some way for their kindness. They brought her to her brother again and that meant more to her than anything in the world.


      The doors snapped open and Remy walked in, still looking upset and now he had a large cut on his thigh that had bled down his pant leg.


     "Remy! What happened?" Rayne hopped off her bed and ran to him. ‘How could he get hurt so quickly when he jus’ left dere a few minutes ago.’


     Beast looked up and saw Remy's injury, "That shall require a few stitches, sir."


     Remy nodded as beast began to gather his sutures and supplies. Rayne examined her brother’s wound as Beast prepared.


     "It's not'ing ta worry ‘bout, petite," Gambit smiled, but his sister wasn't fooled by his cavalier demeanor.  She could still see the pain in his eyes.


     She eyed him seriously, "Yo' gon' talk ta me before yo' go an' get yo'se’f killed?"


     "Ah was jus’ in de danger room, chere," He shrugged, "Sometimes dese t‘ings happen." He was happy to see her again and was touched by her concern, but his eyes traveled to the curtain that had been pulled around Hayley’s bed.


     Ally walked over to him and put her hand on his back knowing he wanted to talk to Hayley. "Alex went to get everyone dinner," She said looking at them.


    "She cook when she troubled too, hanh?" Rayne joked.


    "Helps to keep busy," Ally smiled.


    Remy jumped up and got her a seat and Rayne smiled at her brother's chivalrous manner. He looked at Ally with concern as she moved away to gather supplies to clean his leg and he motioned for Rayne to get back in bed.


      "How yo’ feel, chere?" He asked Ally  patting the chair for her to come and sit.


      "Let me clean you up first, Casanova," She smiled at the roguish man that had stolen her sister’s heart.


       Rayne moved over on the bed to make room for Remy to sit down. Ally saturated the gauze and glanced at Gambit‘s sister, "I assume you have seen your brother with out his pants?"


      Rayne nodded with a smirk because she knew Remy wasn't a shy guy. "Remy it would help if you could remove your pants," Ally looked at the pants knowing they wouldn’t be salvageable.


     Remy shrugged, stood up and began to shed his pants.


    As soon as Remy slid his pants down Ally squealed and quickly motioned for him to raise them, "Remy! I wish you had told me you didn't have any underwear on!" She covered her eyes with her hands not wanting to know her sister’s lover that way. She heard the infirmary door open and close quickly and assumed that Justice didn’t want an eye full of his sister's boyfriend either.


     Rayne laughed, getting a kick out of seeing Alley embarrassed at her brother’s lack of modesty, "Yo' didn't ask if he had anything on underneath." Rayne’s smile widened as she watched Ally's face turn three shades of red.


     Ally heard Remy sigh, "S'cool, no worries." Remy grinned at his sister who continued to laugh. He was glad to see that at least one of the triplets had some modesty. He wondered if Hayley would readily strip for someone she didn’t know well.


     Ally pointed a finger at him, "I have an idea." She grabbed a pair of scissors, pulled the fabric away from his skin and began to cut the pants leg off.


       Rayne chuckled knowing that Remy would rather walk back to his room naked than like that, "Mais, Ah don’ know Rem. Could be de fashion, non?" She hoped to get him to smile some.


      Beast walked over and sat down as Ally cleaned his wound. "That pesky danger room," Beast smiled to him, "I think it causes more than half the traffic in here.


      Remy agreed, "How's Hayley, Doc?" He asked after a moment.


      "She’s finally sleeping," Ally sighed.
      Rayne growled slightly and caught looks from the others.


     The infirmary doors parted and Alex came in with a smile and food trays. She marched over to Rayne first, knowing she was hungry.


     She placed two trays down in front of Rayne. Rayne laughed, "T’ank’s chere, but ah’m not dat hungry."


    Alex laughed, "I figured Remy would be back and would have something to eat as well." Alex eyed his would and pressed her lips together, "I didn't think he would be here for this though." She touched his back and walked over to get another tray and moved to Hayley's curtain.


