Wolvie Femmes * Faint of Heart







    Remy placed Rayne on the bed.  Alex and Ally followed him in to help.  He looked up at them, “What can you do that Ah can’t, mes amis?”


   “Dress her in some clean clothing, after we clean her up,” Ally smiled and moved closer with some of her own clothing.


    Alex chuckled, “What were you going to dress her in Remy?”


    He pointed to his trench coat sitting on the chair, “Dat, or just use dese sheets an blanket.  She’s not fussy.”


    “Remy!” The women shouted in unison.


    “Honestly,” Alex scolded, “You should treat your sister with more respect then that.”


    Ally snorted, “How did she ever put up with you?”


    Gambit shrugged his shoulders and motioned them to take over the job.


    He sat back in a chair, lit a cigarette and looked out the window.


   He heard them giggling in between the sounds of the washcloth being dipped and wrung out, as they quickly bathed her.


   He sighed, “What’s so funny?”


  Alex went to him and lightly touched his shoulder as she stole his cigarette and extinguished it.  “Rayne’s scrunching up her nose and making a face.  I don’t think she likes the cigarette smoke.”


   In spite of his loosing his cigarette he smiled, and looked over his shoulder as Ally had began to dress the naked girl.  He blushed slightly and turned back.  A deck of cards appeared in his hand and he began flipping them one at a time into the trashcan.


   Alex touched his hand lightly, “She’s a brave girl Remy.  You must be very proud of her.”


   “You were in her head, non?”  He flipped the last card and walked over to retrieve them.


   “Yes.”  Alex wasn’t sure what he was getting at.


   “She won’t tell me what happened in dose labs.”  He flopped back down in the chair.


   Alex took a deep breath, “I feel that…,” She cleared her throat, “I think you should ask her yourself about what happened.”  She moved back over to help Hayley finish up.


  “Ah have, an she won’t tell me.” He propped his feet up on the nightstand and closed his eyes.  He began trying to flip the cards into the trashcan with his eyes still closed.


   “Just give her some time.  If she wants to tell you she will.”  Alex said as they finished dressing Rayne.  As she pulled the sheets up, Rayne mumbled something and turned on her side.


   “No, she’s not like dat. She’ll keep it inside.”  He tossed the rest of the cards on the nightstand.  “Ah always had ta make her tell me t’ings.”  He opened his eyes suddenly; “Dat’s not ta say she can’t say plenty when it’s about someone else, now.”  He laughed and waggled his head.  “She can be opinionated an ornery.”


  He jumped up even though he was tired.  Walked over to the bed and kissed her head. “Ah’ll be back Rayne girl,” he whispered to her.


   Ally and Alex moved on to Hayley’s room and Remy followed them wearily.




   Hayley was still in the same hospital gown Alex had gotten out of moments ago and the blood on her gown was a memory of how tortured the two had been.


   Alex felt a shiver and blushed thinking it would have been worse for her if Quicksilver hadn’t helped her.


  Remy looked at Logan sitting in a chair.  He stood as they entered.  He noted some odd contraptions in Logan’s hands as Wolverine lead Gambit from the room.


  “What is dat?”  Remy said leaving the door slightly ajar, his eyes traveled to Rayne’s door.


  “Al’s idea,” Logan grunted, lighting a stogie and pushed the electronics under his arm.  “It’s a baby monitor,” he sighed.  “Put this end in with your sis, and this end with you so you can hear if she needs you.”  He handed Remy the receiving end and clicked it on holding his stogie in his teeth.  It hummed to life and Remy smiled, “Al’s got Jubilee and Kitty listening for her too.”


   “Merci,” Gambit said while rubbing his temples.


   “You need rest too, Gumbo,” Logan watched the weary man.  “Where you sleepin’?”


   “Wit’ Hayley,” he managed a smile thinking of being there when she woke up.


   “You sure she’s gonna want you there?”  Logan looked dubious.


    Remy sighed and lit his own cigarette with a shake of his head, “She not sneakin’ out dis time.”  He held the monitor up, “Rayne either.”  He joked a little and inhaled the smoked deeply.  “Ah want ta be there when dey wake.”  He knew he couldn’t sleep in the same bed with Rayne and Hayley was the more injured of the two, and besides, he felt he needed to hold her.


   “Don’t let it hurt you if she kicks you outta bed,” Logan said as he turned and walked back into the room.


    Remy swallowed hard knowing she could do that right now and followed Wolverine into the room.  He could see Ally and Alex repeating what they had done for Rayne as they bathed her with washcloths and a basin of water.  Remy tossed his hand over Logan’s eyes and Logan snatched his hand away.


    Logan glared at him hard, “you wanna keep that hand, keep it to yourself, crawfish brain.”


    “She’s not dressed,” Gambit protested and removed his own shirt.


   “She’s my ex, Cajun,” Wolverine grunted, “Seen her more naked than that.”


    Remy scowled at the thought and sat in the chair to remove his boots until Logan tapped him on the shoulder.


    “Remember my wife and sister-in-law’s here,” Logan glared at him.  “Keep-the-clothes-on.”


    Remy sighed and stood feeling the weariness setting in as his feet hit the soft carpet.  “I’m off to da shower homme.  Better make sure dey don’ follow me.”  He quipped.


   Logan growled, “wiseass!” as he heard Ally and Alex giggle.


    Ally laughed and felt like telling Logan she had seen Remy in the buff already, but thought differently when she saw how angry he was.


    Wolverine crossed the room while Alex began to search Hayley’s drawers for night clothing.  Ally pulled the sheet over Hayley as she went to Alex’s room to find Hayley some pajamas.


   Logan followed her out, “I’ll meet you in our room.”  He kissed her head and touched her hair lightly.


