Wolvie Femmes * Enamored



       Alex watched Rogue and felt like banging her head against the wall. It was like watching Hayley in her teens again but twice as bad.


      "Where did you get these cigarettes" Alex grabbed the pack from Rogue's hand.   


      "Remy's room," she shrugged.


    "What were you doing there? When did you go there?"


     "While you were in the shower," She said as she took another puff, "Ah knew dat crafty Cajun had some in dere."


     Alex shook her head at Rogue's Cajun accent and considering how she had her feet cocked on the windowsill lazily made her assume she was in a Remy persona.


    "He gave them to you?" Alex was a little shocked at Gambit's lack of judgment.


    "No, mon ami. He wasn’ dere so ah borrowed dem," She drawled between her own accent and the Cajun one.


       Alex snatched the cigarette from her hand and froze it, "I don't care where you got it. You not allowed to smoke. Because, aside from you being too young, it's against the rules for students."


    Alex toyed with the idea of giving her a punishment then heard a knock at the door. She sighed as her telepathy told her it was Hank. She hurried to the door and opened it dragging him in.


     His head perked up as he looked around and took a sniff, "does my nose deceive me or has somebody been smoking?"


     Alex pointed to Rogue. "Hmmmm," he said as he rubbed his jaw, "Perhaps Miss Marie would like a punishment that fits the crime."


     "Wha?" Rogue exclaimed, "Ah did not'in’ wrong homme."


    "Oh my stars and garters," he said half chuckling and looked at Alex, "It would seem we have two Gambit's?"


     "Yes," she sighed, "and if I have to hear 'chere' one more time I'll scream."


     Hank burst out laughing at the idea, "Well, let's see how little miss Cajun likes cleaning the ashtrays in the smoking areas," He walked over to Rogue and crossed his arms.


    Rogue watched him as she stood and raised an eyebrow, "Do wha’ blue boy?"


     "Then you may use Hayley's lab expertise to help properly clean the lab equipment," He sighed, "I do believe you can get this under control my dear and until you can we will hone the more finer talents of this personality dilemma."


     Alex smiled glad at the resolution. "First let's adjourn to a smokeless breakfast," he smiled and offered the women an arm.


     Rogue giggled and Alex sighed. Maybe reacting to Rogue as she had been Hayley wasn't the best idea after all.





     Aramis woke in the infirmary watching Dr. Grey sleep on the bed near by. She sat up feeling much better and she began to remove the monitors that she found constricting her. Once she had the machines made a loud beeping.


      Jean's eyes flew open and she shot up. "Aramis?" She grabbed the brunette telekinetically wondering if she was still thinking like Sabertooth.


    "Jean, please release your hold," Aramis sighed, "I think you will find I am much better and if you run your tests I will prove it."


     Jean weighed the information and her tone of voice and let her go. Then marched over to cut the machines off, "Can I get you anything?"


     "No, thank you," Aramis said quickly, "I would like to get breakfast then go to work though."


      Jean moved quickly, and began her evaluation of the woman including a probe of her mind. She found her normal enough and released her for breakfast.



      Ty woke and turned over to find Aubrey but only found an empty pillow. He sat up and didn't see her in the room. He got up and ran into the bathroom looking for her but only found a tidy bathroom.


       He scratched his head wondering why she would leave, 'Was 'I' that bad? Was it against Xavier's rules? Was she worried what Bonsai or Josh would think?'


     He turned on the shower to get it warm, found a robe and hung it by the door. He had just stepped in the shower when he heard somebody knocking on the door. He sighed and stepped out hoping to chase whomever it was away as he grabbed the robe.


      He took a deep breath as he flung the door open hoping they would realize that they interrupted his shower. But before Ty could move a quick jab sent him back onto the floor.


     He grabbed his jaw and propelled himself forward and glared at Josh's angry face.


      "What's your problem man?" Ty asked as he pulled Josh into the room by the collar of his shirt.


      "Aubrey," Josh said as he tilted his head and began his flushed poisonous look.


     "What? You're going to poison me?"


     "No, just make you sick enough to stay in bed a few days."


     "Josh," Ty paused, "Before you could touch me, I could break your neck."


     Josh halted knowing it was true.


    "Josh, I know she is your sister but I didn't push her."


     Josh sat on the bed, then thought of his sister's presence in the bed the night before. He made a face and got up. He sat in a chair and braced his ankle against his knee, "Yeah, I know."


      "I won't hurt her."


      "You love her?"


      "Yeah, I do."


     "First time she comes to me in tears over you," Josh pointed his fingers menacingly, "You will be sick for weeks."


    Ty laughed and rubbed his jaw, "You feel better now?"


     Josh laughed too, "I do." And shrugged as he offered his hand to Tyler and made his way to the door.


