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    Alex heard Hank talking to her softly and looked to see they all looked at her sympathetically. The vision had ended, she was in the safety of her uncle’s school.


    Hank’s eyes held sympathy and she knew he was worried and Jean stood just behind him.


   “It wasn’t your fault,” Jean touched her arm.


   “You saw that, all of you?” Alex said with wide eyes.


    Charles cleared his throat, “Alex,” he held his gaze to her sadly, “I had no idea of what he put you through and I am sorry.


   Hank pulled her to him and stroked her hair wordlessly.


   “It’s done with,” Alex realized she had tears at her eyes and wiped them. “This was my memory why was it shared?” She stood apart from Hank as if to show she wasn’t hurting.


    “Justice is having problems with his telepathy,” Jean sighed.


    Alex’s eyes grew wider; “He knows all of my take on that day now?”


   “I’m afraid so,” Hank said slowly and they heard the door open to reveal Ororo standing there in her nightgown.


    Storm clasped her robe to her, “I thought it was a nightmare.” She looked at them for explanation.


    Alex narrowed her eyes, “What?”


   “I was almost asleep and I saw you and your siblings mutated by your father,” Storm said going to Justice.


    Alex shook her head; “the whole school knows this now?”  She was truly embarrassed and worried of what the other people would think of her now, part of that. “I need to get some sleep.”


    Before Hank could stop her she moved from the infirmary swiftly.


    Storm’s mouth dropped, “I take it this was not a dream then.”


    They all shook their heads, “this is what happened to the Adams,” Charles sighed feeling quite powerless himself.





     Remy walked into the bedroom ready to straighten things out with Hayley and let his eyes adjust to the darkened room.


     “Chere?” he said softly but could only hear the soft sounds of her breathing and he moved to the bed. He found Hayley asleep holding onto his pillow and cuddled up to it. He sighed and touched her hair and sat on the edge of the bed gingerly.


     He was still haunted by the memory that had been shared with him but he realized by looking at her now, she wasn’t that woman anymore. He kissed her head and pulled the blanket up on her remembering how cold she always seemed to be.


    “Ah’ll be back,” he said softly to her and stood up. She reminded him of his sister in so many ways and yet she was so different. He made his way stealthily from the room and ran for the kitchen.


     Remy almost collided with Bobby and stopped short.


    “Need ta watch where you’re going, mon ami,” he smiled.


     Bobby nodded but didn’t meet his eye.


     “Somethin’ wrong, homme?”  Remy asked wondering what can of worms he was about to open.


      “Everything and nothing, Gambit,” Bobby glanced up a little jealous that Remy was so close to the Adams women.  “Nothing you could help with, but thanks.”


       Remy sighed watching him wander away slowly and then ran the other direction.





      Rayne hummed a tune in the big kitchen as she buzzed around going through all the expensive equipment, spices and cutlery.


     She had the grocery bags unloaded and the contents sprawled across the counters and smiled from ear to ear.  It had been a long time since she had cooked a big meal.  It was something that she had learned from Tanti and she enjoyed immensely.  Pots of water containing vegetables and beans, and a skillet with butter and flour were on the stove and flames shot out from underneath them.



    Surprisingly enough Remy strolled in with a smile and began to wash his hands.  He to was humming.


    “Did ya work t’ings out?”  She said, noting his changed disposition.


    He shook his head, “She ain’t de same person petite,” he sighed, “She isn’t with him anymore.”


    “Ah told you dat, Rem,” She huffed and smacked his arm lightly.


   Remy began to poke his way into the pots and pans smiling and sticking his finger in the concoctions.


   Rayne smacked his hand and Remy laughed as he produced a bag of kidney beans and quickly dumped them into one of the pots.


   “Remy, dose beans need ta be soaked proper,” Rayne hit his shoulder and scowled.


   “We don’t got all night,” he protested lightly and began shaking spices in the pot with the beans.


