Scott looked impatiently at Jean's worried eyes and he seemed to think the worst of one of the injured.

        Jean looked at Scott at a loss for words and she knew she must look as upset as she felt. Scott took her hand in his gently and she looked up to him. She smiled at him because she did love him but Hayley’s pregnancy could mean some conflicts.

     “Are you still having the headaches?” Scott asked her concerned.

     “No. I am fine.” Jean lied with a sigh. She had no intention of be derailed of her intentions to tell Scott the truth. “Scott, Hayley is pregnant.” Jean blurted out before she lost her nerve and then thought of how ridiculous it seemed that she should feel nervous. She wasn’t the one in the wrong here.

     Scott’s face fell as he realized what Jean was trying to tell him. ‘Me? A father?’ he thought to himself. Doubt and every scenario seemed to race across his mind. He almost began to smile with the idea of a child but Jean’s saddened look kept him humble. He wanted a child with Jean.

    “Me?” Scott said incredulously.

   Jean nodded, “There are other possibilities”

    “Jean,” Scott said feebly stepped back. He was lost for words. “Shit.” Then he noticed Jean’s disapproving look. He knew the chances that he would be the father were strong if Jean was this upset and her drew into a hug. “I'm sorry.”

    Jean pulled away and kept a stern face. “You should go to talk to her or at least Hank,” Jean said but it seemed like more of an order. She watched him leave her reluctantly and she kept her gaze on his figure as it became smaller. She felt a cold shiver and rubbed her arms together nervously.

   ‘This will change things’ Jean thought sadly.


   Xavier watched his Xmen and his friends carefully. He noticed Ally’s stern look as she spoke with Bonsai, Kamikaze and Rogue. He sighed and made his way slowly to the small group.

   He stopped a little short of them and watched them skeptically, “Is there something I can help you with?”

   Ally still held her glare at them but softened as she spoke to Xavier. Ally took a breath, “Bonsai feels there are some reasons to go back,” she watched Bonsai’s anxious look.

   “There is,” Rogue interrupted quietly.

   “We have to go back for the others,” Bonsai was losing his patience as he spoke.

    Xavier watched Ally with interest, as she looked at her feet seemingly uncomfortable at the idea.

   Ally met Xavier’s eyes slowly she knew the truth, “He is right. There are more mutants and more involved.” She held her head high realizing she no longer had to be ashamed. Her father’s random thoughts were haunting her own mind. She knew the truth about the others but hadn’t remembered right away and wondered what more knowledge her father had given her. “We have to go back for them.”

   Xavier nodded, “An away party can be organized but it would be best if the injured remained here.”

  “I want to go back, I can find them.” Bonsai said quietly.

   Xavier nodded, “Dr McCoy did give you a clean bill of health.” Xavier gave him small smile but had no intention of letting one of the younger mutants go without a more experienced partner. He was glad that Gambit, Scott and Warren had remained and it should be safe enough now.

   “What about Omega Red?” Ally asked quickly

    Xavier was taken back a little wondering if Ally was picking up random thoughts from him. He guessed she now carried her father’s abilities and worried she would also carry his painful memories. He sighed at the thought of the metallic mutant. “I am sure we can gather enough experienced mutants for the expedition.”

     “I am in” Logan said pointedly. Ally looked at her husband and she knew he wanted to try to find his sister. She was truly the only missing piece in his life right now.

      Xavier nodded, “ I am sure that Scott will look forward to leading the mission with Gambit and Warren with him." Xavier said quickly and they knew he was trying to tell them that they weren't leading this time.

      Everyone seemed to be waiting to be asked to go along but Xavier only caught one other eye.

      “Dr. McCoy are you up to accompanying them?”
      “Yes,” Hank said as he crossed his arms, “Everyone is stable here.”

      “ I will stay here and help Jean any way I can then,” Ally sighed. She knew Alex was about to volunteer too.

      “I can help Hank with the injured,” Alex smiled. ‘There is no way we can be left out of an away mission to the Adams house’ She thought and looked at Ally aware she picked her thought easily.

      Ally gave her a rueful smile, “I am sure Justice will want to go with Jump too”

      “Alex,” Beast said slowly and removed his glasses dropping his arms to his side.

     “A second hand would be a good idea Henry,” Xavier concurred. “ There may be many more there.”

     Xavier looked at Allyson hoping she would be able to provide a clue of what they would find but she kept a thoughtful expression almost unaware of the expectant look.

      Beast nodded with out a further discussion. He knew he was beat on this topic.





