Wolvie Femmes * Home Base






      Hayley woke up and blinked her eyes against the wind blowing hard in her face.  At first she was confused by her surroundings because she was upside down being held against a mans chest in mid air.  She looked to her captors’ head, and sighed with relief when she saw it was Warren.

     "Keep still, Hayley we're being pursued," Warren said quickly.

      Hayley tried to see who it was that was following them but she couldn’t see past his rapidly beating wings.  She looked to the ground and saw Sabretooth struggling to run fast enough to keep them in his view.

     She sighed feeling Warren's flight and almost feeling free again herself but she knew they might be in immediate danger.

    "I'm slowing you down," she knew it was true and it was frustrating for her that she couldn't leap from his arms.

     He took a deep breath, "it's all right, and we’re almost there."

     Hayley knew why Sabretooth was after her and she knew he would be able to beat her in a fight.  She swallowed hard knowing Warren wasn't a match for him either and began to worry.

      Warren held her tight to reassure her, "don't worry the Calvary is on it’s way."

      "Remy?" she asked with a smile.

      Warren scoffed, "No, Jean said they want him too, so they told him to stay behind."


       Hayley could see the answer running towards them.  Scott's hand went to his visor and shot behind them as Kurt disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

       Hayley and Warren jumped when Kurt suddenly appeared next to them.  He grabbed Hayley’s arm and pulled her from Angel’s arms.  Warren saw both Kurt and Hayley teleport from his position in the air, safely to the ground.  Now that Hayley was safe, Warren turned sped on to Scott’s position.     



      Nightcrawler and Hayley had appeared behind Scott and they all saw Sabretooth making his way towards them.  As soon as he was in the open Scott's optic blast knocked him backwards.

      Scott turned to them, "Get her out of here."

      Hayley was sick to her stomach and felt Kurt rushing her inside until her lightening sent the three of them to the ground.

      Logan growled at the voice in his head but soon realized it was Jean telling him about Hayley's predicament.

       He took a breath, disabled the simulations and ran out the door to help.  He still felt the anger and adrenaline pumping through his body as he ran down the halls dodging students and snarling at the idea of Sabretooth or Magneto at the school.

       "Jordan," Storm laughed trying to keep up with the rambunctious four year old.

      Imp stopped and picked up a leaf that was entirely red and held it up to Storm proudly.

      "Daddy likes red," she smiled and then kicked the leaves with a giggle.  The leaves took on their own life as they began to dance around in the air like the hue of autumn butterflies.

       Storm smiled realizing the child was using her telekinesis and she grabbed her hand and danced with Imp amidst the swirling leaves.

       Imp stopped the leaves laughing wildly and running off towards the school.  She sighed wondering when her daddy would wake up as she slowed her pace for Ororo to catch up.

       Storm took the child's hand and pulled her as the walked to the basket that held their treasure of leaves so far.  Imp grasped onto the red leaf proudly and dropped it in the basket.




      As Remy and Rayne made their way to the kitchen, Rayne suddenly stopped and stood very still.  “Remy, dat fast man is here.”


    “What fast man?”


    “You know, he works for Magneto.  He can move very fast.”


    “Quicksilver?”  Remy pulled his cigarette lighter out of his pocket ready to charge it.  “How do yo’ know he’s here?”  


    “Ah can smell him.”  She moved cautiously and sniffed the air.  “Non, maybe he was here.  The smell changed, like he was…”  She snuffled the air again and sneezed, “Damn Remy, Ah hate dose cigarettes!”  She gave him a dirty look as she rubbed the bridge of her irritated nose.  “He was in de infirmary.  An Ah smell Alex, but not strong enough dat she was up here.”  


    Just then they heard a blast come from outside.  They had come to recognize the sound of Cyclop’s optic power and they knew it could only mean trouble.  Remy ran for the front door with Rayne following close behind.  As they got to the door and opened it a discharge of lightening blinded them.






    Mystique had followed Pietro to the mansion to keep an eye on him.  He was sent in to see if he could get one of the Adams outside.  She was puzzled when he came out empty-handed and ran off towards where Magneto was going.  She had brought along a tranquilizer gun to help subdue any Adams that he brought out.  That plan was now foiled and she stood in the cover of the mansions manicured shrubbery pondering what her next move should be.







      Jordan smiled screaming with joy as Ororo followed her through the piles of leaves.


      Storm smiled chasing the child until she saw the blonde man walking towards them and her mouth dropped as she herself ran to him, “JUSTICE?”


      Justice bent down, smiled at Jordan, and scooped her up with a big smile.


