Wolvie Femmes * Dangerous Liaisons








      Ally and Logan sat at breakfast and quietly discussed the recent events. Under the table Logan's hand sat protectively on Ally's knee. They were still worried about the attack during the funeral and were concerned for the safety of their children.


      Ally stifled her laughter as she saw her niece saunter in and join them.



      "Hello, Jordan." Ally smiled at the bright faced child.


       Imp spotted them and threw herself onto Logan's lap. He smiled despite the serious demeanor he had just had a few moments before.


       "Whatcha doing?" Jordan smiled.


     "We’re having Breakfast," Ally answered, "are you hungry?"


     "I'm waiting for my daddy."


     "Where's your dad?" Logan said as he stuffed some sausage in his mouth.


     "Having sex with Storm," Imp said plainly. Logan began to choke on his sausage.


    "Wh-what?" Ally stumbled.


     Logan laughed once he had forced down his food, "Let's get ya something’ ta eat." He looked at Ally's astonished look as he stood with the girl's hand in his.




    Hayley made her way to the breakfast table in the kitchen and found Ally sitting at the table staring at her breakfast.


    "If you are waiting for it to talk back then you might be waiting a long time sis," Hayley laughed at her sister.


   Ally looked up at Hayley's happy face, "Speaking of talking," she mused, "Thanks for the play by play on Remy." It now made sense to Ally why Justice would take the initiative with Storm now.


    "Sorry, I thought you and Logan of All people would enjoy it," Hayley sat down with her coffee as the little hands of her neice placed a plate on the table next to her. "


      Enjoy what?" Logan echoed.


     "Oh nothing," Hayley and Ally chimed together.


      "Should I get Justice in on this?" Logan cocked an eyebrow.


      "Considering that Jordan's here already," Ally sighed, "yes." Logan bent down and kissed his wife and rubbed Imp's head messing her hair up.


    "Hey!" Imp called and tried to shield her hair from his attack.


    "Logan, Remy wanted to work out with you today," Hayley relayed the message Remy had given her as he kissed her hand goodbye.


     "Maybe you could ask Storm to run the Danger Room controls, so we can speak with Just," Ally said quickly. It had been a long time since the siblings had a long talk.


    Logan raised an eyebrow at the sisters as he left and slightly felt sorry for Justice.







     Gambit swaggered up to the cute little girl that was guarding Rayne's room. He noted that she was the same one who was here last night with the Asian looking girl. Both had told him that they would keep an ear open for Rayne in case she tried to leave. Remy smiled because Rayne left anyway.


     'Dat's ma Rayne girl,' He mused, 'Good ta know she hasn't forgotten all ah taught her 'bout bein' stealthy.'


     Kitty saw the handsome man smiling at her as he approached and she felt all giddy. Sure, there were other drop dead gorgeous males around here, but there was just something different about this one. Maybe it was his deep smoldering red eyes.


     "Bon matin, petite," Gambit bowed to her in greeting, "Ah see yo'r watchin' after ma sister dis mornin'."


      Kitty quickly got to her feet and offered her apology for not hearing Rayne get up and leave last night, "I feel awful about last night. I swear to you, we never heard her leave her room. We were sure that she was in there all night. I’m really sorry, we…"



      Remy held up his hand, "No worries, chere. Rayne can be sneaky when she wan's ta be." He cleared his throat wondering what kind of mood his sister was going to be in today, "She awake yet?"


      Kitty shrugged, "I’ll check for you." Gambit watched as the girl phased her head into Rayne's room.


     Then he heard a scream come from inside and chuckled to himself, 'Ah reckon she's awake now!'


      Kitty jerked back into the hall and held her head, "Oh my gawd, she can scream loud!"


      Remy knocked on Rayne's door. "Qui c'est sa?"


     Rayne yelled, "What yo’ wan’? Go away!"


     "S'me, Rayne. Ah'm comin' in, alright?" Gambit opened the door and was surprised that he couldn't see Rayne anywhere, "Where ya at, girl?"