     Ty jumped up, grabbed the door for Josh and he shook his head, because he knew his relationship with Aubrey wouldn't go smooth if Josh had a problem with it. He pulled the door open to find Jump standing there and both young men traded a curious glance.


     "Man, I am never going to get a shower," Ty sighed. Chloe pointed to Josh, "I was looking for him."


     "Why?" Josh said guardedly. They were all still a little leery of her since she had worked for Adams. "About the new organization you are forming," She smiled, "I have some ideas."


     Tyler was the first to notice, "Jump you're whole. I mean solid. I mean not a ghost." Kamikaze didn't realize his mouth was hanging open until Josh pushed it shut.


    "That's what I wanted to talk to you about," she said as he folded her hands together, "I would like to see the amount of control of everyone else's mutation."


     "Sounds complicated," Ty yawned not interested at all. He wasn't even sure if he would join. "So I will let you both talk," he pushed Josh out of the room and winked. "While I get my shower." Then shut the door on them.


      Josh rolled his eyes at the closed door then watched Chloe. Surely she wouldn't do anything risky here, in Xavier's mansion.


     "I would be the oldest and thus I assumed I would be the leader," She smiled. "We don't know when we are banding together and leaving," Josh sighed and pulled a cigarette from the box he held in his hand, then he shoved them in his pocket and produced a lighter.


     "Besides, who said you would lead us?" He breathed as he sucked on the cigarette as the tip glowed.


      "You have no leadership quality," She laughed, "I think you just proved it by hitting Kamikaze." Josh shrugged he was not convinced. "As I have learned to control my solidity, I believe you must have a different degree to your poison as Aubrey must her voice," She went on.


     "Hey, Sassy is older too." He challenged her. "She could lead us."


     "Do you know Sassy?"


     He puffed the cigarette, "No."


     "Would you trust her more than me?" Josh stopped in front of his room and shrugged non-committally.


     "Show me what you can do?" She challenged, "I want to see your degree of control."


     Josh was intrigued as he opened his door. He walked in and fished his cigarettes out of his pocked and tossed them next to the ashtray.


     He sat in the chair and took a long drag, "So, how do you want me to do that?"


    "Show me how much control you have," She looked around the room then went to the bathroom and produced a cup, "Could you fill this with your poison?"


     "Yeah, easily," Josh laughed. "Can you do it with your poison at a 10th of it or lower?" She raised an eyebrow as if to challenge him.


     "What do you mean?" 


     "Can you control the potency?" she asked.


      "What degree would it be for?" He flicked his ashes, "Stomach ache, head ache, Knock them out." He smiled. He had an idea what she wanted now, "Come clean and I might help you."


      "Enough to make one slightly conscious," she leaned forward, "As if they had a severe hang over."


     "You mean drunk?" he laughed, “I can do that but why should I? Who is it for?"


     "Do this for me and I won't tell Xavier about your smoking or punching Tyler," She leaned back.


      "It's for Justice isn't it?"


      "Does it matter?"


     Josh sighed he didn't care for Justice anyway because he was born a well to do son of a maniac. And, he was never viewed as one as well. Any of Oliver's children didn't sit well with Josh. "I'll do it."


      "You will?" Chloe looked surprised, "Why?"


     "Why do you want it?" He shot back at her.


      "Ok, never mind."


      He took a drag and stood up, "That cup won't work." He moved to his dresser and produced a vile with a lid, "It can't have a lot of air contact." He sat next to her.


     "I'll make sure it's safe."


       He opened the vile and placed a finger inside as a light red goo oozed from it. Jump was amazed. "Does anybody know you can do this?"


       "No," then he thought as he put the lid on the vile, "Just Aubrey.  Nobody else needs to know." He gave a laugh, "You really want to lead us, Jump?"


       "Yes," she said quickly, "I can go ahead and ready things. Secure a location and prepare while you train with Xavier."


      Josh handed her the vile and grabbed his cigarette and finished it off with a long drag. "Fair enough," He said as he pushed the cig out, "I hope you use that wisely, and only on your husband."


      She winced at the word, "I am not out to hurt anybody but I think it might help if he isn't in the way."


      "Of what?"


     She stood abruptly and he knew she had said too much, "thank you Josh."


      He watched her leave and shook his head, 'going to get her husband drunk? I will never understand women,' then he thought is sister, 'never.'







        Justice held Ororo gently he was almost afraid she would run but she made no move to. He didn't know what to say to her so he brushed his lips against her head and stroked her soft hair.


     "Storm," he said. "I …." His words trailed.


      She raised her head from his chest and smiled, "I think I love you too, Justice."


       He pulled her closer to him not wanting to let go. She laughed and pulled away so she could face him. She relished the feeling of their naked bodies together.


      Storm laughed, feeling his new arousal and wondered what it meant at that point. She rolled her leg along his and began to kiss his chest tenderly. He kissed her sweetly before she could go any further.


     "You ‘think’ you love me?" he repeated.