    Rayne shook her head, “What are you doing?”


    “Red beans an’ rice,” he smiled grabbing a bag of rice and dumped it straight into the pot before Rayne could grab it from him.  He laughed a little as he watched it overflow the pot and beans spilled to the floor.


    “Remy!”  Rayne pushed him, trying to dislodge him from the mess he was making.


   “Too much Ah reckon,” he said and scooped some rice from the pot to make room for water.


    “It’s gonna burn !” Rayne said grabbing cups of water.  “It’s not gonna be right!”


    “Not my reds beans,” he protested with a playful grin.  “They’ll be tres magnificent!  Just wait an see.”


    They were both stopped in their tracks as they found themselves watching the labs and what the Adams were put through. They found themselves watching Alex’s memory.


    Rayne was petrified at the sight and swallowed hard at what the siblings and friends were put through.


    They looked at each other confused.


    “What was dat?” Rayne sat down feeling overwhelmed as it reminded her of her own experience in the labs.


     “Bet it was Justice again,” Remy scowled turning the burners down.


     “It was real then?”  She gasped. She knew it was horrible and it reminded her of what she had been through. She took a deep breath feeling Alex’s terrible feelings of abandonment from her father and the terrible betrayal she felt. She knew Alex had trusted him and loved him and he used it to get what he wanted so he could get even with her brother and sisters.


      Remy nodded, “Ah t’ink so,” he kept moving around the pots and pans. “Dat was somethin’ horrible dey where put through.”


     “Remy, dat mem’ry wasn’t all dat happened,” she said angrily, “Ah’m sure he kept pokin’ on dem until they hurt bad and wished dey would die, an den kept right on goin’, just like…” she trailed off, thinking of her own horrible ordeal.


     Remy turned and bent down to her meet her eyes, “Like you petite?”  He watched her for confirmation, “What happened at dat lab?  What was done ta you?”


     Rayne turned away from his gaze, “Nothin’ worth talkin’ about Rem.”


     “You turned into a rat at Magneto’s chere!  Don’t tell me it was nothin’” Gambit was exasperated.  Why would no one tell him what happened?


     “Ah never changed before and Ah’m glad Ah’m not still a rat.  Even happier that Ah don’t have claws and whiskers anymore either.”  She looked at her hand as she stirred a pot.


    “Why won’t yo’ tell me what happened dere?”  Remy placed his hand on top of hers.


    Rayne snarled, “Ah don’t want ta remember it, is why!”  She looked at Remy’s concerned eyes. “It’s too much Remy.  It was a horrible nightmare only it was real.”  She put a lid on the red beans and rice and lowered the flame underneath. How could she even begin to tell him what had happened there.  She wasn’t sure about it all herself.  “Dat woman was always dere.”  The rue began to bubble so she lowered the flame on it as well and stood slowly stirring it.  “Ah had been caught in de labs lookin’ for information, Rem.  Ah was caught!”  She took a deep breath, “Adams wasn’t happy Ah was dere an he ordered dem ta kill me.  De woman with da funny blue eyes said she would like ta have me for her experiments.  He consented with one condition.  Dat after she was though, she was ta make sure Ah didn’t leave dere alive.”  Rayne added a bit of milk to the rue and continued stirring.  “Ah don’ remember dat man very well.  Always from a distance he watched,” she sighed.  “But dat other man, de one dat’s here now but changed.  He was a part of it, but he was different lookin’ den.  He tried helpin’ de mutants.  Dat’s why they turned on him.”  She removed his hand from hers.  “Dey Adams never told yo’ what happened either, hahn?”


     Remy shook his head, “non, but Ah’ve got an idea now, Rayne girl.”  He looked at the floor. “Ah t’ink it would help if you’d talk about it more though.  Who was it dat sent you to dose labs in de first place?”