      He heard a faint shuffle under the bed. "Dis place haunted Remy. Ah saw a head on da wall. Over dere," She poked an arm out from under the bed and pointed to the wall where Kitty's head had phased through.


    Gambit laughed hard, "No ghos' in 'ere, petite pois. Dat was Kitty outside. She was looking' in ta see if yo' was awake."


      "Ma beau Dieu!" Rayne complained, "jus' give a person heart failure. Ta see if ah'm awake? Mon cul ! Yeah, now ah'm wide awake. Zut alors !"


      "Arrete sa rayne, calm down," Remy leaned over and looked under the bed at his comical looking sister. She was balled up in the center and he could see her whiskers twitching like crazy, "Listen, ah wan' show yo somet'in. Meet me in fron' a de Danger Room in 15 minut', ok?"


     He noted the blank look on her face and continued, "an wear somet'in' comfortable, alright?" Now she looked at him like he had spiders crawling from his nose and he chuckled, " Ah'll have Kitty show ya where da Danger Room is, ok?"


     He stood up and walked over to the door, "Yo' can't stay in yo'r room all da time chere. Yo' need ta get out more." He grinned when he heard the sound of exasperation, then he left the room with a smile and a laugh.






       Storm emerged from the bathroom after her shower and her hair was dry. She looked at the now tidy room as Justice was making the bed.


     "The professor has a cleaning service you know," She smiled at him.


      Justice looked up and smiled, "I’m used to doing things myself." Storm decided this was one of the things she liked about him and she marched over and began to help. He smiled as they quickly finished the job.


     She crossed her arms and watched him as they made their way out of the room, "What about Jordan? Where do I fit in with your child, Justice?"


     In the empty hall Justice stopped and touched her shoulder pulling her closer to him. He kissed her quickly but sweetly. "I think we will all decide that in time," he smiled but didn't let her go. "Don't worry Jordan's crazy about you."


      Storm smiled as Justice kissed her again this time deeper. She let her fingers roam through his short hair.


      The sound of a male clearing his throat stopped them short and they both looked up to see Wolverine staring at them with a wolfish grin.


     "Good morning," Logan said with purposeful stride. Justice turned red but tried to gather his composure and mumbled a greeting.


     Storm smiled, "Hello, Logan."


     Logan turned up a corner of his mouth amused at Justice's embarrassment. He took the time to light a cigar. "Storm, would you run the danger room for me this morning?"


     "Sure," she agreed but looked at him curious.


     "Justice," Logan said as he took a long drag on his stogie, "Your sisters are waiting for you in the kitchen with Jordan."


     Storm and Justice traded a look as they were being divided.


     "Ororo," Logan called as the smoke encircled his head, "I need ta change into my gear Darlin’." He smiled at them both and clenched the cigar in his teeth, "So, I'll meet ya there."


     They watched as he disappeared down the hall. Storm tipped her head up and kissed Justice again. "What do you think your sisters want?"


     "It’s probably about Hayl's broadcast," he sighed, "Been a long time since we all had that talk." He shrugged.


     "When you see Hayley," Storm smiled, "Would you please thank her for me?"





     Gambit put his cigarette out glad to have a little time to think before leaving his room. He was prepared for Rayne to yell at him about his spending so much time with Hayley but they would have to talk about that.


     He thought back to Hayley and their morning, as he spied the bed she had made up. He grinned at the thought of her domestic skills and almost laughed. He hoped Rayne wouldn't smell her on him after on the all the showers he had taken. He was surprised he had any skin left after all that scrubbing.


     He closed the door as stepped into the hall and he began to smell his shirt checking for signs of Hayley's scent.




     Logan had dressed and was in the hall when Gambit walked out of his room. He watched the Cajun sniff his shirt as he walked down the hall.


    "Need another deodorant, Gumbo?" he taunted, "You'll always smell of crayfish."