      Storm was out of breath as she reached them inside of the school and saw Jordan screaming for her as she came closer.  “Jordan?”

     “Storm, it’s not daddy,” the child wailed and tried to kick from the other’s arms.


     Storm gasped realizing whom it must be and grabbed their shoulder angrily.  They turned to flash yellow eyes instead of Justice’s blue and very quickly the face turned deep blue as Mystique became herself and smiled.


     “Telepaths,” she hissed as she balanced Jordan in her arms and swung a leg at Storm knocking Ororo to the ground as she ran with the girl in her arms with a smile.


      Ororo looked up to see her making off Jordan who was still squirming in Mystique’s grasp.


       She jumped to her feet quickly to find the shape shifter and sighed as she ran to look for her.






        Pietro saw his father outside and the damage Magneto was doing to the others.  He sighed as he took his place next to the magnetic wizard.  He thought of the other kept in the bed in their sick bay as he looked at the control his father held.  He let off the button and the lightening stopped flowing through Hayley and the people who had been caught in it’s flow relaxed but Hayley stayed motionless.


       Magneto smiled at his son and sighed.  “This one is too well guarded for the moment but I am sure Mystique won’t come up empty handed.”  He glanced at his son disapprovingly.



      “They are not that easy to catch,” Pietro said defensively.


      “I will take what I can get today,” Magneto crossed his arms. He knew wouldn’t be able to keep going against the school with his own small band of mutants.






       Remy covered his eyes as the lightening blinded them and opened his eyes cautiously looking at Rayne who was pained by her extraordinarily sensitive eyes.


      “Rayne girl, yo’ all right?”  He grabbed his sister’s arm and sighed as she nodded slowly but she hadn’t removed her hands from her face yet.  He sighed seeing Storm moving to them slowly and somewhat cautiously.


      He pointed to the door, “It’s all right,” he sighed.  “De lightening has stopped for now,” He joked assuming she might have had a play in it.


      Jordan lay in her arms asleep and Rem moved to see how his little friend was but Storm pulled her away.


     “Too much excitement non?”  He grinned at the sight of the sleeping child.


     “She is very sleepy,” was all Storm offered.


       Rayne peeked between her fingers and growled at Storm, “Yo’ don’t lie too well.”  She grabbed Remy’s arm and pulled him back to her.



      Remy furrowed his brow at Rayne confused, as Rayne pointed to Hayley and the other who lay on the steps from the effect of something greater than themselves.  Remy wrestled Rayne’s arm but she kept her grip, unrelenting.


      “Hayley’s out dere Chere,” He said almost pleadingly.


      “She gon’ make off wit’ Justice’s Daughter,” Rayne said her eyes glowing as she watched Storm.


        Remy looked at her again and Storm’s expression changed knowing she had been caught.  Remy’s anger took over seeing the innocent child lying in arms of an intruder.  He grabbed the ashtray by the door and charged it threateningly.  “Ah think you best let go of dat girl.”


       The imposter tossed Imp over her shoulder in a firefighter’s carry freeing her other arm to fight.  “You will make a fine prize to go with your lover, Cajun.”  She hissed.  She lunged at Remy with a needle and Rayne’s eyes went wild.


      “No!”  Rayne yelled.








      All was very quiet in the infirmary as Jean sighed tapping the buttons on the keyboard and took a sip of her tea.  She looked over at Alex glad one of the Adams was reasonable about sleeping or perhaps it was just the fact Alex was exhausted.


       She heard a noise at Justice’s bed and looked to see him moving around and she got up to join him. 


       She cocked her head wondering if he must be uncomfortable because he didn’t seem to settle down but he still seemed to be out.


       “Justice?”  Jean touched his shoulder gently and checked his meds.  Suddenly she noticed his blood pressure began to go up.




       Justice was in a state of limbo hearing parts of reality and parts of his imagination.  He floated somewhere in between feeling like he was in a long nightmare.  He found an image of Jordan he knew was real and he had to protect her but every time he reached for his screaming child, she slipped through translucent fingers.


       “Daddy, help me,” was cried into his mind and it hurt him more than his injuries.  He grit his teeth listening to her voice.  Jordan’s telepathic cry told him everything and he could see it through her telepathy as Mystic finally silenced the child.  Justice held on to what he could feel around her and the minds that he last felt around her.  He knew Storm was they’re trying to protect her and would have if she could find her.


       Justice felt frustration take over and he grunted searching for anyway to help.




      “They’re in trouble,” Ally said running from the kitchen as she took flight.


      “Allyson,” Hank said running after the redhead sighing with a roll of his eyes.  Inwardly he was relieved to know he could be there to help the situation he knew was going on.  He didn’t want to see another person in the hands of Magneto or his henchmen.


