Wolvie Femmes * Exposed





    Storm woke to find Jordan staring at her with a worried look.  She reached over for Justice but found an empty place instead.  Storm rubbed her eyes as she noted Jordan's continued worried look.


        "Where's my daddy?"  Jordan bit her lip.


        Storm shrugged, "he was not with you?"  Storm had assumed he might have woke Jordan already or could be packing the car.


        Jordan shook her head, "no."


        Storm realized his side of the bed was cold and wondered if he had slept there at all.  Storm stood and looked to the empty bathroom.  "This is odd Jordan."  She walked to the hall and looked across to see Hayley's door.  She looked at the students who were awake already and retreated back in the room to gather her robe.  "We shall find him."


       "Ok," Jordan sighed and wandered from the room.


       Storm wrapped her robe around her and hurried to find Jordan but the child had disappeared.  She stood tall at the stare of the students watching her in her robe and knocked lightly on Hayley's door.  Remy opened the door after a minute with a toothbrush in hand and she was glad she hadn't woken him.


       "Gambit, is Hayley awake yet?"  Storm tried to act calmly.


        He shook his head, "No, Why? "  He narrowed his eyes.


       "It is nothing," she sighed hoping to convince herself. "Jordan wants her father and I assume he is preparing to leave."


        "Yo' want Hayley to locate him?"  He frowned at the idea of taking her device off her arm but for a minute, she would be all right.  He opened to door and let her in as he went to Hayley sleeping soundly.  Storm stayed by the door as he went to the bedside.


        "Chere," Remy touched her face lightly and Storm's face relaxed at the touch.  She knew Justice could be and endearing too. Hayley's face in rest reminded her of Justice's and as Hayley sat up she realized they shared another trait, no clothing when they slept. Remy pulled the sheet to her.  "Yo' know where Justice is?"


        Hayley looked to them confused for a minute but pulled the device off her wrist as her eyes glowed sleepily, "with Rayne."  She yawned.


      Storm smiled remembering the new friends, "Thank you."  She let herself out and walked to Rayne's room.


          "Yo' awake?"  Remy asked her placing little kissed on Hayley's face.  Before he could clasp her metal bracelet back on he watched her eyes glow again.


       "He's asleep," Hayley mumbled.


       Remy's eyes shot open wide.  “WHAT?”  He didn't bother to wait for an answer despite Hayley's pull on his arm to keep him there.  Hayley raced to find her own clothing or robe to follow him as she contacted her sisters mentally.





      Rayne heard the light knocking and sighed still tired.  She turned around to see Justice sleeping curled up in a blanket as if he were too cold.  She moved to the door quickly so he wouldn’t be woken.


       "Forgive me, Rayne, I didn’t mean to wake you…"  Storm began but saw Justice bundled up on the bed and her heart lurched in her chest.


      Storm wanted to retreat quickly but found Remy colliding into her with a very angry expression.


       Remy looked at Storm and feared he was right and he looked to Rayne who still looked groggy and stood in the doorway.  "Petite?"  He was dumbfounded.


      Remy stepped in the room to see Justice sleeping in the bed wrapped in the blanket like it was a cocoon.  He looked back to Rayne, "What’s dis about, hahn?"


      Rayne looked at Justice with his eyes and nose poking out from around the bundled blanket and laughed, "it's not what it looks like." She started to explain but before she could, Remy's anger got the best of him as he grabbed an ashtray from the nightstand and charged it.  Rayne grabbed his arm to protect Justice as he slept and the ashtray missed as it hit the floor exploding noisily.


     Justice jumped on guard letting the blanket fall away as his feet hit the floor.


     Remy watched Justice jump up, saw that he didn't have any clothing on and he lunged at him to tear him apart.


     Justice dogged Remy easily and looked to his naked body surprised and realized how bad this looked, "Rayne, where's my clothing?"