     Remy looked up at Wolverine, "Your jus’ jealous"


     As Remy came closer to him Logan realized that Gambit smelled of Hayley as she had smelled of him when she was at breakfast.


     "You still smell like Hayl," Logan grunted because he could smell the sex on him, "Ain’t gonna wash off that easy."


       Gambit took a breath and looked at his body as if it were a traitor, "Nothin’ ah can do ‘bout it den, cause Rayne can smell everyt'ing, homme. Jus‘ lik‘ yo‘ can."


      "Your sis don't care for, Hayl, huh?" Logan grunted. He knew Hayley wasn't the ideal sister in law but she basically had a good heart. Logan watched Remy's face tinge slightly red, most would have missed it but Logan didn't.


       "Dey jealous of each other," Remy sighed.


      "She's gonna smell the sex too, kid," Logan grunted at Remy and enjoyed the uncomfortable gestures that Remy began. Gambit tried to control it but knew his face was a little red. He wasn't sure why it should embarrass him that Wolverine should know, except for the fact Gambit had just found out that Logan and Hayley had a past together.


     "You tryin’ ta tame a wild cat, kid?" Logan grunted.


     "Why yo‘ wanna know? 'cause yo' couldn't do it?" Gambit laughed remembering how docile she had been but Logan's look put him on guard. The sound of a quick snikt caught Remy's ears as Logan came closer to him.


     "Maybe I should tame you, Gumbo," Logan growled and flashed his claws near Remy‘s pants.


     "I don' know," Remy laughed undaunted, "Hayley's doin' a good job of dat herself, mon ami." Gambit grinned not backing down.



     A quick red blast separated them and they both turned to see Scott standing down the hall with his hand on his visor. Wolverine and Remy both looked at him with the anger they had on each other a minute ago. Neither liked the fact that Scott had an affair with Hayley and had continued to keep tabs on her for the safe birth of his child.


     Remy started to move towards Scott but Logan's hand on his arm held him back.


     "You two can't fight here," Scott ordered walking forward with perfect posture and daring the two men to make a move.


      Remy folded his arms, "We not fightin’ each other now, homme."


     Scott stared at them both realizing they had now focused their anger on him, "Are you going to start with me now?"


     "Nah," Wolverine scoffed, "Maybe we should just sic' Hayl on you again." Logan cracked and then slapped Gambit in the chest catching the Cajun by surprise as he took a few steps back, "I'll settle my score with Gumbo in the danger room."


     Gambit kept his eye on Scott before he turned away, and then shook his head as he followed Logan.


     Remy had deep feelings for Hayley but the fact that two previous men in her life were here made it difficult. He thought of his sister and smiled, she complicated his life in other ways but she always made him smile.


    Her lilting Cajun voice rang through his mind and he began to whistle. He really didn't care what she said to him, as long as she said it to him.


     "What are you smiling at?" Logan asked as he glanced out of the corner of his eye. "Jus‘ t‘ings, mon ami," Remy chuckled.



     Rayne climbed out from under the bed, sniffed the air and growled. She smelled Hayley. Not only that, she could also smell that they had sex recently. "Ah don’ lik’ dat femme," She snarled and ripped at the bed sheets with her clawed hands. Rayne then sat on the edge of the bed and sighed, "Girl, it’s none a yo’r business. Jus’ leave dem be. Remy seems happy wit‘ her an ah want my brother t‘be happy." But with every breath she smelled Hayley and with every breath she grew more agitated. She entertained thoughts of rearranging Hayleys pretty face when there was a tentative knock at the door.

Rayne opened the door cautiously and saw a young girl standing there expectantly.

Kitty took a step back when she saw Rayne because Gambit’s sister’s face held a look that told of danger.  Her glowing amber eyes smoldered and she was lightly trembling.

"Ah!" Rayne said, breaking the silence, "Yo’r Kitty, da ghos’ dats gonna take me to da Danger Room, non?"

"Right," Kitty said. She wasn’t sure now if she wanted to be this close to the strange girl, "Are you ready?"