       His thoughts traveled to the only one he hoped was smart enough to stay safe during this trying time and that was if she found out what was happening.  He thought of Alex and his heart skipped as he bounced and propelled himself around following Allyson.




     Scott got up slowly and looked to Kurt who was also making his way to his feet but Hayley remained on the ground unmoving and silent.  Scott saw Sabretooth running to Hayley and he sucked a deep breath in as he stood over to protect her.  He looked down to see if she would move yet and sighed.  He still felt very connected to the brunette and his feelings were to protect her and the unborn baby.


      Scott raised his hand to his visor and began to fire at the large growling mutant.  Magneto had Hayley in a magnetic bubble and she began to lift from under Scott’s legs.  Scott re-directed his attention to the magnetic master as he took aim.






     Rayne had tossed herself in between Remy and the intruder but the pain of what the woman was going to do struck her as she felt the needle directed at Remy hit her in the shoulder.


    “RAYNE!”  Remy screamed, “Rayne girl???”


    Rayne now knew why Jordan slept so peacefully and felt for the child deeply.  She felt her brother’s arm wrap around her waist and hoist her to his body calling her name but it became a hollow sound as her eyes shut.


    Mystique laughed, “Stupid gutter rat.”  Mystique still wanted her prize and marched up to Remy knowing he couldn’t attack her holding the other Cajun.  She hoped she was right and he wouldn’t try to charge anything with the younger woman in his arms.


   Remy stayed still unfaltering as she came nose to nose with him, “We will get you just as we got the other cat.”  She gestured to the window at Hayley being ripped into the air like a doll being thrown to person to person.


     “Hayley?” he said but his tone was evident that he wanted to bolt after her.  He looked down to Rayne feebly and wondered what he should do.  His blood turned hot thinking of Hayley or Rayne being taken from him.  His heart leaped watching Hayley being taken from him now.


      She enjoyed the fall of his face as she grabbed his chin with her empty hand and forced him to look at her.  “Choices choices.  Drop her and I’ll gladly take her back with us.  I’m sure they would be happy to have their lab rat back.  Mystique smiled evilly and licked his lips with her tongue.  “We will win, Cajun.  Join us and you will get more than you could possibly imagine.  Deny us and you won’t be with that wild Cat you’ve taken up with.  I know Magneto wants your seed to create another with your powers, and he will get it.”  She almost laughed at his repulsed look, “Wouldn’t you rather Hayley carry your bastard?”


    Remy balanced Rayne into one arm as Mystique had with Jordan, “Ah don’t think so.”  He narrowed his eyes at Mystique angrily.


    In the blink of an eye, he found her flying backwards and Jordan’s body floated peacefully in front of him.  Remy looked in the direction of the to see Hank and Ally running at him.  Beast leapt up catching Jordan easily and held the child protectively.


     Ally moved angrily towards Mystique, “Picking on children, lowlife?”


     Mystique smiled, “Yours are next, Allyson Adams.”


     Ally’s anger ignited her fury and she tossed Mystique out the window.  Just then, they all saw Hayley fall to the ground with a thud.


     Remy looked to Hayley worriedly but he and Hank saw Allyson soaring past them to join the fight outside.


    “Ally!”  Both men called after her.  However, Wolverine’s running figure caught their attention as he followed his wife.


     Beast put Jordan into the chair by Remy and Rayne, “I suspect Jordan will be safe with you,” he quirked an eyebrow but didn’t wait for an answer and leapt off.


     Remy growled to himself eyeing the battle as he watched over the two females.  He pushed Rayne’s hair from her eyes and looked to her with as much love as a brother could.  He and Rayne would do anything for the other.  He thought of the relationship between the triplets and Justice and knew they felt the same about each other as he watched Ally protect her sister with Logan at her side


     A noise caught his attention and he looked over to see Storm running to him and his sleeping friends.  She knelt to Jordan and touched the child’s face.


     “Is she all right?”  She said taking a deep breath.


      “She’s just asleep, Storm,” he said touching her shoulder.


       Storm looked outside and her mouth dropped.  “By the Goddess, what is going on?”


      “Ah need to help,” Remy said and gestured to the fighting mutants.  “Scream if anybody comes near my femmes,” he winked roguishly and ran outside.




        Pietro and his father fended off the X-men with little help from Sabretooth. He looked to his father as he watched Ally and Wolverine join after Hayley fell.


        “Father,” Pietro sighed.  “We are outnumbered.”


        “Soon,” Eric cooed spying Ally coming closer to them.