     Rayne covered the rue and walked to the table of vegetables and seafood, “Remy Ah…”   She knew why Hayley and her family hadn’t said anything.  Their experience was as bad as hers but hers was different in that they had intended to kill her and were just experimenting on her until that end was achieved.  No, there was no sense in talking about it and upsetting her brother.


    “Did yo’ see his face any?”  He wanted her to get some of the details out.  He figured it might help her heal.


    “Yes, and no.”  She started cutting some tomatoes, “Ah think he said his name was ezicks.”


    Gambit felt his heart stop,  “ Essex?  Dat’s who hired you, Chere?”


    “You know de homme?” 


     “You stay away from dat madman Rayne!  You stay far away from him.”  He paced the floor as his heart fluttered in his chest.  Essex not only knew about Rayne but also had hired her to do some of his dirty work.  Remy was furious.


   “He paid me some in advance.  Ah have ta give him what Ah found out.”


   Remy slammed his fist on the table.  “Never mind dat he paid you.  He prob’ly knew all about dose labs, chere.  He was just playin’ ya.”


   “Remy, what if he contacts me?”


   “Den let me deal with him,” He turned and punched the air.  “Ah’ll kill him for messin’ with you.”


    “Ah took de job Remy, Ah’ll deal with him.” 


    Gambit was beyond furious and started kicking the cabinets.  A bag of flour slid off the counter and when he grabbed for it the bag spun sending a shower of flour all over the floor.  That only infuriated him more.  He swung his arm across the counter top shoving more bags and packages off onto the floor.


    “Arrete sa, Remy!”  Rayne stood and looked at the mess he had made.  Her head had begun to pound and she felt dizzy. 


    Gambit stared at the mess on the floor for a minute.  “Stay away from him Rayne.  Promise me you’ll stay away from him.”


    She could see that he was very distraught and that hurt her to think she had caused it.  Rayne quietly hugged her brother and walked to the kitchen door, “Ah’m goin’ ta ma room and lie down a while.  Ah’m not feelin’ very well.”  Without another word, she left the room.


     Gambit stood there a few minutes thinking about the bit of information he had gotten from Rayne.  ‘Another man dat’s here now but changed?  Who is she talkin’ about?’  He made a mental note to try to find out whom that man was.  He would like to have a serious tete a tete with that person.  Remy sighed and looked at the uncooked meal.







     Ally sat up in bed frightened by what seemed to have been a dream and she would have thought it had been a dream but she saw Logan was awake and smoking a cigar with a angry look.


     “What is it?” She asked him sadly.


     “Nothin’ darlin’. Go back to sleep,” he mumbled but didn’t meet her eyes. He stood and put his pants on quickly, “I need to take a walk.”


       Ally knew this mood all too well and kept a link to his mind but knew he had to be alone.


      “Don’t be long,” she said putting her head down slowly very spooked herself.


      He grabbed the doorknob and nodded but didn’t turn to face her and left.



      Ally sighed watching him go and then sat up and found her robe.  She also needed to deal with the ghosts but didn't want Logan to feel he had to heal her too.  She found her feet in the direction of the nursery and sighed. She did want to see the children but considering their telepathic backgrounds, she was worried they would notice her upset mood.  She hoped they were asleep and moved on slowly.

      She saw Remy walking towards her and cocked her head in wonder, "What are you doing up so late?"

      "Rayne and Ah did some cookin’," he smiled and then looked past her.  "Can Ah ask yo’ somethin’?"

      Ally crossed her arms together and nodded feeling a little chilled.

      "Ah saw what happened ta you an your family in de labs," he looked uncomfortable, "Is dat all dat happened?  He had Rayne too, non?"  He watched Ally's embarrassed look, "Did dey do de same ta everyone?  Ah want ta understand all dat happened so Ah can help Hayley and Rayne."

       "He did other things, to break our spirits," she sighed.  "Did everyone get this vision of our forced mutation?"

       "Rayne saw it too," he sighed.  "She talked a bit den went all quiet and left for her room."