"No," Rayne looked down at the borrowed sweat pants and shirt she wore and shrugged, "But dis is as good as ah have right now."

"Aren’t you going to change, or take a shower or something?"

Rayne glared at the girl and her eyes glowed brighter, "Yo’ wan me ta take a shower an change? Do ah smell bad ta yo’? Are yo’ repulsed by ma look?"

Kitty was shocked and just stood there with her mouth open.

"Jus’ get me to dat Danger Room. Maybe it won’ take too long, what Remy has in mind." Rayne closed the door behind her and stared at the girl in front of her. Rayne didn’t mean to snap at the girl. She was just angry at her brother and she didn‘t feel very well.

The two young women walked quietly down the corridor. Rayne had a million thoughts running through her mind. She remembered the happy times she spent with Remy. She also recalled the dark times after she left Louisiana and shuddered.

When they arrived at the entrance to the Danger Room, no one was there. "I’m sure your brother will be here in a minute," Kitty said, "Do you want me to stay here until he comes?"

Rayne noted the trepidation in that last statement and felt bad that she might have upset the girl, "No t’anks, chere. It was kind of yo’ ta bring me ‘ere. Ah’m sorry ‘bout ma behavior."

"No problem," Kitty said as she waved goodbye, "have fun."

"Yeah, dat’s right," Rayne looked around the area and wondered what the hell her brother wanted her here for, "Yeah, Looks lik’ ah could have a lot a fun ‘round ‘ere," She snorted and folded her arms over her chest. A sharp pain made her quickly unfold her arms so she dropped them to her sides and sighed, "Rayne girl, what are yo’ doin’ ‘ere?" She felt like a fish out of water










        Storm found Rayne standing next to the entrance of the danger room.  Ororo knew that the room wasn't in use, "Can I help you, Rayne?"

       "Remy tol' me ta meet him 'ere," she explained,  "So 'ere ah am."  Storm noticed that Rayne was wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants that Jean had borrowed from Rogue to give to Rayne.  Though the girl still didn't look comfortable.

      'That is not surprising,' Storm thought.  Ever since she was brought to the mansion the young woman was intensely nervous and irritable.  She was often seen wandering the halls and would jump at the slightest noise.  But ever since Rayne tried to escape, Remy has been very watchful.

    'We have all been keeping an eye on her,' Storm mused, still, she wondered why the cajun would want his sister to meet him here.  Surely, he was not going to take Rayne into the danger room?

      Storm regarded Rayne, "May I ask why your brother wants to meet you here?"  

      Rayne shrugged,  "He said he wan' show me somet'in, Said he should be 'ere in 'bout 15 minut', an fo' me ta wear somet'in comfortable."  Rayne looked down at her clothes.  "Dis all ah have ta wear, mostly.  'Pears ah ain't got much a anyt'in, anymore'."  She glanced up at storm,  "So, why  yo' 'ere?"

      Storm now wondered what she was doing there, Logan hadn't mentioned Gambit.  However, it looked like there might have been a change in plans.  She explained,  "I am here to operate the controls for Wolverine's training exercise today.  Perhaps Remy will be joining him."

      Rayne flinched at the name Wolverine.  It was Wolverine who clawed her side and smashed his head against her face and terrified her in general.  She unconsciously brushed her side with her hand.  "Mebbe so."  She offered,  "But what it has ta do wit' ma'se'f  ah don' know."

      Gambit and Logan came down the corridor and stopped in front of the two women.  Remy flashed a wide, crooked grin at his sister.  "Are yo' ready,  Rayne girl?"

     Rayne stammered, "R-ready fo' what, exac'ly?"  She didn't like being this close to the terrible clawed mutant.  She didn't want to be here at all.  Remy didn't tell her that he was bringing Wolverine with him.  She shuddered.