      Justice led Chloe to a room on the upper levels. Jump noticed a lovely brunette sitting in a chair with a child. She quickly spied the cribs and play thing and realized it was a nursery and became quickly confused of why he would bring her here.

     The brunette stood up even though she hadn’t seen them and was surprised they were standing there, as if she had known it all along. She smiled at Justice and recognition and surprise lit Justice’s face but he seemed a little on guard at the sight of the woman.

    “You?” Justice stammered obviously unsure if she was friend or foe.

    “I will not hurt your nephew Justice,” She smiled, “I am the new nanny Kim or they call me Aramis”

    “That is not my nephew,” he pointed at the much larger boy he had assumed was Little Tyler.

    “You are Allyson’s brother and this is her son Michael.” Aramis was almost laughing at him.

    Jump’s mouth dropped at the thought of Allyson with children.

    “Michael and Amber are infants and he is…” Justice let his thought trail off.

    “He is your nephew and he has had a growth spurt which Dr. McCoy thinks may be due to his father’s genes,” Aramis sighed as she placed the wiggly boy in the play pen with his sister and then she moved forward to shake his hand. “We met at the benefit.”

     Justice shook her hand with his mouth open wide with wonder.

    You, you are Aramis,” He finally realized he was staring and recovered his corporate exterior. “I have heard good things from my sisters about you.”  He folded his arms but his eyes kept wandering to the playpen that held the two babies who kept standing up with their arms out hoping for somebody to pick them up quickly.

      Aramis smiled broadly as she spied Imp returning from the adjoining playroom.

      Imp took one look at Justice and a smile hit her face as she noticed the clothing he wore. Justice was still clad in the clothing his father had provided and it was plain to see with his hair and darker skin that he looked like a surfer.  Jordan eyed him over but stayed at a distance as she kept her eyes on Chloe.

     “Jordan.” He said brightly and Imp backed up slightly afraid she had done something wrong again.

     Justice knelt down to Imp’s eye level hoping to make her more comfortable with him. “I would like for you to meet somebody.” He kept his diplomatic look and it was clear he was unsure on how to reason with the four year old.

      Aramis felt the emotions and realized the gravity of what was happening and she bent down and scooped both twins into her arms. Gathering Tyler and the twins she made her way into the other playroom with the babies.



      Justice watched Jordan, as he felt downright clumsy next to Jordan’s calm and cool child exterior and child eyes. He knew Jordan was amused by his awkwardness and he felt at the four year old child’s mercy.

     Jordan simply crossed her arms and looked at his attire once again taking in Justice's one piece, futuristic, wet suit. Jordan giggled at him, “Why are you dressed like Dr. Evil?”

    Justice laughed but dismissed her question, “Jordan this is Chloe.” Justice gave her a smile and gestured to Jump.

    Jordan realized whom it was he wanted her to meet and she came closer to Justice. “No, Daddy. Make it go away.” She whimpered and threw her head into Justice’s chest impulsively.

    Justice pulled her away from him slowly. “Wait, Jordan you knew I was your father?” Chloe’s expression was shocked but it was soon replaced with a smile when she seemed to realize who Jordan was.

    Jordan met his eyes, “Do you want to be my daddy now?” Jordan’s eyes misted over looking at Justice and tears began to roll down her cheeks.

    “I always wanted to be your daddy but you were taken from me and I just found you.” Justice said quietly. “I didn’t know who you were”

    “I knew who you were.” Jordan yelled at him.

    “That is because your special gift is like Ally’s” Justice smiled at her and she softened a little. “Do you know who you Mommy is then?”

     Jordan nodded slowly looking a little confused, “Daddy her ghostie is behind you.” She whispered loudly in his ear.

     Chloe picked up the cue when Justice glanced at Chloe, “Jordan, I am not a ghost.” She smiled hoping the reassure the small child and she reached to her but Jordan only plunged back against the comfort of Justice’s strong chest in retreat.

     Justice touched Jordan’s back lightly in a hug, he was glad that Imp was comfortable with him but Chloe’s rejected look hurt him too.

    “Imp,” Justice said slowly, “Can you read a ghostie’s mind like you can a person?” He reasoned with her. She responded by shaking her head sadly. “Then try to read the ghostie’s mind.” He challenged.

    Justice was a little taken back when he saw her eyes begin the soft blue glow that he and his sisters did when they used their abilities. Chloe was taken back a little by too.

    Jordan stopped and seemed appeased by what she had found. “Can I touch you?” she asked Jump.

    “I am working on that.” Chloe laughed a little.