       Ally looked at her feet, "I guess everyone saw it then," she mumbled, "They did different things to each of us.  I guess it depended on what they wanted to accomplish.  I’m afraid I can’t be of much help to you.  You should ask Hayley and Rayne.”

      He sighed, "Dat's lik’ gettin’ blood from a turnip."

      "I am sorry Remy, but I don't know all that was done to my siblings and friends and I’d really like to forget it," she touched his shoulder and walked past.

     "Sorry chere," he sighed, "Ah just wan’ help you all get past dis."

     "We will Remy, thank you," she turned and smiled but then walked swiftly on.


     “Wait!”  Gambit jogged down the hallway and stood next to Ally again.  “Rayne said somethin’ about a man dat was at de labs and is here now.  She said he was changed.  Do yo’ know who it is?”


    “We were changed in a different lab then Rayne was in.  I don’t remember seeing anyone at our lab that is here now.”  She frowned, “If someone is here that was involved with those other labs then we need to find out who it was and why they are here.”  She walked away quickly and this time Remy didn’t follow her.

     He watched her go and then took a deep breath thinking about how he would talk to Rayne and Hayley about this.  He wanted, even more now, to find this mystery man.  He turned the knob to Hayley's door and walked in slowly.  He dropped his boots by the door and made his way to the bathroom slowly.  He thought of all the crazy things that had been going through his mind that day and he was glad he would be asleep soon and not able to think of them for a little while.  He brushed his teeth, splashed water in his face and then washed it furiously.

      He pulled off his shirt and pants and looked at Hayley sleeping soundly in the bed.  He groaned at the idea of leaving his boxers on but thought she might feel more comfortable with it.

      He pulled the covers up on her again and crawled under them too with sigh.  He let his fingers touch her face as he joined her and she opened her eyes sleepily.

     "I'm too warm," she mumbled tossing the covers off her and closing her eyes again.

     "Sorry chere but yo' usually too cold.  Ah didn't know," he said but she had her eyes closed already and he could make out her curves through her thin nightgown.  He smiled to himself as he came closer and she snuggled up to him.  He kissed her neck, her eyes snapped open, and she looked frightened.

      "Don't do that," she ordered.

      "What?"  He was taken back a bit confused.

      "Your breath on my neck reminds me of when Sabretooth would do that," she looked down and bit her lip.

        "Dat what's been bothering you," he said a little relieved.  "Why didn't you jus' tell me?"  He kissed her lips gently.

        "I'm sorry Remy," she whispered.  "It will be a long road of erasing memories and I hope you will help me bury one tonight."

       Remy's eyes flew open, "yo' up ta dis?  Ah don't wanna be teased, chere," he sighed.  "Sometime's dere's no stopping a Cajun's fire, non?"

       She laughed, "I used to be something of a match for a fire, Remy," she kissed him and wrapped her arm around his neck and pull him on top of her.  "I need to push past what's bothering me and move on but slowly, so right now please don't breathe on my neck."

     Remy smiled, "Chere, if you aint teasin' den Ah might not realize you have a neck," he smiled.  He felt Hayley's fingers on his back pulling him closer to her and he decided to test the waters letting his own fingers roam to her breasts.  He smiled at her moaning at it and let his other hand move up her gown and his Cajun nature caught fire.

     His kiss became more urgent and he realized he had needed this much more than he had realized.  Had he been such a gentleman that he had put off something he had needed so much or was he that in love?  He groaned as she began to spur things on by touching his manhood and leading him to her and he didn't need any more encouragement.

     He began moaning as he kissed her and moved with her as they both caught on fire now.  He rolled his eyes back in his head knowing his limits was being reached already and he felt her body tightening with him and they both became caught in the familiar waves that they had both been missing.

     "Hayley," he grunted as she called his name and he rolled off her.  "Did Ah hurt you?"  He looked down at her stomach.