   Logan smelled the fear on Gambit's sister.  'The kids scared,' He chomped on his cigar.  'What's Gumbo doin' bringing her here?'  It was an unfortunate circumstance that brought Wolverine into contact with the whiskered girl.  She was scared back then as well.  He recalled how the X-Men were searching for captive mutants in an abandoned lab complex.  When her cell door was opened she attacked Logan out of sheer terror.  He regretted having to use harsh physical force on her but he had to defend himself and the others around him, even her brother. 

     He looked at Rayne and saw that she was slightly trembling. He growled at Gambit, "Cajun, yer not bringin' yer sister into the danger room!"

   Remy scoffed, "Non, homme.  Ah would not do dat'.  Ah jus' wan' her ta see how we train, s'all." 

   "You want to show off," Logan countered.  "Let's get goin'."

     Storm lead Rayne to the control booth.  When they got there Ororo explained,  "This is the comand center for the danger room.  From here, we program the exercises or manually toss in unexpected obstacles,  if need be,"  She smiled at Rayne,  "The danger room is used for training and exercises.  It is a place to learn about and hone your mutant ability." 

      When Rayne didn't say anything Storm began typing in codes on a panel then spoke into the micro-phoned headset,  "Gentlemen, the program has been activated."
   Rayne walked over to the window and looked down into the room.  There, she saw her brother and Logan settling into the center.  The lights suddenly dimmed and out from the walls sprung futuristic looking weapons that began spouting blue energy bolts. 

     Rayne's eyes widened as she saw her brother narrowly avoid being hit by a bolt.  Remy somersaulted, landed on his feet and tossed a charged card at the offending weapon, and in an explosion of sparks, disabled it.

     A very large mechanical humanoid that bristled with weaponry, attacked Wolverine.  Blue bolts of energy, small missiles and gunfire shot at Logan.  He was able to dodge much of the fire but not all of it.  Rayne gasped in horror, thinking that surely he was mortally wounded.  But the sturdy little mutant made it to the creature and proceeded to hack pieces off of the machine with his claws.

    Remy had taken out two more of the weapons along the wall and was working on a third, when another very large mechanical beast appeared out of nowhere.  It reared up on it's back legs and brought its giant arms smashing down where Gambit was standing. 

   Thinking that her brother was going to be killed, Rayne shrieked and tossed herself against the window.  She was so frantic that she didn't see him easily dodge out of harms way.  She just wailed and clawed at the window screaming her brother's name.

   Seeing Rayne's reaction, Storm quickly stopped the program.  Gambit and Wolverine suddenly found themselves in an empty room, and they looked up to the control booth.  There they saw a terrified Rayne pounding and leaping at the window.

     After a few moments she stopped, when she realized that the room below was empty once again except for her brother and Logan.  She felt her face burn with embarrassment and down below Remy shrugged to Wolverine who glared at him.  Rayne walked over to the control room door.  Turned to Storm,  "Ah'm sorry ah interrupted da exercise.  Ah'm not familiar wit' such t'ings.  Ah'll jus' go elsewhere 'til dey finished." 


     Justice found his sisters at breakfast and held up a minute to indicate he would be a minute as he found the coffee machine. He sighed remembering his night in the chair and knew it would take it's toll on him soon enough.

    He settled down next to Imp and smiled as he tossled her hair with a smile.

    "Wolverine did that already, dad," she protested.

     Justice gave her a tiny smile but only looked at his coffee. He couldn't bury the feeling of jealousy he had where Logan was concerned with Jordan. Justice wished he had been the one who had been there with her all along.

     "What is it?" Ally touched his hand gently.

     "Life," Justice grinned. "More to it."

     "Meaning what?" Hayley challenged.

    "Meaning Jordan and I will be moving back to my apartment soon," he smiled ruefully.

    Hayley's mouth dropped at the thought. They were separating so soon? "When?"

    "This week I hope," Justice sipped his coffee as he took in Imp's smile. She seemed glad at the idea. "I go back to work tomorrow."

    "Logan and I are taking the children North," Ally chimed in.

    Hayley felt betrayed and slumped into her seat. She had just become comfortable here and now they were separating.