   “Okay,” she kissed him back feeling tired herself and pushed her way into Alex’s room.


   Some what amused, Remy watched Alex looking through Hayley’s drawers, “What exactly are ya lookin’ for petite?” he had began to disrobe in the bathroom for his shower and peered around the doorway at the sound of the drawers opening and shutting.


   “Something in the way of night clothing but it needs to be bigger than this,” Alex held up two pieces of clothing.  The top and bottom of baby doll set.


    Remy’s eyebrows inched up, “Dats pretty, non?”


   “It’s too cold for this Remy,” Alex sighed not wanting to say she wanted her sister dressed in more than that.  She felt that would be too prudish of her.  “She doesn’t need a cold on top of everything else.”


    Alex stopped hunting, recapping the encounter with Pietro in her mind.  She touched her head lightly thinking of the rats.  How horrible it all was.  She found herself on her knees and tears fell.


   She felt Remy’s arm around her and turned to look into his sympathetic eyes.  “Remy,” she sniffled.  “I’m sorry.”


   “Need ta talk some?” he wiped her tears away gently.


    Alex merely shook her head and they heard the door open and a small gasp then a laugh.  They both looked to see Ally with some of Alex’s pajamas in hand but she put her hand on her hip.


  “Justice was right,” she smiled.  “You ARE out to make sure the whole family knows what it looks like.”


    Alex looked at Remy questionably and noticed he hadn’t bothered to grab a towel or robe, “Remy!”  She looked at him but he only shrugged at her and walked back to the bathroom. Alex didn’t turn her head away from his retreating form as tears streamed down her face again.


    Ally bent down to her sister, “Alex?”


    “Ally,” then she turned to Remy who now had a towel around his waist and knelt beside her.  “I am sorry.”


     He touched her face but she yanked away instinctively.  His face fell remembering Hayley had done that too when Sabretooth had pushed her in front of everyone.  “Sabretooth hurt you?”


     Alex shook her head and stood, “No, I hardly saw him.”


    Ally looked at Remy wondering the same thing he was.  She knew that Alex had seen more nudity than that when Justice hadn’t known people were home after his showers.  Why had this bothered her so much?


   “I don’t know,” Alex sighed and began to work on getting Hayley’s clothes on quickly.  “I have seen Justice and others more naked than that before but for some reason you reminded me of…..”


  “Who?”  Ally asked helping her.


  “Sorry, chere,” Remy walked to the bathroom.


   “Peitro,” Alex whispered.


   “Quicksilver?”  Ally met her eye.  “Did he rape you?”


    Alex shook her head, “NO.”  Then she thought about why she was upset.  “Ally, he refused to do what his father had ordered him to.  He just, laid there.”


    “You saw him naked then?”  Ally guessed.


    Alex nodded, “he was more like a lover than somebody ordered to hurt me.  It didn’t make any sense.”  Alex sighed.  “Hank was my very first, Ally.”


     Ally nodded, “So you were never with anybody else who looked normal, and Remy reminded you of him.”


    “Ally, I think so, but,” Alex began to cry some more.  “I need to tell Remy I am sorry.”  She stood as Ally continued to dress Hayley.


    The door was still open and she knew he must have heard and before she could speak, he turned to her.


    “You all right?” he turned back with his toothbrush in hand and spat his tooth pasted in the sink.


    “I am sorry, Remy,” Alex stepped to him trying not to pay attention to the bare chest she saw left open on the robe he had on now.  Had Pietro messed her mind up that much?


    “Nothing ta apologize for, chere,” he smiled a little at her, “Gambit should have thought first.”  He looked down at his robe wondering if she was staring at a drop of toothpaste on his robe.  He noticed she was staring at his bare chest and covered it.  When he did, he could see her eyes becoming watery again.  He reached forward and touched her hand.


    She squeezed his hand back, “Thank you, Remy.”  She walked out before she could follow her impulse to kiss him and touch his chest.


    She found Ally was done and was pulling the covers up on Hayley who still slept.


    A sudden sound of somebody clearing their voice at the door Ally had left open caught their attention.  Bobby stood there without his usual smile.


    “Dr. Beast and Dr. Jean need you both to watch the infirmary,” Bobby said quickly.


     Remy looked at Bobby in the doorway hoping for some information.


    “How’s Justice?”  Ally asked quickly.


    Bobby looked at his feet, “they said something about surgery.”  He sighed, “That’s why they need you.”


   Alex ran from the room and before Ally left and Ally hooked up the monitor so Remy could hear Rayne.


   She felt Remy’s hand on her shoulder, “Alex is hurt, non?”


  “She’s very hurt.”


   “She was very strange in de bathroom,” he cleared his throat not sure if he should voice his concerns that Alex seemed to be taken with him for a second.


   “Thank you, Remy,” Ally kissed his cheek.  “For keeping your head.  She’s not thinking clearly.”


    Remy sank on the bed, “She’s only been wit’ Hank and not a normal lookin’ man, hahn?”


    Ally nodded, “Pietro was the first guy she was ‘with’ who didn’t have blue fur.”  She sighed knowing Alex seemed to want to replace the memory of Pietro with another man and worried it would come between Alex and Beast.


    “Ah’ll be down to see Justice when Hayley wakes up,” Remy nodded at Hayley sleeping in the bed.


     Ally nodded not wanting to discuss her brother then and there, but to go and see him, so she ran out of the room.


     Remy turned the shower on and silently yelled at himself for not thinking of Alex’s delicate condition.  He also wondered if Hayley would be as bad.  “Femmes! Can’t live with em. Can live with out em.”  He let out a long breath as he stepped in the shower stall.