Wolvie Femmes * Impaired



      Beast carried Hayley in and once again she wouldn't look at the others. She was still a little wet but in a fresh robe. He carried her back to the bed behind the curtain, and talked to her in hushed tones.


    Alex emerged from the shower a little wet with a dismal look on her face. She forced a smile and went over to Rayne. She pulled gloves on and smiled at the young girl, "I’m going to check you you out now, if you don’t mind."


    Rayne winced at the idea as Alex shooed Remy out and pulled the curtain. Alex eased Rayne into a laying position and began to carefully check for injuries.


      "I think some rest would do you some good too," She smiled, "Or you can end up like Justice."


      Rayne chuckled hearing him snore a little more loudly, "Dat's ok." She didn't like the idea of being that 'out of it'. She preferred to be able to wake up quickly in case of danger. That was how it was on the streets. Rayne watched Alex working carefully, "Yo’ were in ma head too, non?"

    Alex nodded her head and remembered that Rayne had also been viciously raped. She winced at the thought of Rayne reliving her ordeal through Hayley’s recent experience. Hayley has her family here to care for her. When Rayne was raped, she had lost both her home and family as well. Tears clouded Alex’s vision.

    "Ah…" Rayne hesitated then sighed deeply. She wanted to tell Alex something, but she just couldn’t find the courage to say it, "Hayley will keep da baby, non?"

    "Only time will tell what will happen Rayne," There was no way that Alex could tell what her sister would do. "You want some fresh clothing?" Alex touched her back. She needed to keep busy to keep her mind off what happened. Rayne eyed her now dirty clothing and nodded shyly, "Seems ma clothes are always gettin’ dirty an torn. Ah guess ah could do with a new set. If dat’s ok?

    "Of course it’s ok."

    "T’ank yo’," Rayne said quickly before Alex could disappear. Alex stopped and nodded returning the smile.




    Cyclops walked over to Hayley's curtain before anybody noticed. He looked at Hayley and he sighed at her broken and beaten appearance. Her eyes fell on him, she pushed herself back to lay down then turned her back to him.


     Beast saw him and growled pushing him out, "If she needs you she will ask for you."


    Remy went to Scott angrily but looked over to where he could see Hayley's body trembling from crying. He looked at Beast not sure what to do.


    Beast wasn't sure if Remy would help or hinder things right now but he nodded letting the Cajun go in.


   Remy breathed a sigh of relief and walked to Hayley slowly. He bent down holding her gently but she flinched under his embrace. He stoked her hair hoping she would relax but her body tensed up under his touch.


     "Hayley," He whispered to her and felt her relax a little but new tears sprung to life.



      Hayley began a full sob now. How could she face him? She wanted nothing more than to feel his arms around her but she felt like a traitor. She felt soiled. She let him stroke her hair for a minute but when he kissed her head, she jumped again.


      "Remy, I need to be alone," She said in a voice he almost couldn't hear but after she jumped when he kissed her, he felt he might need to be alone too.


    Did he repulse her now? His heart ached at the thought.


    She heard him walk out slowly then she began to cry again softly.


   Remy pushed his hand along the side of his head. He walked over to Rayne seeing that Alex was finished and kissed her head.


    Rayne knew he was near tears and it broke her heart to see him like this. Anger welled up inside her. She hated Hayley now for causing her brother this pain. Rayne did feel bad for Hayley and what she had gone through but she was upset that Remy was in such inner turmoil because of it.


     She grabbed his hand and squeezed it tight before he could go, "Remy ah’m sorry." He turned and gave her a weak grin.


    He walked back to her and hugged her again, "Ah love you petite," He whispered in her ear, "Ah'll be back." He pointed to the infirmary door and he walked out quickly.



     Remy let the tears fall that had been threatening to. He clasped his hands over his face and backed against the wall. He threw his head against the wall and quickly regretted it as his teeth rattled from the impact. He leaned his back against the wall and slid to the ground.


    He had never felt so confused. Did she want him now? She had jumped when he kissed her. Would she refuse him after this? Was it over? He narrowed his eyes and thought of going to the Danger Room before he damaged something with his anger. He shook his head wanting to be there to make sure she and the baby was all right. It dawned on him then that he didn't care who the baby's father was.


    Scott looked down at him and offered him a hand up. Remy looked at it, then with a deep breath took it and got to his feet.


    "She did the same thing to me," Scott sighed.


     "Dis different," Remy produced a cigarette lighting it quickly and taking a long drag.