   Beast, Alex and Rogue walked into the kitchen and began to join the small group.

   Alex noticed the calm and her curiousity was peeked. "What did we walk into?"

   "Justice and Ally are leaving," Hayley scoffed.

   "I know," Alex sighed. She knew Hayley didn't do well with change unless she was the one who initiated it.

   "You were asleep last night when this was discussed, my dear," Beast offered.

   "Still last to know," Hayley grunted and realized she hadn't uttered the words alone. Rogue had mimicked her to a tee. Down to the words Hayley had thought to the crossed arms and slumped form in the chair.

   "She still think she's me." Hayley laughed.

   "Guess it's better than Gambit," Alex sighed. "At least, I know how to handle you."

   Hayley laughed a little, "She's talking like Remy?"

   "We are now minus another piece of furniture in the infirmary due to a red charge," Beast sighed.

   All laughed but Jordan just looked around with an empty look then dug her fork into her eggs.

   Alex watched her niece, "Justice have you thought about staying at the house?" Alex tilted her head a bit, "it has more room than your apartment."

    "I don't know," Justice sighed, "Had that apartment a long time and I am used to it."

    "How long?" Jordan asked.

     Justice wasn't sure for the right answer because he didn't want to say your mother and I had chose it together, "Long time."

    "How long's that?" she insisted.

    "Preceding thy genesis," Beast offered hoping to help a flustered Justice.

    "Huh?" Jordan said with her fork half way to her mouth.

     "Before you were born," Beast sighed.


     Hayley stood hoping to make her escape before they began asking her about Remy, "The wind's calling me."

     They all gave her a warning glance.

      "Haven't you been bounced around enough?" Alex narrowed her eyes staring at Hayley's stomach.

      Rogue looked hopeful as the words were mentioned.

     "Remy didn't get all protective like this," Hayley crossed her arms.

      Beast sipped his drink staying out of this and held a finger to his lips to keep Jordan silent.
     "That would be because he doesn't know trouble follows you." Justice laughed and sat back in his seat and bent his head back to see Hayley.

    "It's fine." Ally smiled. "I will go with her and we can take Rogue."

     Alex nodded, "We were talking that it might help Rogue to explore her talents to keep her in sync."

    Ally stood and brushed her dress of any crumbs or lint. "I need to change to something else."

    "I need to do some work and catch up," Justice sighed as he looked at Imp but his mind traveled to his legal work that had been piling up.

    "I think I shall need another lab assistant," Hank said jovially.

    Imp threw her hand in the air, "Can I help?"

     Justice stood and kissed Jordan's head, "I will see you in a couple of hours." The child nodded but watched all the adults. Justice clapped his hand on Hank's shoulder, "Thanks" he whispered as he walked past.

     Hayley shrugged and looked at Rogue. "You ready?"

    Rogue scoffed and crossed her arms, "Yeah."

     Ally rolled her eyes, "two Hayley's?" and she silently wondered if Rogue would act like Gambit of Khaki to spare her the headache but Alex's chuckle caught her attention.

    "We had a Cajun with us all morning," Alex sighed. "Trust me, at least you are used to this." Alex winked as they all filed out of the kitchen in separate directions.


         Rayne left the control room feeling like an idiot.  She wrapped her arms around herself against the cold chill she felt inside and decided to go to the kitchen for something to eat.  When she walked up to the elevator, the doors opened and she saw that Professor Xavier was inside.  Rayne stepped in and settled against the back wall.  Xavier didn't make any move to get off at this level so she figured he was going topside as well. 

     Rayne thought it curious how the layout of this place was so similar to the complex she had come from.  It too was very formal looking outwardly but sported many hidden secrets beneath.  She had spent many hours investigating as much of the complex as she could, but she was still weak and tired easily in the seemingly endless maze of rooms and corridors.  She knew where the infirmary was but avoided it at all cost.  She didn't want to have anything to with labs or doctors.  Not after what she just went through.