      "Let us not analyze this," Storm said as she looked at his body. He did not have a lot of hair, like some of the others and she rather liked that. Storm was glad the conservative man had finally given in to his desires. She was only human after all and wanting him all this time was almost torture. Storm was the responsible one and right now it felt good not to be the responsible one. She let her fingertips draw little circles on his chest.


      Justice kissed the top of her head and she smiled. Storm was glad to know a man that liked the kind of touch that didn't come easy, and that he could for go the very noticeable sign that he needed more than this. Storm let out a little laugh and decided to help him as she got to her knees and lay on top of Justice.


      Justice couldn't have been more surprised. He felt bad for being with her earlier. He couldn't help but to think he took advantage of her because Hayley had gotten the better of him. Now, when Storm said she loved him and with her lying on top of him with passionate kisses proved he hadn't.



     Her hair fell about their heads like a private ivory curtain, and Justice let her take control as she grasped him with both hands. He rolled his hands up and down her buttocks to show her that he more than approved. When she led him to her he couldn't hide his need to satisfy her and rolled on top of her taking more control.


      She laughed a little at his change in attitude and wrapped her slender legs over his hips losing herself in motions he amply provided. She hungrily thrust her hips to meet his thrusts. Justice slowed down and looked at her for approval.


     Storm pulled him to her, "Justice, must lightening strike?"


     He laughed and began to kiss her again as he moved letting his kiss trail down her neck and to her breasts. She grabbed his butt tightly letting her nails dig in to bring his hips closer. Storm hadn't felt this free in a long time.


    She tightened her grasp with her legs as they both felt the now familiar wave of pleasure wash over them. They vocalized their ecstasy and then he collapsed on her but continued to kiss her again sweetly up and down her body.


     He kissed her head again and looked at her warm cocoa eyes. She watched this man and knew she did love him. Then she caught his face between both hands. She watched his whimsical blue eyes for what he would say next. He simply took one of her hands in his and kissed it.


      "I do love you Storm," he whispered and rolled onto his side next to her, "Even Chloe knew it."


     Storm could almost cry but only pushed her head on his chest, "I love you too, Justice."


     He laughed at the thought of his being the last to know he was in love, and let his hands glide up and down the soft skin of her back. He kissed Storm's head again then broke the embrace gently as he made his way out of the bed.


    He reached to the lampshade, grabbed his boxers and pulled them on. He hadn't been this close to anyone in a long time and he needed to step back.


    Storm pulled the covers to herself feeling naked after he jumped from her arms. "Do you regret saying it?" she asked him but her eyes were on the covers.


    "No," Justice jumped, "I, Well it’s just…."


    Storm waited for him to continue.


     "I haven't been this close to someone in a long time, much less …" He gestured wordlessly to the bed, "I love you, but I need a minute to think about this, Ok?"


      Storm watched him slightly amused as he made his way to the bathroom but a knock at the door cut him short. He cautiously opened the door enough to let his head be shown.


      "Hi daddy," a voice called. He looked down to see Jordan.


     "Hi, honey," Then he pointed to her. "Stay there okay?" He shut the door and turned to see Storm scrambling to find her clothing.


    Justice laughed now and a chuckle got stuck in his throat. He gestured for her to stop. He went to the bathroom and grabbed a robe and when out in the hallway to talk to his daughter.


    Storm's heart pounded. She felt like she had done something wrong, but when she heard Justice laugh she realized how silly she was being.


     Soon he emerged. "Jordan wants to have breakfast," He said as he watched her still searching for her clothing. He had to catch his breath looking at her naked body after not having seen her for a minute, "I'm going to take a shower."


    Storm nodded, " I will shower when you are finished."


    He laughed, "You can join me."


    "We would never get clean," she smiled.


    "You're right," he smiled and disappeared into the bathroom. Soon Storm heard Justice's comical off key shower singing and laughed to herself.


     Remy and Hayley snuggled under the covers now. He had just shown her that they could take things slowly, and he had taken great interest in making love to her slowly this time.


     He felt satisfied knowing that he had finally reached her. She had let him take total control. They were just kissing now, and learning each other's body and Hayley looked at him full of emotion.


    "Remy, No one has ever done that before," 'not even Logan.' She added silently but she knew that relationship had been nothing but sex. Logan had something different with Ally now. Hayley hadn't given Logan the chance to love her. "Remy, I…"


    He stopped her by putting a finger on hers lips, "Ah know chere." He smiled. He got out of the bed as he kissed her again, "Ah have to go see Rayne before she get up."


     Hayley sighed. "I am going to go fly a bit," She said as she followed him out of bed. She stood on her toes to let her lips brush his as he began to make his way to the shower, again. "Remy," she called, and he turned with a smile. "Thank you," Hayley said quietly.


     He gave a coy chuckle, "Anytime, mon amour."  Then he ran to the shower this time.