     "I don't think so," Scott sighed, "I get the feeling she is always going to push men from her."


      Remy's eyes narrowed and he pointed his cigarette in Scott's face, "It's different 'cause you don' love her lik’ ah do." Remy stopped amazed and confused at his words. He saw the words register on Scott's face. Remy dropped his eyes not knowing what to say next.


       "Does she know?" Remy sighed and shook his head. "Maybe telling her would make a difference now," Scott suggested.


       "No, she’d t'ink ah said it 'cause of what happened," Remy sighed, finishing off his cigarette quickly.


       Scott nodded and watched the Cajun walk off back into the infirmary. He sighed, hoping Gambit was wrong. He wasn’t sure why, but he didn't think Hayley needed Gambit.




      Logan sighed watching his and Ally's child on the sonogram as Beast moved it slowly.


     "She didn't get tossed around," Logan said then thought about it, "Much."


      Beast smiled, "Everything looks fantabulous."


     "Just one right?" Ally joked.


      Beast nodded and squeezed her hand, "Yes my dear."


     She felt Logan sigh from relief too.


     Hank chuckled. "I see no reason to keep you here," Then he looked at Justice who kept snoring louder and louder and Hayley's pulled curtain, "Your welcome to stay if you want to." Ally could hear some people come back in as she got dressed. She knew she needed to keep busy to keep sane.




      Alex wheeled a cart in the infirmary with a change of clothing for Hayley and Rayne and lunch for everyone.


     Alex went to Rayne with a smile bringing her both clothes and food. Rayne looked at the food and was surprised that she was actually hungrier than she had been in days.


    She saw Remy grab a tray and a chair and join her with a smile and she began stuffing the meal in her mouth.


   "Might want to chew some of dat," He teased her eyeing her mouth full of food. She swallowed hard almost choking with laughter. She sighed as he pulled the curtain and eyed him curiously.


      "Jus’ thought yo’ might not wan' everyone looking’ at yo’ while yo’ eat," He smiled, "If  yo’ wan' to be alone though…." He gestured he would leave if needed.


     She grabbed his hand, "No, stay!" She had missed him so much that she couldn't get enough of being with him. His roguish grin played on his lips as he took a bite of the food, but it quickly faded and he sighed remembering his last meal at the diner and the nightmare that followed it.


     "Remy, yo‘ shouldn‘ keep it inside lik‘ dat. Yo‘ wan‘ ta talk?" She asked quietly.


     "No, petite. It‘s ok," He smiled at her well aware that she wouldn't want to talk about Hayley. He was also spooked that he had told Scott he loved Hayley. ‘Why Scott? Why not Rayne or Alex? And why not Hayley?’


     "Jus’ t'inkin’ dis food needs some Cajun spice," He grinned, hoping she wouldn't pursue the matter further. "Get well an outta dat bed chere, an we can make dese Yanks some real food," He winked.


    Rayne's eyes twinkled at the idea of doing something with her brother especially something that reminded her of home, "Ah'd really lik’ dat Remy." She smiled and took a quick drink, "But me, ah t'ink yo’ should talk some."


     "Laissez-faire ma cherie," He focused on his food and not the prying eyes of his sister because he was afraid his eyes would tell her everything.


      Rayne swallowed hard, her food tasting like cardboard and she realized what was bothering him now, "Remy?"


     He looked up with a smile happy to see her pretty face, but his eyes were full of turmoil. He knew what to do when it was Rayne but Hayley wasn't his sister and his heart ached at the thought of the things Hayley would be going through. How would he approach her? Would she let him?


    Rayne narrowed her Amber eyes at him, "Yo’ in love wit’ her aren't yo’?" She hoped he would understand she just wanted him to be happy but it came out in an accusing tone.


    He nodded not able to face her and looked at his plate, "Where’s love get us though, hanh, Petite?"


   She nodded with tears in her eyes and Remy placed a hand under chin forcing her to look at him. She knew he needed her help as much as she needed him. True, she was his sister and not a love interest, but he was her world. And if he really loved Hayley, he needed her in different ways. Rayne felt sick inside. She wouldn’t want to deny her brother his happiness. Above all Rayne wanted him to be happy. It was just that she had missed him so much, and she had been through so much, she needed him. She needed his love and guidance. Needed to feel a part of a family again. Not the isolated and miserable person she had been for over five years.