    "She asleep, chere," Rayne called so Alex then placed the tray next to Justice's bed.


    "I doubt she would eat anyway," Ally took a depth breath and stood to get out of Beast's way to stitch Remy's wound.


    "Why?" Alex sighed, "She hasn’t eaten at all?"


     Beast looked concerned as he numbed Remy's wounded area but Remy didn't seem to notice because he his mind was bent on the women’s conversation.


     "Has she drank anything since this morning?" Beast exhaled.


     "No," Both sisters said together.


     Beast scowled, "If she doesn't think of her health soon, we might have pursue other measures."


     Ally nodded and Alex understood as well. If Depression were a factor, it would have to be dealt with as well.


   Remy looked from person to person and Rayne rested her hand on his arm.


   Rayne was no stranger to the debilitating effects of depression. The only thing that has helped her thus far was finding her brother after all these years. She sighed and wondered what Hayley would need to snap out of it. Would she also need Remy to help her? Her brother and sisters were here. And there were many other nice people about. Rayne frowned at the thought of Hayley taking her brother away from her when she herself needed him.


    "She probably just needs some time alone," Ally gave them a reassuring smile, but wasn't sure if she believed it herself.


    "Getting out of here and back into a routine might help too," Alex crossed her arms.




     Remy felt out of place. He had admitted to Scott of all people that he loved Hayley. He was sure he was but he couldn’t help but wonder if she would be the same Hayley he fell in love with. Rayne said Hayl would never be the same after this. And after everything Logan had told him a while ago, he knew that she had quite a past that he didn’t know anything about.


     He sighed and shook his head. He loved her, not her past. She might not like his past as well.


     He looked at Alex, "What can I do?"


    "Be there when she's ready," Alex smiled but she worried because Hayley didn't usually stay down and out this long.


     Ally nodded, "I think she’s just really embarrassed that we were there, especially you." Ally pulled her long hair off her neck and massaged the stiffness in her muscles, "She doesn't like to look vulnerable."


     Remy nodded, that much he knew, "I jus’ wan' to…." His voice trailed off.


     Rayne felt tears dance at her eyes for her brother‘s pain, "Hold her." Many times Rayne had wished to be held by someone she loved.


     Remy grabbed Rayne's hand and squeezed it while Beast sutured his leg. Rayne stifled a sob and pet his arm trying to comfort him.


     Ally touched Rayne's shoulder lightly glad to see such a supportive person and moved away from the bed to let them talk. Remy was hurting and Rayne seemed to understand and would support him.


    Alex sighed knowing she probably looked as tired as she felt, "Things just might take a little time." She moved from the bed and they all heard the doors open and turned to see Justice and Storm coming in.


     Justice looked a little confused and Storm looked a bit somber.


     Justice stepped inside and pointed at the doors. "Jubilee, Kitty and Bobby brought Imp by a little bit ago," Justice said and made his way to the bed as Alex glared at him until he continued, "Well, they tried coming in here to get Imp a band aid but ran back out." He chuckled, "Evidently something happened in here."


     He looked at Alex expectantly, "So, what happened that scared them off?"


    Alex had seen them leaving with Imp but she had been busy with the dinner trays, "Don’t know. Did they say anything?"


     Justice sat in bed and shrugged, "Just something about Gambit giving a show." Remy chuckled realizing what they saw and Rayne laughed so hard she almost fell off the bed.

    "Oh my God!" Ally’s face went pale as she remembered hearing the door open when Remy had taken his pants off, "They saw Gambit’s…um" She burst out laughing.


    Justice's eyebrow shot up, "Let me guess, you gave them a 'Full Monty'?" Justice joked then studied Remy's cut pants leg, "But only your pants leg is cut. What’s so awful about that?"

    Ally’s face turned beet red now, "Drop it Just’. You don’t really want to know."


    Rayne still laughed and fell back on the bed as she wiped tears from her eyes, "Remy ain’t a shy man, hanh?"