     "No," she said with a smile and cuddled to him as she felt him beginning to sleep, "you have to be exhausted."

     "Oui," he chuckled, "Ah'm after dat."

      She kissed his lips as he fell asleep and watched his chest fall up and down with a sigh.  She had never felt so close to a man as she had Remy and once he was asleep, she felt a familiar feeling that she couldn't hide and snuck out of the bed as he began a light snore.


      Remy woke alone and looked around to see it was still dark.  "Hayley?"  He called into the bathroom and got out of bed with no response.

      He groaned thinking of what happened the last time she needed some alone time and grabbed his pants quickly.  'Ah thought she said she was ready,' he sighed inwardly now feeling like he had taken advantage of her.

       He ran to the hall and noticed somebody had clicked the light on.  He wondered if she had turned it on, or if somebody else did or if somebody was already following her.

      He moved noiselessly along the corridor and heard some clanking in the kitchen by the time he made it to end of the stairs.

     It piqued his interest, and he followed the sounds of clinking dishes and shuffling around hoping at the very least whoever was in the kitchen might have heard where she had gone.

     He pushed the door open very slowly in typical fashion of a trained thief and smiled as he noticed the back of the person standing in the refrigerator.  He recognized the back of the gown immediately and smiled glad she wasn't going anywhere.

     He sighed, "De bebe' hungry eh, chere?"  He tossed the lights on with a grin.

     Hayley turned around slowly as a piece of raw meat hung from her mouth and her face began to turn as red as it.

     Remy couldn't hide his disgust, "Hayley?"

     She pulled the rest of the meat from her mouth as if somebody else had put it there.  "I was just hungry and came down for something to eat," she swallowed hard now wondering how she had been possessed to put that thing in her mouth.  Funnily enough though, before Remy came in, it was the best thing she had tasted in a long time.  Now she felt as if she would be sick.  "I don't know how I started eating that."

      "Dis is what you want to eat?" He said still looking at the rest of the meat in her hands.

      "No!" she groaned, "Yes!" then she sighed.  "I don't know." she pulled herself into his arms, "It's like I'm not hungry but I hear my stomach growling."

       "Shouldn’t eat meat raw chere, it’ll give yo’ worms," he sighed and they heard somebody else come in.  They both spun to see Logan squinting against the light.

       "Don't mind me," he grumbled at them in each other's arms.  "I just want my beer." He moved to the fridge and saw the meat still in Hayley's hand.  He looked at them both hard.  "Al said she did that once," he grunted and grabbed his beer from his hiding place in the back of the fridge.  "When she was carrying the twins said she always wanted her steaks extremely rare."

        Remy groaned understanding what Hayley's carnivorous behavior meant, "Dis rare?"  He gestured to the meat.

       "Don't know, ask Al," he shrugged. "Don't see much difference though."  He tipped his beer to them and walked out before they could ask him more.

        Hayley's face turned white and she threw the meat at the sink, "Remy, what's happening to me?"

        Remy grabbed a paper towel and wiped the meat's residue from her face gently, "yo' having a baby chere and dese t’ings happen, non?"  He sighed hoping when and if it was his child she would just crave spicy food.

      He picked her up as she seemed to collapse a little, "Yo' need sleep non?"

     She nodded and he sighed, "but first chere, when we get upstairs yo' got ta brush yo' teeth."

     He realized with her now full stomach she must have been sleeping already and carried her to the room.  He woke her to brush her teeth and sighed as he climbed into bed, at least he knew he didn't have to wear those dang boxers to bed anymore.  He smiled inwardly as Hayley roamed in wearing nothing but a sexy look and he let her take the lead again.

     He grabbed her hands before she got into the bed, "Ah love you," he met her eyes.

    She smiled and fell into his arms kissing him hard, "I love you too."

    "No more raw meat though, alright?" he sighed and kissed her back as he took pleasure in taking their love making slowly this time.