    “Justice, it’s hard to believe,” Chloe bent down to meet their eyes, “This is our child?”

   Justice nodded proudly and looked at Imp. ‘This changes a lot things.’

    “How did you know who I was?” he squinted his eyes at imp quizzically.

    “I heard Uncle Xavier telling Mr. Henry.” She mumbled as she reached a hand to Jump’s face and gasped as her hand went right through her. She looked a little taken back at Jump. “I want to touch you too.”

    “Nobody can touch me yet. There was an accident.” Jump paused to search for the words, “I am trying to become whole again.”

     Imp’s face fell, “You are going to leave me again?”

    “Jordan, no we love you,” Justice reassured her.

    “Aunt Ally never left her babies,” She crossed her arms defiantly in a gesture Justice had recognize with Imp before.

    “She did leave her babies,” Justice countered, “but she also came back to them.” Justice countered. He felt like he was the lawyer again but he was the one on trial right now.

     Jordan nodded letting her guard down a little. “Will you be there for me when I fall down?” she asked shyly. Justice nodded and so did Chloe, “Will you be there when the night is scary and I scream, like Logan does for me?”

    Justice choked the words out beyond emotions, “Always” It hurt to know his brother in law had been the one his daughter had played with and depended on.

      Chloe watched as an outsider would not sure if she was invited into the conversation. ‘My daughter’ She felt a swell of pride at the sight of the child as she threw herself once again into Justice’s arms. She Sighed deeply and realized her body was getting warm and heavy. She looked at her own hands as they became solid and she gasped as her breath came to her quickly expanding her lungs.

      Justice felt a hand on his shoulder and turned slowly not wanting to break the spell he and Jordan had over him. Justice was amazed at when he saw Chloe whole and Jordan laughed.

      Jordan pushed away from Justice quickly, “Mommy,” she squealed and threw herself into her mother’s arms. Jordan was very surprised to fall to the carpet and not warmth of her mother’s bosom.  She picked her head and pushed her little body up to meet the sad eyes of her mother’s transparent form.




      Alex made her way to the game room at Xavier’s request and spied the handsome men in competition with one another in a game of pool.

    “I see you found your way here fine, Mr. Worthington.” Alex smiled at the feathered mutant and his brilliant smile at her when she walked in.

      Gambit had been leaning over about to take his shot when he heard another voice he didn’t recognize. He glanced up nonchalantly as he took his shot but he became so surprised at the site of Alex, he fumbled it so badly that he tore the felt on the table and the pool ball went flying but he didn’t seem to notice.

     Warren caught the pool ball easily and watched curiously as Gambit seemed to loose his cool for a minute.

    “Mon dieu,” Gambit mumbled as the cigarette he had dangling from his lip finally fell to the pool table and began to singe the green. “Ma petite, Dey tell Gambit you malade” He squinted his eyes at her.

    Alex caught sight of the cigarette and let her eyes glow as she froze the cigarette to the felt; extinguishing it. Bobby must have had the same idea because Gambit’s pool stick became ice and Gambit looked over at Bobby annoyed.

   “Sorry,” Bobby mumbled.

   “You are thinking of Hayley. She is my sister.” Alex smiled diplomatically at gambit. “She was tossed around during a fight,” Alex let her voice trail as she remembered the sad events quickly.

     Warren sighed, “They are triplets Gambit.” Although he couldn’t Gambit for mixing them up aside from their hair they could pass for each other easily.

     “Jumeaux,” Bobby offered.

     Gambit cocked a smile as confirming he had regained his composure. “Triplets, non?” He made his way to where he had his pack of cigarettes sitting and lit one quickly.

      Alex nodded with a small smile, ‘Hayley was right he is a smooth operator’

     “How is your sister, Alexandra?” Warren asked politely. He stepped closer to her so they would not have to shout across the pool table. He had heard of the battle and of Hayley’s and the other injuries.

     Alex smiled at him and it was evident she was used to the way he spoke. She wrote it off the fact that they both seemed to have privileged background. “She is expected to recover” She smiled ruefully. Then she turned her attention to all of them. “I was asked to gather Warren, Gambit, and Scott to see the Professor.”

     Bobby began to clean up, not meeting anybody’s eye as Gambit and Warren began to gather themselves. “Mr. Summers left with Miss Grey.” Bobby offered.

    Alex picked up on his mood as Gambit breezed past him to get his cigarettes. “Bobby, I am sure Rogue would like some company.” She smiled as she watched him gathering pool balls.

    She didn’t have to say it twice and he was following them out the door.

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