    Tears trickled down her cheeks as she thought that maybe it would be for the best if she left. Then Remy wouldn’t be torn in two. He wouldn’t have to worry what to do with her. He wouldn’t have to be faced with how he would leave her if he and Hayley started a life together.


    "Ah ain’ gon' leave yo’, Rayne girl,"He bent over and kissed her cheek.


    "Hayley don' like me much, Remy," She sighed poking her food about.


    "Mebbe dat's 'cause yo’ too much alike," He chuckled, then his heart sank hearing Alex and Hayley's hushed tones and more crying, "An mebbe yo’ haven’t given her a chance."


     "Dat’s lik’ sayin’ beef is lik’ pork, chere," Rayne countered. He was right, she hadn’t given Hayley a chance. But where her brother was concerned, Rayne was always watchful. She didn’t want anyone to hurt him, ever. No, Hayley didn‘t deserve a chance in Rayne‘s book. She was too wild and had too many problems. Rayne knew that she would eventually hurt him.


     True, Remy was wild as well, but that was the worst of combinations in her eyes. Her brother needed to find someone stable if he wanted to settle down. But, maybe by his penchant for extremes was his way of not finding the right person. Maybe he was afraid that he would never be happy that way. Rayne remembered how he used to talk about how he wanted a family. Own a nice house, maybe even a plantation and have kids. But after what happened with Belle, maybe that dream now frightens him away from the kind of life he would really want.


     "Remy, ah worry ‘bout yo’."


     "Yo' gon' take care of me?" He cocked his head and smiled at her.


     "Yo' wan' me ta stay wit' yo’, incase yo’ need ta talk?" Rayne offered, excited to care for him, "She not go’ wan’ yo’ tonight."


     "Ah t'ink da docs are gon' wan’ yo’ ta stay here, chere," He had always loved her passionate nature. Why she ever put up with him was beyond his imagination. He was fond of pulling jokes and other crazy stunts that would get himself and sometimes her in trouble. She would just scold him, bandage his wounds then leave him free to do it all over again.


    Suddenly a loud thump caught their attention. Remy grabbed his biscuit and charged it.


    Rayne tried to stop him sensing it wasn’t an attack but before she could, Remy tossed the curtains opened and found that Scott was checking out the noise as well. They both only found Justice flailing on the floor. He rolled over to get up and saw the men ready to attack.


     "So," Justice smiled groggily, "Why aren’t there any extra large beds around here? Was this place built for midgets?"


     Rayne and Scott chuckled and Remy quickly tossed his biscuit into a metal wastebasket.


   Justice eyed him curiously, "Problem with your food?"


    Remy turned to face him as he tossed a blanket over the basket, "No problem, homme. Why yo’ ask dat?"


   A small explosion from inside the wastebasket made them jump slightly.


   Beast ran over to see the biscuit's mess and shook his head.


  Justice looked at him with a groan, "Maybe I should sleep in my own bed?" He suggested.


   Beast studied Justice injuries, "I think you bought yourself at least one night in chez infirmary, sir."


    Scott chuckled and moved away as Remy gave Justice a hand up.


    Alex touched Scott's shoulder, "The less people around here the better right now."


    Scott nodded, went to Jean and kissed her on the cheek. Then he made his way to Hayley and peeked inside the curtain. She didn't turn but seemed to know somebody was there. He walked up slowly and touched her back.


    "If you need anything," Scott said softly. She nodded but shrugged his hand off her back. He backed away and left quickly.


    Alex found Logan, "Maybe you could keep Gambit busy?" She suggested. She watched Beast ushering Warren and Ty from their seats as well.


    Logan looked over the curtain Remy had pulled again and cleared his throat. Rayne and Remy looked at him expectantly. The saddened eyes Remy held was not lost to Logan. Alex was right, he thought.


     "Com' on bub," Logan grunted at Remy, "You'll feel better if I kick your ass in the danger room a while."


    Remy nodded at the idea and looked at Rayne who looked a little sleepy anyway. He kissed her head quickly, "Ah'll be back soon, ok?"

    "Remy?" She didn’t want him to go so soon. Yesterday and today’s events had dredged up a lot of painful memories and she felt all sick inside. But she knew that he felt bad as well and that a good fight with Wolverine might help him, "Have fun, chere."




    Wolverine got outside of the infirmary and stopped to light his stogie.


   Gambit focused on the winged mutant ahead of them and his eyes narrowed as he remembered the earlier comments that were made in the SUV. He produced his Bo staff and quickly ran behind Warren swiping the feet from under him easily as he watched the winged mutant pump his powerful wings to keep from falling. Warren landed back on his feet and turned to face the crazed Cajun.