      Rayne averted her eyes politely, "Ah don' know, chere."  She heard Remy growl angrily and became afraid both men would hurt each other over this silly misunderstanding.


     "Dat's mah sister homme," Remy stood his ground watching Justice pull the blanket around him then he saw Storm standing there almost in tears.


      "I know Gambit.  I didn't do anything.  This is not what it looks like."  Justice's mouth was open wide and he looked for his clothing,  I know it looks bad but…”  Remy landed a hit on Justice's jaw solidly.


       "Dat's for Rayne," Remy hissed and hit him again, "and dat's for Storm."  To his astonishment, Justice stood there taking the hits while he stared at Rayne.


        Rayne propelled herself onto her brother’s back, "Stop dis, Remy."  They fell as one to the bed, "he didn' do anythin’ wrong."  She held his shoulders trying to hold him down as Storm tried again to retreat but a crowd had formed and blocked the doorway.


       Hayley ran in alarmed, putting herself between her brother and where Remy was, "STOP!"  She looked to him warningly.  "He didn't do anything wrong."


        Remy shrugged Rayne off, stood up and tried to move Hayley aside but she made herself too warm for him to touch.  "Move aside, Hayley."  He couldn't hurt her.


        Hayley held her ground but felt Justice pushing her aside afraid she or the baby would get hurt between them.  "I know this looks bad, but I really didn't do anything."  Justice insisted.


      "He didn't," Rayne yelled from the bed.  “He was just sleepin’ with me is all.


      "Dat’s what Ah thought," Remy's eyes narrowed at Justice who looked dumbfounded at Rayne, and he took another swing but Justice dropped the blanket and blocked the blow.  Then, with a blush, he retrieved the blanket and wrapped it around his waist tightly.


      Hayley grabbed Remy's arm, "listen to me, Remy!"  She shouted and he turned to look at her.


      He softened at the thought she was protecting her brother, but this was his own sister’s honor he was defending now.  "Stay outta dis, chere."  He took a deep breath to steady himself.


       Justice stood there not sure what to say.


       "Look in the bed," Hayley told Rayne, who looked and retrieved Justice boxers, pajama bottoms and top.


        Rayne dropped his underwear.  "Ewww, When did yo’ take dese off?"  She looked at Justice with disgust.


       Remy looked at Hayley and pointed forcefully to the discarded undergarments, "dat doesn’t help none," He was angrier now.


       "Remy he does this when he drinks," Hayley made him look at her.  "He gets too hot and take his clothing off."


        Remy scoffed pushing his way back to Justice who screamed, "We were only playing cards!"


        "Sure you were homme.  Strip poker?"  Remy kicked the underclothing towards him.  "Put dat on so we can settle dis."  Then he looked at Rayne ashamed.  “What were yothinkin’ girl?”  He was completely baffled that she would have allowed any male into her bed.  He saw her memory and new how much fear she had of men.  It didn’t make any sense.


        “We were playin’ cards Remy an’ Ah fell asleep.  Justice put me ta bed.”  She shrugged,  Ah reckon he fell asleep here before he could get back to his own bed.”


        “You came and woke me up a little while ago, remember?  Den went back ta bed.  You can’t tell me you didn’t see him lyindere when you came back.”  He was torn between breaking Justice’s neck and paddling Rayne’s butt.


        “Yeah, dat’s right, but it’s no different den sleepin’ with you, chere.”  She glowered at him.  “Nobody gets upset when you curl up beside me an rest.”


        “It IS different girl!”  He felt like pulling his hair out.  “Your ma sister an’…”


        “Uh huh, an’ what?”  She knew her point had hit the mark.  “It’s ok for you but not for Justice who sees me like a sister too.” 


        “Look girl,  you an’ Ah have a special relationship.  Yo’ can’t go thinkin’ you can sleep beside any homme yo get used to.  It’s just not proper.”


       Rayne looked incredulous,  Your lecturin’ me on what is proper?  Everyone around here sleeps with whoever dey want.  You tell DEM it ain’t proper an’ see how dey like it!”