   Beast chuckled, "I will have to secure some male underwear for our un-shy friends." Beast looked back at Justice as well.


    Rayne sat up at that, 'Dat's right! Justice showed us his linge de dessous."

   "My what?" Justice tried to remember his high school French.


    Remy looked at Justice angry for a minute then he chuckled remembering it was only underwear, "Yo' flash ma sister, homme?"


    "Um, define flash," He said looking nervous. Then he held up a finger, "Anyway, which one of my sisters now knows your inseam, sir?"


     They all laughed when Remy pointed at Ally, whose face now turned a brighter red.


    Justice sighed and sank back on the bed trying not to look at the food in front of him, "Guess Ally knows Hayl's got a real good deal right now, or a bad one." He grinned at Rayne and Remy.


     Rayne snickered and Remy grabbed to top button of his pants jokingly, "Wha? Yo' wan' check it, homme?" Remy threatened.


    "NO! no no," Justice held his hands in front of his face, "My own family is familiar enough to me. I don’t need or want to know their partners that way."


    Beast chimed in, "Perhaps, Justice is afraid that you would give him something to be jealous of."


      "Yes, that's it," Justice said flailing his arms, "Not! I demand a yard stick!"


     Ally walked over and slapped Justice, "Stop this nonsense or Logan will be down here and in on it too. Besides,…" She gestured towards Rayne and winked at Remy, "There are tender ears about."

      Rayne broke out laughing and pointed to Ally, "Hers?"

     Ally snorted and took the tray of supplies over to the sink.

    Alex giggled, then disappeared behind the curtain surrounding Hayley’s bed. Everyone stopped laughing suddenly remembering Hayley.


    Justice sat up trying to look as the curtain was opened. "She any better?" He asked the group. The shaking of heads and sad looks told him no. Justice looked at the curtain. He wanted to go in and cheer her up.


     Rayne fussed with her sheets, "Remy, where yo' gon' sleep tonight?"


     "Don’ know. Most a ma t'ings are in Hayl's room," He admitted to Rayne, and to his surprise she didn't scowl at him this time. "But she might not wan' me dere now."


      Justice stepped in, "Just stay where you want." He looked at the curtain. "If she's not comfortable with you in the room, she'll kick you out of the bed and tell you to get the hell out," He joked a little.


      Remy’s eyes looked to the floor as it reminded him or his conversation with Logan Alex hit Justice on his shoulders.


   Gambit looked up at Justice and Alex, "De labs, What happened dere?" He said and looked to Rayne to see how she reacted too.


   Alex rolled her eyes, "That’s a very long story.  Though, there’s a lot of information from our father's computer here, and you are more than welcome to look." She hoped it would help him better understand what Rayne and Hayley had been through.


    Gambit nodded, "Ah’ll have a look den." He then noticed how pale Rayne’s face had gotten at the mention of it all.


     He watched Beast finish up the stitches and Hank gathered his supplies. He looked to all the extra people, "Please finish up your visits as visiting time will be over soon."


    Rayne pushed Remy's plate at him to eat and Alex pulled the curtain between Rayne's bed and Justice's to give both people some privacy.


   Remy and Rayne exchanged an exhausted look, and scrunched their faces when they could hear the kissing between Justice and Strom from the next bed.


    Remy groaned at the sounds and began shoving his food in his mouth. He knew it would be a while before Hayley might want to have sex.  But he knew how much she enjoyed it and he hoped it wouldn‘t be too long a wait. He took a breath to calm himself remembering Rayne was right beside him. He and Hayley were very sexual people but he didn’t want to bring that into his relationship with his sister. He thought of Sabretooth holding Hayley and it made him angry, extinguishing any passion he once felt.


    Rayne shook her head and huffed, "Don' yo' t'ink 'bout much else?"


    "‘bout what, Chere?" He called her bluff, "Makin’ Gumbo?" He smiled coquettishly.


    Rayne chuckled and smacked him on the leg, "Yo’ goin’ da right way ta bein’ a smart bottom, chere."