    Logan watched as the two men faced off. 'Kid’s got good moves,' He sighed walking up to stop anything before it started.

    "Yo' got a problem wit' me?" Remy glared at him.


     Warren landed, "You mean aside from the way you talk?" Warren cocked an eyebrow.


      Remy grabbed him by collar, "Yo' know wha' I mean," Remy spat, "Yo' were pretty talkative 'bout Hayley in the car."


     "Oh, you mean about you trying to get her killed?" Warren stared obliviously, "Yes, so?"


      Remy struck him hard against the jaw sending him back to catch his footing.


     Warren looked at Wolverine who just stood there, "You're going to let this happen Logan?"


     Wolverine puffed his cigar, "From where I'm standing looked like somebody needed to hit you."


    Remy looked at Logan surprised with a grin playing at the corner of his mouth. He moved threateningly to Warren but Logan put a hand on his shoulder stopping his advance.


    "You're gonna wear yourself out before you hit the danger room Cajun," Logan grunted.


     Remy realized what he meant and started off as Logan held back slightly. Gambit turned back to them, "Angel and Angle ain’ spelled too far apart, mon ami." He called to Wolverine. "Dat one got somet'in’ up his sleeve." Then he walked on.


      Logan narrowed his eyes at Warren, "You got a problem with my sister in law and Gumbo?"


      "No," Warren smiled, "Just the way he treats her."


     "I haven't heard her complain," Logan puffed his cigar, "And I've been asking too."


     "It’s only a matter of time," Warren sighed.


     "I think you're jealous the Cajun’s in her bed," Logan taunted.


     Warren looked angry for a minute but recovered quickly, "He won't be there tonight," Then he thought about it a little more, "He might not be there again." He crossed his arms and dared Logan to continue.


     "Leave them alone, wings," Logan growled.


     Warren looked dubious, "She doesn't need to associate with his kind, Wolverine." He started to walk away, "What happened today might be what she needs to realize that."


    Logan grabbed Warren's shoulder wanting to be the next one to put his fist in his face, but Storm was running towards them so he let it be.


   "Stay outta it Worthington," Logan snarled, "Or you'll be dealin’ with me next."


     Storm watched them curiously, "Is Justice back now?"


    Logan began to move away slowly, "He’s in the infirmary, Ororo." Logan said, pointing down the hall.


     She disappeared and Wolverine looked at Warren again, "Not sure those wings fit you Worthington." He clenched his cigar in his teeth and strode off.





     Xavier sat up before he heard the knock at the door, "Come in Scott."


    Cyclops wandered in with a smile, "Good to see you up, sir."


    Charles smiled back, "I don't feel quite up, yet." He could see something was troubling Scott, "I take it I missed something?"


     Scott smiled ruefully, "Nothing you won't hear plenty about later."


    "Is there something that you would like to talk about?" Xavier sat up in his bed a bit straighter.


    Scott sat down and shook his head. "I don't know," He sighed. "It's Hayley," He finally admitted. Xavier watched Scott and waited for him to elaborate. He didn't want to press him. "She's hurting pretty bad right now," He sighed, "Turns out that she is pregnant because of a rape. The child could be mine, Sabretooth's or Magneto's."


     "Eric's?" He asked quickly.


     Scott exhaled loudly, "I want to help her deal with it but she won't let anybody near her." He began to gesture with his hands, "I can't imagine what she must be going through thinking that Sabretooth might be…" He turned a frown at Xavier, "I'm not in love with her exactly but I got involved, thinking that the child was mine. She didn‘t give any indication that it was anyone else’s. She let me believe it was mine."


     "I see," Charles said plainly. He sat and quietly listened to him as Cyclops told him the thoughts that he had obviously been wrestling with.


    "She turned Remy away as well," He sighed again, "If it had been Jean, I would have been on the road hunting down Sabretooth." He stood to look out the window. "In a way I am still attracted to Hayley. I hate that I cheated on Jean, and for some reason Jean still loves me." He crossed his arms looking across the sculpted lawns, "I feel drawn to Hayley and I want to help her."


    "Jean's a special woman as is my niece," Xavier sighed now worried for her. "Hayley's been through a lot and this will be very hard on her. It is possible that she will reject any attempts to help her."


    Scott nodded. He hoped that perhaps her uncle could get through to her.


    "I will talk to her, but Hayley can be," Xavier smiled, "Quite stubborn."