        Ally raced into the room with Beast, Alex and Wolverine.  “What is it?”  Ally looked at her brother pulling his underwear on under a blanket.  "Justice?"  Ally laughed.


        Alex yawned, "Oh no, that's right, he had a few last night."


         Remy turned to them, "What d’you mean Alex?"


         They both laughed, "When he has something to drink, we usually find him naked in a closet somewhere."  Ally explained as Hayley and Alex nodded.


          Beast chuckled, "Oh dear, I see how awkward this must appear."


          Remy kept his scowl, "So yo' got drunk an'," he gestured to the bed. "Still don't look good, homme."


          He took a few steps towards Justice now in his boxers but found Wolverine in his way, "They were playing cards all night, Gumbo."


          Remy narrowed his eyes, "How d’you know?"  Wolverine wasn't his favorite person.


          "I saw them," Logan he admitted.


          "He won too," Alex laughed at the situation and how half the school was involved now.


           Remy looked incredulous, "Against Rayne?  Dat's impossible."  He looked at Rayne who grinned sheepishly, "She was taught by de bes’ card player’s in New Orleans."


           "I knew it!"  Justice waggled his finger at Rayne, "You lost on purpose didn't you?"


            Remy stammered, "R-Really?"  He looked to Rayne knowing full well she never lost on purpose.  She was a ruthless card player.


           "Ah didn’ wan’ ta take advantage of him, Rem.  He was drunk."  She sighed.  "Ah swear Ah didn' know Justice was naked."  She started to laugh at the absurdity of the situation.  “Ah woulda run for it had Ah known.  Dat’s jus’ nasty.”  She laughed then covered her face.


            "How do I know you didn't undress me?"  Justice half joked.


            "JUSTICE!" his sisters yelled together.


             Ally stepped forward, "you did this here before, remember?  You played every 80's tune on your guitar after you drank nearly all of Logan's beers.”


             Recognition lit his face up, "Yeah I did, didn't I?"  He looked guilty.


             Beast remembered Logan dragging him to his room that night and he squeezed Alex's hand, it had been the night of their first kiss.  "I remember that too."


             Remy shook his head watching doubt slowly leave Storm's face as well.  "Whose bed did yo’ land up in den?"  He stuck his finger in his face, "Don’ let me ever catch you in her bed again.  Ah don’ care what da excuse is."  He was still angry.  An mebbe it’s not such a good idea for Rayne ta spend any time at your apartment.”



            Rayne jumped in, "Don't say dat!  Justice was nice enough ta come an keep me company while Ah was alone.  Which is more den Ah can say for you, chere."  She looked at the others,  "He just fell asleep here an' he had nightmares, so Ah didn’t want ta disturb him."  She looked at him sad.  “He looked so pitiful lyindere…”


            A chorus of "AWWW was heard from the students and Justice turned a deeper shade of red, "Rayne, please," he took a deep breath, "Don't say anymore, just let Remy knock me unconscious," At least then he wouldn't have everyone thinking he was a whimp.


           Remy grabbed Hayley's hand and pulled her with him.  "We gointa pack.  Ah want ta leave here as soon as possible."


           Rayne watched everyone but Storm leave as they both went to Justice.  Rayne looked at the reddened side of his face from Remy’s blows and kissed it.  "Ah'm sorry 'bout dat.  Ah reckon Ah shoulda gone back ta my room when Ah woke up an’ saw yo’ here."


          Storm shook her head, "In the future, Justice Adams, I shall have to tie you down when you drink."  She sighed.


          “Please don’ be mad at him.”  Rayne pleaded with her.  “We were jus’ playin’ cards, is all.  She knew how bad this still seemed.  It wasn’t so much that he fell asleep in a drunken stupor in her room, but that she stayed in the bed after she discovered he was there.  Suddenly she felt very embarrassed.